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The Report, part 1: The Report

General Hammond picked up the piece of paper sitting on the desk before him and started to read:

To: Major-General G. S. Hammond, commander, SGC.
From: Dr Paul Spencer, base psychiatrist
Subject: Investigation into relationship between Col. J. O'Neill and Maj. S. Carter.
Classification: Eye's only.

As you requested, I have continued to monitor the two members of your command who where subject to the Zatarc investigation, and after reviewing the security camera footage of the interview carried out by Anise of the Tok'ra, I have kept them under close observation in such a way that they are seemingly unaware of my actions. I have, as you also requested, kept the only copy of the security video in a secure location.

It is my belief that the long-standing tension between these two officers started as Col. O'Neill's resentment of Maj. Carter's addition to his team against his wishes, but has since changed, into first a strong friendship, and now into much stronger feelings that could be considered in breach of USAF regulations.

However, having reviewed their files and physiological reports, it is my opinion that both Col. O'Neill and Maj. Carter are more than capable of dealing with their feelings for each other, and have proved their willingness to put the ongoing mission of the SGC ahead of any personal ambitions for the future.

The recent regrettable loss of Dr. Jackson affected both of them considerably, but they have taken to different ways of dealing with it:

Col. Neill appears to be falling back on to the traditional 'macho' way of coping with his loss by ignoring how he feels when in public, and only in privet dealing with his grief. Having reviewed his record, I believe that this is an automatic defense on his part: in his previous units any sign of weakness would have been met with ridicule from his comrades, regardless of who they felt. Although the Colonel's actions are not necessarily the best way of dealing with the loss of Dr. Jackson, I do not believe that they are signs of anything other than grief at the loss of a comrade and friend.

Maj. Carter seems much more open in dealing with her feelings, and I believe this to be due more to her lack of front-line service than to, as other have speculated, her sex. Although it is true that Maj. Carter has seen action before her posting to the SGC, this is limited to the relatively 'clean' world of being an electronics warfare officer on-board an AWAC's aircraft, rather than a combat role. Where as Col. O'Neill saw Dr. Jackson as a comrade, Maj. Carter's feelings for him where more like that of a sister for her brother. I believe this to be due to her strained relationship with her real brother, and the slight feeling of abandonment she has felt since her farther, Gen Jacob Carter, joined the Tok'ra.

Maj. Carter sees Col. O'Neill's seeming lack of grief as a sign that he lacks feelings. Although this misunderstanding is a problem for the time being, I do not believe that it will continue much longer.

In conclusion I do not believe that the relationship between these two officers is in anyway a threat to ether base security or mission objectivity. Maj. Carter is seemingly unwilling to make the first move, where as Col. O'Neill is unwilling to risk Maj. Carter's career by instigating anything.

End of report.

Hammond sighed: out of all the generals in the Air Force, why did he get this job?

He picked up the phone next to his desk, "Get me the President."