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*Chapter 3: I feel guilty, but this had to be done*

I talked to Monica about David, and I insisted in taking him back to Cybertronics because he had become a little dangerous to us, and Martin had come back. She didn't want to take him back, but later, she agreed.

She told David that they were going to a picnic, just the two of them. He (or it?… it doesn't matter anyways) quickly agreed. What a merciful lie. This was our plan: she would go with him to Cybertronics and leave him there. Then she would come back here, and we wouldn't see David again…

They finally went out. 3 hours later, Monica came back, David wasn't with her. She had tears in her eyes. I felt bad for her, I felt really guilty, but this had to be done. I hugged her.

"I'm sorry, Monica" I said "I'm so sorry…"

"It's alright. I forgive you" she said, still crying.

And I knew she understood. I hoped she would forgive me. After all, she knew this would happen someday… now we had to continue our lives… with Martin, our son… our real son…

The End.

"If he's able to love, why can't he be able to hate?" -- Henry Swinton. Artificial Intelligence.


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