A/N: Set during New Moon when Bella chases Edward through the woods in an attempt to find him after he leaves her.


No. This could not be happening. He could not leave me. I love him. We are mates, he had said so himself!

"No!" a gasp of sheer devastation escaped my lips as I fell to the ground, watching Edward walk away from me. His face was a mask of brutal indifference as he continued to walk ahead in the opposite direction, not even glancing back at me once to see whether I was okay or not.

The fear that maybe he had simply admitted the truth entered my mind, but I sensibly pushed it away.

No, he could not have meant that.

It was just not possible.

He loved me.

He could never even think of leaving me. The irony being, he had already left me.

"Edward?" I cried out. "Please come back! I love you."

No response.

He hadn't heard me.

Of course. He was walking at such great speed.

I would have to catch up to him.

He would have to hear me out.

I wasn't giving up on him.

I wasn't giving up on us.

But what if…


He was lying.

I knew it in my heart.

"Edward?" I tried again, my feet lifted as I pushed through the wet grass, the merciless wind whipping through my hair, as I continued in my pursuit.

I had to stop him.

I had to make him listen.

He would change his mind.

He wouldn't leave me.

"I know you love me." I begged. "We will forget all of this and move on. Change me tonight; make me like you."

Please, Edward. I am begging you.

"Alice has already seen it. You know that. You can't fight it, Edward. It is going to happen. Stop being so stubb…aahhh…"

What was happening to me?

Why was I falling?

Where was I even going?

Last thing I recollected, I had been running through fallen branches, the ground under my feet disappearing, as I lost balance and fell downwards…but how could there be a tunnel under the ground?

It was scarily dark in here, a cry leaving my lips as I continued to fall.

"Oh God."

I had never been a very religious person, but I could start praying today?

"Edward, can you hear me? Please help me."

No response.

Just my like.

I shut my eyes tight, a stray tear leaking down the corners.

I was going to die in here.

This was the end of Isabella Marie Swan.

Mom…Dad…I will miss…aahh…

What the hell?

Was this a muddy puddle I had fallen into?


"Bells," a sudden laugh grabbed my attention, making me notice two things at once.

First, the bright sun was out. Shit. How long had I been in that tunnel? Charlie must have gone crazy with worry. Second, Jacob Black stood laughing at me, a finger pointed as he grabbed all his amusement of the decade.

Wow. That's mean.

"Stop laughing, you idiot." That did the trick. "Help me up."

He continued to giggle, offering me his hand. I quickly grabbed it, standing up, as I wiped my dirty hands on my pants, having no patience in me to go and wash it.

"Where am I?" I enquired. "Where is Charlie?"

Did he know that I had been found?

Of course, Mr. Giggle-pants wouldn't have thought of that.

"Bells," Seriously, what was this amusing? I had fallen; big deal! I did that a lot, you know? "Charlie is in the house with everyone else. The twins have been waiting since long for you."

What twins?

"Rachel and Rebecca?"

They were the only twins I knew of.

"No, silly. Hazel and Charlotte. Your sisters, remembers?"


I had sisters?

Jesus, Mary and Joseph, what was happening in here?

"Did you just say 'my sisters'?"

"Yeah, silly." He shook his head in disbelief. "Old Quil too is in there. We have all been waiting for you."

Um, why?

And how did Old Quil's presence or absence make any difference to me?

First, who even was Old Quil?

What a weird name?


I followed him in, having no other choice in the matter. Clearly, something absurd was going on in here.

I had fallen through a tunnel…and Charlie had procreated in the meanwhile?

Didn't it take nine months to happen…considering he had sex last night?

Yuck. Why was I even thinking about my father's non-existent sex life?



Yeah, they so weren't conceived last night.

The twins, as Jacob had put it, looked to be six or seven years of age, four front teeth missing as they smiled wide.

"You play alone?"

Apparently, yes.

"Oh, Bella!"

Er, who are you?

A woman in her mid-forties with short black hair and the brightest smile greeted me at the door of this tiny house, pulling me into her arms, the fact that I was dirty seemed to be of no worry to her.

"We missed you."



She led me inside, Charlie…wait…let me focus on this more…a sans-moustache Charlie stood laughing with…wait…Billy was on his own two feet?

Where was the wheelchair?

I wasn't being insensitive. It was just…surprising to witness.

I was happy for him. Of course.

"Bella." Charlie greeted me, laughing way too loud for my sanity. "Billy was just praising your cheesy chicken lasagna. Tiff doesn't make it that good. Of course, Tiffany is not to know of that." Cue, the laugh.

Well, I needed to know Tiffany in order to tell her that!

"Uh-huh." I nodded my head. "Dad, can I talk to you in private?"

"Is everything alright?"

On clue, everyone- and I mean everyone- in the room turned to stare at us, their eyes curious as they waited to intrude in our personal conversation.


I pulled Charlie out with me, a hand rushing through my hair, as I caught my breath.

"What is going on here, dad?" I demanded to know. "Who was that woman who got me into that house? Whose house is that? How is Billy walking? Where is your moustache?"

I had so many questions…and no freaking answers!

How can the world change so drastically in the period of one night?

"Bella, are you alright?"

He touched my forehead. No, dad. I am not running a temperature.

"Just answer me, dad." I sighed. "Where is Edward? Has he left already? I was trying to catch up to him."

Charlie hated Edward. Was this party in honor of him leaving?

Wow, Charlie. That's low!

"Edward?" he looked confused.

Great acting there!

"Is he someone new in school?"

"Stop it, dad!" I stated. "It is not funny."

"Joy?" he called out, helplessly waving his hands in air. "You should talk to your mother. She always got you better than I did."



Where was Renee?

"Dad, where is mom? Renee, I mean?"

He wasn't laughing.

This wasn't a prank.

This looked…serious.

"Bella, um, I…"

"Please, dad. Just answer me."

I needed to know.

"She is dead, Bella. She died sixteen years ago. Joy and I have been married for thirteen years now. Joy is the one who raised you. You call her 'mom'. I don't understand where this is all coming from?"


Mom…Renee…was dead?


This could not be true.

I pinched myself, wishing to wake up from this terrible nightmare, but neither did I wake up, nor did the tears stop.

"This is La Push?"

It seemed to be. I had rarely been here, but I could smell the scent of the ocean in the air.

"Yes, we live here." he slowly spoke, similar to conversing with a scared, little child, "you, me, Joy, your sisters, and Quil. Gramps lives down the road."

"I don't understand…" I cried out.

I lived in a different world, or at least I had till last night.

This wasn't my world. I was an only child.

My mother was still alive.

I did not live in La Push.

And Edward was still with me.

"Do you need a moment?"

Yes, I do.

I needed to think.

How had I reached here?

That tunnel…it had something to do with this!

I had to get back in there.

I wanted to go back to my world.

I was happy in my universe…with Edward.

He would come to change his mind. I was sure of that.

Yes, I was going back in there.

Sans moustache Charlie could stay here with his family!