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Jen made the last joke right before she seemed to relax, and her eyes became glossy and less a severe color red. I stood up slowly, we were all starring the teen on the ground, unable to move or speak. She had helped us kill two of our worst enemies, and gave up her life to save one of our students.

We brought her inside, then covered her with a white sheet after we had closed her eyes. I looked over at Kurt, who was doing much better than he had when I left. The next day he opened his eyes, he had made it through.

"How are you doing?" I asked, trying to smile. Kurt looked around, confused.

"I vos going somevere," he said. He paused for a moment, speaking slowly. "But then I saw Jen. She seemed happy about something. She put her hand on my shoulder and turned me around, so I valked in the direction she pointed me in. Then I voke up." I starred at him for a moment, then realized Jen had helped us again, sending our dear friend back to us. I looked down, pretending to make some notes on the clip board.

"I must thank Jen," Kurt said suddenly. "Vere is she? Still vith Magneto?" I sighed and slowly turned to face him.

"She's dead." I said. "She was cured and helped us defeat Magneto, then she saved the school from Mystique and Pyro, but she didn't make it." Kurt starred at me in disbelief, I had to admit I to was still having a hard time believing it.

"Then, she is an angel now." Kurt said slowly. I looked at him, and realized what he said was true. She might be an angel now, or at least watching us. It dawned on me that maybe she was watching over the school, and it made me feel a little better.

We buried her near the woods, under an ancient oak tree. The whole school watched us bring her out, and then the X Men and the young girl name Javelin, who was there on special request, buried her. On her tombstone we put her name and age, we didn't know her birthday. Then, on the bottom, we put 'The Forgiven Angel'.