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Bella stands on top of a hill over looking her handy work. When she got a hold of it, the land was pretty barren. There were a couple of oak trees and some bushes, but that was it. Now it looks more like a paradise which is what she loves about being a Landscape architect. She isn't making the world beautiful with bricks, she is doing it with nature.

She spreads her arms to her side and closes her eyes as she takes a deep breath and feels the breeze against her arms, but of course her peace is short lived as her assistance pulls her out of her sanctuary by calling her name. "Yes Benjamin," she replies turning back to face him.

"You have a phone call," he tells her smiling timidly.

She realizes that she was too sharp with him and smiles apologetically before asking him, "Can it wait?"

"It's Angela," he answers. Angela is their live in maid, nanny, and all around the person who holds the fort down when Bella can't. With how demanding and time consuming Bella's job is, she doesn't want to waste her time cleaning, or cooking, and when she travels for work she can't take Cece with her. Also Bella rarely dates, or spends time with friends, so having another adult who lives in her household provides her with the non-work related adult interactions she needs. That is where Angela came in. It took some time for Bella to trust her and the first time she traveled she had her dad check on them twice, but now Bella trusts Angie with her life, and Cece's.

She mentions over the phone and he hands it to her. "Hey Angie, how is everything with Cece?"

"Give me mum, please," Bella hears Cece moaning in the background.

"Give her to me," Bella tells her and waits for less than ten seconds before she hears Cece. "Mummy I can't wait for you to see the picture I drew. Today after school Angela took me to the zoo and I saw the elephant. It was so big mummy. Do you think you can make a garden for it. The one in the zoo is ugly and your gardens aren't."

Bella laughs at that. This is what Cece believes, that her mummy makes gardens. In her mind, it's so simple. Their backyard is beautiful, and their house is filled with plants, so of course mummy made gardens.

"I see that you had a fun day," Bella tells her.

"Yes I did, can you make a garden for the elephant mummy," Cece asks. That is the ugly part of her daughter understanding what she does. Her daughter thinks that she can just waltz in and make things happen.

"What about the other animals? Did they have a great garden?" Bella asks.

"It wasn't so great. I think," Cece tells her adding the last part as an after thought.

"You think, my Cece doesn't think things. She knows them," Bella tells her playfully.

"I didn't see the rest of the zoo. I felt bad for the elephant and then Angela took me home," Cece answers truthfully. In other words, she started crying and Angela couldn't calm her down, so they returned home.

"My beautiful butterfly, do you know why I call you my butterfly?" Bella asks her.

"Because I am beautiful?" Cece asks in a timid voice.

"No because you are a fighter," Bella answers her. Because she is delicate.

"I want you to be strong and go do your homework, okay?" Bella asks her.

"Okay, Angie wants you," Cece tells her before she hears Angela saying, "There is something you need to know."

At the serious tone of her friend, Bella frowns while saying, "Is something wrong?"

"I think," Angela answers apprehensively.

"What do you mean?"

"A man came over 30 minutes ago, at first I though that he looked familiar, but I couldn't place him. He was slightly disappointed when he found out that you were out of town. Then he asked for Cece, and when she heard her name, she came running. At first she couldn't remember him, but then she did and she hugged him and told him that she missed him."

"Who is this man?" Bella asks despite having a feeling in her gut telling her who this man is.

"Edward Cullen."

Angela's words keep replaying in her head. He said he wants to meet with you because he would like to get to know Cece. What makes him think that she will let him? She doesn't want him anywhere near her daughter. She doesn't trust him with herself, how can she trust him with Cece? She would rather have Cece believe that she doesn't have a father than know that her father is a piece of shit.

Fuck you Edward Cullen. Fuck you and the hole you crawled from. I hope you die a slow painful death on your way back. You couldn't stay there, could you? Of course you wouldn't. How will you be a pain in my ass if you stayed away?

Well, Edward Cullen has a lot to learn if he thinks that he can just waltz in and take Cece. She will make it extremely hard for him to be around her daughter.

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