When Touchstone was out of ear shot Sabriel stomped over to her bed and screamed in to her pillow. And then she felt a wet nose on her right cheek. Sabriel looked over to her right and glared daggers at the white cat sitting there. And to her annoyance he looked quite pleased with him self. "Don't look so damn please with your self cat! Not unless you don't mind having my boot up your as-"

She felt a hand on her shoulder. Sabriel rotated around only to find a sending standing there with her nightshirt, obviously waiting for her to get ready for bed. Violently she stripped down to her under clothes and grabbed her nightshirt and shoved it on and over her head. When in her p.j.'s she sat down on her bed, careful not to disturb her injured leg. The sending who had held her nightshirt was now undoing her bandage.

When the cloth came off of her gash the scab came with it. She flinched and looked away as it started to bleed again. She didn't like seeing so much blood coming from her when it wasn't that time of month. The sending very carefully washed it and then re-bandaged it. Sabriel leaned back on to her pillows and heaved a huge sigh. So many things were happening all at once. She knew that she would be allowed no time to cope with the death of her father. And obviously Mogget wasn't going to let her either. At Wayverly College she read something about bottling up emotions was bad for one's self.

With nothing else to do Sabriel bent over her bed's edge and got her journal. If she wasn't allowed to show her hurt, then she would write it down, draw it out, whatever it took to make it less painful. And so with this she began writing. At first there were no sentences or paragraphs, but words describing the pain.

"Hurting loneliness an empty void. Tears exhaustion no where to go no one to go to. I am left to grieve by myself. I stand-alone in this world. It is only I now. No where to grieve. The hurt is unbelievable! The loneliness is overwhelming. I feel as if I am the only human with emotions left in this wrecked kingdom. I feel as un-ruled as this anarchy kingdom. But maybe that will all change. When Touchstone is restored to the throne, maybe then I will find happiness and maybe then the hurt won't be as strong. Maybe Touchstone will find me someone. Someone to be my "other" Or maybe, just maybe Touchstone might choose me to be his queen. It's late and I should get some sleep. Love much, Sabriel" With this done, Sabriel put her book back under the bed. "Maybe Tomorrow will be better. There is always tomorrow." Sabriel thought this to her self. As she curled up in to her bed. Once comfortable, she wove her fingers in the marks for night, dark, and sleep. Before she was done with the spell the charter lights were extinguished and she was drifting in to a deep sleep.

Touchstone walked down to his room and threw himself on to his bed. A heavy sigh escaped from his lips. "If only that damn cat hadn't interrupted us!" Touchstone seethed, but stopped him self as he realized what he was saying. "Wait! I'm a man of honor, the heir to the throne! And I was just about to take a woman before marriage! What kind of savage am I? Even before I'm crowned! I have more dignity than that! I should behave like a gentleman. Not like some lustful idiot!" He scolded himself for another hour. He only stopped because he heard some thing enter his room. Quicker than lightening he had both of his short swords in his hand and was in a fighting stance.

The little white cat looked at him with shock/ amusement. "Oh, it's only you."

"What do you mean by 'only you'? Who else would it be? Keggior?"

"Do not even dare to speak that name in mine or my ladies presence again!" Touchstone suddenly boomed.

"Your lady? Tell me, pray thee, who is this lady of yours? A common bar maid? A whore you found on a corner? Or do you mean the Abhorson?" Mogget said this as he started to wash himself. The questions came out in- between flashes of his pink tongue.

"How DARE you categorize Sabriel in the same category as a bar maid and a whore! Sabriel is a lady! A very honorable lady at that! She deserves the best! And I plan to give it to her!"

"And how do you know she feels the same way for you?" Mogget spat. At this Touchstone was lost for words, he sat slowly on his bed, with a look of hurt on his face. What if Sabriel had her eye's set for another man? Or worse yet, what if she just wasn't interested in a man at all? He wasn't used to the complexity of courtship in this modern day and age. It was so different from two hundred years ago. Then all he would have done and asked the girl's father if he could court her, but now Touchstone had a feeling it didn't quite work like that any more. Plus Sabriel's father is dead, how was he to ask to court her? While Touchstone pondered this, Mogget jumped up on to the bed and sat staring at him with his piercing green eyes.

"Might I give a suggestion?" Touchstone just looked at him, "I would propose you ask her your self if you can court her. Though a word of caution her life is from this point forth going to be on the road and very busy, keeping the dead. well, dead and all. You also have a thrown to claim. Plus not to mention all the charter stones you two will have to fix. Letting the kingdom know that they now have a king is going to be a task as well. Also you will have to gather a court, and all the other necessities of re-building a kingdom." By now Touchstone's head was spinning.

"Mogget please, one thing at a time. I can't think of all of these things all at once."

"As you wish it. But these things, as you put it, won't go away by them selves. They do need to be dealt with, but I can understand that you and the Abhorson are very overwhelmed." With this the white cat curled himself up at the foot of the bed and went to sleep. Touchstone just stared unblinkingly at the cat as he had lobsters crawling out of his nose. Was he doing this to throw Touchstone in to an anxiety attack or was he really thinking of others for once. (Don't come whining to me about how Mogget is not that annoying and a pain in the butt. Read Abhorson and you'll know what I mean.) This puzzled the future king.


"Hmm?" He opened one green eye and looked at Touchstone.

"Oh, never mind it's not important." Mogget shrugged and went back to sleep. Touchstone also wrote in his journal. So many things must get done. And I lack the strength to do it. Maybe tomorrow I'll be able to think clearly. And eventually I'll ask Sabriel to court me. Sabriel. Hmm she is so wonderful. I do believe I'm falling in love. Well, it is getting late and I really should get to sleep. I will need my strength tomorrow.

With this he put the book down, snuggled in to his soft bed and wove the charter marks for dark and sleep. And soon was doing the latter of the two.