I heard heavy knocking on my door.

"Hermione, Hermione, c'mon, wake up, Harry and Ron are waiting for you."

Ginny's soft voice was nearly rained out by the water still running. I raised my head slowly; it ached from hanging it down so long as I slept. With all my strength to try and stand up. Grasping on hard to the soap dish that was attached to the wall, I tried pulling myself up. Stupid thing to do you know because soap dishes are only meant for holding soap, not humans. When I thought I could finally stand up by myself, I lost my grip and slammed back onto the slippery floor. With a snap, I felt the pain and it all came back. The pain from him, the pain, from falling, the pain from life. It hurt so bad. And then, it all just waved over me. I stuck my head under the water and started crying again.

"Why didn't I do it when I had the chance?"

I said to myself. My knife was on the other side of the shower, looking innocent and clean. I could've done it last night, this could've all just been over with and I wouldn't have to go through another day with this paining burden on me.

"Hermione, c'mon, it's getting late, almost lunch time."

I thought she was gone by now, please, little girl, just leave me alone.

Wait, what am I thinking, me and Ginny are friends.

All of this is making me really, really, mean and cranky and not like myself. I wanted to get up, out of the shower, show my face in the Great Hall, show my face to Draco. I didn't want him to know that he won and that I was never going to leave my room again. Though I hurt so bad and though I was so tired and so defeated and so weak, I wouldn't show it.

"I'm goin..."

It all didn't matter anymore. I struggled out of the shower, finally turning the water off. My skin was pail and wet as I looked in the mirror. Dark black bags hung like hammocks under my eyes. My hair dripped onto the floor, leaving a trail behind me as I walked into my room. The sheets wrinkled and strone about; the window still open, letting a slight breeze in that gave me goose bumps. Then, something jabbed right into the arch of my foot.

"Ahh! God damnit!"

I grabbed my foot and fell onto the floor, blood starting to ooze out.

As I looked at my foot, a small piece of glass stuck out. Closing my eyes and grasping the glass firmly, I pulled it out as quickly as I could.

What is THAT from?

Then I looked at the floor, tiny pieces of glass littered the ground. Then I remembered, but I wish I hadn't. The glass. I drank out of it. Then I passed out, dropped it, then... This wasn't really what I needed, what I wanted.

"Hey, Hermione, are you ok?"

"Uhh...yeah, I'm fine."

But I knew I wasn't, I knew nothing was. I stood up again and avoiding the glass, I went over to my dresser and pulled out my same old uniform I always wore, why change? No one noticed. With my hair unbrushed, still dripping wet and my skin cold and clammy, I left my room.

Ginny was leaning on the wall on the side of my room. Without looking up to see me, she started talking.

"You've been sleeping all morning, I tried walking you but you....."

Ginny's eyes grew wide and her jaw completely dropped.

"Hermione? What happened to you, are you ok? Maybe you should stay in you're for a while to get better."

"No, I have to show him I'm not hiding."


I forgot Ginny didn't know what I was talking about, so I just decided to stop talking till we got to the hall.

As I stepped into the hall, I felt everyone's eyes shift to me, Draco's glare was the strongest. I could feel his eyes penetrating my face. But still I walked, not paying attention to them. I sat at my usual seat, across from Neville and right side of Ron. As I sat, I could sense the table getting quiet, I could sense the whole hall getting quiet.

"IT'S NOT SUCH A BIG DEAL!" I wanted to shout out but I was too weak to even get above a whisper. I could see Harry try to say something but I could see as Ginny was gesturing 'no' behind my back in the reflection of Harry's glasses. He shut his mouth quick and looked down at his plate, good boy. I didn't want to be bothered, I didn't want to tlak to anyone and I didn't want people talking to me, I just wanted to eat and go back to my room and just sleep for the longest time. I reached over to the plate of spaghetti and meatballs and slopped some on to my plate. I could hear people getting back to their lives instead of paying so much attention on me. What a bunch of losers, one change and they freak. People started eating again, talking again, not looking at me anymore. I swished my spaghetti around my fork like I did when I was a kid.

Oh, what joyous years, when you didn't have to worry about anything.

(Sorry this is such a bad, boring chap so far but I'm just getting to it)

Suddenly, a hand clutched my shoulder, cutting off my circulation.

"Hermione, get up, right now."

I dropped my fork. Only one person would talk to me like that, only one person knew they could.

"What do you want Draco?"

I said lazily, getting up to face him.

"I'm surprised you could even move let alone walk this far without crutches."

"You did a number, yes, you did, but I was hungry."

"Well, it's good you get some food in you, among other things..."

This was clearly not the time for him to be remotely talking to me, I had taken all I could. I know I've said this before but this is it, I can't stand it anymore.

Yes, tis as boring as watching friggen infomercials but the next chap is when it all happens.