In R.A. Salvatore's famous books published by TSR inc. Looking back on the Dark Elf Trillogy have you ever wondered if the whole Do'Urden complex had decided to refuse the Spider Queens evil ways. What would have happened in the Underdark? On the surface? This will be a multi-part fic (my first so have pity) on how the Do'Urden family might survive . . . . .

"How dare he!"
Malice quinched at the meer thought of Drizzt's actions! But, in the back of her mind was a nagging . . .it had been ever present in her many decicions as Matron Mother of House Do'Urden, but never this potent as it was in this moment! If what Vierna was saying was true, Drizzt's actions would have to be compensated for. But look at the boy! He has already reached the fine level of swordsmanship that Zaknafein had! And contained the potential for even more! Zaknafein burst into the chapel and malice put these thoughts aside.
"Take me . . ." Zak trailed off, he knew that in this moment Drizzt would serve to be a far better Weapons Master than Zak ever could be.
"What!?" inquired Matron Malice.
"You have served to be the weapons master of this house since I have desired you as patron!"
At this point Rizzen scowled at Zak but Zak payed little attention to the one that was the patron of the family. If what Zak heard was true . . .then he wouldn't be in service for much longer.
"No." Malice replied.
Zak almost fell over at the words.
"STOP!" yelled the Matron Mother.
"Zaknafein, go throgh Menzoberranzan and collect the family, Drizzt and Dinin are on patrol, you will find your daughter at Arach-Tinillith. I shall take care of Maya and Briza." with that, she shot Rizzen a look so furious that he rushed off to attend to the High Priestesses.
Zak found Vierna and she immediately rushed home to her mother's side.
Awhile later Zaknafein drew his swords and lay in wait, he heard a strange noise. . .
Drizzt rounded a corner and immediately flicked out a scimitar in time to avoid a upper-chop from Zaknafein.
"Hello, father."
"Did you get it," Zak replied.
"Yes," and with that flicked a small onyx figure to his father, who stashed it away in his neck-purse.
"Matron Malice orders you and Dinin to abandon the party and report to the chapel at House Do'Urden at once."
"We will be in the chapel shortly," and with that, Drizzt was off.

"We are leaving Menzoberranzan. I am still your Matron Mother, and will be expected to be treated as one, your new patron ( Rizzen's corpse lay but a few feet away ) shall be Zaknafein, he has as much say in some matters now as I do, understood?"
The rest of the family blankly nodded to their eccentric Matron Mother.
They had one cycle of Narbondel to be 10 miles out of the city at a predetermined location.
The nobles plus 300 soldiers of the Do'Urden's set off as soon as all were counted for. Malice and Drizzt were at the lead of the party. Malice, and the rest of the High Priestesses, could no-longer use their Lloth-given abilities. Malice was the most skilled at the Magic of the surface elves, so they would be somewhat protected if they were attacked from the front, havin a Weapons Master and a potent magic-user. They walked for weeks, not encoutering anyting more than stray rothe, which were used for food. Another week passed when they came upon a small mining expadition of Grey Dwarves.

Malice is making some tough decisions!

Next fic will be much longer! this is just to get you pumped for the extreme bloodbath that awaits next time!

written by DrizztWarrior