Zell, Squall, Irvine and Seifer go on a vacation together. You know that spells trouble!! Z/Se and Sq/I but not until later on!!

Zell's Pov

I shifted uncomfortable in my chair trying not to make any sound. Squall, Irvine and Seifer had told me that if I woke them up they would throw me out of the ship. I swallowed that that thought, the middle of nowhere and they throw me out in the ocean.

Of course its really early in the morning and I'm not a morning person but I slept all day yesterday when it seems that the three of them did anything but sleep! I was getting bored just sitting in the chair.

I kind of felt jealous because the three of them were much more built and taller and shit like that! They also acted a lot more mature then I did, oh well.

I shifted again and looked around then suddenly couldn't take it, they were all awake and I knew it. The smirk on Seifer's face, the way Irvine pulled his hat down to hide the smile that was plasterer on his face and Squall… well Squall was being Squall just with his eyes close and he looked like he was dead.

I jumped up and kicked Seifer's long legs out of my way. I needed to use the can.

"Stupid chicken, what'd I tell you before?" He got up and wrapped his arms around me and I struggled in his deathly grip.

"Let go of me Seifer! I have to use the can!" I said struggling even more thrashing about.

"No way, first you have to say Seifer is the ol' might and he can do anything he wants to me." I glared at him.

"Your such a sick fucker." I said.

"Say it and I'll let you go!"

"No way!" I glanced at Squall and saw the aggravated look on his face that he really was trying to sleep. "Squall!" I yelled to him.

"Leave Zell the fuck alone Seifer." And as always Seifer listened to Squall. I grinned and turned around to see that Irvine was in the bathroom. I growled and kicked the door with my foot that made a dent it the door.

Pouting slightly I plopped down to Squall then yawned stretching my arms out.

"How much longer till we are there?" I asked and seconds after the intercom came on.

"Now boarding-" I cut the guy off mentally and jumped up happily.

"Finally!" I said and the tips of Squall's mouth curved. Most people would miss that but me, no way. Squall and I have been best friends since the war.

When we got off the ship I grabbed my luggage and started walking to the hotel that I saw. Squall was right behind me but Irvine and Seifer strolled back behind us.

Squall and I went right up to the counter.

"Room please, its under Lionheart." I said and the girl nodded typing in something then handing me keys while smiling.

"Room 204." I smiled back Irvine and Seifer coming in.

"Thanks ma'am." Irvine said tipping his hat. She blushed and I grabbed my suit case running up the stairs madly. I had her then stupid Irvine had to go charm her off. I found the room easily and put the key in opening it up.

I walked in and searched the rooms. There was two bed rooms with two beds in them each. One was baby blue and white while the other was black and blood red. Sighing I put my stuff in the black and blood red room picking the bed closest to the window.

Seifer, Irvine and Squall all came in the room looking at me weirdly.

"What?" I asked slightly confused, what had I done?

"Aren't you in the wrong room?" Seifer asked.

"Huh?" I asked looking around.

"Nothing really, just we all thought you'd choose the room that was all colorful and cheerful." Irvine stated and I crossed my arms looking at the room.

"But this one has a better view!" I said covering up that the room colors was really how I felt. Seifer put down his suit case on the other bed and I didn't even bother arguing as Squall threw me a look as Irvine wrapped his arm around his shoulders and grinned. It was a "Don't-leave-me-with-him" look. I glared at Irvine and he took his arm off of Squall's shoulders and went into the other room while Squall threw me a thank you look and followed him.

"So protective of puberty boy aren't ya?" Seifer asked with a laugh. "So the chicken likes guys…"

"No that's not it! Just mind your own goddamn business." I said and started to put my clothes in the dresser not looking at Seifer. The truth is I was protective of Squall because that bitch Rinoa broke up with him for some idiot a month ago. He doesn't let anyone come close to him and he hasn't gone on dates or anything like that. I know Squall's gay and that's cool with me. He likes Irvine but is afraid, even if Irvine is bi, that with Irvine reputation that he'll break his heart like that bitch Rinoa did. Just thinking of her made my blood boil.

"You two get your trunks on, we are going swimming in the hotel outside pool." Irvine said coming in. "What's wrong with you Zell?" He asked leaning against the door frame.

"Nothin'." I said smiling at Irvine then going into the bathroom quickly changing into my trunks and a button down cotton dark blue shirt that wasn't buttoned so it showed my chest.

I looked at the guys in the room and they all seemed to be looking at me once again, except Squall who was trying to tighten his trunks with the string.

"What??" I asked.

"Zell your should not wear a shirt less often." I looked down at my chest then back up looking confusedly at Irvine.

"You two are freaking me out… stop staring!" I got angry and opened the door walking out only a towel in hand. Squall came up beside me. "They were staring at them ya know…" My hand went down my chest feeling all the scars I've accumulated over the years and years of fight close range.

"No, they were looking at your built." He said matter of factly and I looked at him.

"What?" I asked.

"Stop acting like you don't know your toned." He is pointing to my chest and I looked down.

"Yeah but they aren't nearly as big as any of yours." Squall snickered at that.

"You're to modest Zell, you wear all those baggy cloths so naturally everyone thinks your scrawny… but your not." He said simple. I looked down again. "Even your thighs are nicely shaped." He added. I grinned happily up at him.

"Really?!" Squall nodded and I jumped up and we got to the pool I laid my blanket down on a chair and Squall sat down next to me.

"Oh ya, Irvine told me to warn you that Seifer plans on getting you." Squall said.

"What?? Seifer wants to get… me?" Squall smiled at me and nodded. That explains the hard on I felt when I fell into his lap a couple days ago. I grinned at that, I could have fun with this.

Seifer took the chair on my other side while Irvine sat on the one next to Squall. Now was my chance to pay back Seifer for all those times he picked on me. I stretched out and felt his eyes on me. I shook my shirt off and stretched again but this time slower and I glanced over quickly to Squall who just rolled his eyes at me and turned back his attention to the conversation he was having with Irvine.

I smiled and stopped stretching grabbing the sun tan lotion and pretended that I couldn't reach my back.

"Hey Seifer could you lotion up my back, please?" I asked with a small smile. He blushed slightly but still moved his chair closer and I handed him the sun tan lotion turning around and saw Irvine looking at me with a grin. I gave him an innocent look and he laughed shaking his head and talked to Squall who turned around slightly and rolled his eyes but still smiled at me then turned back around.

As Seifer touched my back softly I felt the coldness of the lotion and faked a shiver. I heard him gasp but still lotioned my back. I never knew he could be so gently, I was always use to him being harsh.

I grinned and groaned quietly only loud enough for Seifer to hear and I heard his breath pick up slightly and his hand pulled away.

"Done?" I asked and moved back to my chair.

"Yeah, I'll be right… back…" Before he got up and wandered off I saw the slight bulge in his trunks. I grinned.

"Zell…" I looked over at Irvine innocently. "I think your catching on… are you gay?"

"Maybe, maybe not." I smiled not telling anyone that I wanted Seifer probably more then he wanted me but of course I wont tell anyone that. Oh well maybe I'd have more fun with him before giving in.

I looked over at Irvine and Squall. I noticed for the first time how Irvine looked at Squall with a caring in his eyes like he did no one else. I smiled knowing that Irvine didn't just want Squall for sex.

Note to self, get Squall and Irvine together.

Easier said than done, trust me.


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