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Zell's Pov

"Come on Seif tell me your plan! PLEASE!" I said with a slight pout. Seifer glanced at me and raised an eye brow.

"It's very strange too see a full grown man pout." Seifer grinned and threw his arms around me pulling me down into his lap. I practically melted against him. "But so sexy too." He whispered into my ear. I smiled and cuddled against him then remembered why I was pouting.

"SEIFER!" I yelling punching him lightly in the stomach. "I hate when you do that…" I said pouting even more then before. He smiled innocently and kissed me. "Seifer-" He cut me off with another kiss. What could I say? He ALWAYS knew how to make me forget something… mm… and that his lips were unbelievable soft.

He backed away only a bit and kissed the tip of my nose as a smile came over his features. It was a smile only few people saw and I was one of those people that was graced with that smile. It lit up his whole face, making his eyes a brighter emerald color and just making him so unbelievable sexy.

"SEIFER!" We both turned around on the couch to see Selphie bounce in. We looked at her as she grinned slyly at us. "I'm sorry am I interrupting something?" She asked her eyes widening with amusement. I rolled my own blue ones and got off of Seifer remembering what he was trying to get me to forget.

"Don't think I'm not going to stop asking you about your secretive plan and since your not going to tell me and we promised to have NO secretes between us, I am now mad at you. I'm going to storm out of this room right now." I said trying not to grin as he frowned. He was so SEXY!

I walked out, my arms crossed over my chest and heard the swoosh of the door closing behind me. Of course I wasn't really mad at Seifer but it was obvious that Selphie wanted to talk to Seifer alone so I just decided to make a dramatic exit.

Oh yes, a lot has changed in these past years! I'm much more so-so-sofista-… oh hyne! I'm much more grown up! Ya that's it! Grown up!

"Hot dogs are today, we better get done there before they are all sold out." A student said as my eyes went wide and I went off at full speed towards the cafeteria chanting 'HOT DOGS HOT DOGS HOT DOGS!' mm… hot dogs… hehe

Selphie's Pov

"Why is he mad at me?" Seifer said looking genially hurt. I had to smile at that, I might not like Seifer in 'that' kind of way but anybody with half a brain could tell Seifer was… how do you say? HOTT AS HELL! Especially when he had that 'I'm so hurt… somebody hold me' look on his face and of course that somebody was only Zell!

"He'll get over it! He's probably just going to go get some hot dogs! So anyways I have a teeny favor to ask! PLEASE SEIFER!" I said and he just blinked up at me.

"Matter's what it is." He said suspicion written all over his face.

"Well you see, since your going to get all these people together and your such a romantic I was kind of wondering if you could check up on a guy for me…" I said cheerfully bouncing slightly in my spot. Seifer raised an eye brow and crossed his tan arms over his chest.

"What does me being a romantic and getting people together have to do with spying on someone? And I'm only getting Squall and Irvine back together." Seifer said.

"Oh! Well see Noah, poor guy well he REALLY liked Zell and I think it was love I mean that's what Liam told me but as hard as Noah tried Zell would never go out even on a date with him! But you see Liam LOVES Noah but Noah doesn't seem to notice so I was-" I cut myself off seeing the hard look on Seifer's face. Oh no… did I say something to make him mad? Think Selphie THINK! Ok lets rewind for a second… erm… oh no! I told him Noah loved Zell! Oh good going Selphie, must try and cover up my HUGE mistake.

"Well besides the point that Zell is in love with you and will NEVER love anyone else, I need ya too help get Liam and Noah together!" Seifer looked up at me.

"Do you think Zell really loves me?" He asked hesitantly. Oh this whole lost puppy look is REALLY working for him! He's so- ok cut it out Selphie! He's Zell's and you have a secrete lover! Tehehe

"Of course he does! What does he have to write it on your forehead for you to know?! Gesh! Well any who are ya going to help Liam and Noah or not?" I asked now overly hyper and couldn't stand still for more then two seconds.

"Sure… especially if that means he'll love someone else and not MY Zell." Seifer said jealousy lining his usually tuff and rough and very manly voice. Oh the famous Seifer getting jealous… oh cool!

"Aw how cute!!" I said happily as I gave him a hug. "Now be nice to Noah, he's just had his heart broken. And oh by the way, the guys name that I want you to check up on is Aidan Reconiz!" I waved and ran off. Oh this was just SO great!

Seifer's Pov

Aidan Reconiz? What would she want with THAT jerk? She's way too good for him! Well all I have to do is tell her how many girlfriends that guy has and then… wait! I cant do that… Selphie will be heart broken and we don't need a sobbing Selphie, no that wont work not at all. So I'll just have to fix her up with someone else.

Now who would make a good couple with Selphie?? Oh how'd I get myself into these things… /Must I answer that? I thought you went away… Never leaving… NEVER so get used to me because I'm here to help you out Help me out? With what? Oh please Almasy, you cant handle all this alone… your little brain cant handle it/ Mental glare. /Fine I'm only letting you help because your- don't say it! Lalala I'M NOT LISTENING! LALALA Your so childish…/

"This sucks…" I mumbled as I grabbed a pen and paper writing down a list of stuff I had to do:

- Get Squall and Irvine together

- Get Noah and Liam together

- Kick Aidan's ass

- Get Selphie to fall in love with somebody else

- Get Zell to get un mad at me well that shouldn't be too hard…

- Get Storm here

- Tell all Aidan's gf's how many OTHER gf's he has

Oh yes, I was a VERY busy person… this was just great. Letting out a sigh I decided to do the easiest first. Get Zell un mad at me… well lets see

I grinned seeing the prefect thing. Oh ya… I am SO good… /Or atleast you think you are leave me alone… I thought we talked about this already?/

Irvine's Pov

"IRVINE!" I looked up just in time to get tackled by a flying brunette who landed right on top of me knocking me right off my chair.

"Howdy Selphie." I said in a some what not so happy voice. All I could think about was Squall. Here's a look into my mind:

Squall… Squall naked… mm… Squall and me… no… Squall… yes Squall…

Get the picture? I hope so… I'm so pitiful.

"IRVINE! SEIFER'S GOT A PLAN!" I blinked up in confusion at her as she bounced slightly on my stomach. She was making me what to pee really badly… nice bit of info for ya isn't it?

"What do you mean Seifer's got a plan?" I asked as Selphie just grinned slyly at me. I hated it when she tried to keep a secrete… she always just ends up telling the whole world if she keeps it in for too long.

"To get you and Squall back together!" She said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"WHAT?!" I yelled suddenly sitting up knocking her right off of me. She acted unfazed and just sat up facing me.

"Just what I said! He's always got a plan, that's just Seifer for ya! And don't try to argue because you know you LOVE Squall more then anything in the world, I would say even more then your cow boy hat!" She stated with a wink. There was no use arguing, she was right. "And he's going to get Noah and Liam together!" She said happily.

"Who would of thought it?… Seifer playing match maker." I shook my head. Oh this wasn't right at all… who was this new Seifer and what had he done with the old one? Not that I mind the new one, he was very… nice… its just, I'm used to Seifer mocking and teasing everyone… dieing must really do something to ya.

At that thought I wanted to smash my head into something really hard. Selphie must of noticed this because she frowned.

"How many times does EVERYBODY have to tell you this?! ITS NOT YOUR FAULT! GET IT THREW YOUR THICK SKULL AND SAY YOUR FUCKING SORRY TO SQUALL!" I looked at Selphie with wide eyes.

"Whoa… Selphie where'd this new side of you come from?" I asked as she smiled innocently.

"HAVE TO GO!" She jumped up and ran out of my class room as I smiled and just shook my head. Selphie was up too something… it was written all over her face. Oh if the world ended now I wouldn't be surprised…

Squall's Pov

"SQUALL!" I looked up from my desk to look at the bouncy Selphie. Oh shit… no where to hide… why hadn't I heard her loud running? Damn I'm getting lost in my thoughts, pay attention.

"Selphie." I said in a monotone voice. She blinked at me then rolled her eyes while putting her hands on her hips.

"Squall, its Selphie here! You can put down that mask! I wont tell anyone!" She closed the door and ran over to my desk bouncing slightly. Oh where the hell does this girl get her energy? I think the only one that could possible come close to keeping up with her is Zell… "SEIFER HAS A PLAN!" She yelled happily.

"A plan?" I asked letting a little confusion slip into my voice. She grinned and nodded her head.

"Yep! To get you and Irvine back together!" She said happily. My heart stopped then started to pound right threw my chest. I could hardly breath…

"WHAT?!" I asked loudly as she took a step back from my sudden outburst. Cool it Squall. I ordered myself mentally.

"Well, Seifer is going to get you two back together and Irvine is going to say sorry!" Selphie grinned as I couldn't hold back a smile.

"Really?" I asked and she nodded. My smile grew larger… thank hyne I don't think I could stay much longer without Irvine… but of course he is going to have to do A LOT of sucking up.


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