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Run. That's all I could do. That's all I ever do. Run away from mutant hunters, police, angry farmers with pitchforks. No kidding, once a farmer found out I was using his barn as a hide-out and he chased me out with a pitch fork that he had grabbed. That was weird.

So who knows what it's like to be a mutant? No idea. I'm sure there are more mutants out there. Somewhere out there. I've never met one, or heard of one besides the few that attack the president and American People every year. I heard they like New York, so that's where I'm headed.

Provoking officers and people on the streets is a hobby of mine, it seems. When people get me mad my eyes glow red (their red anyway, but in a darker shade when I'm calm), and I have a tendency to get fangs and try to kill someone before I'm done. I have no idea how that happens, but it does. Also, if they are really emotional, I can tell what someone is feeling. Did I mention the chameleon effect and green fur? That's right, I can blend in with the surroundings sometimes, like a chameleon I guess, but my natural fur, which I'm covered in, is a bright neon green. A little kid once asked if I was from Sesame Street. Then I growled and his mother led him away, glaring at me.

Course, I had growled and I did glare back, but I have to, or risk letting those kind of things get to me. My feelings getting hurt would make me start crying and then cry forever, see? And then I'd be a big blubbering friend of Elmo and Big Bird. That would help, not.

So after my wonderful parents found their child had turned from a pretty blond eighteen-year-old to a green one with fangs, red eyes, a tail, and some new powers they changed their parenting. They said to say no matter what was going on I could turn to them for help and support. Not true, I found the hard way. They kicked me out of their nice little home in northern California (I used to have a tan, now my green fur gets a slight shade darker, which doesn't really help in anyway) with a few cloths, my money (thank god I saved $497 dollars, or I'd starve) and an order to never call nor contact them in any way. I think they told their neighbors and my friends that I had moved in with my grandmother in Tokyo or something.)

Now I'm at the ferry station that goes to Manhattan sweating to death under all of my cloths that hide my fur, and my blue hair is in my eyes to hide them, and I have three dollars in my pocket, I already sold my wallet for the ten I used on food last week.

I have got to find these mutants soon, or I'll starve. You see, I cant exactly go get a job where anyone can see me, my appearance forbids if. I'm just sitting there, trying to find a comfortable place for my tail without it showing, and suddenly this short black haired guys smoking a cigar sits down next to me, totally without invitation. Some people are so rude, aren't they? And this guy is just looking at me casually, puffing away at his cigar and eyeing the plastic bag with one change of cloths in it. I stuff it out of sight, and the man chuckles.

Luckily, my voice was the one thing that never changed. I like the sound of my voice, and I love to sing. My parents used to say I would become a singer when I grew up, but that has no chance of happening now.

"What do you want?" I demanded. I think I'm a nice person, but as I said before a tough wall is always necessary if you're me. The man sat there, grinning and sucking away at that smelly cigar.

"I came to find out if you're in the mood for something to eat." He said. I growled. He probably wanted to rape me or something, but he had no idea what he was dealing with. I could scare him away with one glance at my eyes. I moved my hair out of the way and glared at him, but shockingly he seemed unimpressed by my eyes or the green fur around them.

"Nice eyes, now are you hungry or what?" he asked. I was hungry, no way around that. And this guy wasn't that big, I could take him on easy. Why not get a free meal? I nodded and he seemed pretty happy, probably deciding where to dump my body after he killed me.

"Come on, there is a great school with free meals and their ok to." He said. I stopped.

"What? School? No thanks, you may not care about red eyes or fur, but kids? At least adults sometimes try and not say anything. Bye mister, thanks anyway." Then I got up, grabbed my bag, and started to walk away from him, pushing my hair back in front of my eyes and putting my head down. Then I heard that stupid guy calling after me.

"Wait! Kid, you don't get it!" he said, catching up and walking beside me. "This is a school, yeah. But it's a school for kids like you. Mutants. Jen, wait!" I stopped cold. How the hell did this guy know my name? Wait, mutants? A school for mutants like me?

Then I cursed under my breath. Fool, this guy was trying to get me to go with him by telling me this cock bull story about a mutant school. Yeah, right. Like I was supposed to fall for that.

"How'd ya know my name?" I asked, staying away from the school subject.

"The School for the Gifted, that's the name. Its run by a powerful mutant named Xavier. I'm from there, the professor sent me to get you. We take in homeless kids like yourself and then teach'em loads of crap they'll never use, but that's what we do. The professor is a mind reader, a psychic. He told me your name and where to find you. He is under the impression I'm his errand boy, but that's not the point." I glared at him, he was relaxed, not like you'd expect someone who is lying through his teeth to act, but maybe he's an actor.

He obviously knew I doubted him, because he grabbed my shoulder and spun me around to face him, scowling. He raised his fist and I braced for him to hit me; that would be interesting because I'd just get up and kill the bastard. But he didn't hit me. Instead, to my utter amazement, three long claws, silver and sharp as knives came out of his knuckles. My eyes went wide, I know because suddenly a woman screamed from behind the man, where she wouldn't have seen his claws.

"That girl's a mutant! Help! HELP!" God, for a tiny woman she sure could scream loud. Suddenly someone grabbed my overcoat and hat, ripping them off and giving everyone full view of my fur because all I had on underneath were shorts and a tee-shirt.

My tail instantly swished around, flexing. That's when the real screaming started, and suddenly guards were pouring in. I spun around, growling as my fangs came, and grabbed my cloths from the man, punching him hard in the cheek.

Behind me I heard a gun being loaded, and taking one last glance at the man who had talked to me, the mutant, I ran.

The crowd parted immediately, more screaming nearly making me pass out. My hearing is better than normal, which makes it almost impossible to tell you how loud those idiots were. There were men following me, I couldn't hear them but people were screaming at the sight of guns and they weren't going to just let me go. Not me, because I'm a mutant and mutants should be killed on sight.

Ahead I saw a door way, if only I could reach it.

Then the terminal cops started firing. People threw themselves flat on the floor as the bastards shot at me, mostly missing because they were running. Then I felt a bullet rip through my left arm, and I tripped, clutching my wound and yelling up a racket.

But my mind was no longer human, it had gone into wild-crazy-kill- everything mode, and I leapt to my feet easily, crouching on all fours despite my wound. The guards froze, not expecting this but terrified as they saw my eyes, no doubt they were a bright red by now, maybe orange. God help them if my eyes were orange.

I leapt at one, who cried out as my nails suddenly got an inch longer and sharp as razor blades, then ripped through his uniform. I was a pissed off mutant, and was about to kill him when someone grabbed me from behind, pulling me away.

I roared in anger and my head snapped back, hitting my assaulter in the forehead. He dropped me, and I spun around to see the man who had told me about the school. I paused, he had come across as a friend, and there was the easy target behind me, crying in a pool of blood while everyone ran out of the building, trying to save themselves and keep as far away from me as they possibly could.

Something inside me said 'kill the attacker, then get the man on the floor. Get the competition'. So I did. Simple as that. I lunged at the idiot, who just stood there as I sank my nails deep into his flesh and ripped. It should have killed him, but he just looked at me, unconcerned and seemingly in no pain at all.

I growled and backed away, taken by surprise. To my amazement I watched the wounds I had given him healed, no blood, nothing. Soon all that I had done was ripped his shirt. I was confused, he should be dying. He should be moaning in agony on the floor. He should not be looking at me with a ripped shirt and an unconcerned expression on his face.

Then he came forward. I tensed, waiting for an attack, but he crouched right in front of me.

"Jen, Jen! Cut it out!" he barked. I jerked. What was a Jen? Oh yeah, that was some mutant girl with green fur and- wait. That was me. I was Jen. Suddenly I knew where I was, I didn't want to kill the guard behind me anymore, my claws went back to being my normally green nails, and my teeth were normal, not fangs.

I was Jen, the mutant girl on all fours with my tail swishing, hitting the guard's boot as he waited for me to kill him. And then the pain in my arm became so intense it just collapsed from under me, and I fell forward into the guy's arms.

"I, I'm sorry," I breathed, trying to get up. The guy stood up, smiling and helping me up. He grabbed my coat and hat, stuffing them in my plastic bag and looked at my arm.

"No problem at all, happens all the time. Trust me, you're not the first, or by far the worst. Now common, you need some medical help and a meal, that's obvious." And the same instinct that told me to attack this guy was now calm, and it told me to follow him.


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