Disclaimer. I'm not of the Islamic faith. I'm writing this story to represent them because of how underrepresented they are. I obtained my research information from Google searches.

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Again I wrote this to give representation to those who are underrepresented. Therefore it's going to be challenging. So please be kind and don't savage me if its not entirely accurate.

To understand the entire backstory of the characters of this story, you'll need to read my other BH6 stories. Starting with The Strange Case of Hiro and Kage Hamada. So if you need clarification again, you'll have to read that one to understand everything completely.

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It was the weekend before the Islamic holiday Ramadan. A gorgeous young woman sporting a light green hijab was checking on her beloved children. Well, her adopted children. In Islamic culture, they didn't have formal adoption. Instead, they permitted adoption, but the child legally belonged to their birth family. So they didn't take on their adoptive parents' names.

However, despite Bibi's strong spiritual beliefs, her heart felt differently. Again, she was devoted to her theology. However, that didn't change how she saw these children as her actual children in her heart. Faith and emotions didn't always match up. So as long as she didn't bring it up to the members of her community, she wouldn't be sinning. Unfortunately, Bibi could not have children of her own due to her suffering from a prolapsed uterus.

So again, she viewed Hiro, Kage Hamada, and Zeta Moon as her children, regardless of her religion. So again, your faith may say one thing. However, the heart is entirely separate from the mind. Bibi and her husband Ahmed genuinely loved the three teenagers. However, they also understood given the children were in their teens when the adoption took place, they couldn't force their spiritual views onto them.

However, they had kindly requested the children follow some of their religious beliefs. They'd done their most acceptable to practice a few things, such as not cursing, gambling, lying, stealing, cheating, abusing others, or being greedy or stingy. They also continuously showed their parents respect. Unfortunately, the teens had had sex outside of marriage. But again, since they'd not been raised in Islam and hadn't learned the laws yet, Bibi didn't believe she had the right to punish them for it.

Also, they were honest regarding it and never repeated the action. So that was something. But again, neither she nor her husband forced their spiritual opinions on the teens. It had been pretty crazy regardless of how they became a family. Hiro Hamada had suffered for years from Dissociative Identity Disorder. This resulted in his other personality, "Kage Hamada," who identified himself as Hiro's twin brother to manifest.

Eventually, Hiro received the treatment he required. Also, through means Bibi didn't comprehend, Hiro created a body for Kage before transferring Kage's consciousness into it. Therefore, Kage was now a genuine individual and not another personality. Furthermore, Zeta's biological parents abandoned her when she was three. She spent some time in foster care, along with being homeless. Yet the eventual outcome was they were now family.

Bibi and her husband had negotiated with the twins' legal guardian, Cass Hilton. Consequently, twins would live with them every other month since they wanted to be close to the only parents they'd ever known. Their biological parents died when they were three. So they hadn't known any other parents since Aunt Cass couldn't replace their actual mother. And they hadn't a father figure either.

Therefore, whenever they lived in their adopted parent's household, they worked exceptionally hard to observe their adopted parents' theology. For example, whenever the family went to the mosque, all three teens extracted their piercings which were against the faith. Muslims didn't allow any tattoos or body piercings. Since the children had gotten them before they were adopted, their parents merely asked them to remove them when at the mosque.

However, they didn't object to Zeta dying her hair pink. Since the only color that wasn't allowed was women dying their hair black. Again, they didn't want to force their beliefs onto others. Since that would also be against their religion, they only asked their adopted children to follow some aspects and not convert. Again people will do whatever they want. So simply asking them to practice a few things remained better then forcing it all onto them.

They also heeded the cultural dress code when staying with their parents. So while they hadn't converted, they were willing to do their most acceptable when living with them. Since Ramadan was coming up, they'd been doing their most reasonable to prepare for it. Again, neither the twins nor Zeta had ever fasted for a month. The twins' older brother Tadashi had insisted his robot Baymax monitor their health for the month-long holiday.

Bibi knocked softly on both their bedroom doors to wake up her children. "Rise and shine, children. We've much to do with Ramadan around the corner." Like most teenagers, they grumbled about having to get up early. Still, they quickly showered and dressed in the traditional clothing of their parents' civilization.

"Good morning, Mom. How did you and Dad sleep?" Hiro kindly asked as his mother made breakfast.

"We slept quite well. Thank you for asking. How did you and your twin sleep?" she questioned kindly.

"We slept best we could. We've been practicing for Ramadan by gradually learning to fast correctly. It is still challenging to go for several hours without eating or drinking. However, we understand how essential this is to you and Dad," Kage replied honestly.

"Yes, we don't want to fail you, Mom. Even if this is our first time partaking in Ramadan," Zeta spoke up as their breakfast was placed on the table.

Bibi smiled happily at her darling children. "As I've said, neither your father nor I will hold it against you if you mess up a little. Again, your birth culture is different, given this is your first time participating.

Understandably, you might make mistakes. But, again, your father and I will never force you to convert to Islam. However, when you're in our household, we expect you to do your most acceptable to practice its teachings."

They all nodded in agreement. As they ate breakfast, Bibi again attempted to describe the holiday slowly. The purpose of the holiday was to fortify their spiritual beliefs. A time of prayer, reflection, and community. This is why they couldn't eat or drink during daylight hours. The only exceptions to that rule were if you were either chronically ill. For example, if you had diabetes.

Additionally, expected or breastfeeding mothers were permitted to eat during this time. As was any female during her time of the month. You could also be excused from fasting if you're traveling and it was too dangerous too fast.

The pre-dawn meal is known as suhur, and the nightly feast is called Iftar. Also, during daylight hours, one couldn't smoke, have sexual relationships, or participate in anything considered sinful. It was a time devoted to praying and studying the Quran. She reminded them this time of year was to purify the soul. Teach them self-discipline, self-control, and empathy for unfortunate souls.

The three teens again graciously thanked their mother for helping them prepare. Yet they also reminded her that Hiro and Kage's brother insisted they had daily health checks from his robot Baymax. Bibi understood her twins' older brother's apprehension. Again, the first time participating in Ramadan was the most challenging. However, individuals found it less difficult as they grew older. She then reminded them they should finish their homework for college.

They agreed and went to complete their homework. Bibi again prayed to Allah that her children could accomplish Ramadan without failing it. The teens found the first week the most difficult. Particularly when they're in school and lunchtime rolls around. It remained quite tempting to eat or drink in the cafeteria.

Still, they remained firm. They were doing their best to fulfill their parents' desires. They participate in studying the Islamic holy text and reciting the appropriate prayers. They also wrote down their feelings as their minds were cleansed during the month-long holiday. More then once, Tadashi visited Bibi's home to check on his younger brothers. They repeatedly assured him they were fine and determined to obey the laws to a T. He and their Aunt Cass needed to stop stressing so much about them.

Finally, the month concluded, and they could celebrate Eid al-Fiter. After that, they returned to a more normal routine. Since they could appropriately eat again, Bibi and her husband whipped up a large feast to congratulate their children for completing Ramadan. It hadn't been too awful, and the three teens agreed they'd do it every year with their parents. Smiling, everyone started to eat the feast. Thank Allah.

Bibi- Naomi Scott- Princess Jasmine 2019 Aladdin

Zeta- Kim, AKA Sailormoonfangirl.