The Report, part 20

Carter closed her eyes as O'Neill's lips pressed against hers. Her had moved round to the back of his head, drawing him closer. O'Neill's hands came to rest on Carter's shoulders, gently squeezing them. Carter broke away, breathlessly resting her forehead on his, "You have no idea how long I have wanted to do that."

O'Neill smiled, looking deeply into her eyes, "I think I have a fair idea. I guess we know what to tell Hammond on Monday."

Carter grinned, "Yes, but its Saturday…"

The sound of her mobile phone going off woke Carter. She groped around on the floor until she found it. "Hello?" she asked sleepily.

"Hi Sam." Dr. Fraiser sounded unnecessarily chirpy, "I was wondering if you wanted to meet up for lunch."

Carter looked at the clock on her phone; it was just past noon. She rubbed her eyes, "I'm kind of busy today. Rain check?"

"Ok." Fraiser laughed, "See you Monday."

Carter cut the line and dropped the phone back to the floor.

"You should turn it off." A voice suggested from the other side of the bed.

"I thought you where asleep."

O'Neill shook his head, pulling Carter back into a hug, "No, I was just enjoying having you sleep next to me. I've missed being with someone when they let all their defenses down like that."

"That is probably one of the most romantic things anyone has ever said to me."

O'Neill smiled, running his fingers through her short hair, "That is unfortunate." He looked into her deep blue eyes, "I know that this is going to complicate things, but I want to see how far this can go. I'm scared of losing you now we've finally gotten together, but I know I'll lose you for sure if I ask you to step down from SG-1."

Carter propped herself up on her elbow, "That is probably the sweetest thing I've ever heard from a man."

"Teal'c was right," O'Neill smiled, "you do snore…"

Carter grabbed one of the pillows and hit him with it.

Dr. Fraiser put the phone down and smiled, "She said, and I quote, 'I'm kind of busy today', end quote. You owe me $50."

"I figured it'd be at least tomorrow before they got together." General Hammond shook his head, laughing as he reached for his wallet, "Trust Jack O'Neill to be unpredictable, if that's possible."

"I know Sam too well to think that she wouldn't go see him today. Plus she phoned Cassie to postpone their chess game."

"Trust a doctor to catch me with a sucker bet."

Carter and O'Neill took the brave step of arriving at the base together the following Monday. Word had already gotten round as to the change in standing orders, and they where not the only one's to have taken advantage of the new regs.

Teal'c was his usual reserved self when they entered the briefing room, hand in hand, but Jonas was grinning so widely it looked like his face was about to split down the middle. Hammond looked at his two subordinates, "I take it you worked things out?"

O'Neill nodded, "We still have a few things to work out, but I guess you could say we're an 'item' as Cassie so eloquently put it."

"It's a bit strange, being allowed to show my emotions openly around here." Carter was slightly embarrassed.

Hammond shrugged, "Well, I can officially say that I do not perceive you to be a threat to security, so good luck to the both of you." He pulled a file from his briefcase, "Now we do have some work to do. Major; Dr McKay needs you to phone him at Area 51, something about the hyper drive on the rebuilt X-302. And as for you Colonel, we have our new SG-teams arriving from England and Moscow today. I want you to meet them at the airbase and escort them here for orientation…"

O'Neill and Carter smiled: another 'normal' day at the office.

The End

Thanks to Garden Viper for beta-reading this.