Final Nail in the Coffin

*Sequel to Pretty Maids all in a Row*

By: Lizzy Rebel

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Chapter One- Return to the Norm

                        The sun bathed into the bedroom located at the Benbow. The body sleeping there rolled over and groaned. He dived under the covers and tried to evade the oncoming light… and the morning.

            The covers around James Pleiades Hawkins were thrown back and despite the morning warmness James "Jim" shivered. His body cried out against waking up and Jim was more then happy to comply with it. He pressed his head deep into the mattress and tried to shut out the light.

            But someone didn't want him to sleep, "Come on, Jim." Said his wife. Jim felt a soft pillow slap against the backside of his head and he rolled over. His eyes opened lazily and he growled.

            Alyson Christopher-Hawkins leaned over Jim and frowned, her dark hair framing her face and sea-goddess eyes. She placed her hands on her hips and sighed impatiently.

            Half-awake now, Jim smirked. Without warning he wrapped his arms around Alyson's shoulders and sent her sprawling onto the bed with him.

            Alyson laughed and cursed him at the same time. Laughing with her, Jim rolled on top of her and pinned her beneath him. Alyson sighed as Jim kissed her gently on the mouth. Jim's hands moved into Alyson midnight hair, which had grown longer since the six months after their marriage.

            "Sleep with me a little while." Jim mumbled already almost back sleep.

            Alyson laughed and pushed Jim off the bed. Jim landed on the floor with a thump and a curse. Alyson rolled over to the edge of the bed and looked down at Jim, who shot her a glare.

            Alyson gave him a teasing smile, "It's your fault you married me." She pointed out calmly.

            Jim tried hard to conceal his grin and look serious but failed miserably at it. With a fake sigh, he said, "Yeah, but what can you can?"

            Alyson shrugged and hopped off the bed, "Come on, you got to go to the Academy. They're probably missing their favourite captain."

            Jim mock-glared at her, "Why is it you don't have to go back to work?"

            Alyson sighed and walked over to Jim and kissed his nose. She said, "Because husband-O-mine, school doesn't start for another month. Now, get dressed and I'm going to help Sarah in the kitchen." She turned and walked out of their room saying to him, "She's such a good woman, your mother, and you do so little to help her."

            Jim couldn't help but smile as Alyson moved from the room, her dark hair swing past her waist. The smile still on his face, Jim looked around him at their room.

            The room they now lived in was the largest room in the Benbow Inn. It had once been Jim's mother's room but once her son had married, she decided to take one of the smaller rooms to give them more room. The room was painted in dark greens, blues and reds. There were two bay windows on each side of the bed. The bed itself was a king sized one with dark red and green sheets. On the left side of the room was Jim's dresser and Alyson's vanity. The vanity had been the only thing Alyson had moved to the Benbow from the Academy. Oh, she had brought her old desk along as well. That had been placed in the room where Jim kept all his mission records. Kind of like a workroom. Alyson had brought one chair that was now leaned up against the wall besides the door leading to the stairs. There was one other door leading to the bathroom, which had a white marble floor with a double-sink, a bath, and a shower.

            As Jim looked around his room he realized how different this room was from any other room he had lived in before. It looked more… mature. Like a man with a family to look after more then a bachelor always moving. He supposed marriage could do that to a person.

            Jim noticed that his uniform from the Academy had been set out on his dresser and thought: Alyson. Now that he had a wife, Jim found he was a lot more organized and clean. He now had someone to make sure he cleaned his plate when he was done eating and got all his cloths into the hamper instead of the floor. His mother kept pointing out how good it was that Alyson was here to make Jim clean up after himself because she was getting tired of doing it herself.

            Jim shook his head and grabbed his cloths. Now that he was going back to work after a six month vacation, Sarah Hawkins and Alyson had more time to scheme about how they were going to overpower him into doing things that would be better for the Benbow or himself that he just didn't want to do.

            "Women." Jim muttered and then smirked, "God I love them."

                        Seymour Blake had come to a decision.

            It had been a tough one to make, he really didn't want to disturb Alyson on her vacation and the fact that she had just recently gotten married had almost stopped him from asking her.

            At the thought of Alyson's marriage, Seymour smiled. It had been a very lovely ceremony. Alyson had looked gorgeous and Jim had been terribly handsome. And they both had that foolish grin on their faces. Seymour knew that they were in love, a feisty kind of love for sure, but love none the less. Seymour remembered that the day before their wedding, Alyson and Jim had had a huge argument over something very silly; he believed it was about flowers, and they had threatened to call the wedding off. But two hours later, the argument was forgotten and the wedding was back on. Seymour had been the happiest man in the world the day of the wedding because he was finally able to give Alyson away to the man she loved, something he thought would never happen.

            This was why Seymour had been so reluctant to ask her do this. The times that she and Seymour had spoken in the past six months, Alyson had gone on and on about how happy she was to be spending time with Jim. Did he really want to break that up? Would Alyson be mad at him if he did that?

            Seymour had then reasoned with himself that Alyson may be happy, married and in love, but she was still a professor and she still took her job seriously. That and she loved her work. What had pushed Seymour even more into asking Alyson was that Jim was going back to work. From the way the Elders were fussing there was something very important Jim needed to take care of.

            Alyson would get lonely on Montresser and she would probably miss Jim badly. What better why was there to cheer Alyson up then to ask Alyson to come to a remote planet and study the ruins she loved so much?

            Seymour suddenly smirked. He really didn't have a choice. He had to ask Alyson if she wanted to come. She would probably skin him alive if he didn't ask.

            With that Seymour stood up from the staff lounge and left his lunch unattended. He wanted to go to Alyson now. Not only because he wanted to ask her to come along, but because he missed her. He had never gone this long without seeing her, not even when she and Jim had gone to Dead Earth.

            At the thought of Dead Earth, Seymour stopped suddenly. Alyson, Jim, his crew, and even that robot BEN had claimed that there had been nothing on Dead Earth. It had been empty, they said, even of ruins. There were no civilizations and the planet was not livable. No human or other species could live on the planet. Seymour hadn't believed Alyson but he had let it drop, because he knew if Alyson lied she would have had a good reason to. But it irked him because it had been his dream to see Dead Earth and now he couldn't even fund another expedition because the Elders believed Alyson and Jim's tale.

            Shaking his head, Seymour cleared his mind of such thoughts. He should be happy Alyson was happy and that she was now back home, safe and sound.

            Content with, Seymour went to get his cloak and head down to Montresser.

                        Jim walked down the marble halls of the Academy and wished to be anywhere but where he was right now. He preferably like to be back at the Benbow Inn, watching Alyson and Sarah cook, but anywhere would be good right about now.

            Jim was thankful that the Academy students were all out on vacation because the last thing he needed was Spacers-in-training coming up to him to ask for his autograph.

            "You're just some kind of wonderful, Jim." Alyson had said to him when he had complained of his fan club to her, "Everyone loves you, even me."

            Alyson was some kind of wonderful, Jim thought, if she could handle being bombarded with my fan club and the media begging for the latest scoop on my pirate captures.

            Jim, so lost in his thoughts, almost pasted the door leading to the Elders' room. Frowning Jim halted at the door and pushed it open. Looking to get this over with as soon as possible, Jim hurried down the stone steps.

            When Jim arrived in the dark room with the black marble floor it was empty. Jim wasn't surprised however, the Elders always liked to make an entrance. Alyson may have a great respect for these aging old coots, but that didn't mean Jim did. In fact, Jim was often annoyed with the Elders. They may be old and wise, but Jim could see it from their eyes that they were mischievous as well. They probably lived to make their Spacers' lives miserable, Jim thought sourly with gritted teeth.

            The dark brown door behind the high tables and chairs opened and the Elders came in one by one. Their old, slow movements got Jim even more annoyed. He wanted to slam his foot on the ground and demand the old men be straight with him for once in their lives.

            The leader of the Elders, a man Jim detested more then anyone else, smiled behind his half-moon glasses. In a raspy voice that portrayed his old age, he said, "Captain Hawkins, I hope you've been enjoying your vacation time."

            "I had been." Jim growled, "But then the oddest thing happened, I got this letter from these old guys saying I had yet another, probably meaningless, mission to do."

            Elder Rockwell grinned. Jim saw the wrinkles on his old and tired face lift. Jim also knew that if Elder Rockwell was to stand up and walked down over to Jim, he would do so with a bend in his back. Rockwell was the oldest, mischievous man Jim had ever met and despite all the trouble Rockwell had caused him, Jim couldn't help but like the man. He'd brought Jim to Alyson hadn't he?

            "I see Professor Christopher… or should I say Hawkins?... hasn't changed your attitude one bit. When we heard of your marriage we had been hoping she'd teach you some manners." Rockwell said with a raspy laugh.

            Jim shook his head, "Don't think she hasn't tried," He told Rockwell, "But what can I say? Old habits die hard."

            Rockwell nodded, "Obviously." Then he sighed, "Captain Hawkins, we are sorry to half to cut your marriage short, but there is something that calls your immediate attention."

            Jim rolled his eyes, "Isn't there always?"

            Rockwell's dark eyes bored into Jim's dark blue ones, "Oh, no, Captain. This is something you've never had to deal with. This is something that hasn't happen for years." The old man said, his voice lowering dangerously.

            Jim blinked and actually found his gut clenching in worry. He had never heard Rockwell talk in this tone before. Maybe it was his oh-so low voice, but Jim actually felt himself pale slightly.

            "What's happened?" Jim questioned, surprised at how even his voice sounded.

            Rockwell lowered his head, as did the other Elders. Their grim faces and stance only made Jim's ominous feeling increase. He could feel his heart pound slightly faster then normal as he watched the old men.

            Rockwell lifted his head and said in a grim voice, "Five professors have been murdered."

                        Seymour frowned at the gray skies of Montresser. Was it always raining on this planet? Seymour wondered. The last time he had been here, it been pouring and now it looked like it would be again.

            He decided to get to the Benbow Inn before it started down pouring again and he gave everyone a fright like he had last time. Though mischievousness was nothing knew to Seymour, he had been quite the problem child in his hay-day, he didn't want to cause a commotion and make Alyson mad at him. Last time he had talked to his former pupil, she had fallen in love with the Benbow Inn and was enjoying the work she did there. She would have his hide if he did anything to upset her costumers. And that would lessen the chances she'd say yes to coming along with him.

            So Seymour ran to the three-story inn and reached the door just before the wind started to pick up. With gritted teeth Seymour pushed the door open and tried not to let the door burst open and startle everyone. It was successful, thankfully.

            No one in the Benbow noticed he entrance. Everyone was to busy chatting at their circular wooden tables around the fireplace in the center of the room. BEN, Seymour noticed, was serving the customers at rapid speed. The metal robot, who could've been mistaken for human had he only had a human body-suit, shot out drinks and plates of foods like a Spacer would shoot his gun.

            BEN was moving so fast he didn't notice Seymour. He kept on shouting, "Order up!" And moving onto the next guest.

            But then he spotted someone who would notice him. Sarah Hawkins. Seymour had always thought she was pretty, even for someone in their mid-forties. She looked less-tired then she had the first time he had met her seven months ago. Seymour was pleased that Alyson was helping Sarah and greatly it seemed.

            Sarah had her dark hair up in her usually bun with a bonnet over top. She wore her red and burnt orange dress with a white apron over it. Seymour found himself smiling for no reason what so ever and shook his head.

            Sarah's dark blue eyes, eyes she had given over to Jim, finally met his and she gave him a dazzling smile, "Oh, Professor Blake! It's good to see you! What are you doing here?" She said this as she placed an order of food and drinks on a table with two green-skinned creatures at it.

            Seymour walked over to her and offered her a dazzling smile of his own, "I'm hear to see Alyson, Mrs. Hawkins."

            Sarah nodded and said, "Please call me Sarah. I'll got get Alyson for you." She turned and walked into the swinging kitchen door.

            A few minutes later, Alyson ran out with her long dark hair flying behind her. When she saw him, she laughed and threw herself giddily into his arms.

            "Professor!" She cried against his shoulder, "I'm so glad to see you again! It seems like forever since we last saw each other."

            Seymour couldn't help but smile to himself. He buried his face into Alyson glossy hair and hugged her tight. Alyson was the closest thing to a daughter he ever had. He remembered holding her four-year-old body after the nurses gave her to him when she was released from the hospital. Months before that, Seymour had been worried and anxious about meeting the child he had agreed to rise. She had been so tiny and vulnerable that day that Seymour had fallen in love with her instantly. He had never felt love before, he had been too consumed in his work, but he knew he felt some type of love when Alyson had opened her sea-goddess eyes and looked up at him with trust and love.

            "I've missed you, too." Seymour said against her hair, "I've missed you a lot."

            Alyson pulled back from him and smiled. She brushed aside his dark hair with those tine gray strands and said, "Come. Sit and talk with me."

            Seymour and Alyson went and sat in the back of the room. At first they couldn't say anything. They just started at each other with silly smiles on their faces.

            Finally, Seymour said, "Your hair… it's longer then before."

            Alyson chuckled and pushed the dark strands behind her ears, "I let it grow out. I think I might cut it before school starts again. Jim doesn't want me to, though."

            Seymour nodded his head in agreement, "Jim's right. You look a lot better with long hair. It brings out your whole face."

            "Oh, I like it to and I was only just thinking about getting it cut. Then Jim told me he didn't want to cut it and I said I would. Just to tick him off." Alyson said, leaning back in her chair.

            Seymour laughed, "You two are still fighting like tomcats? How do you survive your marriage? I thought you'd have killed each other by now."

            Alyson grinned at that, "Oh, we came close to it a few times, but Jim and I always make up somehow. No matter what, we always forget our arguments an hour or so later."

            "Like that argument over the wedding." Seymour muttered, "You two were screaming at each other like banshees. I thought you were going to commit first degree murder."

            Alyson frowned and said, "We fought about the wedding? I don't even remember that. I don't remember fighting with Jim during the wedding."

            "Oh, yeah, I remember. You were fighting about some kind of flowers. Jim wanted one that you didn't want and you wanted one he didn't want."

            Alyson shrugged, "We fight about a lot of meaningless things. Actually… now that I think about it most of our arguments are about meaningless things." Alyson laughed, "I just think we both don't like to give in."

            Seymour nodded, "You're both so strong willed. But that's why you love each other, I guess. You two being so strong willed and all."

            Alyson nodded, "That's one of the reasons… anyway, what are you doing here, Professor? Don't get me wrong, I love that you've come to visit me but in the six months that I've lived here you haven't visited me once. So what's your angle?"

            Seymour reached into the pocket inside his cloak and pulled out his papers and slapped them down in front of Alyson. Alyson raised her brow as she held the papers to her face to read. When Alyson lowered the papers again, her face was in a grin.

            "Of course, I'll come!" Alyson said happily, "Since Jim's got a mission to do this will be perfect to keep my mind off how much I miss him. But I thought you've been to Venkar before."

            Seymour nodded, "Quite a few times. Venkar is quite a well known ancient planet, but it always pays to go back and do some exploring."

            Alyson stood, "I am definitely coming. Even though I love the Benbow Inn, I'm starting to miss those old. You know, decaying ruins and learning about the ancient races of our galaxies. I think it's time to get back into the game."

            Seymour, more happy about that then he would like to admit, hugged Alyson once more, "I'd better get back to the Academy. There's still a few students staying over for the holidays and who knows what trouble they'll get into if I'm not around to baby-sit them."

            Alyson chuckled as Seymour pulled his cloak tighter around him. Seymour gave her a wink and walked out the door. Alyson turned and stared out of the window until he had disappeared from sight. At the same time it started raining.

            "It always rains here." Alyson mumbled and shut the blinds on the window. Sometimes the rain depressed her.

                        "Mu… murdered professors?" Jim repeated, staring at the Elders with a blank look on his face.

            Elder Rockwell leaned forward intently and nodded. His lips were set in a grim line as he said, "Not just any professors either, Captain, but ones very important to the Academy. They were designing a special weapon that would finally give us the edge over space-travel. We would be able to attack and capture pirates before they could even try to make a get away."

            Jim, despite his hard-core Spacer training, felt his face grow pale, "Did the murders get… get the weapon?"

            "No." Elder Rockwell said with relief clearly on his face, "Those designs are locked safely away here, however, those plans were incomplete and now we will have to search for new professors to complete them."

            "Well, that's one good thing." Jim mumbled and then said in a louder voice, "I suppose you want me to track down the murders and stop them from hurting anymore professors?"

            "Yes. We feel that a pirate is behind this murder, but we have no idea who." Elder Rockwell said, "We need you to find that out and track them down. We cannot stop making this weapon. The pirates, not to mention all sorts of wrong-doers, are running rampant in the galaxies. We have to stop them from killing anyone who might have a chance at bring all crime to an end, or relatively so."

            Jim nodded, "You can count on me."

            "I never doubted it." Elder Rockwell said, "We'll need you and your crew to be ready to fly to the planet Zione, where the murdered took place."

            Jim frowned, "Zione… that is quite a place to catch Academy professors. What were they doing there?"

            Elder Rockwell shook his head, "Why they were at Zione is no concern of yours. You worry about finding the murder and bringing him to justice."

            Jim felt his teeth clench, he knew the Elders were hiding something, but said, "Of course, Elder Rockwell. My crew and I will be ready to leave in two days."

            Elder Rockwell nodded, "You may go then." He face suddenly broke into a smile, "And good luck explaining to your wife about your leaving. Professor Christopher was also was stubborn woman, even when she was young." The other Elders nodded their heads in agreement.

            Jim shook his head and walked to the stairs at the side of the room. He paused as he reached the first step and then looked at them back over his shoulder, "It's Professor Hawkins now." He said and walked away.

            Jim walked to the ferry-docks with a frown set deep on his face. He kept his eyes cast to the ground and he looked as if he was deep in thought.

            For some reason this news of murder bothered him and not just because innocent people had been murdered. Something deep in his gut was telling him something wasn't right with this scenario. Maybe it was because the Elders were keeping something from him or maybe it was because he hadn't been on a mission for a while. Whatever the case, he knew one thing:

            He was glad Alyson wasn't going anywhere.


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