The one By ScB

I don't any of these characters. I know some of them well be out of character a bit. But just go with it okay.



An innocent be born, but drawn to danger before even thought of. Thee innocent behold the balance of thee race. Many will try to destroy this innocent. But yet well fail. Fate is in the process churning fatefully, till the day when all we come to peace.


Merrill sat on the couch her lab-top prompted up against her knees. Busily typing away like no tomorrow, she looked up and looked around and spotted the piano.

She remembered that weekend like yesterday though it was a month ago. Since she fed of Marty she sort of had a bond with him. She shook her thoughts and started to type again but was interrupted.

"Here Merrill,' said the voice, while a blood packet was tossed to her, she caught it and started to drink it, then looked up to see Marty.

"Hey Marty thanks,' she said.

'That all I get is thanks," he pouted a bit.

"It's not going to happen Marty, never in a million years.

"Hey don't read my mind that's an invasion of privacy!" he stated loudly.

"Marty I have a bond with you I can tell what you thinking no matter what,' she rolled her eyes.

"Well miss mind reader, Murdoch wants to see us all,' walking away.

She closed and saved her writing and followed Marty to the passage way.

"Ah welcome young vampires,' said Dr. Murdoch their teacher.

"Please get on with it," said Essie.

"Very well the elders have invited us to the annual ball, for all vampires."

"Oh my god really.what well I wear," Essie added for fun, at the end. Everybody laughed.

"It is to be this weekend, now on to school work hand in last weeks essay you had to right of Salem witch burnings." he took all the copied.


"Essie I need help," said Merrill walking to Essie coffin

"You need a dress for the ball, have one that would suit you somewhere,' digging through a box and closet, "nope.nah.defiantly no, oh that be good for me. ah ha," she pulled a midnight blue gown out, " why I made it never knew colour never suited me but it well you.

"Alright," she was a little nervous since well Essie made it. But she tried it on to see it was no like her other cloths. It was a made of midnight coloured silk. It had no sleeves, but it was halter style, the waist was high in empire waist. The length went straight to the floor, and had great movement, and had little sparkle that brought out her eyes.

She stepped out for Essie to see. "Merrill your drop dead sexy," she just blushed and looked in the mirror and saw it was true, and saw the back of the dress was really nice. And her bust looked bigger, and showed it off a little, but not a lot.

"Thank Essie that dress is amazing," she hugged her and went to go changed back.


It was the night of the ball; Merrill was in her dorm, at her vanity, dressing her, her front crimps, still down but, the rest of her hair pulled back elegantly. She put on her make-up, which was dark blue eye shadow, black eye liner, and cherry red lipstick.

She picked up her white lace shawl and slipped on her shoes. Then put on her cape. She laid her hood carefully over her hair and went out.

"I never seen so many vampires at one time,' said Merrill to Essie who just walked in the great hall.

"I have to been to parties bigger then this Merrill," said Essie.

"Well of course you were royalty," she said back.

"So come take the cape off, maybe you'll turn your heads,' said Essie.

"Essie!" but she did anyway. Not noticing Karl and Marty at the bottom of the stairs.

Marty nudges Karl, "look," he said pointing to Merrill who was coming down the stairs.

'That can't be Merrill.'

"Believe it man, man she is beautiful," he said with a dreamy look in his eyes.

"You like her don't you."

"Nah love her she's my one---."

"but she hooked on drew,' Karl said.

'Maybe she wrong, she reminds me a girl I used to know, then she died one day in the forest, her name is Cecily."

"Why don't you ask her to dance," but he noticed Marty was already asking her.

"I'd love to Marty," said Merrill as he just asked her.

"You look really nice tonight Merrill, I mean it," he complimented her.

"Thanks Marty you do to, you look good in a tux."

'Well Murdoch made us guys wear them or not go and I was not going to miss this," she laughed at his comment.

"I would think so to,' the music stopped she whispered, 'the elders.

He only nodded; well she suddenly winces and touches her temple.


"Cecily where are you!"

"Ma-"and a piecing shriek-"Mama the voice was faded"

The vision ended

Merrill let out a shriek and fell to the floor.

"Oh god Merrill," said Marty, and fell to the floor beside her picking her up, "Murdoch over here," he shouted to the only mortal in the room.


"A flashback from her mortal life, when she was bitten she must of put of a fight since she hit her head and forgot everything of her past, now she regaining them though visions or flashbacks, I think she must of remembered the day she was bitten by Patsy .

"Dr. Murdoch she's awakening," called out Marty who never left her side yet. "Merrill," Murdoch said.

"huh oh---I remember, my name was Cecily I forgot something in the Forrest near the pond I sat at all the time, I went back to get it---I was attacked from behind, I tried to get away I hit my head on a tree then I felt teeth piercing my neck."

"Your memory from your mortal life is coming back, you well have more, but not so extreme to make you faint or anything else." She only nodded she looked at Marty who some sort a look in his eyes, like a little boy who just found something lost to him.

"How you doing----"said Marty waling in to her open dorm.

'Just call me Merrill Marty Cecily is gone, and I'm fine.

"She's always here," he whispered, then spook up, "that's good class is starting, Murdoch says if you want, you don't have to come.'

"Thanks but I well," getting out of her coffin, she had another flashback she gripped the coffin, a bit.


"Ma look"---she spun around in an evening dress, made for a Christmas ball.

"You look lovely, when is Martin going to be here."

"Marty few minutes ma, and it not Martin he hates that."


"Merrill---Merrill," called out Marty.

"Sorry flashback, I was going to a winter ball, with a boy named Marty, guess he was my boyfriend or something,' she smiled. "you have no clue of what I was to you right now,' he thought to him self.

"For this week project I well have all of you writing a poem or song, of something special to you,' said Dr. Murdoch.

The week flew by fast. Merrill getting more and more of her past and with piecing it together she found a thing to write about.

"Merrill how's the project doing," said sitting room. I don't know what they call the place where lost weekend took events.

"Alright, she said meekly, she knew he was the same Marty form her flashes, they looked the same, while back then he was more gentleman like. From that she was getting shyer around him.

"Can I see,' he asked.

"No!" she said very fast, "I mean just want it to be a surprise for everybody, its due tomorrow night anyway, Marty."

"Alright then I guess I'll leave in peace," he said as he left to go to the cellars.


Alright class, we only have Merrill and Marty, left," said Murdoch, "Merrill."

"first off I would like to say I wrote this song from someone in my past that I loved and I think I found him again no after all this time and I want him to now that..."


I see you every day but you just

Walk on by its like fireworks explode

Inside just some simple words

That I want to say when I get close

I hesitate time and time I search to

Find my open in cliché

If you could only read my mind

You'd see that I am struggling line by

Line I wrote it down a million

Times but I just can't seem to get it right

Why does my confidence play?

Tricks on me it shuts me out so

I can't speak out of necessity I have

To prove my everything is

To be with u why does it have to be?

That words get in the way

If you could only read my mind

You'd see that I am struggling line by

Line I wrote it down a million

Times but I just can't seem to get it right

If u only new that I owe it all

For you

If you could only read my mind

You'd see that I am struggling line by

Line I wrote it down a million

Times but I just can't seem to get it right


"I love Marty thank you for always being there," she went and sat down well other stunned."

"Marty, it your turn now,' said Murdoch.


Look into my eyes - you will see

What you mean to me

Search your heart - search your soul

And when you find me there you'll search no more

Don't tell me it's not worth tryin' for

You can't tell me it's not worth dyin' for

You know it's true

Everything I do - I do it for you

Look into my heart - you will find

There's nothing' there to hide

Take me as I am - take my life

I would give it all I would sacrifice

Don't tell me it's not worth fightin' for

I can't help it there's nothin' I want more

Ya know it's true

Everything I do - I do it for you

There's no love - like your love

And no other - could give more love

There's nowhere - unless you're there

All the time - all the way

Don't tell me it's not worth tryin' for

I can't help it there's nothin' I want more

I would fight for you - I'd lie for you

Walk the wire for you - Ya I'd die for you

Ya know it's true

Everything I do - I do it for you.


The others left, which left only Merrill and Marty in the room.

"I love you Merrill I always did when you mentioned Cecily I knew you were her the Cecily I lost you always reminded me of her. You are my mortal and vampire love."

"Oh Marty when I was getting my memory back I remember you, so much, I only thought of drew cause I couldn't remember my past it seems so foolish now," with that she kissed and sat there till they fell asleep together in each others arms.

"they are so cute together," comment Essie who looked at the two lovers, still asleep.

"Ya but the sun g to rise soon swell, hey Marty-Merrill get up now, you can sleep down stairs,' shouted Karl.

Marty groaned and opened his eyes, followed by Merrill.

"Well love birds get up," said Essie walking toward the entrance. Well the sleepy couple followed, and Karl, "you can sleep in your own coffins."


Few weeks past, the vampires all got used to the new couple. The couple always kissing when you walk into either one of their dorms, or talking into late of the night.

"Merrill what do you think of the declaration," asked Marty.

"What do you mean by it," she replied.

"I love you Merrill you know I do, we are each others ones, and I don't ever want to lose you ever, or again," he looked into his eyes.

"You want to make the declaration I guess the only thing to do is well set a date," she smiled at him.

"You mean you well,' he asked anxiously.

"Marty I love you, I don't want to lose ever,' with that she kissed him.

'Won't you two shut up, it's the middle of the damn night for gods sake," shouted Essie.

"I think we better get going to bed," said Merrill.

"I think your right," he said getting up she was almost to her dorm room already. "Merrill wait! Here," handing over a ring with a ruby heart gem in the middle.

"I had this ring for years, I was planning on asking you to marry the day after you got bit, and I kept it with me always since then hoping I may find you."

A tear rolled down her face, she brought her hand to the wetness, and "I'm crying I never cried since.a very long time,' with that she kissed him. And went to her room with her new ring shining on her white hand.

It was the nightfall when all the vampires were gathered at the library table quietly working. Marty was beside Merrill playing with her ring, she looked at him just smiled once Murdoch left for a few minutes Essie spoke up.

"So," though already knew of the ring.

She just showed her hand.

"So when is the date," her friend asked.

"We don't know yet, we still have to talk to Murdoch," she said as he walked back in.

"Just make sure he is your one, you know what happed between my and Karl," Essie looked over at him.

"I loved marty and a mortal and a vampire, he is my one, I only thought drew cause I didn't know my past," she whispered, 'oh and I need help for my dress.'

Essie only nodded for Murdoch was coming their way, but handed over some sheets with dresses on them.while Merrill looked over them and found her perfect dress.


"So Marty Merrill what can I do for you tonight," asked Murdoch.

"You know I've been gaining more past and stuff- well even as a mortal I knew Marty. But he was planning to propose to me the next day.but I got bitten, and now we found each other again."

"What she means that we want to make the declaration,' finished off Marty.

"Mortal and Vampire, you say, strange but very rare, I guess all you two have to do is set a date," he said. "You mean you not going to lecture of how young we are, well actually we are older then you," she said with a laugh.

"Do you have a date yet?'

"Well, I always planned on wanting to get married or something on Valentines day, and it not far off just a month or less,' said Marty, looking at Merrill.

"I think I can get my dress by then," she smiled for approval.

"I guess it's settled then, I well tell the elders, congratulations as well.'


"So," said Essie seeing Merrill back down in the cellar.

"Its is official it is Valentines day," she said with a smile.

"Right then lets goes get you measured for you dress then."

Two weeks have gone by fast, Merrill was getting even more nervous, and she still had to write Patsy and asked her if she can come.

"Merrill comes in her so I can fix some spots," called out her Essie.

"Alright," she went and stepped in to the dress and came out from behind the changing screen.

Her dress was the same dark blue silk, it was spaghetti strapped, that were barely visible except for the color that stood out on her milky skin. The waist was in empire style and fell straight to the floor.

"Alright I need the fix the boob area," she pinned there, and took note to short the straps a inch. When she was done and tied a piece of decorative ribbon under the bust of the dress.

"Now do you want a veil?"


"Alright, flowers."

"red roses," the bride said.

"Good choice."

"Well I think we are finished," she said she knew what came next.

"But we never got to the honeymoon," her friend fake pouted, and watched her friend squirm a bit. "Don't tell me you're scared."

"I do have a right you know," she said indignantly, "now excuse me I have to go write Patsy."

"Why you writing her she made what you are."

"Cause she stayed by me when I turned, and taught me everything I needed to know at the time, and she made up for a mother, when I was to go to my grave and she took me there, even though I did not remember anything from before," with that she changed and went to her dorm.

Dear Patsy.

I have great news. I have regained my memory well still getting pieces every now and then but I am able to see me life before the fateful night, in the forest. And my name was Cecily; I had a mum dad and brother. But mostly I need you to come here for Valentines Day. For the day is going to be very special to me. Since I am going to make the declaration, I have found my one. Through gaining my past I found my one, I knew him as a mortal and as a vampress. His name Marty he was my mortal lover and now life lover of mine. Essie is almost finished my dress and I just really want you to be there for that day is very special to me. I hope you can make it.

Love Merrill.

"What you doing love?"

"Hello Marty nothing just writing a letter to Patsy," she kissed him on the cheek. And got up and walked over to Bella her rat, taking her out and petting her.

"What is with you and that rat," asked marty.

"She is not just a rat; her name is Bella Patsy gave her to me for my birthday one time," she said. , I have no clue how she got it for I never seen a lot of the episodes just the last few. she put pet back in the cage, but kissing her before. "And I think she's cute."

"Do you think I'm cute," pouted Marty.

"I think adorably cute, and sexy," and gave a sly smile, and kissed him.

"I like that answer kissing her back hungrily.


"My daughter is getting married," she a voice coming into the cellar.

"Patsy you made it," ran Merrill to hug the older vampire.

"Let me look at you, oh you look positively radiant- I had my eye on drew, but Marty is a good choice. Ah is that Bella," going over the cage, "still alive that's good to see."

"Yes she is still alive," laughing, "have you ever found your one?"

"Yes but he was killed shortly after the declaration was made, and I gone of stricken with shock then I bit a young girl, who I raised and now is making her own declaration."

"Is that why you stayed with me because the love you lost."

"Yes and no but that a long story and your man is waiting for ya, but I have something for ya,' taking out a package, "I wore this on mine declaration now I'm giving it to you. So you have something new-old- borrowed-blue," Merrill opened to see a necklace, and bracelet with a moon and stars hanging of it.

"It's beautiful," she said as she carefully put them on. "Thank you for everything.

'No problem and left the bride room."

"That day Merrill walked down the small isle to Marty.

"I do," said Merrill.

"I do," said Marty.

"Then by permission of the elders," he laid down gold chains, and pulled out the sword, "I bond thee for eternity," the chains molded together and he slid them off, "you may now kiss your bride. They kissed till patsy spoke up

"You know if you keep it up you'll never get to see your declaration present," they broke apart.


Their fate was bonded that day unknowingly of what is going to become the future for them is going to be eventful, of danger and love for just an innocent.


Done for this chapter.hoped you liked it. I only saw a fair amount of end episode. So I don't know what patsy is like, and who she got Bella and stuff. But hoped you liked it, chapter 2 should be up soon.