At first, darkness consumed him and it was all Prince could even dare to see at first...

However, he eventually woke up to someone shaking him. He opened his eyes wearily, still a little out of it when he came face to face with a girl.

"Hey there! Are you okay?!" A girl with crimson eyes and pink hair asked, "ha, you've been quite the sleeper, you were out the longest outta all of us!"

"W-Was I?" Prince shakily got up and rubbed his eyes, "w-who are you? Where am I?" He eventually got the tired questions out of his system and looked around.

Surrounding him were a good amount of people, around 19 it seemed, all looking just as confused as Prince was. They were standing in a mansion, within the lobby to be specific.

"Woah... t-there's so many people..." Prince said in awe, holding a strange feeling of remembering all these faces. Slowly the names were coming to him, but he didn't know how he knew them.

"Yeah, we're all bundled together like this like a pack of sardine cans!" the same girl from earlier said. Her name... Prince believed he knew it was Machi Amemori. "I think we were all supposed to go to school at Grandview... but then woke up here."

"Grandview... oh yeah!" Prince remembered the school and how he was accepted there. So why was he here? "I-Is everyone else from there to?" He asked as he looked around.

"Yep!" Machi beamed, "look around, they've all be dying to meet you! Or... well see you wake up!"

"Little dude's finally awake!" a large boy shouted, having some sort of hockey jersey on as he helped Prince up, "good to see you up and at em'! Hey everybody! Look who finally decided to join us!" The boy showed Prince off like some sort of proud coach, which Prince blushed at. This guy was loud, so it had to have been Tadatake Suza.

"Yeah, we can clearly see that," a girl in fancy fabrics scoffed, waving away the notion, "tell us something we don't know, like how we ended up in this strange place?" The elegantly rude persona reminded him of Xiuying Akatsuki.

"I don't think anyone knows genius," a blonde boy with a ponytail argued, "tch, asking around with everybody seems pointless right now. Everyone's lost their brains apparently." The way the boy rolled his eyes, exuding a talented status... yeah that was Albion Kanzaki.

"What about the new kid that woke up?" a boy with red hair and a dark uniform asked, "h-hey you! Do you know where we are?" His calm expression cracked a bit, but he seemed not totally out of it as he looked around. Plus the dark wears must mean that it had to be Koji Yabusaki.

Before Prince could speak, a girl in a pink dress and a beautiful french voice laughed, "bonté... is it not obvious? We are in the space of a glorieuse manoir~! This clearly is a domain worthy of the attention of moi!" ...yeah that was Amélie Alarie.

"How can you not be weirded out by this?" A small boy in extravagant clothes muttered, holding... a pet mouse with him? "We're clearly in the middle of some super strange thing! My gut's telling me as much!" For anyone to have a mouse, yep it must've been Fudo Tsukuyomi.

"B-but d-does anyone know what's going on...?" A small girl with a chef hat asked, holding her apron tightly. Ah, that was Aimi Sakai.

"Do not be alarmed!" a boy with white hair and pink eyes tried to reassure, wearing a skirt and a large cardigan, "i-if we stay positive, everything will be okay!" The clothes threw him off a bit, but Prince was sure now that was Fujisaki Kanna.

"What a naive outlook..." a boy in a uniform said, holding a sword of some kind, "clearly something is going on. We have to stay alert." Okay yeah that was clearly Kamiya Uta,

"Let's try and keep our chin up Uta!" a stylish looking boy said with a charming smile, "you never know what might happen here, so let's try and think about this together!" Seems like Junichiro Ichida was already making moves on his soon to be boyfriend.

A girl narrowed her eyes at this, Kanon Kanda, who didn't seem to happy about her future husband flirting away, "excuse me? How can we 'keep our chin up' at this? Something is clearly wrong, we could seriously be in danger."

"Well if anything is to happen, I'll defend you all," a boy in knight armor declared, "that much I promise you." Oh right, the brilliant resolve of protecting everyone could only come from Lukas Griffin Powell.

"You make it sound like we'll be attacked..." a girl in a hijab and glasses mumbled, look especially creeped out by the situation. Given her quiet nature... yep, that was Hania Shah.

"I don't think we'll be attacked..." a VERY tall girl in what looked like colorful robes said as she held a staff, "the Eternal One gave me a comforting dream of this encounter. We'll all be alright." If anyone were to talk about the "Eternal One"... it'd be Luna Phillips.

"Yes, our fellow sister speaks the truth!" another tall girl agreed, holding a marionette of some kind, "as long as we all stay together, we shall eventually overcome whatever situation we've been placed in." Prince was relieved to remember this amazing person again, clearly being Amaya Shirai.

"Everyone is working together! You dolls sure are interesting~" a girl with wild white hair and ice blue eyes beamed. She seemed to be one of the taller girls as well, forming the tall girl trio. "I wonder what's gonna happen next though!? Could we be in a killing situation?! Oh! Or we've all been kidnapped to become servants in this mansion?! I can come up with a whole list of ideas! Oh ho ho!" ...that was Hagoromo Mae...

"Please don't speak of such atrocities," a boy with longer blonde hair and dark robes asked, looking a bit religious, "we should be fine if we try and calmly think over the situation." Seems like that was Stefano Alexeev.

"We might figure out what's happening now... look," suddenly, a red haired girl spoke, with large glasses and a red and blue eye. She seemed to be one of the quieter ones... Anata Noshi most likely.

But turning his attention to what Anata was pointing out, he was shocked to see three large figures enter the room in a flash of light, almost as if magic dropped them right off. Creepily, Prince realized they didn't even look human for the most part. One of them was a large samurai with a skeleton head, while the other was a tall woman who was pale and ghost like. The only one who seemed physically human was a tall man in fancy garments and a white mask who laughed.

"Welcome! Welcome everyone! To your final game venue!" The masked man cheered, "I am your host in this manor, the brilliant Alexander! Charmed to meet all of you again!"

"Again? W-What are you talking about?" Prince asked nervously. He could remember everyone but this guy, "a-and how did you teleport here?"

"Is it magic?!" Fudo asked, but everyone ignored him.

"Ya dare say ya don't know who the boss is?!" The large samurai growled, "well open your ear holes wide open and listen for once kid! If ya don't, the mighty Omen will pummel you down to bits!"

"Eek! S-So scary!" Aimi cried out, hiding behind Tadatake who didn't mind to much as he protected her. Prince was a little nervous as well, were they going to be okay with these people?

"No need... to be alarmed..." the woman muttered out in a ghostly voice, "Omen cannot... hurt you, he is... forbidden from doing so... in... accordance... to the rules. If you need... them explained at... any time... I will tell you them... for I am Empress..."

"Rules?" Koji voiced uneasily, "what are you talking about... where are we?"

"Ah yes I was getting to that!" Alexander winked to... no one in particular, maybe a hidden camera, "I'd like to welcome you all to your new journey within the GOLDEN MANOR! A luxury vacation destination where you get to spend your winter indoors away from the chilling cold and enjoy life's finest luxuries! We're rated quite high on a variety of websites, including big bad manors dot org!"

"First of all... that website doesn't exist," Hania pointed out, "and secondly-"

"Who are you to force us into this place?!" Xiuying interrupted, which Hania reluctantly accepted.

"Also wait... winter? It's spring isn't it?" Jun pointed out as he looked out the window, "I mean you can see the birds and bees flying about right now!

"That doesn't matter!" Omen ignored, "the boss is given ya sorry lot an AMAZIN' chance to kick back and relax! So... grr... just take it okay?!" The samurai seemed especially peeved.

"What's w-wrong?" Kanna asked quietly, "you seemed annoyed despite saying this is... a vacation destination?"

"Omen here... you see... is a staff member for the... Golden Manor," Empress explained, "as... am I. We both exist to serve... and work for all... of you... to enjoy your stay at our... resort mansion. He simply... is annoyed... he has to work as a maid... is all."

"D-Don't call me a maid Emi!" Omen flusterdly said, "I'm a mighty samurai, I serve as security detail! I-I don't serve drinks and all that!"

"Oh, a maid~" Hagoromo teased, "you should both put on maid dresses then if you are staff here!"

"I think you'd look nice in a-a maid outfit!" Kanna cheered, trying to at least be supportive.

"N-NO I WON'T-!" Omen roared with a nervous look. (Hagoromo chanted - "do it, do it, do it!)

"But she just said you two are the personnelle here, so it's a must!" Amelie pointed out smugly, "in that case, I'd want a cafe au lait pronto!" She clapped.

"You're just accepting the situation?" Fudo deadpanned at the perfumer before smiling, "well if I can perform my magic shows here, I don't mind I guess."

"Wait I'm still confused, this is... like a resort?" Anata questioned, completely bewildered.

"Yes yes, you're catching on!" Alexander cheered, "you get to stay in this luxury hotel/resort/sanctuary for the entirety of... well whenever you want! I partnered up with Grandview and they agreed for your spring, summer, and winter breaks to enjoy the things here in the manor! We live to serve here after all!"

Tadatake thought hard for a moment, "so wait, holy crap, it's like those beach resorts with the volleyball chicks and the pool side beverages while the sun is beaming down! Hell yeah! Best school vacation ever!"

"It's... spring though, not summer," Lukas seemed confused, "also... volleyball chicks? Isn't your talent related to hockey playing?"

"Don't pay attention to him..." Albion groaned, "if the school officially sees this place as a resort then... I guess I don't mind. As long as I can practice my talent here."

"Of course of course!" Alexander nodded, "you can do anything you want in this story, unlike... HA, that other sorry sight!"

"Story?" Prince questioned. But no one else seemed to mind.

"Oh how delightful, we can spend our breaks during school here to get to know one another!" Amaya beamed, satisfied with this outcome.

"If it's possible, I'd like to plan events around the manor," Luna hummed, deep in thought as she smiled, "my followers can use this place as an event space for some of our group's activities."

"I'd love to help with that!" Jun grinned, "if you ever got an opening for some volunteers, don't be afraid to hit me up!" He then turned to Kanon and grinned, "doesn't this all seem so exciting Kan? You get to relax here whenever you want!"

"I don't need to relax... I need to get back to work," Kanon sighed, "being the best doctor means I have no time to waste on... partying here."

"Wouldn't it be better to practice your talents here though with the rest of the class?" Stefano pointed out, "overworking yourself could be detrimental in your field, so i'd be best to take breaks and work on your skills here. I for one can't wait to see what spirits may lurk in this mansion."

"Oh, we cleaned all those spirits out awhile ago!" Alexander whistled.

"..." Stefano didn't look pleased.

Aimi looked a lot happier at this news though, oh... not about the spirits, about the resort, "then... I can make cakes for everyone to c-celebrate coming here!"

"Cake?!" Fudo beamed, "count me in to help!"

"Me to!" Tadatake smirked.

"ME three~!" Hagoromo volunteered. ("NO-!" Stefano screamed.)

Uta crossed his arms at the tomfoolery he was witnessing and sighed, "what a bizarre turn of events, but as long as no one dares to disrupt the harmony, I suppose I shall let this slide."

Anata similarly appeared confused, but then shrugged, "fine, if I can continue to read here it doesn't bother me."

"A resort... owned by Grandview," Koji pondered this in silence before relenting, "well, it's not the most out-of-pocket idea I've ever heard, it makes sense... so it might be reasonably true they own this place."

"I was thinking the same thing," Xiuying eventually nodded, "Grandview is rich enough to pull something like this... although the fashion sense on the staff leave... MUCH to be desired."

"What's wrong with my suit...?" Alexander sobbed.

"I can't exactly take this armor off lady," Omen flatly revealed.

"Whatever the case might be... you're free to do as you wish here..." Empress nodded, "welcome to the Golden Manor... enjoy your... time here."

"Yay! We should join everyone in on all the fun then!" Machi jumped up a bit and smiled at Prince, her eyes sparkling, "what do you say Prince?! Let's enjoy our time here in this mansion!"

Prince thought for a moment and saw everyone's smiling faces at the idea of taking some breaks during school weeks. Eventually he also smiled, and nodded happily, "yeah... I'd... I'd like t-that as well."

And so, the Golden Manor was officially opened for business as a lovely vacation destination for this Grandview class!

Both an April Fools joke... and an actual for real thing... HELLO!

This story will have... like non canon content that's totally wholesome and harmless. In this alternate reality, anything goes. I might put Au's here, memes, or just small skits. I love this cast and I feel bad there hasn't been many updates, but I just wanted something on the side in case I did anything.


Spoiler though I will NOT take this story seriously at all so anything out of character or any mistake in writing might be a flaw on my part, sorry. This won't have anything serious to do with the main story, so... just enjoy potential interactions?!