I woke up in a startle. I heard the lightning outside as my eye came back to focus from being blurry with sleep. As I look around my surroundings I notice this isn't my room that i woke up in. It looks like an old school Japanese styled room. Tatami mats covering the floors and the walls. My bed is on an actual bed frame with a mattress so I'm not back in time I think?

I decided to get up and walk around and notice that I am much shorter than what I remember. Looking over to a partially open door I see a bathroom and I decide to walk over and see if there is a mirror. Turning on the light switch nearby, I cover my mouth as I scream and notice the changes in the mirror.

Messy brown hair probably from sleeping. Round childlike face and black eyes. A much shorter body than my old six foot body. Looking closer at my face I slowly reach up and touch it and realize that it is in fact me. I look really familiar though. Slowly I walk back to the bed and sit down and try to remember how I got into this situation.

I can't remember my old name or my old world, just the fact that I'm in a new one. I tried to also look through the memories of the new body that i'm in but can't think of anything either as well. Not knowing if anyone else lives here with me I decide to look around my room before doing anything else. The room is pretty clean for someone of I'm guessing 11 years old so I must either be really clean or it gets cleaned for me. I find a closet with a dresser and start looking through the clothes. My breath hitched as I slowly pulled out a shirt with a symbol that's all too familiar.

It's a yellow shirt with the symbol for the village hidden in the leaves. I suddenly feel pain radiate from my head. Memories of a show called Naruto I watched in my old body start swarming into my brain. I grasp my head in pain and try not to shout to awaken anyone as I take deep ragged breaths.

After a few moments the pain resides and I slowly start realizing that I am in the Naruto universe. Going back to the mirror in the bathroom I finally remember who I look like. I am now in the body of Sarutobi Konohamaru. Altho from what i remember at the beginning of the anime i look much older so I must be later in the show or maybe even at the start of shippuden. But looking around the room again I found no headband or anything but a kunai and shuriken pouch.

Yawning I decide to lay back down in bed and think about what I need to do. I could live out my life like Konohamaru would and the world would be fine till the Boruto era. On the other hand I know any small change could upset the timeline and I could die a horrible death because I didn't prepare. The Naruto world is a bloody universe where death could be around the corner at any possible moment. I know one thing for certain before I fall back asleep in this comfy bed.I do not want to become Hokage and end up doing all that paperwork.

Next Morning

I wake back up to the sun shining through the window and my alarm going off next to the bed. I always forgot that the Naruto universe was weird with technology but was behind at the same time.

Deciding to get up before someone wakes me up. I took a shower and noticed my physique under the clothes was on the way to being toned. So I must have trained fairly well before being put into this body. Getting out of the shower and back into my room I look back in the closet and cringe at the selection of clothes. Last night I got distracted by the memories being reintroduced but this kids clothe options were all bright as fuck and I never was a fan of bright colored clothing and that's 90% of what this kid has.

Noticing that crazy long scarf he wore all the time for no reason I threw it somewhere where hopefully not even god could find it. Digging through his clothes I finally found something decent to wear and put on some gray cargo shorts and the one black t-shirt he owns with what I believe is the Sarutobi clan symbol on it.

Looking for sandals I couldn't find any so they must be up at the front door. I took a deep breath before leaving my room and looking for some food. Once I was outside my room I could hear the noise of a kitchen with some pots and pans banging and running water.

Walking towards it slowly I see a plain woman with brown hair cooking in the kitchen wearing some plain robes. I must have made some noise because she turned around as I entered. "Honorable Grandson, I'm glad you're awake. Hurry to the table. I will have your breakfast done shortly before you have to go to the academy."

I tried not to cringe at that horrible nickname and responded back in good morning before heading towards the luckily empty table. While waiting for my food I look around and see some pictures hung up of some people that were familiar.

Pictures of the lord Third Hokage and Asuma were littered around the walls. As well as myself and i'm guessing my parents. I wonder if they are even alive. I don't think the show ever stated if they were or not.

Before long, what i'm guessing is the maid of the house came out and served me some fish and rice. I thanked her and ate the meal quietly as she went back to the kitchen and cleaned up the meal. After I finished the surprisingly delicious meal and returned the dishes. I quickly went to the front door I saw earlier and threw on the only pair of sandals close to my size.

Walking outside I could see the hokage monument right away in all its glory. The faces look ginormous! Almost like I'm looking at in person. Looking around more closely I see some other houses nearby and a few people milling about. Seeing the gate in the distance I headed for that since it must be the best way out of the compound.

As I was walking I couldn't help but notice how clear the air was. Every breath felt refreshing like I was drinking energy with every breath. I wonder if this is a chakra thing or just how the world is with so little pollution.

As I reached the gate I saw a guard leaning against one of the posts smoking a cigarette and watching the people mill about. I wonder if smoking is really a sarutobi clan thing. I was never really into it in my past life from what I could remember.

"Ahhh Konohamaru, Lord Third said he wanted to talk to you in his office after your classes today." The guard said it pretty nonchalantly so it must not be a big deal or he has crazy ninja hiding skills that I can't detect. I thank him and head towards the hokage mountain knowing the school is in that general area.

If Lord Third is alive then this must be either early on and I'm just an older Konohomaru or he survived the Sand/Sound invasion. Either way that means I should have some solid time till shit gets really bad to train up.

Walking around I see all the smiling civilians and kids younger than me playing around and I couldn't help but smile at the innocence in a brutal world. I wonder what the life of a civilian is truly like in Naruto. It must be scary to be one during war times.

Finally finding the academy I wait till someone who knows me waves at me and approaches me before I attempt to find my classroom. Apparently we have a test today for our abilities since the most recent class is graduating and we're moving to the final class.

I talked to the kid and he was nice enough and had no name I could remember from the show so he must be a civilian student. I followed him into class and looking around I was surprised by how little I knew anyone. Either this class isnt everyone or the time period if fucked.

I don't even see the rest of the konohamaru corps here either. This class is super unassuming. I take my seat by the window and gaze out at the landscape as I wait for class to start. There's not much I know of what's going on

and just need to bide time to see the hokage.

Once class started we had some female chunin he seemed so happy that we're all here and doing well. The first portion of the exams for today is just a basic written test. Then we have target range practice outside followed by a taijutsu spar. Luckily nothing chakra related for me. But it's kinda worrying they haven't gotten into it that much yet. They must wait till final year to really knock it out.

Which makes sense. Chakra is broken down into the two types correct. You have Yin which is spiritual and mental which can be built upon by meditating and learning for the mind. Then Yang which is physical and trained by working out and using your body to its limits.

The first few years is to teach your mind and make it smarter for your Yin half. And then basic fitness and Taijutsu training to build up your Yang half. Obviously at a certain point you need to train your chakra which is better to do when you're in a healthier Physical and Mental state.

Way too many hours later

Ok I got pretty lucky in the testing. The written portion was stuff the anime covered heavily like the hokages and aspects of the war with some math thrown in. Then I heavily relied on muscle memory to get me through the Kunai/Shuriken throwing.

Luckily I have some fighting experience so I just let my body get into what I remember as the Monkey Fist and let it do its thing. I heavily out performed my class and it was kinda sad. But to be fair I'm the only Clan kid in this entire class. Most are civilian kids that want to become a ninja to bring prestige to their family.

Sadly most could barely scrap a 5/10 on the throwing portion of the exams while I got 8/10. The fight was also quick and I could only sigh as the kid was shaking a bit from being scared to fight me. Sadly not every class could be full of clan heirs like Narutos, but damn did i get hung out to dry.

I'll be amazed if my team passes the classes let alone have enough teamwork to beat our sensei. Once the teachers dismissed us for the day I started heading toward the Hokage tower. I wonder if I can get the old man to train me. Honestly the stuff at the academy is really simple.

Once I was inside I noticed all the hustle from genin teams coming to get missions. The office workers are milling about getting the daily stuff figured out. God even their paperwork looked over bearing. Maybe it's just this building having a curse upon it.

Once I made it to the reception desk I didn't even bother to talk to the lady being grumpy. I heard her mutter something very interesting though. "Stupid nine tail fox brat shouldn't even be alive or talking to Lord Third." Oh I'm gonna have fun with that information.

Once I opened the door I heard the shouting from within that surprised me. Not because it's not like I knew Naruto was there but the fact it was so high pitched.

Standing there at about my height instead of the male jinchuriki we know is a blonde-haired girl in an orange/black battle kimono with her headband hanging around her neck like Hinata used to do. Her hair was in short pigtails going to her shoulders and her skin was still sun tan kissed in color. When she looked over at me her eyes were a sparkling blue I've never seen before. She was so pretty I thought as my face warmed up.

Once I heard a cough it broke me from my shock and I could see the Third Hokage with a slight smirk. "Oh Konohamaru, glad you could make it. I don't think you have met her but this is Uzumaki Naruko." I shook my head and approached the girl who was eyeing me.

"My name is Sarutobi Konohamaru. It's nice to meet you." I'm not sure what most people do in this world but I go for a handshake. She eyed me and then hit me with the brightest smile that I have ever seen. "Nice to meet you Kono-kun, your name is kinda a mouth full so i'll call you that instead. Are you related to jiji?"

"Yeah he's my jiji as well, are we related?" I asked and I heard Jiji laugh pretty loud.

"No you two aren't related. Naruko is like another surrogate Granddaughter. Anyways I'm glad you two met. Maybe you can become friends but I need to talk to Konohamaru alone for a moment." The old man seemed pretty happy and it's good to see because even I can tell he looks a bit exhausted.

"No problem jiji i'll talk to you later! Also Kono-kun if you want to hangout after you talk to jiji you can find me at Ichirakus! For Ramen!" Naruko cheered as she ran out but I could tell in her eyes when she asked to hangout they seemed desperate. She must have gotten her headband last night and hasn't connected with team 7 yet. She must have rushed out hoping not to be disappointed.

"She is a bit energetic isn't she. Now, I heard from your instructors at the academy that you haven't been paying attention recently. Anything you wanna say about that." Wow he went straight for the point. Well guess it's a good time as any to try to get him to teach me.

"The Academy is boring jiji. I feel like I haven't learnt anything new in ages and there's no one in class even close to me in level. I'm in a class full of civilian kids, not that they cant become great or anything but as the only clan kid I'm just that far ahead in training." I sighed as I watched him take a drag from his pipe.

"I guess you may have a point. We in the Sarutobi clan always believed in training the young ones early in Taijutsu and fitness. I won't let you graduate early either since you haven't worked on your chakra enough." He sat there contemplating what to do and I decided to go for the hit.

"Why don't you just train me jiji. I mean I always wanted to learn how to use a bo-staff like you and you could even teach me the monkey summons. Let me be the last student of the god of shinobi!" I excitedly explained. I could see the slight twitch of the lips and he seemed amused at the idea.

"As much as I would love to train you Konohamaru. I just don't have the time for all my Hokage duties. If you could find a way for me to do the paperwork while I train you I would do it." Well that's an opening and I already knew the answer to the problem but how to word it.

"Why don't you use those shadow clones I heard some jonin talking about. They said they keep the memory from the clones or something?" As soon as I asked the question I saw the old man's face go into a look of shock. It was priceless! Damn, I wish I had a camera on me. I even heard a anbu laugh in the corner as it happened!

Once the shock was gone he just face palmed multiple times and I even heard him whisper "Dammit that's how you did it Minato!". After his quick im stupid and known as the Professor moment even took a drag from his pipe and chuckled .

"Honestly I'm glad to know even the younger generation can teach the new one. I never thought of that as a use for the shadow clone jutsu before." He took another drag and stood up to look outside. "Why do you want to become a ninja, Konohamaru?"

Well, I wasn't expecting that question. I'm sure in the show it was so he could prove himself to be more than his grandfather's grandson. To become hokage and be the strongest in the village wasn't really what I wanted either.

"To become strong so I can protect the people closest to me. I don't want to lose anyone ever again." Losing my old body still hurts. I know I'm still physically fine but the fact I lost everyone before for some unknown reason confuses me. I want to be strong so I never have to go through that again.

"Hmmm not the answer I was expecting but an answer I approve of nonetheless. I'm sure this stems from your parents' deaths and I'm sorry you lost them before you even knew them." He took another drag in his pipe before turning back around.

"I will start training you tomorrow, everyday after class you will join me in the Hokage grounds till you're a genin." I mentally fist pump. This is exactly what I wanted but I could hear the "but" coming.

"But I want you to promise me to take care of our clan. Asuma doesn't want the role and has no heir and I want to make sure the Sarutobi clan is in good hands after I'm gone." That's a fair promise. I'm certain this was gonna happen at some point anyway since Asuma's kid isn't born till way later.

"I accept jiji-sensei!" I bowed to him and he chuckled a bit. "Good now, another favor: go to Ichirakus and spend some time with Naruko. You both could use a friend." He said as he tossed me some money. "You're gonna need that by the way."

"No problem jiji! I was planning on it anyway. Naruko seems cool." I blushed a bit thinking about the blonde girl. This also reminded me about what the receptionist said.

"Before I go jiji. The old bat outside mumbled something about a stupid nine fox brat that should be dead instead of talking to you? Was she talking about Naruko?" As soon as I asked the questions I felt pure death. The area around us felt like the air was so thin.

I fell to my knees gasping for air. I looked up and the fave on jiji shows why he was called the God of Shinobi. Once he realized what happened. He toned down his killer intent and I felt I could breathe once again. "Sorry Konohamaru, I let myself go for a bit. Was it the receptionist outside?"

I nodded my head still not willing to speak. God damn killer intent is fucking terrifying. "Cat go deal with her." A Anbu with purple hair appeared kneeling at the Hokage's desk. "Yes Hokage-sama." Then she disappeared before I heard a slight commotion outside.

By the time the noise stopped I stood back up feeling back to normal. "Now what i'm about to tell you is top secret, am I understood?" I nodded at the glare he sent my way. I already know the secret but not having to hide it will be nice.

"Naruko is the hero of this village. The night your father died from the Nine tails attack she was born. With her Uzumaki genes she was the only way for us to seal the Kyuubi. The tailed beasts can't be sealed inside anything but a human. So Lord Fourth sealed the Kyuubi inside of her, killing himself in the process.

Sadly some people don't see her as the savior she is but the nine tails inside of her. Which has caused her ridicule among the civilians and even some shinobi. I hope you can still see her as hu-"

"Are people around here fucking stupid!" I yelled out. I even shocked the hokage and his demeanor as I said it. "She's a cute girl that's energetic and seems super nice that makes no sense! Putting a kunai in a storage scroll doesn't make the scroll a kunai!"

My rage was cooled by my grandfather's laughter as he sat back in his chair. "So you think she is a cute girl huh?" I fucking eeped out of my own control and booked it out of the door. "By jiji see you tomorrow."

Without me knowing the Hokage could only smile as he thought of his grandson. Gazing at the fourth picture he could only smile. "Looks like we could be family soon Minato, my boy."

"Now, Shadow Clone Jutsu. Get to work on these papers as I read Jiraiya's recent novel."

At Ichirakus

I stopped near the ramen shop partially out of breath. Dealing with any family member teasing you for a crush is just so annoying. Especially when they are super old and drop when's the wedding and kids. Bleh screw that.

The smell coming out of that shop is heavenly. Opening a flap I see the hyperactive blonde slurping on her first bowel going off the fact there isn't a leaning tower of ramen bowls next to her. I sit on the stool next to her and read the menu while I wait to see if she notices me.

I also noticed how all the other customers are sitting on the opposite side and sending me glances. What a bunch of fucking pricks. The old man came out and served a customer and noticed me and was a little surprised before he came over. "What can I get you, my boy?"

"Hmmmm can I get some Tonkatsu ramen please." He nodded his head and was about to go back inside. "Another round old man." The girl next to me waved her hand and looked at us. Then it hit me with that stupid smile no jutsu!

"Oh Kono-kun you came!" She looked surprised but extremely excited as I laughed at her excitement.

"Why wouldn't I? I always hear how good the ramen is here but no one wants to go." Naruko gasped at what I said.

"You've never had Ichiraku ramen! That's a crime to the ramen gods!" I decided to play along. It was always so funny how Naruto responded to ramen in the anime.

"Oh no, whatever shall I do for my sin Ramen gods." I faked moaned out as I hit my head on the table. Naruko just patted my back in a jovial manner.

"Don't worry the Ramen gods are forgiving as long as you eat ramen here." I raised my head and looked at her like she was crazy before we both busted up laughing. Her laugh was really light and the way her dimples mixed with her whiskers was really cute.

"So messenger of the Ramen god why were you talking to jiji today?" She started to scratch the back of her head in a nervous manner.

"Well um I might have taken a weird picture for my new license and he scolded me a bit before retaking it." I laughed a bit imagining the face paint Naruto did for himself and imagined it on her.

"Well I'm sure you looked pretty cool either way." I took a drink of the water I had missed the slight blush on Narukos face.

"So are you excited to be a ninja! I still have the last 6 months before I become a genin." I asked in honesty. By the time I become a genin, the chunin exams will be starting up. I need to be at a pretty strong level by then for the invasion.

"Mhmm im ready to show the village how strong i've become so that I can become hokage someday dattebayo!" Naruko exclaimed and pumped herself up.

"Well then miss future Hokage. I can't wait to serve under you. Maybe I could be one of your advisors when you make it big." Before I even noticed she spun our stools to face each other with a serious look on her face.

"Do you mean it?" The look in her eyes was desperate again. I really hated that look on her face.

"Yeah of course. Anyone can become Hokage if they work hard enough for it. You seem to have the drive for it so I can't wait to see." In an instant she was hugging me and I hugged back on instinct. My ribs creaked in protest to how strong she was holding me.

"Naru- ca- brea-" Naruko finally let go with a blush on her face. It felt a bit easier to breathe but I missed her warmth. Then she got a serious look again "Call me that again."

"Call you what again?" Did I call her something different?

"You called me Naru when I hugged you, I liked it." She blushed a bit more and caused me to blush as well.

"Ok, Naru-chan it is then." She replied with a big smile that got even bigger when two bowls of ramen were placed down in front of us.

"Now to celebrate our friendship with ramen Kono-kun!" Naruko quickly broke two sets of chopsticks and handed me a pair.

"Now on a promise to our friendship as the ramen gods as our witness we will become the strongest shinobi in the village." Naruko stated as she pointed her chopsticks at me.

"I promise to become one of the strongest shinobi in the village in Naru-chan." I touched my chopsticks with hers then pulled out a bite full of juicy noodles.

"Praise be the ramen gods." Naruko said as we both took a bite. As soon as the noodles touched my tongue it felt like I food gasmed from food wars in my mouth. The broth was so warm and hearty and the noodles were perfectly cooked. As I quickly slurped up the last bit I noticed I ate the whole bowl without thinking.

"That was amazing." I said as I looked at Naruko and realized I finished before her. I shocked the ramen man and his daughter who was now serving as well.

When Naruko finished she turned to me to ask how I liked it and noticed I finished eating before her too.

"Oh Kono-kun, I can't take this slight against me. We will have to have a ramen off."

Before I could even ask, the old man placed more bowls in front us. Each time I squeaked by a win in terms of speed. By the time we were done we both finished with 30 bowls of ramen each. "Never again." I moaned as my belly felt so full it might burst.

"But it was so good though." Naruko said as she leaned against me. In my full state I didn't even notice that we were leaning together. The old man laughed and asked who was paying the bill. I remembered the money the old man gave me and it was just enough to cover the bill with some extra.

Naruko started to panic next to me probably because she was on a tight budget. "I got it, old man. I could never make a lady like Naru-chan pay." I fished out cash and tossed the roll before he came back with the change.

I looked out the flaps and noticed it was dark out and turned to Naruko who was blushing like crazy. "We should probably get going, it's getting late out. See ya later, old man the ramen was delicious!"

I hopped off the stool and walked through the flaps noticing the street was pretty empty at night. Naruko walked over and stood next to me as I glanced around. "It's pretty late, is it okay if I walk you home?" I know she is older than me but I can't help but want to protect her more than this stupid village did.

She nodded her head and was pretty quiet as we started walking towards her apartment. I am a little shocked by her being quiet and was worried I did something wrong. But when I looked over she had a smile on her face as she hummed a song as we walked.

It was really nice out and the land of fire generally had nice weather like this all year round. When we finally got to her door Naruko unlocked the front door and turned to me and it seemed like she wanted to say something but couldn't. So I decided to end the slightly awkward moment myself.

"Good night Naru-chan. Make sure to find me so we can get ramen again since you will be busy with being a genin." As I turned to walk away. She grabbed my arm and pulled me into a hug again. I felt her rub her nose into my neck as I hugged her back.

When we separated. She kissed me on the cheek which made me go atomic. "Thanks for the meal and walking me home Kono-kun."

I stood there shocked even after she closed the door and had enough willpower to get myself walking back to the compound.

Maybe living in this dangerous world won't be too bad.

End of chapter

So I always wanted to do a Naruto story but always liked the thought of Fem!Naruto better. Also before people say too fast just calm your horses. They won't be together for quite a bit. I'm just getting the crush stuff going.

We will probably have a chapter or two of training and maybe an after-wave chapter then get into Konos genin exam and the chunin exams.