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Chapter 2: Moon Lights

Quickly I left school the day after meeting Naruko. I couldn't wait to go train with Jiji and actually make some progress becoming a full fledged ninja!

Once I made it to the Hokage tower it was a quick trip upstairs where a newer reception lady was already stationed. I wonder if the old one was killed or if she was just fired. There is that law for letting anyone know about Naruko being a jinchuriki still in effect.

Deciding to just walk right in I was surprised at what I was seeing before me. There were two of what I'm guessing are Shadow Clones pumping through a ton of paperwork on the desk. While the real lord Third was on the couch reading the infamous orange book.

I dropped to my knees and wailed in agony. "My grandpa is a pervert! How will I live with this knowledge!" My cry out made Jiji roll off the couch in a crash not expecting my sudden arrival. He tried to hide the book but the deadpan look I gave him made him stop even trying.

He quickly coughed and stored the book away before grabbing a scroll on the desk. "You got here fast, grandson. Let's head to the field for your training." He started walking out the room acting like I didn't just catch him reading porn mid day.


At the Training Fields

"So for your first session since I have a good understanding of your skills already is to test your chakra reserves." Pulling out the scroll he grabbed from his desk he unsealed the item within. Once the smoke cleared it looked like a grip strength machine you would see at an arcade. There were 7 lights going vertical on the machine in this order.


-Elite Jonin


-Tokubetsu Jonin




"Now this machine is generally used in hospitals to see how your chakra reserves are doing before and after healing. It can also be used to see how much chakra a person has and what level they are at currently.

First you must grip the machine and then hold the tiger seal with your other hand as you push out as much chakra as you can." As he did this the lights slowly went up till the Hokage light was lit and let off a ding.

"Now let's see where you are, shall we." I went and took his place and held the grip and made the tiger seal. I felt the pool of warmth in my stomach as I started to channel it best I could. The warmth slowly spread without me being covered in a soft warm blanket.

I was starting to feel the warmth slowly go back towards my center as my hold on it lessened. I strained to keep it going as long as I could before it went back and knocked the air out of my lungs. As I took deep breaths to recover from the test I saw Jiji with a curious face.

Looking at the machine I was a little dumb struck myself to see that my chakra reserves were already at Tokubetsu Jonin levels. Almost unheard of for even clan kids to be that high on the scale. Most graduate with high genin/ low chunin reserves at best.

"Hmmm I wonder if your grandmother's genes skipped a generation." Jiji muttered it but I heard it anyway. I was a bit confused at first but it must be the grandmother on my mothers side. I know Biwako was used as a uzumaki a lot in fanfiction but she had brown hair and no uzumaki looking genes. All I knew her for was being a medical nin during naruko's birth.

"Why do I have so much chakra jiji?" I flexed my hands a bit, having a better feel for my chakra then I did before. It didn't feel as cold as it was before but more warm than anything else.

"Well your grandmother on your Mother's side was a Uzumaki and with how genes work you could have more Uzumaki in you than we thought. It is not unheard of for genes to skip generations.

Now that we know this we will have to focus on your chakra control or you will struggle with even the most basic of jutsu." After he finished explaining, I was pretty excited. The Uzumaki genes being stronger in me means I will be more durable and have a higher vitality than most. That's not even considering what my chakra reserves will look like when I'm much older.

"First order of business since you have such high chakra reserves is to get your chakra control in shape so you can learn the shadow clone jutsu.

Once you learn this jutsu we should be able to expedite your progress by using two other clones to train on your chakra while we work on your physical body and Taijutsu/Bokujutsu.

Since they teach the lead exercise in your most recent year we will go to the next step and probably most useful. Tree walking. Now with tree walking you don't want to- '' I linda spaced out a bit here. Jiji must've gotten the nickname The Professor for being like a real life Professor. Tree walking is something they covered in the show pretty well so the explanation was really not needed.

"Alright now let's give it a try. Use a Kunai to mark your progress. It is always easier to get a good running start after focusing your chakra." I pulled a kunai out of my thigh bag. I found the most clear tree that didn't have a ton of branches in my way and then focused my chakra.

Once I felt the warm energy manifest slowly to my feet I tried my hardest to get it to settle before taking off. Once I hit the tree and started running up it was odd trying to get my chakra to stick and release with my movements. When I was a good ten feet up the tree I let out too much and felt the bark explode as I was launched off. I quickly swung the kunai and marked the tree before I was out of reach and away from the tree.

I barely caught myself in the air but landed on my butt. In my anger I went again and got another foot before repeating the process.

"Good keep it up. I have a meeting to go to. I will check back in with you in a few hours." I grunted before going again and making some more small progress and this time sliding down the tree from not enough chakra.

We all laughed when watching this in the anime but this was truly a bitch. But all I need for motivation is Shadow Clones. I was hoping to worm my way into letting me make one or two for training thinking my reserves were higher for a clan kid, but now with the new information about my chakra reserves it seems that's unnecessary.

With my new motivation to learn the jutsu I used it to move me forward into tree walking. I spent the next couple of hours until I was finally halfway up the tree. Sliding back down once again I was out of breath and felt the warm energy in my chest flicker out a bit. I think I hit E on my chakra reserves for the day.

Jiji came back during my rest and looked at me and the tree and nodded. "Good progress. I'm glad you're taking my training seriously and not for granted. We will continue this for the next week or until you can run up and down the tree for an hour.

This will help your chakra reserves grow even more along with your cardio fitness and chakra control. I have a few more things in the office but feel free to head home and rest up for tomorrow." His body flickered out of here and left a cool swirl of fire/smoke.

"So gotta learn that jutsu." I groaned as I headed back to the compound.

One Week Later

Damn jiji is running me into the ground. I got the hang of tree walking after 5 days but I feel like I've been running a marathon everyday. It took me another two days to be able to run up and down a tree for a straight hour! I almost didn't do it out of pure boredom, but I can say walking on surfaces is almost second nature.

We're back at the training grounds again and I'm excited to learn the jutsu or maybe even further my taijutsu or start learning how to use a bow staff.

"Now this might be pushing you but I believe you can finish this exercise as well and then we can move on to other avenues of your training.

By learning this stage of chakra control you will be able to walk on water by pushing a constant flow of chakra at the bottom of your feet. After you are done with this we will move onto the real training." He stated as he took a drag on his pipe before showing me an example in the nearby lake.

Once I'm done with this I will only have to work on chakra control sparingly to keep up with the skill. Jiji seems to be training me more into a Chunin than anything else at the moment.

Deciding I didn't want my clothes to get soaked I stripped down to my boxers and started to train in water walking. The first two hours I could barely keep myself afloat for half a second. This was much more challenging than anything else I've done at this moment.

Once I was heavily dripping water everywhere I could see the smirk on jijis face as we finished up for the day. "I assume this will take you around a month to finish. This isn't an easy exercise but we will save a lot of time for the rest of your training. I only have 6 months to whip you in shape before you're a genin and I want you to be at least chunin level by then."

I nodded my head as I dried off with a towel he unsealed for me. "As long as I can get stronger i'll do whatever you want jiji! Also this chakra control has really helped me feel out my chakra for the jutsus we started learning in classes."

While going to school the past week we started learning the 12 basic hand signs along with the transformation jutsu. I practice the hand signs in my off time to get used to the feeling of doing them. I remember Kakashi being able to blitz through signs like nothing and I want to be at that level some day.

"How are you doing with the transformation technique so far? With your reserves that will most likely be the easiest to learn." I flinched a little with what he said since I feel like I'm struggling a bit with it. The height and facial features are my current struggle right now. Besides that I can get the hair and rough body shape fine.

"It's going fine so far. I'm doing better than most in my class but I just need to practice more." And I was telling the truth. We have only worked on the jutsu for two days but I've always been a bit harder on myself than most people would.

"Good for the most part I won't be teaching you anything the academy will cover except some taijutsu practice. So make sure you get it down for the exams. Now head home for today." Jiji once again quickly got out of here with the body flicker.

He is totally just showing off at this point.

On my way to the Compound

Walking back I felt exhausted and felt my stomach gurgling in need of some food. Using all that chakra and pulling myself out of that pond constantly made me hungry. But what to eat is the que-

"Kono-kun!" Was the only thing I heard before an orange missile tackled me out of nowhere. Falling back and sliding a few feet I was dazed from the hit till my eyes focused on the blonde girl on top of me.

She was smiling down at me and with the sunset behind her she glowed even more in the light. "Kono-kun! I'm glad I found you. I was about to get some ramen and spotted you from the roof!" Well that explains where she tackled me from.

"As much as I would enjoy getting ramen with you Naru-chan. I think we need to get off the ground first." I tried not looking at her even though in my young body I can feel her curves pressed into me. Uzumaki women are just built differently.

"Oh duh that makes sense." She said as she got up and I took the hand she gave out to help me up as well. Before I could say anything she was pulling me to Ichirakus. We were a distance away and I was starting to notice some looks from the villagers as we walked by them. One was about to approach and I saw the sneer on his face that I sent back.

I pulled Naruko a bit closer to me as we walked. She talked about her day doing a bunch of D-Rank missions. Hating all the chores that I will also eventually be dragged into. She even mentioned the demon cat Tora. I shivered thinking of even attempting that. Always was more of a dog person than a cat person.

I told her about my training with Jiji while we walked. She was really jealous and I asked her about her sensei teaching them.

"He doesn't teach us anything but teamwork exercises! It's so frustrating me and Sakura are way behind Sasuke in terms of abilities and skill but he wont give us an ounce of training!" I forgot how bad of a teacher Kakashi was in the show. He really didn't teach them jack shit throughout the show even into shippuden.

"How about I talk to Jiji and see if he can whip your sensei into shape. I'm sure he will help out if anything he might even enjoy it." I muttered that last part. I'm slowly starting to think the old man is a bit sadistic.

"Oh yeah Jiji leads the ninja. I'm sure he can help! Thanks Kono-kun!" I sweat drop a bit but this is like Naruko 101. She is a bit of an airhead as well as loyal and stubborn to a fault. After that we walked in silence or well silent except Naruko's humming.

We were a street or two away and Naruko noticed we were still holding hands. I noticed she blushed a bit and before she could even think of letting go I tightened my grip. She looked at me and I could feel the blush a bit as I smiled then looked back to the road.

She squeezed my hand back and started to swing our arms a bit as we walked. She only let go once we got to Ichirakus and ate some delicious ramen. Sadly I had to limit myself to three glorious bowls before we finished our dinner.

Once we were done I walked her home again and this time she grabbed my hand as we left the ramen shop. I'm not really sure where this is going but she is really pretty and I can't help but feel something towards her. Naruko is also a lot calmer than her boy half and only gets super excited when she's passionate about something.

The rest of the time she acts more of what we hear her Father acted like. When we have conversations she narrows in and focuses like she's analyzing what I'm saying. It's sometimes hard for me to focus when I make full contact with her pretty eyes.

As we walked it was in silence again. Not that awkward silence but that nice calm feeling you have when you're just with someone that you can relax with. It didn't take long to get back to her place as the ramen shop was right around the corner.

Except this time we didn't go straight to her apartment. "Where are we going, Naru-chan? I asked as we took some backway to a random staircase in the back of her apartment.

"I wanna stargaze." Was all she said as she blushed a bit and pulled me up the stairs. Now if there is one thing I know. You don't say no to a pretty girl with a simple request like that.

Once we were at the top the sloped roofs of her apartment complex were in view. There was also a bean bag on the flat portion of the roof that seemed really out of place but by the orange color of it you know it's Naruko's.

"The landlord doesn't come up here so I come up here and stargaze some nights." She said as she sat on the bag and pulled me down with her. "I've bever taken anyone up here before but I don't know, you just feel different than everyone else."

As I sat down we leaned back. Our bodys shoved together sharing the one bag. We still held hands as we started looking up at the sky. "You feel different to me too, but like in a good way you know?"

"Yeah I get what you mean. I always felt so alone before I met you." Naruko answered back and I felt her head lean on my shoulder. I froze up a bit before my body finally relaxed to the nice weight. In the summer months like this it was a little chilly but with her body heat next to me I couldn't even feel it.

I didn't know what to say to that so we sat in silence as we watched the sky. I started rubbing circles on the back of her hand that I was holding. I could only think about the future and how strong I have to become to protect moments like these. As I turned my head to talk to Naruko I noticed she fell asleep on my shoulder.

Deciding not to wake her up I get comfortable and focus on the sounds of her breathing before falling asleep myself.

Next Morning

I woke up to a cold splash. My eyes opened up in shock and quickly looked at the culprit. Standing above me was an Anbu with a cat mask on and long purple hair. Even with the damn mask on I know she enjoyed doing what she did.

Looking next to me Naruko was blushing as she got her wet hair out of her face. I couldn't tell if she was blushing in embarrassment or in anger. Or maybe even in both.

"Rise and shine love birds. Lord Third sent me out when no one could find you at the compound and guessed you could be here. Konohomaru has about 20 minutes till the academy starts and Naruko you have about 30 till your team is supposed to meet up." Cat said with a jovial tune that made me even more annoyed.

"We're not love birds yet." I heard Naruko mumble which made me blush as we both stood up. "Cat-nee did you really have to dump water on us?" Naruko whined as we were covered and her bean bag got soaked.

The cat anbu just laughed and confirmed. "Cat-nee?" I looked at Naruko with a questioning tone. I thought Kakashi watched over her mostly in Anbu from all the stories but Yugao was usually a close third after Itachi.

"She helped me grow up along with Dog-nii. Especially with the umm girl topics." Oh that made sense since girls had a lot more to know biologically in taking care of themselves unlike guys.

"What did Dog-nii look like? Did he have purple hair too?" I asked innocently, kinda hoping Naruko would put 2 and 2 together that it was Kakashi. Always drove me insane that they weren't closer in the anime.

"Well Dog-nii has spiked silver hair just like Kakashi-sen-" I saw the dots click in her head and a lightbulb went off. She stomped her foot and I saw her hair start to float like it had nine tails coming off of it. "Kakashi-sensei!" Naruko yelled as she booked it off the roof.

The Cat Anbu looked at me. "Looks like he's going into the dog pound. She's just like Sensei." She said before body flickering away. I stood there in awe not sure if she was supposed to tell me that. But at least it was confirmed she was trained by Kushina.

After that quick realization I remembered I had to be across the village in 20 min myself or I was going to be late to class.

Later that day

I was lucky enough to walk in during roll call but it was a pretty slow day at the academy. I was stoked to just be heading back to training with jiji.

When I got to the training grounds I started working on water walking again. It was definitely way harder than tree walking but I was making slow progress. I was at it for about two hours and increased my time to a minute before the old man showed up.

"So sleeping with your girlfriend on a roof is what you do in your free time now." I didn't even know he showed up before I fell into the water from embarrassment. As I resurfaced I glared at him as he was chuckling at me.

"She's not my girlfriend." I mumbled as I got myself out of the water. "And by the way you might need to kick her sensei into gear he hasn't been training them in anything." Jiji narrowed his eyes at that and told me he would look into it.

"For now I want you to split your time with water walking for when i'm not here. Then for the time I am here we will be working on your Bokujutsu." He said as he unsealed a training bo staff and threw it at me. I barely caught it, surprised at the weight of it.

"I will lead you through the katas of the monkey style I learned from the summons. This will help you when you sign the contract and take their test." I was so excited to have a summons. Cool animal companions to kick people's ass with sounds fun. Also I feel like they are just so strong in this world.

I went through the next hours going through 6 katas training in the bo staff. As we continued them it felt more right in my hands than any other weapon I have touched so far. I always liked being able to have a choice to kill or knock someone out with a weapon so a blunt one like a bo staff fits me best.

Once it started hitting night time jiji excused me to go home and get some food. "Make sure you go to the compound. I have nothing against Naruko but I don't need the maids freaking out like this morning." I could only nod with luckily my red and tired face covering any form of blush.

I then took off at ninja speeds since I had some energy left and as I looked at the stars I could only think of a blonde whiskered face girl on my way home.

Shorter chapter but I felt it was a good place to end it for here. This will probably be closer to a romance then a dense action story but we shall see where my writing takes me!

Also I always liked when Yugao and Kakashi were like Narutos care takers he could go to if needed.