After dinner Harry, Hermione, and Ron entered the Common Room. Ron sat down in front of the fire. Harry had told them about his conversation with Malfoy.

They went up to bed and everyone except Harry was asleep. All of a sudden he was enveloped by a bright light. Since all the other boys were so deep in sleep no one noticed his disappearance.

Harry found himself in a room. All his ancestors were there. "Why am I here?" he asked.

"We're sorry, Harry. We forgot to tell you will have to go have training to tapping the powers that we could not do." Merlin answered. Harry had a surprised look on his face.


At Hogwarts...

When Ron and Hermione realized that Harry was missing they went straight to Dumbledore. He had a cool look but his eyes were full of worry. He would have the order start searching for him.

They wouldn't find him or see him again for two years. The next two years past with many depressing things since Harry was missing. Hermione would spend most of her time doing her work or going to the library at the school.

Hermione didn't know though that she was being watched almost all the time by Harry. He could see her depression. But he knew that his time away was almost up. He would be able to be happy as well as everyone else.

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