Floating in the dark aether of space, the silhouette of a figure appears. The silhouette is accompanied with two giant white pupil-less eyes with spectacles on them, a beard, and one of the friendliest smiles in the multiverse. If one from our universe would look upon his face, they'd say that he has an uncanny resemblance to the mortal known as Stan Lee.

The silhouette, garbed in robes, starts to speak, "The multiverse…a vast place, full of potential and life. Most of the worlds hosted within are similar, with very few changes. However, occasionally a universe differs from most of its brethren. Such is the case of Earth-4220. Three years after the events of Shadowland and the Heroic Age occurred, in 2005, Kang launched a massive invasion against this Earth. Both villains and heroes teamed up, in a last ditch effort to protect their Earth. Desperate to stop him, the hero, Sentry, used the entirety of his power to defeat Kang.

While successfully defeating and scarring Kang, preventing him from conquering the world and the timeline, Sentry went supernova in order to not let the Void out. Even with intervention from multiple sources, many died from the Sentry exploding going supernova, including the Sentry himself. Many more were injured or traumatized that day. From that point forward, while conflict occurred in the world, it wasn't the universe-shattering business it usually was. From that point forward, there are quite a bit of…differences, not all that you'd expect.

Tme passed, and the heroes you all know had children. These children took over the roles of their parents. Along with that, new heroes apart from the old generation also arose. Soon, six of these individuals will be very important to the fate of the entire world in a manner there hasn't been for many years. I am the Watcher, and it is my duty to observe and report this world.

Let's meet one of them, Nico Drumm, child to Jericho Drumm and Shuri of Wakanda, and apprentice to Nicholas Flamel, famed alchemist and mystic. Along with him, we'll meet Nathan Williams, child of Wanda Maximoff and Simon Williams, right now, while they make a run for it." When he finishes, he waves his hand, and the scene moves from him to New York City, the year 2025. The mysterious figure chuckles at the coming image.

As the area comes into focus, we see Time Square on a crowded day, with many bustling people walking around for their various purposes. Suddenly, two individuals make their way on the scene, and start to weave in and out of the crowds of Time Square frantically.

The child of two sorcerers, Nico is a tall, lanky, masculine person in regular modern-day clothing, a t-shirt that reads "Be Gay, Do Crime" adheres tightly to his frame, with a sherpa fleece jacket covering the sleeves of the man. A pendant hangs around his neck, with markings carved from Ancient Wakandan glyphs. His jeans are worn-down, and have a medical device jutting out of the pockets. His hair is silver, just like his mother's, with a streak of mint green going down his hair. The mint-haired person was clutching in one arm what seemed to be a golden egg the size of a watermelon.

The ionic powered individual could only be described as looking like a hippy, wearing bell-bottoms, a t-shirt depicting Anya from Anastasia with some lyrics from "Journey to the Past", and surrounded in a thick aroma of pot. He is a bigger build, with his arms containing magical runes inscribed up and down them. His hair is currently bleached blonde and fading orange dye in his hair. As his eyes glow purple, and his body releases ionic energy, his legs start propelling him farther every step.

The source of their distraught nature is about 30 feet behind them, rampaging. The crisis in question is a chimera, a beast typically depicted with the front of a lion, a fire-breathing goat in the middle of the beast, and the rear of a serpent during the times of Ancient Greece.

However, this chimera was dual headed, with the heads of the fire breathing goat and the lion. The body was a sort of amalgamation between goat and lion, with the chest and legs of the lion, but with the hooves of the goat. Instead of a lion's tail, the tail of the chimera was a live serpent. The creature leaps, using its wings to help propel itself through the air until it lands. The crowd starts to yell and freak out, as they realize that there is a monster amongst them. Some remain calm, due to the natural order of living in a world of heroes and villains.

As the creature gets closer, the two start to bicker. As they do, Nico takes pine cones out of his pockets, casts a spell on them, and starts chucking them back at the chimera, attempting to slow it down. As the cones make contact, the chimera winces, showing that they are somewhat affecting it.

"Why the hell did you think the best course of action was to steal that chimera egg RIGHT after the mom left the nest." exclaimed the hippy individual.

"Nicholas just said to grab the egg, I didn't really have that much time to plan. Besides, no one got hurt Nathan!," interjected the regular outfitted individual.
"No one yet!" clamored Nathan, as he looked around. The chimera was spooking all the civilians, luckily avoiding maiming them in its chase of the two cradle robbers. "You were lucky I hit her with a gust of wind, or else she'd already be on us.

"Who's the one currently pelting her with pine cones? Huh?" Nico questioned. As he got no response, he sassily went, "Hmph."

They continue to bicker about the situation, while the chimera inches closer and closer. It gets within range, with the two mouths both opening, flames idling in the goat mouth, along with ice in the lion's mouth. As it charges its two elemental blasts, it's almost ready to fire. Nathan and Nico both come to a stop, Nathan stops his ionic powers, and the duo begin to activate their respective magical abilities,

Nico moves his hands in a controlled manner, going through the motions with the somatic aspect of his spell effortlessly. The pendant on Nico's neck starts to glow a green eerily similar to Baja Blast Mountain Dew, and the smell of mango fills the air. Nathan's runes glow a fiery red, and Nathan takes a defensive stance. As it projects the fire from its mouth, Nico eyes glow, and as he mutters an incantation, the shadows in the area start inch towards the civilians in the area, and pull them to safety away from the blast radius.

Nathan mutters a quick curse under his mouth, as he attempts to maneuver the fire around him and Nico. The fire comes directly towards Nathan, while the ice goes towards Nico. Nathan pushes two fists out towards the fire, diverting the blast around him barely. Nathan uses the flames of the goat to protect his comrade against the ice blast, nullifying the cold attack. Successful in his endeavor, Nathan is left panting, out of breath from manipulating a flame that isn't his. Nathan debates what to do, before Nico interjects, "Get it off the ground for a second, we need to finish crowd control before we can finish this. "

As Nathan hears this, his eyes glow a vivid amethyst purple, and the musical nerd starts to glow with a purple aura again. His muscles ripple, and he charges through the air, leaving an impact crater from where he ejected from the ground, using his innate flight. As the airborne hero charges towards the chimera, he steadies himself to tackle the chimera as fast as he can. The chimera tries to brace itself for the charging hero, but Nathan's strength is too much for the chimera, and the pair are lifted into the air.

As the two fly through the air, Nathan just spins the being around, trying to keep it distracted. It works for a second, however, the chimera starts to charge another dual blast in the mouths of the lion and goat, while the serpent tail tries to take a bite at Nathan.

Nathan's face pales as he tries to simultaneously clamp the two mouths close and avoid the bites of the serpent. While he is successful at first, the force of the building elemental blasts continues to grow, and Nathan has a hard time keeping each mouth closed with one hand. He starts to lose control, but Nathan does what he can, and aims the chimera downward.

The aerial duo start plummeting to the ground at terminal velocity, which has been completely cleared by Nico by this point. As they go downward, the chimera's snake part loses focus on Nathan as the entire chimera tries to figure out how to avoid becoming road-kill.

The two accelerate downwards through the air. Nico, seeing what's about to happen, puts down the egg. Nico then readies his hands to perform an enchantment. The chimera attempts to wriggle and writhe, resulting with Nathan losing his grip on the mouths. The pressure of the fire and ice grows, with the two heads starting to spew an elemental mess everywhere as the two continue to descend. The two make landfall, making a crater in the ground when they land.

The shadow caster begins to move his hands around just when they land, chanting with the hand motions. His shadow forms a circular shape around him as he finishes casting the enchantment. The pendant-wearing sorcerer continues to chant, building energy up in the circle.

Nathan gets up first from the crater. Staggering up, he looks Nico in the eye when he gets within ten feet, and asks, "What's next in your master plan?"

"I have to charge a spell in order to restrain it properly, it's a gnarly monster and I don't think a simple spell will do it. Just keep pummeling it."

"Keep pummeling, you say that like I am the one pummeling here," quips Nathan, before a roar behind him grabs his attention again.

The chimera attempts to get its bearings from the forceful slam into the ground, and starts to stand up.

"Mamma Mia, here I go again," Nathan softly sings under his breath, before investigating the ground, scanning with his arcane abilities for earth underneath the concrete. Finding a sweet spot of earth, he crouches to the ground, touching his hands to the concrete. As he does, runes around his arms start to glow a cinnamon brown, and the earth below the concrete starts to erupt through the street in front of Nathan.

Nico looks to the crater, noticing that the chimera is starting to make its way towards him, and shouts towards Nathan, "Hey, buddy, pal of mine, I could really use some help here."

Nathan stands up, raises his hands, and the erupted terrain slowly starts morphing as the same color as Nathan's rune surrounds the rock. Finally, an earthen great-hammer is formed. Nathan grabs it, and starts to spin in a circle twice, before rushing and slamming the hammer into the side of the chimera. The chimera takes the full force of the blow, and is thrown dozens of yards.

"I'm still learning how to do earth spells in a concrete jungle, apologies for the delay." Nathan retorts, as he grins at Nico.

The duo look towards where the chimera was thrown, and find it gliding through the air. Nathan braces himself, digging his heels and preparing for another swing on the chimera. However, as the chimera comes in to attack Nathan and the hammer-toting hero attempts to swing his weapon, the chimera side swipes at the last second. Nathan misses completely. As he regains his balance, the chimera's serpent tail wraps around Nathan's leg, and the chimera launches into the air, dragging the bell-bottomed individual. Nathan lets out a scream as he's tussled through the air, trying to swing his hammer at the snake or the chimera body.

Nico just lets out an uproarious laugh, before he starts yelling, "Charging my attack, charging my attack!" Nathan's next choice of words were not the most appropriate for a crowded street.

After a couple more swings of the weapon, Nathan realizes he needs a different approach to get him out of this. He drops the hammer to the ground, aiming to miss civilians. As he does this, the runes across his arms glow a different color than before, this time a bright yellow color. As he does this, electricity runs throughout his body, and as it courses through his leg, the serpent part of the chimera is zapped. The chimera comes to a stop in the air, paralyzed by the shock for a second.

It lets go of Nathan's leg, and Nathan reaches his hand out, summoning his dropped weapon. The hammer zooms through the air, landing firmly in the bulky boy's grasp. The paralysis from the shock wears off and Nathan steams forward with the hammer in hand, charging his attack with ionic energy. As the teen gets closer and closer, Nathan's body starts to ripple with ionic energy, and he goes in to whammy the rampaging mother. The hammer connects, with the hammerhead releasing ionic energy, shooting the tri-beast downwards. It makes landfall in the shadow circle that Nico has created, and as it lands, it creates another crater, sans Nathan this time.

When the chimera tries to get up, Nico clenches his fist with all the charged spell energy he's been gathering, and chains erupt from the shadow made of the same substance the circle is, wrapping around the chimera, and yanking it back down. The chimera attempts to open its goat mouth for another fire blast, but a chain of shadow shoots out and wraps around the mouth of the goat, preventing another expulsion of flame. It tries the same with the lion head and an ice blast, and is met with the same restriction from the shadow chains. The monster wriggles and writhes, attempting to lunge at the two, but every attempt at something is met with restriction by the chains.

As Nico takes a deep breath, he chuckles and says to Nathan, "See, it wasn't that bad. We have the egg, and a whole adult chimera for Nicholas. He'll be ecstatic."
Nathan turns to Nico with another deadpan expression, monotonously letting out, "Whoopee."

"Could you at least be excited that this means that we both get paid for this job, and we can make rent this month," the slimmer of the two quizzed.

"...You make a good point."

As Nathan starts to realize the upside of the whole situation, the duo start to walk toward their destination, the circle and chains moving with them. The chimera tries to shuffle out relentlessly as they walk, but the spell cast by Nico proves to hold it no matter what it tries.

The two make the trip to the shop, with some glances, comments, and questions about what type of dog they have and why the elaborate muzzle and harness. When the last one was asked, the duo had no response but to break down laughing. They finally make it to Nicholas Flamel's shop, the hub of the famed sorcerer. They get paid, and go off to wander New York City, doing errands.

The silhouette appears above the pair, watching them conversate about what they're making for dinner that night once they get home. With a smile on their face, the strange being speaks, "Two mystics with very big potential, in the future, one a paragon of nature, and the other a paragon of change. While their potential is massive, they still have a long way to go to achieve it. Another mystic awaits our eyes, this one the most intelligent and cunning of them. It's time to meet Infernus, child to Wong and a mystery woman whom I will not reveal. The look on your faces will be priceless"

The scene changes, and one second, Nico and Nathan are talking about dinner, and the next, the picture shifts and twists, into a library. The library deeply resembled the depicted one in "Beauty and the Beast" in terms of its scope. The walls were all lined with books, dozens of feet high, and shelves upon shelves stretched across the room. Someone is bent over, trying to find something on the shelf.

"Infernus currently resides in the Sanctum Sanctorum, studying under his father to serve the Sorcerer Supreme whenever she comes back. Until then, they hold the fort against magical threats along with their allies, such as the Midnight Sons. Illyana Rasputina serves as interim leader. Wong serves as her right hand man like he did for Dr. Strange all those years, and for Wanda for the short time he served her. While Infernus is usually bookkeeping, keeping on top of the library's tasks, at the moment, Infernus is… 'bookkeeping'."

As the omniscient figure states this, the person perusing the library comes out from their bent position, and Infernus holds a grin on his face. A scrawny fellow, Infernus has black hair, with a tiny swoop in the front that has a little red hair dye. He's currently wearing a dark ensemble, a gray button down shirt, a black trenchcoat, and a pair of dark black jeans. In his hands, sits a red tome, inscribed with mystical inscriptions. It's labeled The Intricacies of Summoning in the infernal language of demons.

'Trying to mess with that Bestiary book I was given has proven a hard time and a half.

Maybe this will help me understand what I am doing wrong with my summons.' Infernus puzzled.

As he starts to walk away with the book, he hears the closing of a door. A panicked look crosses his face, as he knows who either of the people the door closing means is at the Sanctum Sanctorum. Moving his free hand quickly and muttering a quick phrase, the book suddenly becomes a rune on Infernus's arm, hidden by the trenchcoat. As he makes sure his sleeve covers the mark on his arm, the source of the door noise is found.

Wong, a mighty hero of the old generation of heroes, and servant to Stephen Strange, appears in the doorway. Alongside him, stands a tall blonde woman in casual clothing, the interim leader of the Sanctum, Magik. Strange died during the battle against Kang, and when his replacement, the Scarlet Witch disappeared in 2015, the Vishanti never appointed a full-time replacement, instead asking the Sorcerer Supreme of Limbo, Illayana Rasputin, to take over until the Sorcerer Supreme is proven dead or found. Wong has helped Illayana to hold down the fort that is the Sanctum alongside his son for the last ten years.

As the duo enters, Infernus sees that Wong is draped in his official green and gold outfit, and Magik is adorned in the Levitating Cloak she inherited from her predecessors, meaning they are about to go out on Sanctum business.

"Infernus, demons from Mephisto's corner of Hell seem to have found a portal in a small Wyoming town. Suffice to say, demons love what the locals call "cow tipping". I must stop the demons before a drunken hunter finds himself as the hunted," Wong informed his son,

"Would you mind grabbing food for dinner? I was thinking Mexican, but your choice," Magik asked.

"I can do that, Lady Rasputina."

"Thanks, we'll try and be back before it gets cold," she promises, before creating a stepping disc with her mutant ability. Wong hops on the disc, and suddenly, the disc zooms into the dimension of Limbo, and they're gone. Fernie, curious at what the scene looks like in Wyoming,

'And again they go into the fray. For once, I just wish I could go out and help them. Being stuck here, day in and day out, I am going to lose my mind. I can only reorganize these books so many times.' thought Infernus, as he goes to his room and grabs his wallet to go grab food. 'I think I am going to get Italian, that place on 207th and Broadway just opened up. We've been meaning to try that.'

Infernus goes through the front steps of the Sanctum, down the steps, and starts his way to grab dinner for the trio. As he does, he hums a little song from the radio he heard a couple days ago. Everytime a stranger attempts to greet Infernus or respond to Infernus's humming, Infernus puts his head down and walks fast until he knows they are out of hearing range.

When he arrives at the Italian shop, he orders the usuals for Italian, the chicken and gnocchi for Infernus, the chicken alfredo for Wong and a carbonara for Magik. As he waits for their food, he pulls out the book, and starts to read from it. Summoning is about control, about knowing what you are summoning in its totality, and that knowledge leading to you being in complete control over both the summoning vehicle and the summon. Most methods of summoning have their own issues to deal with.

He looks down at the Bestiary, groaning.

'Could there be something wrong with the book? Or am I just not using it properly?'

Familiarity also breeds success, the more familiar one is with a summon, the easier it is to summon, and easier to control.

Infernus reads from the tome till his name is called at the front, and his and his fathers' food is ready-to-go. It lays out that along with a firm understanding, you must have a will to counteract the will of whatever you're summoning. A summon doesn't happen because you want it to, it happens because you actively will it into existence through sheer belief. Infernus picks up the chicken dishes, before heading out, considering what to attempt to summon.

As he realizes what he wants to try first, he pulls out his phone, opens a browser, and looks up the website Bulbapedia, a encyclopedia on Pokemon. The website loads, and Infernus looks through the Pokedex, before landing on a specific one. As he reads the entry, he smiles, as he believes he's got the knowledge to try out a summon.

Infernus decides to go on a stroll through the city, figuring that if his father was going to be quite some time, that he might as well do something other than sit around at the Sanctum and twiddle his thumbs, or do more bookkeeping. Plus, this way, he might be able to find a spot to attempt to summon a Pokemon.

As the young lad walks through the vibrant city, he twists down a couple corners, ending up at Van Cortlandt Park. As he traverses the natural area, he finds a secluded area of the park with no bystanders. Beaming with positive energy at the lack of people around, Infernus sets the dinner and his pack down, before casting a couple of small illusion spells in the area, making sure that no one outside the magical community can see what he is about to do. As he finishes the last of the spells, Infernus bends down to the pack, and pulls out a book that gives the Dictionary a run for its money in terms of thickness.

A book splattered in yellow, white, and red. On the front, in Celtic runes, reads, "The Bestiary of Brigid". As Infernus looks over the book, he recalls that fateful night he received the book. Still unsure at why he was chosen to guard the book even after some more pondering, the illusionist decides to push the thought out of his mind, focusing on summoning his first creature.

Levitating the book in front of him, Infernus reads an incantation from it, "Tar chun cinn arracht, tarlaigh agus freastil ar!" While reading, he envisions the creature in his head, running all the details, the anatomy, through his mind. Focusing on every aspect of the creature, knowing it in his head, a beam of pure white magic shoots out of the book into the air, before bending, landing 5 feet in front of Infernus.

As the magic hits the ground, the creature that Infernus had detailed vividly in his mind starts to come together. A short, four legged shape is formed out of the magic, with 6 tails coming out of the end of it bunched together, moving functionally as one tail. The energy starts to turn into the physical form along with the shape, and the creature gains a red-brown hue, with a cream-colored underbelly, and an orange tail along with orange curls on top of its head. As the process finishes up, and the book stops shooting magic into the creature, Infernus looks carefully over the summon.

Waiting to hear the token cry of the Pokemon, it comes out after a few seconds, "Vulpix!"

Infernus checks all the illusions, making sure their strength is going, before doing a victory dance that would surely embarrass him, if anyone else was around. Flailing his arms around wildly, shaking his butt, Infernus feels a primal joy he's never felt before. Looking down at his new creation, he lets out a loud whoop, before telling the small Pokemon, "Let's go see what you can do!"

The two start to train, with Infernus seeing what moves the Vulpix can successfully perform. While the Vulpix, name still being considered by Infernus, performs anything that its trainer asks of it, as long as the trainer is able to picture it vividly in their mind, the Vulpix doesn't know moves that Infernus isn't firmly aware of.

Plopping down on the ground, Infernus calls the small pokemon over, and as it meanders over, he pulls up Bulbapedia and starts looking into all the abilities Vulpix can use. The Vulpix finally comes over, and slowly crawls into Infernus' lap, snuggling into his chest as they get comfortable. Infernus looks down at the little creature, before chuckling and asking, "Hey little one, we need to give you a name. Hmm ... what about Tamamo?"

She leaves her position to start jumping at Infernus excitedly, licking at Infernus face. As he gains his balance from the unexpected lick attack, he giggles, and says, "I'll take that as a yes. Tamamo it is!"

While Infernus and the Vulpix sit in the park, the spectral being appears in the sky looking down at him with a gentle smile, "Young Infernus, despite not having social interaction to foster it, has a heart that cannot be contained, even with his rough exterior. Fated to be a paragon of intelligence, he still has a lot to discover through his adventures before he's close to his potential.

Someone who'll push Infernus to new heights, and Infernus will push as well, is Connor Whitman. He is the son of Dane Whitman and Sersi of the Eternals. Connor is a medical savant, being gifted at birth with the ability to heal others. As he grew older, he learned to heal through more than just his abilities, and at the ripe age of 15, graduated medical school. Now, he serves in the hospitals, doing his best to keep his patients from death, leading the superhuman wings of all the hospitals in the Five Boroughs.

As the Watcher finishes his monologue, the picture shifts from Infernus walking to a very different scene. Beep, beep, beep, the scuffle of shoes and wheels, yells for help, the ICU at New York Presbyterian Hospital is going about its day.

A nurse, with red, curly hair, a sturdier frame, and blue scrubs on is currently doing dailies for the patients of the hospital. As she is doing the dailies for the first floor, she hears a noise from the hallway.

Looking out, she sees a rush of doctors pushing a patient on a gurney. The patient is a masculine build, and is shifted into a lycanthrope state. The man in question is a werewolf, slightly more regressed into his human state than most consider the typical werewolf. Around his neck hangs a crimson red stone, shining, along with a sword sticking out of his abdomen. Where the sword is stabbed into the patient, the nurse notices that some type of infecting energy has to be occurring, as the blood vessels around the sword are glowing with a sickly green energy. The stone on the patient's neck is glowing, pushing back the energy from going rampant in the body. As the team of doctors and nurses pushes the gurney further, the red-headed nurse pursues the walking entourage. As she gets closer, she hears them clearly.

"How is he still holding on? His healing factor doesn't account for the slowed response to the mystical infection."

"See that necklace around his neck? That's a Bloodstone, the trademark artifact of the Bloodstones. They give a healing factor among other abilities, which is probably why he hasn't died yet, but he doesn't have long even with it."

"Dr, Whitman, I need you in room 315, the patient is going downhill fast!"

After no responses, the nurse runs up to the group of medical workers,

"How can I help you," inquired the eavesdropping nurse.

"Bloodhound got stabbed with a Sword of Pestilence and the sickness stored in the sword is spreading through his body. If he doesn't get help soon, he'll die. I need you to locate Dr. Whitman while we set up the patient in his room."

"He's on lunch, let me go see if I can find where he's taking it!"

The nurse starts frantically searching for Dr. Whitman, who she remembered, went to lunch. At every twist and turn, she can't find him. As seconds pass, the nurse's anxiety grows and grows over finding Dr. Whitman, with the new superhuman case in the hospital. As she keeps looking, another nurse pulls her aside to remind her that, "Remember that Dr. Whitman likes to go up to the roof when he's on break? He enjoys the serenity watching the city from up there."

"Thanks Michelle, you're a life-saver!"

Rushing to the staircase, she runs up the 6 flights of stairs all the way to the roof, where Connor Whitman is currently taking his lunch break, sitting on the edge of the roof watching the streets of New York City from high above as he eats. In a traditional doctor's garb, Connor has a head full of brown, wavy hair from his dad, eyes that are hazel, and a thousand yard stare that seemingly never turns off, even on a lunch break. Connor is currently stuffing down a lamb gyro he had meal- prepped for the week. As he hears the door open, he turns back to see the nurse,

"What's the problem Lucile?"

"We have a new superhuman case in the hospital, Bloodhound is fighting for his life right now!"

Connor hears this, and instantly springs into action. With a speed comparable to a cheetah, he puts away his food and other items, sets them on the ground next to where he was sitting, and he runs past Lucile, going all the way down to the 3rd floor where the superhuman wing is. Lucille is right behind him, trying her best to keep up and succeeding. Connor runs into the center of the wing, and then yells, "Marco!"

A couple doors down to the left, a shout of "Polo!" mirrors his own, and the duo rushes into the room. He walks into the full scene, Bloodhound's infection has spread from his abdomen to his legs and chest. Groaning and writhing in pain, Bloodhound's necklace is still glowing, albeit a much weaker red than it was before. The nurse notices that the lycanthropy has come out in full spades compared to what she initially saw, with Bloodhound restrained by special restraints made for the superhuman wing, keeping him from hurting someone as he thrashes in torment.

Connor looks the patient up and down, assessing the best course of action. Looking behind him to Lucile, he quickly requests, "I need some magical disinfectant, along with some Sands of the Sandman, we're going to need to remove this blade quickly and remove all the infecting energy. Bloodhound will be in an extreme amount of pain, so it's best we give the patient the sands to let them sleep through the procedure."

Lucille runs out of the room, and as she does, Connor starts to rub his hands together and hum.

Quitting his humming for a moment, he looks to the entourage, and states, "While I heal him, I need someone to remove the sword while the energy courses through him."

One of the nurses meekly nods. Taking this as an invitation to continue, he hums again. Energy starts to build between his hands, gradually growing as he rubs them together more and more. Finally, the energy reaches its zenith, and Connor stops and waits, only for a few seconds as Lucile runs back in with both of the requested items, a vial with a purple viscous liquid, and a vial full of sand.

"Here's what you asked for, Dr. Whitman."

"Perfect, Lucile, would you mind knocking Bloodhound out with the sands?"

Lucile takes the lid off the vial with the sand, and sprinkles it over the face of the hero in agony. As she does so, he falls quickly asleep, and all his painful twitching ceases. Connor separates his hands, and strikes them to Bloodhound's chest like a Defibrillator. As his hands make contact to the chest, all of the energy courses through Bloodhound's body, and like a holy light dispelling infernal forces, the green infectious energy coursing through his body suddenly is banished.

As the nurses watch this occur, one of them grabs the handle of the sword, and yanks it out of the sleeping werewolf. The wound where the sword was retrieved starts to slowly heal, due in part to the Bloodstone's influence. Before the wound closes fully, Connor reaches quickly for the vial of liquid, and pours a couple drops into the wound. The wound finishes healing and the magic from the vial starts to do its trick. Bloodhound starts to glow a dark purple color. Connor puts his hands out into the air, emitting some healing energy from them. As the healing energy coalesces with the magic, Bloodhound stops glowing, and the machines in the room show that Bloodhound is stable on all counts.

"That should do the trick, but I'd like to keep him on a 72 hour hold to make sure nothing special was in that sword to cause further harm," the doctor concluded.

All the nurses in the room just stare at the doctor in awe, mouths barely off the floor. As Connor notices none of them respond, he continues, "I am going back on my break, I still have half a gyro waiting for me. If another case comes in, I'll be on the roof, and if the patient wakes up, it is the highest priority I am called."

"Why? I thought you said he should be ok."

"He will be, once he's exposed to Dr. Whitman's bedside manner," Connor jokes, flashing a smile for the first time since he paused his break. The nurses all crack up, and they go about their regular duties as Connor goes back up to the roof.

Connor plops himself back down on the edge of the roof, opens up his half-eaten lunch, and beams down on the city as he finishes his gyro, content with today being just another day in the hospital.

The smiling otherworldly being reappears above the New York day skyline with a glint in his eye, "Connor is a man of unfathomable devotion to the craft of medicine, constantly going when others can't or won't. A knight who keeps his oath as steadfast as his father, Connor is about to discover that there's more to the world than medicine. Another person with a, let's say single track mind, is our next stop.

Buki Howlett, a child of Wolverine and a woman he never met, shares his fathers' penchant for obsessive revenge. A woman by the name of Apparition haunts all of Buki's waking moments. He is convinced to track and take her down at any cost possible. Let's take a look at him stewing in his abode."

In his dingy and unkempt apartment was a large man resting in a recliner. A logo of Limp Bizkit sits on his red long-sleeved shirt. He's wearing dark gray sweatpants, along with white and black Reeboks. A lit cigar in his left and a can of beer in his right. As he puffed away he watched the small television screen before him. He groans when his thoughts begin to wander. No longer focusing on the television depicting another generic crime drama but instead on the wall beside him. Pictures of a woman donned in white pinned along it. The show no longer matters as he takes another long gulp of the beer can. As he looks at the pictures, he takes out a string of yarn and some tacks. Sticking the yarn to the photos, he starts to craft a potential story of what his damned nemesis might be up to.

'Apparition was spotted at these Hand outposts on the seventh and ninth of August, what business could she have with them?' he ponders, trying to piece together what his target's motivation could be.

Buki looks over the photos some more, hoping for a clue to strike him in the face, when he hears a rhythmic knocking at the door. Buki makes his way to answer, but before he gets to the door, he notices a folder is slid under it. Grabbing a knife hanging on the wall, he wildly swings the door open, to the sight of nothing and no one in his apartment hallway. Scoffing, he thinks, 'Yeah, run away afraid.'

As Buki opens the folder, he finds out that whoever knocked had just given him a huge gift. A bunch of papers detail an operation in New York City that Apparition is overseeing, with pictures of the active sites. Smiling, Buki throws on his coat, which is lined with all his weapons he could need on a mission, opens his window, and looks down to the ground with patched cracks.

The hulking person contemplates if the dramatics are worth it for a split second, before deciding they are entirely worth it. He jumps to the ground and lands on his knee in a superhero landing. He breaks the patched cracks under him as he lands, his bones break and pop out of place. Before anyone can react to Buki's landing, Buki's bones suddenly pop back into place and repair themselves. Buki smirks at the scene of civilians reacting to his chaotic nature, before starting his way to where the papers have Apparition being at.

Buki makes his way through the city to the disclosed area in the documents, and discovers an "abandoned" warehouse. 'Perfect, and let me guess, there's going to be a bunch of goons here to ambush me? Let me make sure I'm prepped'

The man with a mission pulls out a pair of brass knuckles, and dons them on each hand. Rather than being gold or another traditional metal, it's an alloy of steel and adamantium, made for those hard to fight villains. After equipping his knuckles, he pulls out a sword that was stored in a sheath specially made into the jacket for Buki, He grips the sword in one hand, and he kicks open the door, which gives in quite easily. Buki's confidence immediately fills the place, as Buki shouts, "Wow, I guess the mighty and fearsome Apparition is no longer here, I guess I must continue my long and arduous quest for…" but before he could finish his monologue, shurikens come flying out towards Buki. Smirking, he deflects the attack with the sword as his bait is taken.

Right as the shurikens land on the ground, so do three individuals that could only be described as ninjas. One is wielding a short sword, another is wielding two kunai, and a third is wielding a rope dart. Buki smashes his knuckles together, which seems to turn on an electric mode as the knuckles hum to life with electricity. He sheathed his sword back into his coat, before rushing into the fighter with a rope dart.

As Buki closes the distance, the warrior moves in a dance-like fashion, trying to hit Buki with the heavy end of the weapon, but as he tries to make contact, Buki just barely makes it out of the way. The meteor hammer hits the ground, leaving a crater where it landed. Buki does a quick one-two jab, hitting two vital points with his electrified knuckles.

The first ninja starts to go down, but the other two rush in to try and tag-team Buki. They converge, the short sword embeds itself into Buki's leg, while he's able to avoid the kunai. Buki kneels to the ground, before pulling the sword out of his leg. As the sword comes out, Buki's healing factor goes into effect, sealing the hole that was just there seconds ago. Buki grasps the rope dart, starting to spin around with it, pushing both parties away from Buki in opposite directions.

Buki finishes creating a defensive perimeter, almost hitting the kunai wielder with the meteor hammer. With the two now split up, Buki goes in for the kill. As the kunai-wielder lands from avoiding Buki, she suddenly feels a pain in her chest. She looks down, to discover she's covered in red, viscous liquid, as Buki punctured her through the chest. Going into shock from the sudden lack of blood and pain, Buki swings with all his strength, throwing the bleeding out ninja into their shortsword wielding brethren. The two make contact, and are both thrown into the wall.

Buki quickly dashes for the kunai from the almost dead fighter, and before the final ninja can get his bearings, he has a kunai through each wrist.

"Now, you and me, buddy, we're going to have a talk. There's this woman, you should know her. Goes by the moniker of Apparition. Ring a bell?" Buki probed. When no response is given, Buki grabs one of the kunai, and twists it in the wrist, watching as his interrogating victim yells out in pain. "How about now?"

He gets a meek nod, "Good. Now, I got told she'd be here, but instead you fucking bastards were here waiting for me instead. That makes me have an idea. You fuckers know where she is. Obviously, I can't ask either of your companions as they're both out of commission, so let me make something clear. You can meet the same fate as them if I don't get what I want, so think clearly before answering. Where could I find Apparition?"

The ninja just spits in Buki's face, and all Buki can do is chuckle at first, before suddenly grabbing his sword. With a single swipe, the head of the final ninja rolls onto the ground, and Buki groans.

"Well, that puts me back to not having a goddamn clue on what she's up to or where she is. At least I got to stretch my muscles, have a decent fight," Buki muses out loud, "I guess while I'm out, I should grab some food. And beer, lots and lots of beer."

As Buki resolves to get beer, he leaves the staged warehouse, having had his fight of the day, or so he thinks. The Watcher appears above Buki, "These five denizens of the present, despite having their proclivities and issues, will prove to be the only end to an evil thought long gone. While Kang has existed outside of the detectable timeline, he's been waiting, scheming to finish the Earth that traumatized him, and offer the reality on a platter to his son. Luckily, Robert is also up to his own schemes.

As the Watcher finishes his narration, the scene changes to the last person yet to be revealed, and the focus comes into a gigantic garage. The garage is the size of a three story house. In it, sits more tools, parts, and schematics than one could possibly fathom. Sprawled across the garage are various tinkering ideas, inventions, and actual tech that is used on a daily basis. In the center of the garage is a massive ship, pulled straight from a sci-fi novel. Within the ship, a man lies underneath the mainframe of the ship. Slender, he fits snugly. As he sweats profusely, he connects wires and puts the final circuit boards into place. He finishes up his task, yelling, "Eureka!"

The man pops out from underneath the mainframe, exposing the child of the evil time traveler. He has long hair swept back into a pony-tail, and is sporting a black shirt covered with a flannel, and sweatpants. As he looks around the ship, he pushes a button on the ship, with it revving to life. A huge grin on his face, Robert lets out a little whoop. In the center of the control board, a formless face appears.

"Welcome, Mr. Tournimet, I am Jocasta, the AI of the ship. I am happy to help you in whatever fashion I can. Just let me know what I can do."

Robert tries not to geek out at his first AI working, even if it the AI was based off of AI he had access to. A knock rings through the ship, and the AI calls out, "There is a visitor at our entry point."

Running through the ship to get to the exit door, he sees his nanny, a robotic copy of the famed mutant villain Mr. Sinister waiting for him.

"I heard some commotion, did someone finally slay and get their ship going?"

"I've said it once and I'll say it a thousand times, Nanny Sinister, you can't just use teen slang and expect me to get it. Not all teens use teen slang."

"Go off queen!"


"I did indeed get the ship going. All we need to do now is go grab the prototype chronal modulator so this baby can travel the timestream. Once that's done, I am on a one way trip to take out Time Hitler."

"Inconceivable!" Sinister interjects.

Robert groans at the mannerism that despite all his programming, he can never get rid of. Robert finishes his dramatic reaction to his nanny's particular behavior, and Sinister shows what he was hiding behind his back, revealing he had brought the final piece of the puzzle to Robert. The grin that comes across Robert's face could stretch across the Grand Canyon, and he wraps the nanny in a hug. Sinister just stands there awkwardly, not programmed to handle physical affection. Sinister hands it over to Robert, and Robert runs back up to the engine room, with Sinister in tow. Robert walks up to the only hole left in the ship that should be filled. He takes the cube containing the required temporal energy to traverse time, and plugs it into the ship.

A hum occurs, and Jocasta's voice rings throughout the ship, "Temporal capacities available."

Robert starts to tear up. He looks around at the ship, and turns back to Sinister.

"It just seems like yesterday, I,,, I mean we started this project. My powers over technology had just come into being, and I was determined to fix the wrongs of Kang, by preventing him from committing any future atrocities in my name however I could. Now, I can finally go back, and put an end to his tyranny before it's too late."

"Are you still sure that I can't come with you?".

"It might alert him if one of his android servants leaves the timestream, I found the potential for it in your coding and I couldn't overcome Kang's programming. If you come, Kang might know immediately and get me before I can find help."

Sinister, despite being a robot, shows a look of solace and comfort. Robert tries to hold back his tears, but as fast as the thought pops into his head that Sinister wouldn't come with him, Robert starts to cry. He tries to stifle the sounds, making it seem like he's less hurt than he is, but Sinister can tell that Robert is hurt, and wraps him up in a hug.

"This isn't goodbye forever, this is goodbye for now. We'll see each other another day, once you finish Kang off. Then, I can serve you 24/7."

Robert chuckles through his tears, knowing that what his nanny is saying is true. Wiping away the moisture produced by his eyes, Robert quotes a show he watched to cut the tension, "Phrasing, boom!"

He walks Sinister, as the two laugh at Robert's terrible joke, outside the ship. The two walk down the bridge together, and they share a final embrace. Sinister hugs tightly at Robert, and Robert returns the strength as much as his tiny body can handle. The two let go of each other, before Robert enters the ship again.

As Robert goes to close the door, Nanny Sinister shouts, "Until next time, my liege."

Robert laughs at his caretaker's pet name for him, before he shuts the door to the ship. Going into the main part of the ship, he calls out, "Jocasta!"


"Chart a course for 2005, we have some heroes to see about a Kang."

"Right away, sir."

The ship starts to hum loudly, as the propulsion system slowly but surely levitates the ship into the middle of the air. Once the ship is stabilized in the air, Robert sits down in the pilot chair and starts to tinker with the controls in the pilot, pushing random buttons and pulling knobs here and there. Finally, a small circular portal made of bright green energy appears in front of the ship. While it begins to take shape, it also starts to grow, becoming the proper size for the ship to enter.

As the portal into the timestream becomes big enough for entry, Robert gets up and looks out the window of the ship, where Nanny Sinister is looking up at him. Smiling at the person who raised him, he looks back at the portal, pushing forth the final lever before the ship zooms forward, straight into the portal. As the ship fully enters the timestream, the portal closes.

Robert docks the ship in the timestream, gets up, and looks around at the area. A new dimension, it is a twisting and winding tunnel of a dimension. The walls of the "tunnel" are composed of pure temporal energy, and as Robert looks deeply into the energy, a picture of Japan in the 26th century starts to appear out of nowhere.

'Astonishingly, the energy acts as a barrier, keeping everything without proper access out, and booting anything out that touches it. Time seems to be specifically made not to be messed with. While this isn't fun business, breaking the laws of reality is certainly a thrill'

As Robert finishes his "time-gazing", he sits back down, and continues their journey. The ship twists with the curves of the timestream, but as they travel, the ship starts to shake a little. Robert tries to put fear out of his mind, but is unsuccessful as Jocasta starts to yell, "Error! Error! Chronal Modulator going critical! If we don't land now, the ship is going to blow!."

As Robert looks at the wall of the timestream, he decides to take a chance. Taking a deep breath, Robert yanks the steering wheel wildly to the left, and the ship hits the wall of the timestream, portalling them into an unknown time.

As the ship enters the timestream, a pulse of temporal energy surges over the skyline of New York City. As the pulse dissipates, Robert sees a crowded city in the middle of the day. The ship arrives high in the air, above an extremely tall building, that is suspiciously clear of everything except a few people. Robert can barely make out that its people from his current vantage point. He parks the ship on the conveniently clear roof, and before exiting his seat, looks to Jocasta and says, "Activated defensive measures, if you see any of them try to pull something, lay down cover fire."

Jocasta just beeps as she activates the requested measures.

Robert makes his way down to the bridge, where he can finally see three people. One of them is a darker skinned woman, with hair that is shaved into a buzzcut. Wearing typical S.H.I.E.L.D garb, she is also donning a battle-worn trench coat, with her hands positioned like she's about to block some punches. Next to her, stands a lithe person with white hair, holding a bow in one hand, an arrow in the other. Strapped to his back is a quiver of arrows. He is also in the typical S.H.I.E.L.D uniform. The third and final person follows the convention, and is adorned in S.H.I.E.L.D clothing. She has some type of scanner in her hand that she is using to analyze Robert, his ship, or some combination of the two. She's seated in a wheelchair, but Robert could tell that the chair had been tricked out with tech, and his curiosity about all the modifications almost got to him, before the situation settles in fully and he realizes he had three S.H.I.E.L.D in front of him, all with him in their sights primed.

Robert looks at the three individuals, who all don't dare utter a word, and as he stands there, he tries to cobble together an excuse from his knowledge of the surrounding time. As he looks at tech and other factors, he realizes he must be close to his intended year, and takes a shot, "You must be Director Maria Hill, apologies about the ruckus. If I had a way to reach out before my arrival, I would've. My name is…"

"Director Hill? It appears you don't know when you landed exactly, time traveler. Maria Hill retired many years ago, I'm Director Daisy Johnson, also known as Quake," the director curtly responded.

As Robert hears this, his brain jumps into overdrive, trying to cope with the fact that he A. Did not land where he had intended and B. Dealing with people who were expecting him. Tucking the idea away in the back of his mind that these people may be affiliated with Kang, he retorts, "My chronal modulator, it's this time dohookey that allows my ship to go through time. See, it started to, I don't know, I think almost blow up? I'm not really sure what happened yet, but my AI just told me that we were going to die. I yanked the controls on instinct, and I was forced to crash-land. I guess I screwed up, Could you tell me what year is it and how did you know you'd find me here?"

"2025, and you better not underestimate S.H.I.E.L.D. 's assets. Now why don't you introduce yourself and your business in this era?" replied Director Johnson, while signaling her team to keep their guard and reflexes on max level.

Robert's face contorts into one of surprise, anger, and most of all, what the absolute fuck? While still in shock, he starts a complicated explanation about how he's one of Kang's former high-ranked commanders and how he decided to no longer serve the Conqueror, but is abruptly interrupted by a chuckling Director Johnson, "You may be a time traveler, but it appears you did not have a proper cover ready to explain your activity here. Since I am more reasonable than the Director Hill you expected to meet, I'll give you another chance to tell us the truth, but should you lie again, you'll be considered as much of a threat as that supposed 'former master' of yours."

"According to our databases, Daisy Johnson is considered to be one of the best people for someone with good intentions to rely their trust in.", inputs Jocasta in Robert's communicator, noticing his half-panicked behavior.

After taking a deep breath, he started talking in a way more controlled way than his first answer. Despite the initial disbelief, Director Johnson realizes the incredible story she hears isn't a lie. By the time Robert is about to end his short but detailed explanation, S.H.I.E.L.D. Director had already signaled her agents to stand down..

"What's the current status of the area?" she asked, as soon as Robert was done talking.

The woman with all the scanners replies, "We have multiple heat signatures converging on the building, but we have some time before we need to worry about them."

"If you know S.H.I.E.L.D. well enough, you know we don't like to share information that doesn't need to be shared, especially with a stranger like you, so I will not explain how we knew we'd find a time traveler in this place. I shall, however, provide a basic amount of intel you may need about this era you accidentally landed in, as I am inclined to believe you are worth considering as trustworthy."

"If this is 2025, what's the status of the Scarlet Witch, Mr. Fantastic, hell I'll take Howard the Duck."

"Wanda is currently M.I.A, has been for years. Currently, Illyana Rasputina, aka Magik, serves in the capacity of Sorcerer Supreme of this dimension. Mr. Fantastic died years ago in a minor conflict, the lack of major conflicts after the incident between your father and Sentry caused the heroes to get rusty. Sometimes, that rust was their downfall. Howard is free, but I doubt he's really who you want."

"What about your whereabouts? I don't suppose you have a place to stay at, in 2025. Maybe I can arrange something…".

"Now that my plan is in absolute shambles, I guess my ship. It has a cloaking device that should work for now. I'd like to stay as hidden as I can before I come up with a backup plan. S.H.I.E.L.D. is known for recording everything. Please don't record this anywhere!"

"Ma'am, those readings appear to be getting way closer. If we plan to leave unnoticed, we better start moving. It seems they aren't just regular meddlers." reported the agent with the scanners, slightly alarmed.

After signaling her team to get ready, Director Johnson grants Robert a last-minute deal: she will keep his identity a secret to anyone that wasn't there, including her organization's top dependents, in exchange for the young Tournimet to never mention their encounter to anyone, as if S.H.I.E.L.D. had never been there in the first place, as well as the promise to never try to prevent her from checking from afar on him, or she'd come for him. Once the deal was sealed, the four quickly left and warned him about his incoming 'first 2025 interaction'.

As the S.H.I.E.L.D. team leaves, the Watcher draws our attention away from the scene and a little back in time, "While Robert's entry was known by S.H.I.E.L.D ahead of time, the rest of New York City was not prepared for a time ship entering the skyline, or the surge of energy that came from his crash landing out of the timestream. Nathan and Nico are still out doing errands, Infernus is playing with Tamamo, Connor is on lunch, and Buki is on his way home with beer in hand. Their paths are about to cross, for the good of both this universe, and so many others.

The two mystics watch the burst of chronal energy from the streets as they go towards their rent office to pay next month's rent from what they just earned

Nico immediately starts chanting underneath his breath, trying to cast some detection magic, and determine the origin of the energy. Nico runs through his spell, and Nathan instantly bounds into the air, trying to get a bird's eye view of what caused the disturbance. As he gets higher and higher, Nathan notices the giant ship above the roofs of NYC docking down to a specific building.

Descending to the ground, Nico looks up to Nathan and reports on the ground-bound mystic's findings, "We might have some timey wimey shit on our hands, I detected energy associated with time travel."

"Well, that might match with the giant space, or I guess time, ship that I just saw."

"How far away was it?"

"A half mile at most. We need to start making our way there before whoever, or

whatever, makes their presence known."

"Izithunzi, dibana kwaye usinike indlela," Nico starts to speak in Wakandan, his aura flashing Baja green as he summons shadows around him and Nathan.

The shadows surround the area the duo inhabit. Nico looks over at Nathan, whose face is already sick in anticipation for what's about to happen. The shadows start to swallow the both of them, and the disorientation that comes with having no solid point of anything starts to overcome Nathan. The two are fully swallowed, and Nathan is met with the familiar black, weightlessness of Shadow Travel. Nathan and Nico are both moved in a direction, yet remain motionless, with Nathan tries his best to control his nausea.

Over in Van Cortlandt Park, Infernus has gotten some more of Vulpix's available moves committed to memory. He starts to packs up the scene, and wonders how one unsummons a creature using the Bestiary. While wondering, he also witnesses the burst of clover green energy in the sky. Summoning a third spectral eye, he calls out, "By the All-Seeing Vishanti, show me the cause of this!"

In his third eye, Infernus witnesses Robert's entry into the timestream that occurred in the timeline. Infernus jumps up, finishes packing up the area in a hurry, and goes about his way. He whistles, calling Tamamo to him. The twosome run side-by-side, hurrying to their destination.

Sitting on the roof of the hospital finishing up his lunch, Connor has a first-hand sighting of Robert's arrival. Watching as suddenly, a portal opens with a ship barreling out, with a burst of shamrock green ejecting out into the sky. Looking around, noticing that no damage is done by the burst, Connor packs the rest of his lunch up. He rushes downstairs, where the hospital staff is freaking out, as the burst of energy fritzes some of the machinery.

"Come on, you can do this," one doctor tries to coax, trying everything in her power not to lose her shit on the machine. As it refuses to work, she pounds on the machine, and it hums to life, "Guess you can call me the Fonz."

Connor, taking in the scene, makes an announcement. "I have to investigate that burst of energy. As far as I know, all superhero teams are occupied, leaving the city defended by its individual heroes. Keep the fort down, and I'll be back as soon as possible."

Connor crosses his arms and starts to lower and uncross them. As he does, he suffuses his doctor's garb with transmutation energy, turning his regular doctor's uniform into a set of knight's armor much like his father, the Black Knight, complete with a sword and shield. He runs out of the hospital, and makes his way to the origin of the explosion.

As he does, he sees an extremely strange sight that almost distracts him from his original goal. He sees a man running down the streets of New York City with a Vulpix beside him. A major fan of the specific Pokemon, Connor notes that the pokemon and its supposed master seem to be running in the same direction as he is. Getting closer and closer, he eventually gets up next to Infernus.

"I'm sorry, but do you have a Pokemon?," Connor asked incredulously

"I do, her name is Tamamo, after…" Infernus starts to explain, before Connor interrupts him, "LIKE THE 9-TAILED FOX SPIRIT!"

The two nerds squeal with each other, before Connor gets to the important question, "Do you know anything about that burst of energy? It seems like we're both running to the same point, so I assume you know something."

"Quite observant, I used my magic and witnessed some of what transpired. Something started to block out any unwanted eyes and ears, as my third eye spell was pushed out."

Connor updates with what he saw, along with further geeking out about the Pokemon and questions associated with her. The two continue to make their way, before Connor sees someone he recognizes due to their parents' shared work.. A tall, behemoth of a man, with spiky hair that grows and is styled to stand upwards. In his left hand, a twenty-four pack of beer is held.

"Hey Buki!" Connor calls out, "Did you see the burst of energy as well?"

"No shit Sherlock, why do you think I am not at home drinking this beer?"

Infernus steps in, "Let's group up, we need to be ready in case whatever came through is a danger to the city.."

"Whatever came through? Sounds like y'all have some information I don't," Buki sassed.

The duo sigh, before updating Buki on their way. The three arrive at the bottom of the building that Infernus saw in his third eye, and that Connor saw from a distance from his roof. While they pull up, a large shadow appears out of the corner of their eyes. Buki instantly takes out his sword, Connor puts up his transmuted gloved hands up, now made out of a durable metal, and Infernus calls for Vulpix to ready Flamethrower. As the trio stand there like cats with their hairs standing on end, the shadow spits out Nathan and Nico, the former of which pukes instantly as he makes contact with the physical plane.

"Remind me never to do that again! Everytime, I think I'll be fine, and everytime I lose my lunch, and then you have the chutzpah to tell me I'm just a lightweight."

Nico just laughs at this, before he notices that they're being watched by the trio. Pointing towards the group as Nathan continues ranting, he stops, and they both get anime embarrassed faces.

Nathan opens his mouth to speak, but a voice interrupts everyone, as the pony-tailed time-traveler makes his grand entrance. "Hi, I think you all are looking for me? Sorry to keep you waiting, I didn't know I'd have so many visitors at once. Robert, nice to meet you all.."

Infernus gapes, recognizing who it is, and shakes his head yes. The other two, knowing the full story on Infernus' end, start to shake their heads too. Nico has a look of bewilderment, while Nathan's face reflects his internal thought process that he was expecting something a bit more dramatic.

A silence hangs over the group, as no one knows quite what to say, before Infernus speaks up, "Why are you here from the future?"

Robert for the second time that day is floored by people having the jump on him, information wise. "I'm here to stop Kang.

The group exclaims, "Kang!"

Robert grimaces at his misstep, "Fuck! Sorry, let's move the conversation to my ship. I feel like there will be less prying eyes. I am happy to tell you about why I am here. Let's go up to the roof,, I'll show you around my ship and we can talk in private."

"No one is going anywhere," another mystery voice interrupts. The group of heroes all look up, and see another group. All of the members are muscle-bound, with ripping pecs and abs. The leader at the front, who voiced the interjection, is clothed in gold and purple in a similar way to the old villain Batroc the Leaper. However, unlike the Leaper, this man held a crowbar in his hands that seemed to glow with magic potential.

To his left, stands a woman sporting a blue and white uniform, another costume seeming to pay homage, this time to the hero Goliath, otherwise known as Bill Foster. Her hair is put back into a ponytail that seems as fearsome as her weapon of choice. A massive chain rests in her hands, whic

h connects to a massive wrecking ball. As she tightens her grip, she activates a mystic ability, igniting the ball on fire.

To the leader's right, stands a man in a one-piece super suit, the upper torso, arms, and boots all red, and the lower torso and legs stark-white. His blonde hair is uncovered, showing through the top of his costume. In his hands, sits a shovel that brims with a similar magic to the crowbar in the hands of the villain front and center.

The last member, standing behind the trio, is a woman that much like the first two, also pays homage to another superpowered individual with her costume. An orange suit, adorned with metal boots, metal chest-plate, shoulders, and a metal helmet for maximum impact damage. As she stands behind the crowd, she emits some sort of short range energy blast from her hands that only goes about five feet from her. The blast shot her upwards, before landing in front of the other three.

As the group of heroes look the villains up and down, Robert cries out, "Outstanding, it's the Wrecking Crew. I knew you guys existed twenty years ago, how do you guys stay so young?"

Buki scoffs, "Easy, they aren't the same. Little bastard in front is Lyam the Leaper, son of Batroc the Leaper, can you imagine?

"The name is Impact Crater!"

"See, such a dope, at least borrowing his Dad's name would be nostalgia driven, but no, he just steals the costume and M.O of his dad. He then stole the crowbar after the Wrecker died, feeling inferior like he should. Then there's Demolisher, no one knows her deal. The Excavator, what a dumb fucking name, has an equally stupid ability through his magic shovel. Finally, there's Marci Camp, the new Bulldozer. She's the one to worry about."

As Buki finishes his run-down of the enemy team, the tempers of the first three flare at their competence being questioned, and they yell, charging towards the heroes.

The heroes all look at each other, before entering battle-ready positions, and charge in. The two teams collide, and the members break off into mini-fights. Impact Crater leaps to Connor and Fernie, engaging them. Nathan tries to engage Marci Camp, but he is trapped due to the Demolisher wrapping her chain around him. He is pulled toward her as the chain also lights on fire, burning him. Bulldozer blasts from her hand to gain some elevation, before blasting downwards, achieving terminal velocity at Robert and Nico. Finally, Buki looks at Excavator, and goes, "Are you fucking kidding me, I get the dumbest one?" As he asks this question out loud, the fight begins.

As the teams exchange blows, the Watcher appears above the conflicting teens, "While this conflict matters very little at the moment, what it represents is dangerous and momentous. The heroes figure this is just another supervillain attack, attracted by Robert's entry. However, what they don't know is that there is something far more sinister behind this attack, and it is also linked to Robert's arrival. Before Robert left Earth-6498, his world, this world was on one track. Due to his intervention, now this Earth has split into a new one, called Earth-4225. "

As he finishes, the scene shifts to a dark room. In it stands two people, a blonde woman draped in emerald green clothing, with a crown to match. She is currently extending her hand outwards, projecting the fight between the Wrecking Crew and the unlikely heroic group using magic that shares the same color as her clothes and crown. Next to her, blue-skinned, covered in green and purple clothing, temporal tech, with an unsettling grin on his face, stands Kang the Conqueror.