a Daria fanfic

Mike Yamiolkoski


This is a post-IICY story, taking place in the summer after Daria and Jane's graduation. Readers should be familiar with the events of the final Daria movie and the series in general. In addition, readers should have read my fanfic "The Next Step" which deals with the first week of the summer. For those who have not yet read that story or just need a quick refresher, I have provided a summary below. Naturally, the summary contains spoilers, so if you have not read "The Next Step" and would prefer to read it unspoiled, then read no further! Though I have written other stories, it is not necessary to read them in order to enjoy this one (I do ask that you read them anyway).

Just to clarify, this story is not about someone getting sent away to a mental hospital.

This is a very long story, so get comfortable. I deeply appreciate feedback and welcome comments of all kinds.

One final note: I am posting this story one chapter at a time, but I will not leave it hanging unfinished. The story is complete and safely stored on my hard drive. I an simply posting it in sections to draw out the interest.

(This is your final spoiler warning!)

Following his breakup with Daria, Tom finds that he is unable to let go of their relationship and follows Daria around in an attempt to get her to reconsider, thus angering Daria and driving a further wedge between them. Meanwhile, Jane must deal with the fact that her parents haven't set aside any money for her to go to college, and the members of Mystic Spiral have moved into the Lane house. Quinn is discovering that she is outgrowing her Fashion Club friends, and that they have nothing in common outside their pursuit of style and popularity.

Eventually, Quinn and Jane are able to convince Tom that his efforts are counterproductive, and he moves up to college early in order to put some distance between himself and Daria and "get over her". Tom's sister Elsie is fairly impressed with Quinn's handling of her brother, and expresses dismay over her own limited experience in dealing with people (particularly boys). Jane gets a job working at Cashman's doing windows to pay for her schooling, and Quinn resigns herself to the fact that she'll have to deal with her friends' limitations – though Jane's unique displays at the mall add a touch of interest to her shopping that wasn't there before.

Our next story begins twenty-five years in the past…