Matchmaker Ch.4

by Badiyannu

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Dear Hermione,

We are going on a business trip to Paris in a few days so we did not have time to send you your Christmas present. It will be mailed as soon as we get back to England. (We are using your owl you left at home to mail you. It is quite odd the way these things work.)

Hope you continue in persuing your Quidditch lessons with Ron. Even though we only met him once, he seems like a nice boy. Good luck!


Much love from, Dad and Mum


To Hermione:

Meet me by the courtyard fountain after lunch. Make sure no one follows. Please don't be mad and decided not to show up.



Happy Christimas from Bulgaria!

Hello, Hermione! It is I, Viktor. How are you? It is okay here in Bulgaria. I am at home for the holidays. I don't know if you are at home or at school, but my owl will find you alright.

Speaking of the holidays, I am so bored at home. That is why I have decided to--



The chesnut-haired girl jumped with surprise and stuffed her letters under her pillow before turning to the door to greet her visitor.

"Oh, hello, Pavaiti."

Pavaiti Patil stepped farther in and looked at Hermione, almost sympathetically. She brushed her long, dark hair out of her face and stood next to Hermione's bed. (Hermione had moved out of Ron's bed as soon as possible.)

"Are you alright, Hermione?"

"Of course," Hermione replied, airily, fluffing up her pillow. However, Pavaiti was not convinced.

"I mean, it's Christmas Day and you haven't even gotten out of bed at all. Not even for breakfast... And look- you're still in your nightdress!" she let out a little giggle.

Hermione couldn't help but laugh a little herself; Pavaiti was right- she was acting a little melodramatic. It was really pathetic and she was quite hungry herself.

"Oh, okay. I'll get up to go to lunch," said Hermione, smiling and climbing out of bed, over her gift wrappings. Just then, she remembered Ron's letter and said, "Besides, I have someone to meet."

Pavaiti smiled brightly, "Good for you, Hermione! Oh, and here- I picked you out something to wear."

She threw the clothes, which were consealed behind her back, onto Hermione's bed. Hermione took a look at them. There was a black, pleated, knee-high skirt and a crisp, white, long-sleaved shirt with a maroon, button-up sweater. On the floor, near the outfit, was some maroon tights and a pair of black Hush Puppies. They were all Hermione's things and she guessed that Pavaiti had gone through her drawers. But she wasn't mad.

"These are very nice. Thanks, Pavaiti." Hermione beamed and started getting dressed.


'I'm so stupid. I'm so stupid. How could I be so stupid?! Stupid, stupid, STUPID!' Ron though, scolding himself.

"Ron! Quit it- you're hitting yourself again," Harry commented, taking a sip of today's soup. He was already getting full because of all the food they provided on Christmas.

Slowly, Harry glanced over at his other best friend who was sitting a table away with Pavaiti. (The girls and boys had split into two tables since there was so few of them.) Hermione didn't look happy.

"Sorry, Harry," Ron drawled and stared down at his food once more.

"Aren't you going to eat?"

"I'm not hungry."

"But you've been waiting for this feast since the beginning of Christmas hols!"

"...I've got other things to worry about, Harry," Ron grimaced.

Harry smirked as he thought about Ron's little letter he wrote to Hermione. Ron had refused to let him read it, but after he fell asleep, Harry took it off Ron's nightstand and read it. It was pretty nice of Ron to actually want to make up with Hermione for once.

Ron suddenly stood up, glancing at Hermione who looked at him quickly. "Umm, I've got to go to the loo. Meet you later in the common room."



"He better show up. It was HIS idea, after all..." Hermione grumbled anxiously to herself. She didn't know why, but her heart was pounding in her chest and she felt rather embarrassed.

'Oh- come off it, Hermione! It's just Ron! You know, one of your best friends? The one with that messy mop of arousing red hair...'


In a whirl of bushy, brown hair, Hermione spun around, surprised, to face none other than the redhead himself. He had a nervous, lopsided grin on his freckled face and his bright hair was certainly messy- in a good-sort of way.

"H-hello, Ron... So, what do you need me for?" she tried to sound as casual as she could, but her chest felt as if it was going to explode.

"Oh, umm... I-I... well... I wanted to... apologize," Ron stuttered, his face beginning to flush.

"Okay... do you think I am going to forgive you that easily?" Hermione asked incrediously, "Ronald Weasley- you will never get through life if you expect that little work is going to pull off a big job... Or in our case, problem." She gave a little smile.

This seemed to relax Ron because he smiled and took a seat next to Hermione on the water fountain's edge, looking her straight in the eye. "Look, Hermione. I am really, really sorry. I didn't mean it that way... I mean-- well, what did I mean? Bloody hell, I'm confusng myself..."

Hermione giggled but then forced her face to be stern again, "Ron. If you are NOT going to explain what you mean, I might as well leave." She stood up to go.

"No!" Ron cried and grabbed her hand, pulling her back down. She landed with an "oof!" as Ron began talking again.

"Hermione, you are one of my best friends. In the whole world. And I gave you that kiss for that reason. I'd been caught under the mistletoe with plenty of other girls that day, but I never kissed them or even acknowledged it... Doubt they would want to kiss me in the first place..."

Hermione held back a laugh and let Ron continue.

"And, well... I liked your kiss... I really did. Never meant to make you mad either- I just get fed up with Fred and George. You know how they are!"

"Yes, I'm afraid I do," Hermione answered with a grin.

"Well, then? Do you forgive me now? I never mean that, 'Mione..." Ron said in a quiet voice.

Hermione smirked, "Really, Ron?"

The redhead grinned and Hermione thought she was going to faint- she loved his smile.


Then at the same time, they both looked down to see that Ron was still holding Hermione's hand on his knee.

Ron turned instantly redder then he already was- if that was possible- and started to pull away, "Oh... sorry..."

"No." Hermione stated firmly with a smile on her lips, "I want to stay like this for awhile."




"Heehee... how cute!"

"I told you to hush! They're going to hear!"


Lavender giggled once more and recieved a stern look from Seamus who was peering curiously through the bushes with her. And the rest of the "Ron & Hermione Fan Club".

"Wow... Ron sure is sweet..." Parvaiti sighed to herself.

"Our little git? Sweet? Far from it, in fact," George huffed, grinning and Fred poked him in the ribs.

"He learned it from me," Fred boasted and Parvaiti smiled.

"Guys? I think we should stop spying on them. It doesn't feel appropriate," Harry announced, in a low tone.

Ginny nodded and took Harry's arm, at which he blushed madly at. "Harry's right. Let's go back inside before they find us."

"So, are you two an item now, eh?" Dean asked Harry, slyly.

"No! Let's go."

And he stalked off towards the castle with Ginny at his side and the rest of the lot in tow.


Ron and Hermione finally rose from their seats by the water fountain and began to walk back to the castle, hand-in-hand. Ron was still extremely red, but so was Hermione so it really didn't make any difference.

Suddenly, Ron caught a flash of red hair that was not his own. "...H-hey... I think I saw Ginny--"

"Hallo there, Herm-ie-o-ninny!"

The couple spun around and stared at the person in front of then. Hermione immediately let go of Ron's hand.



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