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"This is a load of rubbish!"

Hermione Granger came storming into the Gryffindor common room, clutching a scroll of parchment in her hand. Her comment was more aimed at her two best friends, Harry Potter and Ron Weasley. Parvaiti Patil and Lavender Brown had also lifted their heads from the chess board to glance at Hermione, but quickly returned to their game.

Harry and Ron were swapping new flavors of Bott's Beans, sitting on the couch in front of the fire. As soon as they heard Hermione, their heads snapped up to see her plop down angrily between them.

Ron frowned, as she had just sat on the chocolate cake flavor- his favorite. But Harry payed no attention to the beans and asked concerningly, "What's happened, Hermione?"

The frizzy-haired girl crossed her arms and grunted, throwing the parchment into the fire. Then she answered in a huffy voice, "The new requirement for getting perfect scores on N.E.W.T.S. is to take an athletic course."

Harry and Ron looked blanky at each other. "What's wrong with that?"

"I'm no good at sports!" Hermione exclaimed, making both boys jump. They said nothing except stare down at her. She mumbled to herself, "...can't bloody believe it... I shouldn't have to take one of those courses..."

Ron grinned devilishly, "Well, it'a about time you worked off some of that flub, 'Mione..." He then poked her in the side of the side of the stomache.

"Ronald Weasley!" Hermione cried, pulling away from him. "That is no way to treat a lady!"

Only Harry noticed the slight blush upon her face when Ron had poked her. He chuckled knowingly in his head.

"Ha! You are no lady, Hermione!" Ron argued, playfully.

"What would you know about being a lady?!"


"That's because you act like such a pansy..."


Harry's stomache growled, almost angrily, at him as he sat down for lunch in the Great Hall. Quicky, he grabbed a muffin and chomped it down like there was no tomorrow.

He actually felt like growling himself; Snape had demanded that he come at 5 tonight, and the rest of the week, to make up all the tests he had failed in Potions. Couln't believe- even on his Christmas holidays, he'd be with Snape. Oh well, it was the price he'd have to pay for wanting to be an Auror.

Before Harry knew it, Hermione's voice was in his ear. He glanced up to see Ron sitting across from him and Hermione on his right.

"Well," she inquired, impatiently, "What should I do about the sports bit?"

"There's only one sport, isn't there? Quidditch?" Harry grunted, annoyed that she had brought this up again.

"Well, no." Hermione paused to think.

Ron, surprised, looked up, interested. "More sports?"

"Yes. I believe there are two new ones to this school."

Harry and Ron both raised their eyebrows.

"One is somewhat appealing to me. It's a muggle sport called tennis. I think my mum and dad have played it a few times--"

"Then why don't you sign up for it?" Ron interrupted.

Hermione glared at him. 'If you would allow me to finish, I could explain."

He shut his mouth, bashfully.

"As I was saying, I would like to choose that one, but I've found out that many Slytherins have signed up for it. I would not like to make a fool of myself in front of those dreadful people."

The boys nodded, understandingly.

"Then," Hermione continued, "there is a game called Beeger where one team takes down another team when they have the ball. Or perhaps attack them with a defensive spell. It's rather add and I am certainly not up for a sport where violence is involved constantly."

Ron and Harry looked at each other, both thinking that this "Beeger" sounded like a cool sport...

"And don't the both of you think about even joining that sport!" Hermione yelled, angrily.

Suddenly, Hermione quieted down and twisted her hands in her lap, which she often did when she was nervous or embarassed.

So, I'm going to take a shot at Quidditch," she said, almost inaudibly. But Ron and Harry heard her loud and clear.

"That's the way to go!"

"Great, Hermione!"

Hermione smiled, sheepishly, but then sighed, "I'm going to make a fool of myself there, too. School's back in little less than a week. How am I supposed to learn by then?"

It occured to both of the guys that one of them could teach her. Preferbly Harry because he was better. Ron looked Harry's way to suggest just that but Harry caught him.

"You know, mate," he said, forcing himself to frown although he was surpressing a smile, "Snape's got me booked at five for the rest of the bloody week. I'm out."

Ron stared at him, incredulously. "Snape got you on Christmas hols? Bugger..."

Blushing, Hermione glanced up. "So, Ron, does that mean you'll be teaching me?"

The carrot-top seemed to turn as red as his hair and he replied quietly, "I suppose..."

"Alright, then!" Harry said cheerfully, "You two can meet today on the Quidditch field at five-thirty. Then for the rest of the week as well."

Ron looked at him, suspiciously. "What're you so giddy about?"

"Nothing. Just remembering a joke Dean told me earlier. Catch ya later, alright?" And with that, Harry got up, waved, and left the Great Hall.

"What's that bit about?"

"I dunno, but do ya think he'd mind if I ate his bread?"


Later that day, Harry was met up in the library with Ron. He was looking nervous.

"Hey, Ron," Harry said, pulling a book off the shelve, "Where's Hermione?"

At the mention of Hermione's name, Ron groaned, "She went to get ready for our lesson. Look, Harry," he fixed some books, "I dunno about this 'me- teaching-Hermione-thing'. I mean, no offense to her, but she's a bit of a perfectionist. If I mess up, which is prone to happen, she'll be all over me!"

Harry only glanced up, but said nothing. Ron took this as a sign to continue.

"And, you know, me and her aren't the most compatible people. We'll probably fight the whole time."

"Ron, you'll do fine. I doubt she would care if you screwed up. And you guys always make up after a little spat." Harry looked at his watch. "Gotta get to Snape's. You best be going, too."

Ron nodded as he watched Harry walk out of the library.


Hermione brushed a strand of curly hair from her face and tapped her foot, impatiently. Where was he? By now, she was freezing cold and getting irritable.

A flash of red caught her eye and she whirled around, calling out, "Ron! Finally!"

Ron's head suddenly snapped up, as if he hadn't noticed her before. Then he stopped dead in his tracks, staring at her.

Hermione rolled her eyes. "What?"

"Your hair..."

"...My hair...?"

"It's... different."

"No, not really, Ron."

"Yes. Yes, it is. You have it in a ponytail."

"...and? I've never worn a ponytail before so now it's such an amazing revelation? Honestly..."

Ron blushed. "I think it looks nice..."

But Hermione didn't seem to hear him as she turned on her heel, grabbed a school broom, and stalked out to the field.

Confused at what he had just said, Ron put his broom under his arm and lifted the chest of Quidditch equipment, following Hermione.


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