Harry Potter and the Heir of Six

It is only five minutes until midnight. Harry was up waiting for Hedwig to get back. He also couldn't wait to turn fifteen. Harry was still sad over Cedric's death but he was able to divert his mind from that fateful day. Harry had taken over reading Dark Arts books and finishing his homework with or without the Dursleys telling him what to do. Only three minutes left till 12. He had also been thinking of Hermione a lot more than last year especially after she kissed him on the cheek.

Finally it turned midnight and Harry found himself in a strange room. In front of him were four men and two women. One man stepped forward dressed in scarlet and golden robes.

"Hello, Harry," he said. "I am Godric Gryffindor and just like the others here you are our heir."

"W-What? How can I be your heir?" he asked.

"Easy enough to explain." a woman in violet-black robes stepped forward. "Your father was heir to Godric Gryffindor, I, Rowena Ravenclaw, Helga Hufflepuff, and the old man with the beard, Merlin."

Harry turned his head to each of them. He was shocked to know that he was related to anyone in the room especially Merlin.

"What about my mother?" Harry asked.

"She was my heir I am Salazar Slytherin and of course this man. King Arthur." Harry thought that he was already shocked but now he felt like he wanted to faint.

"The King Arthur of the round table and all the knights?!" Harry said barely above a whisper. All the others smiled and nodded their heads. "Cool!"

"Well first we should tell you why we are here and what gifts we give to you." Rowena said. "Your full name is not Harry James Potter. It is Harry James Merlin Gryffindor Ravenclaw Hufflepuff Slytherin Pendragon Potter."

"Yes, also we will transfer all our knowledge to you and we will give our most precious belongings to you. For they belong to you now." Merlin said softly.

"One of your most powerful ability is to transform into any Animagus form of your choice. You can also converse with any kind of animal. Your other abilities will develop along the way as you begin to learn more." Helga said.

Harry stood silently listening with rapt attention. Harry still had a lot of information to compute through but he kept up well. Even in a confused state he was able to understand every single word said even when he was in his own mind deciphering emotions.

Arthur stepped forward and said, "You are of a long line of lineage of great people who you should be proud of. Even Salazar for he was never evil like the history books say. He is a smart man too."

"Yes, I also want you to defeat my other heir. I despise being related to something so evil but that was not my doing. I was very happy knowing your mother would be in Gryffindor. Her side of the family was made up of Squibs. I had two children one had all my wizarding powers the other did not unfortunately or fortunately seeing that they were not corrupted." Salazar says with sadness detectable in his voice.

"Now I think that we should transfer all our memories to you. All our knowledge will be transferred to you too. As well as you will remember all spells no matter the difficulty." Helga said.

All six stepped forward each at a time put their hands on Harry's temples. Each time a new memory and knowledge entering he also felt his body change with each person. When they were finished they were all smiling. Harry noticed that he had grown five inches taller; his hair was straight and silver with red, green, violet, yellow, and blue strips in his hair. He also didn't need his glasses to see anymore and he became more muscular. (A/N Arthur has a little bit of magic he can use.)

"Now for our gifts. Like we said before you will get the four animal guardians for each house at Hogwarts. But from Merlin and Arthur they will be different." They said at the same time. "From Merlin a griffin and from Arthur a falcon."

"Um, am I always going to look like this?" Harry asked motioning towards his appearance.

"The only way you can to do it is to calm down is all. Also, you will get Merlin's Castle with Excalibur as a gift of true lineage." Merlin answered.

Suddenly there was a bright light and Harry found himself back in his room at the Dursleys with six animals in front of him and a trunk beside him. There was a note on top that said open the 6th compartment and go down the ladder to get to Merlin's Castle. Also compartments for clothes for him and his weapons.

"Now what should we name you six." Harry said. "How about Hermes (falcon), Leo (lion, baby), Zeus (griffin), Apollo (badger), Sal (snake), and Ash (raven)." They all nodded in agreement.

Then Harry noticed Hedwig and three other owls on his bed. Harry took off the other owls first then took off Hedwig's burden. She nipped his finger affectionately. Harry had a hard time getting Ron's package off of Pig's leg. After a few times around he finally got him.

In Ron's letter he told Harry that they went to visit his brother Charlie in Romania. Harry was happy to hear that all was well. Even liked his birthday present though he wasn't allowed to go to Diagon Alley. From Hermione like always was a book. As from Hagrid a nice cake. Sirius sent him some cake and to his surprise a new broom. Just a prototype though. A Spirit Gold faster then the Firebolt and very hard to control.

Harry told everyone that they could go find some food for themselves and they all nodded their heads in agreement. As for Harry he gathered all his belongings and brought them down the ladder. His wide-eye expression was the only reaction he could give without fainting. He had a big four-poster with a fire place (warm fire already going) and a sitting room for when he had guests in his room. Harry got ready for bed and once in bed he fell into a dreamless sleep.


When Harry woke he was surprised by his surroundings at first he just thought all that happened was a dream. Now he found himself mistaken. Once Harry got up and dressed he decided to explore the castle and since he gained Merlin's memories and knowledge he knew where everything was. He went over all the libraries, courtyards, guest rooms, the Entrance Hall, the conference hall, he also went through all the relaxing chambers in the castle, all the secret passage ways, even the Quidditch field, and finally the kitchen.

Harry really hoped that there were no house elves for he knew Hermione wouldn't like that and at the same time he noticed a note next to his food. It said:


Don't worry there are no house elves. I made sure of that but there will be a spell that does the work for them. (A/N the no house elves idea I got from another story.)


Harry sighed in relief as he read this. He would never have thought that Merlin would think of a spell to do the work for the house elves. Now he knew this would be an amazing time here at his new home.

Harry sat down and began to eat. Hopefully, Hermione, Ron, and Sirius wouldn't worry about him. Especially Dumbledore and Hagrid. But Harry knew that it wasn't time to tell them just yet. He longed to tell at least Hermione and Ron but he couldn't not until it was time.

Harry sat in silence after he had finished eating. Harry decided to go back to his room and figure out what to do there. All of a sudden he found himself in another room. And in front of him was Excalibur. Harry stared in awe. He was King Arthur's descendent and still couldn't believe it. Harry knew from all the myths that you had to have a pure heart and that you had to be the true heir to King Arthur's throne at Camelot only seen by him. When Harry touched the hilt of the sword it felt right. He took it in both hands and the weight felt just right as if it was made especially for him.

Then he found himself back in the kitchen with the sword in a scabbard on his hip. Harry had a big smile on his face. Then he felt a small weight on his head. He reached up and noticed that he had a crown on. He took it off and took a very long look. It was gold with rubies in it. Almost like the Gryffindor colors.

When Harry entered his room. He noticed that all his animal friends were there. With some other things on the bed. There was Godric's sword, special clothe attire from Helga, knife and dagger set from Salazar, and an ongoing diary from Rowena. The clothes were black. Black pants, boots, a black sleeve less shirt, and a cloak. It had many ancient symbols on it for protection and showing of power.

He was very happy with the gifts and silently thanked his ancestors for all the things he was given. Harry knew that he would have to carry Godric's sword on his back while the dagger and knife would be on the belt along with Excalibur. But then again he didn't really want people to know that he was the heir of King Arthur just yet. Even in meetings in the future he will never reveal that part of his heritage.

"I understand lad, and I have to agree with your decision." came the voice of King Arthur. "It would not be a good idea for them to know. The Dark Lord will just want to have you killed only more. But that is also why you have that new appearance so no one will recognize you unless you tell them who you are."

"Thank you, I appreciate your support. Though I doubt my friends will mind that much. They may become mad at me but I will tell them first after I tell Professor Dumbledore." Harry answered. There was a murmur of agreement from all six ancestors.


Only a week after his birthday, Harry knew everything about the castle. Also, where everything really was without thinking. Harry really missed his friends; he couldn't wait to see them again. He would need to tell Dumbledore soon, especially since he has been supposedly missing for the past week. He was getting the Daily Prophet from Hedwig.

Harry was riding his new broom around the Quidditch field. He was having a lot of fun. He had already learned to control the broom by just standing. Harry was already trying the hardest tricks and even making up new ones that only he would be able to do. He didn't get many letters from his friends now since they thought that he was missing. But he knew that they were worried about him.

To Be Continued. . .