by Lethe

Chapter One: Dreaming


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Ugh.  I shouldn't have stayed up so late last night, grumbled Kaiba inwardly.  I want to sleep.  He slumped forward unconsciously, then caught his action and sat up again.  Usually, he wasn't very affected by lack of sleep; but then, he didn't usually stay up so… damn… late…. Whoa.  He blinked and sat up again.  The teacher was droning on and on.  It wasn't really helping.  Just droning, on and on, about nothing important, in the same monotonous voice that could lull anyone right to sleep, that's what she was doing, just droning – Kaiba sat up.  In a last effort, he propped his elbows on the table and rested his chin in his hands.  Then one of his hands slipped, and he found that it was a struggle even to keep his eyes open, everything was unfocusing, the teacher was just droning and he wasn't paying attention at all, he was just… asleep.

            Bor-ing.  Jonouchi tuned out the teacher effortlessly.  He looked around the classroom.  What he saw made him smirk: Kaiba, the smug, rich, perfect boy, had actually fallen asleep.  Jonouchi grinned and crossed his fingers, hoping that the teacher would notice.

            How did I get home?  thought Kaiba.  A moment ago, he had been in the classroom.  The logical explanation for this is that I've fallen asleep, he told himself rationally.  I'm still in the classroom, and when the teacher realizes that I'm asleep, I'll be given detention.  He tried, unsuccessfully, to wake himself up. 

Well, I'll wake up eventually.  As long as I'm dreaming, I might as well enjoy it.  "Mokuba?" he called.

            "Yes, big brother?" chirped Mokuba, running into the room immediately.  He looked up at Kaiba and smiled hopefully.  "You're not working?"

            "No, I'm not."  Kaiba smiled back and hugged the boy around the middle, picking him up and running through the hall.  "Do you want to fly?"

            "Yeah!  Yeah!  Yeah!"  Mokuba yelled happily.  He stuck his arms out, as though they were wings, and made zooming noises.

            Kaiba grinned, then tossed him onto the couch.  "I'm coming to get you!" he hollered in a mock-scary voice. 

            "Eek!  Aah!"  Mokuba tried to squirm away, laughing hysterically as Seto tickled him. 

"You're not going to get away!"

"Oh yeah?!"

            "Hey!" laughed Seto.  "You can't tickle me!"

            "Wanna bet?"

            The two began chasing each other through the house.

            I wonder if he's still asleep?  Jonouchi snuck a glance back at Kaiba.  The brown-haired boy mumbled.  His hand, lying limply on his desk, twitched a little.  Jonouchi laughed inwardly.  He had distinguished one word:  'Mokuba'.  And then – Jonouchi blinked in surprise – Kaiba's expression lightened.  His lips curled upward, into a smile.  A smile.

            Jonouchi softened slightly.  I didn't know that he could smile…

            He looks like a regular boy when he does.

            Like someone I would want to be my friend.

            Seto and Mokuba sprawled over the couch, breathing heavily.  They had managed to run past almost every room – when you think about it, a pretty amazing feat – and had declared a truce.

            Mokuba lifted his head tiredly.  "Seto?"



            "Any time."  Seto pulled his brother close, ruffling his hair, and settled into sleep.

            Which was, of course, when he woke up.


            "No, thank you, I'll walk." Seto told the driver.  "It's a nice day."  He swung his briefcase back and forth, walking jauntily down the sidewalk, as the limousine pulled into the street.  For some reason, he was in a good mood.  Probably because the teacher hadn't caught him sleeping, he thought with a chuckle.  He wondered, briefly, if he had had a dream, or rather, if anyone had seen him dreaming.  Ah well.  Probably best not to dwell on it.

            He should really do this more often.  The autumn leaves were beautiful.  Seto smiled to himself.

            When I get home, I think I'll play with Mokuba.