Barely any time had passed at all since Santiago Moncada was taken care of personally, barely any time since Jo Braddock had seized and gained complete control over this little operation, and it took her barely any effort to sway over Chloe Frazer to her. Now she's got Chloe pushing her up and back against a wall within a safely locked and soundproofed room in the cargo aeroplane, laying her hands and lips all over her. Both women nearly completely infected by lust, a deep physical lust for one another. Whatever thoughts or priorities they had right up to before this very moment had been blocked, overwritten, or even erased.

Even Chloe herself can't seem to help herself but admit to this. "Do you have any idea how hard it's been to resist someone like you?" She asks Jo. A hushed rapid tone infects her voice in between their deep kisses. Hints of greasy sweat run beneath her white tank top vest and zipped open grey jumpsuit.

"Just hard enough to eventually submit and give into me," Jo answers with a luring open smile. "Just as I am giving into you". Her legs tingle within her black leather tights.

Chloe's hands wrap around Jo's smooth neck like an encircling wall guarding and protecting a kingdom or a city as Jo's own hands clutch tightly onto her lover's buttocks. Their tongues slither and caress each other and their bodies press together as tightly as possible, completely attached and inseparable like magnets, however they may work.

"God, I don't want this to end ever," Chloe groans as some other thought finds its way through her lust-infested mind. "But there's that bloody treasure we gotta hunt for".

"Once we do find this treasure, we can find a secret place where we can stay forever, alone and together, all to ourselves," Jo offers. "And you can do me any way you may please. Love me, seduce me, ravage me".

"Treasure and pleasure," Chloe utters with a curious hum. "I'm liking that".

"You like?" Jo's tone shows a hint of uncertainty.

"I'm loving that," Chloe corrects herself before pressing their lips together once more.

"Me too," Jo barely manages to say in between the snogging.

Their eyes are softly closed, as if both have become completely lost in a vast and endless landscape of thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Their lips, already so soft and smooth like silk and velvet as is, feel much more polished and glossy when together as one. The two women inhale cool roomy air through their nostrils before exhaling and transferring deep warm delicious breaths into each other's gaping mouths.

"We've known each other for quite a long while," Chloe speaks once more. And in some way, that is true. These two girls have known each other for some time, even as far back as almost a decade or so, sharing very similar interests. And to say they've even harboured some developing feelings towards the other would only be wiping at the surface. "Haven't we, Jo?"

"Yes, yes we have, Chloe," Jo admits.

Deep between her thighs and legs, Jo is feeling something tugging and aching within her. Something yearning for a touch and release. A chest of treasure to be unlocked, and Chloe is the one and only key for that very lock.

Hastily and with a huff of arousal, Jo unbuttons and unzips her own leather tights, offering her deepest core to her lover. And so, as soon as she glimpses down to see the opening, Chloe seizes the opportunity without wasting even a fractured second with pointless hesitation. Her right hand slips its way right in, instantly discovering those warm, wet, and sensitive folds. Slowly and gently at first, she rubs and circles her fingers around the clit, forcing Jo to emit a few more gasps of aroused breath and her body to jolt a bit.

The sight of Jo flinching under her might and the sounds she makes fill Chloe's senses with satisfying joy. "Have you ever touched yourself thinking of me?" Chloe dares to ask as her slick and sleek fingers gradually spiral inward into the very core itself. Jo wouldn't even answer right away, only reply with more fractured breaths. Chloe then decides to tug at the folds so she can get the answer she wants. "Yes? Do I hear a yes?"

"Yesss..." Jo speaks within her shuddering breath. "I finger myself thinking about you, dreaming of you, wishing it was you doing this to me".

"I thought so..." Chloe smiles sinisterly, already knowing what she shall do next. "...Like this?" As she asks this, she finally slips in not one, not two, but three fingers at once, straight into the clitoris itself.

"Ooo, oooo, ah ah, ah yeah! Shit baby!" Jo moans while her eyes roll up and her eyelids flutter like crazy. "No one fucks me up better than you".

Such words are only encouraging the wild and savage Chloe to keep going even further and faster and deeper. "Good, cause I'm gonna take you all the bloody way". Slowly, she moves so that her lips are right up close to Jo's left ear. "Say you belong to me..." she whispers ever so deeply into that ear like a snake's hiss. "...and only me... ...say it".

She then proceeds to stroke the ear with her very lips before letting her tongue dip in as much as it can into the canal. It then goes about in the auricle and around the helix before playing and fiddling with the lobe, sending another one of many tingles throughout the nerves within Jo's delicate body.

"I-I belong to you..." Jo speaks before taking a sharp breath as her hips and pelvis buck up and thrust back and forth with and against those strong fingers. " only you".

Moving down, Chloe pulls and drags Jo's tights down to just above her buckling knees with her left hand while the right continues its business, unveiling her white briefs with a notably soaked patch right in the middle. Grinning a toothy grin, Chloe pulls down that as well, finally exposing Jo's quivering and fully shaven vulva as it's still being penetrated by her fingers.

Quietly purring, Chloe lets forth her tongue to join in on the fun and share the sensational taste of the clit with her fingers, heaving Jo herself even closer to the edge. Under so much pleasure and pressure just from riding Chloe's tongue and fingers, Jo could feel her own legs wobbling, wanting to hold tightly onto them as well as that luscious noirette hair. Her chest bends and rises while every breath she takes grows harder and every moan she makes grows louder.

"Oh god!" Jo gasps as stars race endlessly within her eyes, all glittering like gold, the gold that she's been seeking after one way or another. "Oh god, oh god! I'm gonna fucking come!"

"I know, baby, I can feel it too," Chloe huffs as she continues plunging her submissive girlfriend, faster and faster, without any sign of stopping soon. Her tongue flicking and flickering, her fingers pumping and thumping, altogether so relentlessly.

As Jo's chest and torso arch even higher and further as much as humanly possible, her sultry voice has been reduced to mere husky breathless moans and orgasmic wheezes. The world is nothing at this point, only Chloe and Jo.

Then finally, after what feels like an eternity of ever-rising sexual pleasures, Jo finds herself unlocking and setting free her liquid pleasures upon the unified key that is Chloe's tongue, face, lips, and fingers. Feeling it all squirting and splattering on her, Chloe smiles with glee before she begins licking and slurping up all the sensual nectar until there's no more left.

Moving back up, Chloe goes to lay her tongue within Jo's gaping mouth once again, their shared saliva mixing with the few hints of cum left. While Chloe's lust and thirst remain unquenchable to an extent, Jo lays back against the sterile wall behind her, with cloudy eyes, twitching limbs, and mouth drooling open. Both women are very lucky that no one else would be hearing anything within here from the outside.

Even during the rest of the voyage and eventually when carrying the entirety of the ships and treasures with the helicopters, one thought remains absolutely clear within Jo's multi-tasking mind. She belongs to Chloe Frazer, and only Chloe Frazer. To Chloe, Jo Braddock is the greatest treasure she could ever achieve, no riches in the world would even dare come close to such.

The End...?