This is connected to Best Friends Squad but not every sequel to Best Friends Squad will be connected to this. This one is just for fun I think everyone knows I ship Karmiro but I am also a multi-shipper and Khary is my favorite OC ever with one exception, who he ties with.

I guess this is set in a hypothetical season 4 after season 3's summer shenanigans come to a close.

"Something on your mind?" Aunt Cass asked.

Hiro had been in a very particular mood for the past few days and Aunt Cass had a guess as to why.

"Hm? Oh, no, I'm okay." Hiro had been staring at the same page of easy homework for the last twenty minutes.

"Are you sure-" Aunt Cass started before getting distracted by the bell over the door. She looked up and immediately smiled.

"Hiro, your friend is here."

Hiro's head whipped up, wondering which friend, biting his cheek when he saw Khary. He had been hoping it was Khary, but now that the other teen was actually here Hiro's mind was entirely an error message.

"I like your eyeshadow," Hiro said, unable to think of anything smart to say.

"Thanks! I put it on in the school bathroom this morning." Khary turned toward Aunt Cass, "Mom doesn't like it when I wear makeup."

Aunt Cass frowned. "Ah yes. I remember Deborah."

Deborah Ginger was not welcome at the cafe.

"It looks really good," Hiro said, still staring at Khary.

"I haven't seen you since we hung out with Megan," Khary pointed out.

"Yeah, sorry. I haven't been able to make it back to Joe's Diner."

"Oh, you work at Joe's Diner? I used to go there all the time with Diego," Cass commented.

"Like on a date?" Khary asked shamelessly.

Aunt Cass blushed. "Well, we were a lot younger back then."

Khary nodded, not pushing or judging. "Hiro, if you come visit I'll get you my employee discount."

"Oh, thanks. Do you, uh, do you want anything? On the house." Hiro would've given Khary the whole cafe at this point, he was a distracted, fluttery mess.

"Sure! Surprise me."

Hiro ducked behind the counter and Khary drifted off to pet Mochi.

Aunt Cass was onto him for sure now.

"You sure nothing's going on, Hiro? Nothing with Khary?"

"He's my friend and he's Wasabi's brother. What else would be going on?"

Aunt Cass raised an eyebrow.

"Fine, okay, maybe. But he doesn't see me like that."

"Sometimes these things take time."

"I don't want to jeopardize our friendship again."

"You don't have to act on every crush. But it's okay to be feeling how you're feeling."

"Thanks, Aunt Cass." Hiro plated a blueberry muffin and stood up, bringing it over to Khary.

"You kids hang out, have fun, and holler if you need me," Aunt Cass said before going back to work.

"Your aunt is the best," Khary said, "and this muffin is amazing."

"Yeah, she's pretty great. Uh… How's school going?"

"Oh, you know. Boring. I can't believe you're already in college. How is that?"

"It's a little overwhelming. But I love it. I'm learning so much."

"Oh yeah? Tell me about it?"

"Ah… You'll think it's boring."

"No, I won't," Khary promised. "I like when you talk about what you're passionate about. You light up."

"I do?"

"You do. You did when we were kids, too."

"Oh. I didn't know how much you remembered from when we were kids."

"Well, child geniuses like you don't come around every day."

"One, I'm not a child anymore, two, I know at least two prodigies who honestly put me to shame. I'm mentoring this new student at SFIT and he's eleven."

"Well, no one shines brighter than you in my book."

"I hear you're pretty talented yourself," Hiro pointed out. "When's your next play?"

"Oh! November. We're doing The Importance of Being Earnest."

"Do you play Ernest?"

Khary laughed at a joke that Hiro didn't understand.

"No, I play Algernon."

"Well, that's still cool."

"He's one of the leads," Khary explained kindly.

"That's awesome, congratulations, man!"


"We'll come see you," Hiro decided.

"I'd love that. You don't have to, but if you want to…"

"I want to. I can't wait." Hiro was going to try to let these feelings pass, but he still planned on bringing the leading man some flowers.

"Thanks. I'm really glad we're friends again."

"Yeah, me too." And for now, being friends was enough.