A rough draft of a short scene involving Cheshire and Dr. Roquette.

(slightly reworked in some parts)

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TIME/DATE: SEPTEMBER 6, 2010 08:15 P.M. P.D.T.

"My my... Look who's here... all by herself."

Dr. Roquette darted her head up with a start inside the dim lit living room. Shock and dread coursed throughout her body like an infectious ailment. The magazine she was reading fell from her hands onto the giant plush red carpet beneath her bare feet. Where did that voice come from, she thought, peering from her spot on the sofa.

"No goody two-shoes Justice Leaguers. Or junior sidekicks to help you. Just you... and me."

It would be a bit cliche to say there were chills felt at the playful, mocking tone the woman's voice showed. But that was what the scientist felt as she rose to her feet. Her blue eyes caught sight of an shadowy outline upon the window of her apartment building. A quick flash of lightning outside with the accompanying loud crash of thunder revealed the last person she expected, let alone wanted to see. A small gasp escaped her lips at the figure, whose appearance was not to cause her any relief.

Cheshire perched statuesque-like on the sill of the open window, crouched on the balls of her feet like a real cat on its hind legs. Her trademark red and black Cheshire cat like mask covered her true face. It was hard to make her out due to the dim light from her table lamp. But even then, Roquette could feel the devious grin from the professional assassin.

"You?" Roquette's eyes widened as if she was reliving a nightmare. Why did this assassin return out of nowhere? This couldn't be about the Fog, it was destroyed, thanks to her and to those teenage heroes that protected her. Was this some sort of sick joke from the League of Shadows?

She was aware of their MO when she was captive on Infinity Island. They only killed someone if they felt they had to tie up loose ends, right? To keep the authorities from tracing things back to them. So what, did they just decide to send one of their agents to assassinate her anyway? There was nothing she or the League could or would gain by trying to kill her now.

Cheshire tilted her head, observing the woman's body language. It was almost as if she was reading the girl's question. And thinking she was stupid asking something she could figure the answer to. Then she jumped off the sill and went into a flip in mid-air before landing in front of the blonde scientist.

"Don't worry, Blondie," the assassin said in a playful tone. In a measured advance, she approached the panicking scientist. "I'm not here to kill you. Not this time."

"Wh... wh... why are you here, then?" Roquette backed away, her feet almost faltering as she tried in vain to keep distance. "How'd you know where I even live? I — "

"That would be telling, wouldn't it?" Cheshire cut her off. "As for why I'm here... maybe I feel we got off on the wrong foot last time. Maybe I just wanna... break the ice between us."

There was a certain undertone to her statement, causing the blonde woman's cheeks to flush. For a moment, words failed her when confronted with the look Cheshire gave her. It wasn't cruel or snarky or threatening or even angry. It was simply... curiosity. Nothing more. As if seeing something amusing and mischievous behind that daunting mask of hers.

And she felt entirely cowed by the presence of this lethal figure. How had she ended up encountering such a capable female enforcer, who dared enter her house despite all the legal consequences of it?

After a long moment, Roquette found her tongue again. "And is this your way of breaking the ice — by breaking into another person's house? In case you've gotten a severe case of thickheadedness, there are laws in the country about this sort of thing! And after you tried to kill me last time..."

"Oh, I didn't break in. You left your window wide open. Which is not exactly bright on your part now, is it?" Cheshire's voice was dripping with mischief, even more than normal. She clearly enjoyed playing with her scared and helpless prey, like a cat with a mouse in their sights.

She leaned close before lifting her gloved hand towards her own mask. She discarded it, revealing her true face underneath; a pair of gray eyes, as well as light brown skin due to her Vietnamese heritage. She also seemed three-to-four years younger, about nineteen years old.

"Being hired to kill you was nothing personal last time, you know. And like I said before, you did provide the entertainment value... for me." The professional assassin smirked knowingly at her while licking her lips, her voice taking on an almost dark and sinister tone with the last line.

Roquette stared wide eyed in disbelief. Why would she take off her mask to reveal her true identity? And to someone she had been sent to kill just a month ago?

"I-I could easily call the police on you, lady," Roquette told the Asian woman, pointing a finger at her. "I could pick you out of a lineup. You'd go to jail!"

Cheshire let out a light giggle, fixing her predatory gaze on Roquette's with a disturbing grin. "Well, what are you waiting for?" she asked, shifting her body to give her access to the cell phone lying on the near edge of the table behind the sofa.

Before Roquette could even think about running for the phone, the ninja girl kicked her in the chest, causing her to fall backwards into the soft cushion of her recliner. Her body jumped far back when she saw Cheshire swiftly drew one of her sai from inside her green kimono, pointing it at the side of her face, just like what happened last time. At that point, Roquette didn't know whether she was gonna leave a mark on her face, or worse...

"Yeah, you could." Cheshire appeared so sure of herself to the point of overconfidence. It sent chills upon the scientist's spine, who leaned back as far as she could from the Asian woman. It seemed like everything was a game of cat-and-mouse to this hired killer. "And yes, I might. But we both know I'll find a way out. I'd just... disappear, like the Cheshire cat."

Roquette knew she should've said something, done something. Her cell phone was within arm's reach if she could only maneuver her way past this woman. Instead, she couldn't move. She sat there completely immobilized, intimidated by the assassin's sheer audacity and presence. Her audacity to break into her house, and her presence which held some kind of allure.

A few seconds passed by as Cheshire continued looking at the blonde scientist, staring down at her, as if she was some prey she wanted to savor.

Things were flashing through the scientist's mind at a rapid pace, she almost didn't feel the assassin's free hand caressing her cheek.

"Thought so. Now, if we are done with the small talk..." With that, Cheshire tilted her head, teasing the blonde woman with a lecherous grin upon her lips. Swinging her right leg onto the cushion of the recliner, she rested her knee next to Roquette's left leg, which made the girl flinch back even more in her chair.

A shiver ran through the blonde woman's body as her heart continued to beat wildly against her ribcage. It was hard to breathe properly. She took a deep breath, willing herself not to throw up because of fear.

Roquette looked on as the assassin leaned ever closer towards her face, until she was inches from her mouth. Her body suddenly felt warm, her chest tightened like a snake wrapping itself around her torso, squeezing her until hearing a pop. Reasoning for her was nothing but a jumbled mesh of confusion, fear, apprehension, and... excitement? Why would she...

Oh, God. Why did the tangy scent of this girl suddenly made her feel... hot? No... no... no. What was she thinking? She didn't even have any interest in women! Especially someone as crazy as the one peering down on her like a fierce lioness.

Why was she even here, trying to seduce her? Maybe because she thought she could get away with anything. Maybe because she was drunk off her ass. Maybe because it made her feel like a cat playing with a mouse. Whatever the reason, it seemed to make Cheshire happy playing mind games with defenseless people like her.

A sigh and a roll of the eyes from the Asian woman came as she apparently heard a small beep in her ear. "Just a sec..." Cheshire said before straightening up and she pressed her free finger to her ear, a gesture that she was speaking to her superior via a communication link. She spoke in quick, hushed tones. "Yes? Yes... yes, but... I'm a little busy now, though. I just have a little... But I... Fine. Yes, Great One. I'll be there." With that, she ended the call.

There was silence between the two women. Roquette couldn't tell if she should be relieved or...

"Consider yourself lucky tonight, Doctor." Cheshire placed the sai back inside her green kimono, and put her mask back on to conceal the expression on her face. Her voice resumed a cryptic, yet playful tone with her next words. "I'm due elsewhere. Someone will have a very unfortunate... accident in Taipai. This little 'playdate' of ours will have to wait for now. But don't worry if you're nervous. It happens to everyone the first time..."

Before she could ask what she meant by that, Roquette was cut off when Cheshire placed a finger against her lips. The assassin leaned closer to her and what she whispered in her ear next made the blonde's expression change to a mixture of surprise, shock and confusion.

"...but rest assured, I'll make sure to leave you... satisfied... another time."

Her mind was still registering what she heard when she looked up to see the dark-haired assassin move back toward the window ledge. "You're mad."

"Aren't we all mad?" Cheshire replied back at the scientist, offering a complimentary wink with her playful tone. Then, just as quickly, she turned around, and exited the apartment window without saying another word.

As soon as she left the house, Roquette placed a hand over her head, as if trying to smother the feeling she had at that moment. "Okay, that was... what the hell just even happened?"

The idea for this story is what happens when you watch the YJ Episode "Infiltrator" too many times, especially the scenes with Cheshire and Dr. Serling Roquette, both separately and together. This was my first attempt to write a pseudo suspense type short. There was no real plot, just Cheshire trying to seduce the girl she'd been hired to assassinate a month earlier.

Down the line, I might consider doing an indirect sequel to this story, assuming I can think of another situation to put these two together. And if I'm really feeling lucky, I might consider doing a follow-up chapter to this, thus making it technically a two-shot story... maybe.

Until then, comments and constructive criticism is much appreciated. Thanks!