Author's Note: This fic is like my previous attempt with Martin, but now it's from Henry's POV. What was he thinking when he took David to his house? And why did he tell Monica to dump him? I hope you'll like my answer… this story is dedicated to Matrix Refugee, because he wants more stories with Henry Swinton. I hope you'll like my story!

"Guilt and Forgiveness: Henry's Chronicles"

By Danielle Swinton

*What were his intentions when he took David to his house?*

*Chapter 1: Loss and Consolation*

How could I know what would happen? I had just seen my son, my only son, being frozen due to his terrible illness, and all I wanted was to console my wife, at least to help her to keep up hoping that Martin would come back… to us. And Dr. Hobby gave me this responsibility, a HUGE responsibility…

Monica and I would have a child… a Mecha-child! I thought about Monica, how alone she was feeling without Martin, and I accepted. I thought that this robotic child would be a temporal company for her, at least until Martin came back.

I've just met this boy… David is his name, and I thought it was a fool. He (or it?) looked so real… so human, that anybody would think that he was a real kid. And I took it (or him?) to my house.

When we arrived, I was worried. How would Monica feel when she sees David? I entered into the house, and when I saw her, I told her "I love you. Don't kill me" because I was afraid of her reaction. But I understood that. We missed Martin so much, and now I bring her a child who's not a real one?

She looked at Martin and then at me. And I knew that she was shocked, I could see it in her eyes. She stood there, looking at David, marveled at his smile, that smile seemed so real…

We had an argument, and she said there was no substitute for Martin. She was right. Martin was, and will always be unique for us. But finding a company for her, someone who would be there for her until Martin came back… was a crime?

After a little talking, she told me she would keep David, at least for today. But something told me that David would stay with us more than one night…

When the night came, we showed David his new room, where Martin used to sleep. And I had to put him his pajama because when he told Monica to do so, she went out of the room. When he took off his sweater, I could see that my company had done a great job building this boy, he looked like any 11-year-old boy.

Monica and I went to sleep. I didn't know if she was going to return David to Cybertronics the next day…


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