AN: This is my first and probably last fic about our Davey boy- I don't understand him quite enough to write consistently about him. But this idea has been tugging at my soul ever since I noticed the inspiration for it in the movie. So, everyone enjoy my one-shot!

Summary: Everyone knows that Weasel offers David his own suit, if he joins as a scab. And if you watch really carefully, you'll notice the brief hesitation before David screams "Never!". What was going through his mind in that pivotal moment of decision? Here's my guess…


            All I had to do was say, 'Give me 50 papes' and it would've been over. Without Jack, we had lost, no doubt about it. And now I was being offered the same deal.

            Weasel's grimy hands on me were more than I could bare already. But the thought of being able to really support my family was already pulling at me. I could see it now: Dad buying that derby he saw in the store window just three days ago, Mom buying the best of ingredients to use in the soup, Sarah not having to make yards of lace daily for Mrs. Dencen- it was almost a dream come true.

            But that wasn't all I could see. I could see my father's disappointed smile, hiding the fact that he hated me for what I had done. I could already feel the defeat that my mother would carry with her, knowing that her son had given up hope when there was still a chance. And I could definitely see Sarah, sobbing as Jack's train to Santa Fe pulled away, all her dreams going with it.

            And Les. Oh, God, I couldn't face Les as a scab. I didn't even see how Jack could. I could already feel the anger, the confusion, the resentment…I wouldn't even be able to stand being near him any longer for fear that my heart would literally break.

            The other newsies were no exception. I could see what would happen to them if I gave in. I could see Mush and Kid Blink, shelling out 60 cents for their papes and making three pennies profit every day, sharing their profits and a meal every night. I could see Skittery and Dutchy, sitting on the steps of the lodging house counting out their change and praying to God that they had enough to pay the 'rent'. I could see Racetrack, his spirit broken because he didn't have a single extra penny to bet on the races with. Specs and Itey, fainting in the midday heat because they hadn't eaten a meal for days. And Crutchy, sitting in the Refuge until he caught something horrible, like tuberculosis, and died in that living hell.

            Oh, yes, life could be good for me if I accepted. I could go back to school after a few days selling, even. But what kind of brother…what kind of son…what kind of friend…would do that to the people he loves?

            We would win. God help me, I knew that we would win. We had to.

            Because we newsies? We don't give up hope.

            "Never! Never!"


AN: Ha! I made it! Okay, tell me what you think!