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'Means thought'
"Means speech"
Scene of the past or dreams


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Return Of A Hero


He was lying on something soft in a dark room and the only thing that he could hear was a female voice singing to him; he couldn't understand what she was singing, but he could hear the soft and lovely tone of the female person that was at his side. He opened his eyes and saw a black shape suspended into the nothingness; he blinked and yawned as the sleep started to take control of his body and mind. Before he closed his eyes he saw that a light started to rise in the right side of the shape.

Sonic awoke with a start, letting lose a short scream; he briefly glanced around and sighed relieved "What a dream" He sat up and looked at the Mystic Ruin Temple; it reminded him that not even six month had passed since the Chaos incident. He stood up and looked at the sky; it was still dark, but a light patch illuminated the east "I know that you are still alive. I know it because we are too much alike." He muttered turning around and walking into the forest.

The blue hedgehog reached the cliff where Eggman's crumpled base lay and looked at the forest below 'Where are you? I know that you are here.' A little light caught his eyes; looking up he saw that it was the sun that pecked out from the cloud on the horizon. Sonic smiled at it 'It's years that I don't see a sunrise in peace and it feel good' The blue hedgehog was familiar with the event, but many times he saw it only briefly because he was in mission against his enemy.

He looked around for a way to descend; seeing only vertical cliff he sighed stepping on the edge 'I guess that I have to do it the really fast way' And he let his body fall down the precipice. After a few seconds of free fall the treetops' barricade was only a few feet away; instantly he curled up and felt the branches hit his body. As soon he felt clear of the tree's limbs he uncurled and landed kneeled; Sonic stood up and flexed his muscles a little "Hmm" He looked around and in the back of his mind an alarm went off. That meant that this was going to be a full day.


The signs of the last battle between Sonic and Chaos were still heavily visible in Station Square; the city was still under reconstruction so the people who survived had to move out, and Amy was one of them. Luckily the pink hedgehog managed to find an apartment that was in its outskirts.

The sun shone brightly through the window of the apartment and Amy woke up groggily. She looked at the window with a hint of hate; she was annoyed by the fact that when she returned home she was so tired that she went straight to bed forgetting about closing the shutters.

The hedgehog looked at the clock on her nightstand and flopped back in bed "Almost eleven and I'm still tired" She muttered rubbing her eyes; she sighed and let her mind wander. It was only a few hours since Sonic and Shadow saved the world from the falling colony and when they returned to Earth, the sky was already dark. She wandered to the moment of when they embarked the shuttle to go back; Sonic and Tails were the pilots 'I was really shocked when I found out that Sonic could pilot a shuttle with little effort. He has so much in him that sometimes I wonder who he is.'

She sat up frowning "Nonsense Amy! Sonic is Sonic, and nobody else! He just knows a lot of things, that's why he always win." She said to herself getting off of the bed; the pink female stretched and walked into the kitchen "I wonder how the others are doing" She opened the fridge and took out a milk cartoon "I know that Tails and Knuckles went to their respective homes, but what about Sonic and Rouge?"

Amy put the cartoon on the table and took out a box of cereals 'If Rouge is a spy then maybe she went to report to the president before she returned home.' Her thoughts brought up a little scene that she saw on the shuttle. The bat was staring intently at Knuckles, who was staring at his beloved, and renewed, Master Emerald; the female had a daydreaming expression on her eyes and sometimes she would sigh. Amy giggled a little 'I guess that Knuckles will be busy in the near future' Her giggling died down as the topic brought her to think about her hero.

Amy sighed as she picked up a bowl and sat at the table 'Sonic was so down I never saw him like that. Shadow's death must have been painful for him It's strange I mean They were enemy from the first time they saw each other, yet, when they teamed up they understood each other like they were long standing friends' She poured the milk and the cereal into the bowl "After that he didn't talk anymore. No smart jokes, no victorious smiles, no nothing." Her eyes watered 'He was like dead, and after we landed he disappeared without telling us where he was going.'

Her thoughts were interrupted from a sudden ring that came from the living room; she walked towards the phone and picked it up "Yes?" "Amy? It's me, Tails!" "Oh, hi Tails! How are you?" Tails tempted to suppress a yawn without success "A little sleepy. I've got only six hours of sleep." She chuckled lightly "Yeah, coming home at four in the morning isn't very nice. But why did you phone me? There's something bugging you?" "Yes, do you know where Sonic may be? I have to talk with him. I think that Eggman is up to something."

Amy sighed "No, but before he disappeared I heard him mutter 'I know that you're alive.' According to you what it means?" The fox thought for a moment, "I don't know." A few seconds passed in silence "Tails," She paused and sighed "I'm very preoccupied, he was so depressed. I tried to talk to him, but he just ran away." "Really?" "Yeah, I think that he's depressed over the fact that Shadow is dead."

There was a mumbling noise that came from Tails' end "Maybe he just want to be alone for a while. But I have to talk with him." Tails stated. Amy smiled lightly, she had an idea "Tails, can I come?" "Ohhh, OK, see you this afternoon." He responded lightly perplexed. "Ok, see you later." She lowered the receiver and replaced it in its rightful place, "Oh Sonic, where are you?" No doubt that she was very preoccupied about her blue hero.


That afternoon Amy and Tails were walking towards the Station Square's train station; they searched the entire city, but Sonic was not here. The two tailed fox looked at his thoughtful friend "Amy, what are you thinking about?" She looked at him "Tails, where is that new Chao Garden? Maybe he's there. I know that he likes the chao." "The one near the capital? It's very far from here. Even going at Sonic's max speed, it'll take a good half hour, and you aren't capable of travelling on the tail of the Tornado without Sonic's support" Amy looked down at her feet and unshed tears formed in her eyes. Tails slapped a hand over his forehead "Amy! We can use the teleporter that is in the Mystic Ruins' Chao Garden!" She looked at him and nodded cheerfully.

"Chaaaaooooo!" A young azure chao yelled running towards Amy with a big heart on her head "Iris!" Amy exclaimed picking her up and hugging her lightly "Is she your chao?" Tails asked walking towards the teleporter "Yes, I found her outside, in the park. She was still an egg." She then looked at the little being in her arms "That's why she hasn't already made friendship with the other chao, I think she feel different." "How could a chao egg end up there? They live exclusively in gardens!" She shrugged "I don't know." The fox kneeled in front of the machine "It will take only a few minutes to insert the new co-ordinates." The pink hedgehog put down Iris and looked at her "Now, my little friend, I'm going to another garden. I'll come back soon."

The chao was starting to cry; she wanted to go with her only friend "Chaaaaaoooo" she pleaded "You can take her with you, after all we're going to another garden" Tails said tinkering with the teletransport; there were a few wires that came out of a little door at the base of the flat machine "Here, I'm done." Amy looked at the little chao smiling "OK, you can come." And picked her up "Puvu!" She exclaimed and throws her little arms up in the air to emphasize her happiness.


The autumnal sun shone brightly upon the forest; it was a beautiful afternoon but the weather was getting worse because some black cloud were coming from east, and they didn't looked good. The fauna was busy preparing for the incoming storm so it didn't notice the confused figure that was wandering through the thick undergrowth.

"Wonderful! It's hours that I'm walking and the only things that I've seen so far are trees, bushes, streams and more trees!" He sighed and sat on a layer of dry leaves "I can't go on like this, I'm still tired from the last battle." He looked at the sky through the tree's foliage, some grey cloud were already above the forest "This is not my day A storm is nearly here, I don't know where I am or how to exit alive of this maze, plus she's still alive and there's this feeling that this is not the end."

A noise that came from his back startled him; he stood up and took a defensive position. A blue hedgehog came out of the bushes "Maybe I can help you, Shadow. We're in the middle of the forest near the Mystic Ruins." He said taking twigs and leaves out of his quills "Sonic?" He asked "How did you find me?" "Following my sixth sense." Shadow looked at Sonic disbelieved 'How can he find me only following his 'sixth sense'?' A few seconds passed in silence, to the two seemed like eternity "Shadow, can you feel it?" "Yes, but how" "Told you, my sixth sense." He said shrugging.

A distant growl filled with hate and rancour startled them. They looked towards Northwest "She's already here." Sonic started looking back at the ebony hedgehog "I must stop her, even if I'm very tired. Shadow, are you with me?" He turned to face his blue double "Anything to keep the promise I made to Maria." "What promise?" "That I" Another growl, louder now, reminded them of their imminent, big problem; Sonic looked at his companion "What do you say, it's better a frontal attack or a surprise attack?" "I opt for the second, even if it's useless."

The two looked at the trees "Chaos Control?" The blue hedgehog asked looking back at the other; Shadow didn't turn "Hm?" "You used Chaos Control to save yourself, am I right?" The black hedgehog faced him "How?" Sonic chuckled lightly "Just a right guess."


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