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SSJ4T: I'm back running the show! I swear that I'll never piss Mega Man and Zero off again.

Max: Make sure you do, so I can this damn show.

Tai: No kidding.

Takato: So, what did I miss?

SSJ4T: Just a few quests here and there. Where the hell have you been boy?

Takato: Spending some quality time with Rika.

Max: Oh, you sly dog! I think we should get prepared for the new saga! This is the one which I've been waiting for.

SSJ4T: The epic Burizalor Saga. This one saga will forever change the fate of the entire Digimon Fusion series!

Takato: I can hardly wait. Too bad I'm not in it.

SSJ4T: I was thinking of having you make slight cameo appearances during the Virus Saga.

Takato: Better early than enver, I suppose. Will I be the only tamer to make those cameos.

SSJ4T: No. Rika, Henry and the others might make appearances too. That way I can get you guys ready for the saga after Virus.

Tai: Well, that's enough talk. I say we start the new official saga!

SSJ4T: Right! We'll just shut up, so you guys can read! Enjoy the fic!


[Digimon Adventure theme "Butterfly plays as the opening sequence plays]

The Ship is Ready! Blast off to Spiral Mountain!

"Well, how are we going to find a form of transportation that will get us there in days?" the goggleboy asked once again. "We can't get there within a thousand years. it will all be too late."

"That's why I have provided a ship for you guys," X replied. "Do please, turn around. There's somebody I'd like you to meet."

As soon as everyone turned around, they saw a teenage girl with golden brown hair and blue eyes. The boys looked at her with great satisfaction as they felt their hearts beating.

"Whoa! What a babe!" Tai said. "Um.."

Tai turned to face Sora, who gave him a rather displeasant look.

"Ok, she's not my type."

"Don't worry. I see that look from every guy that looks at me. I guess I'm pretty special," the girl said. "By the way, my name is Keke. I'll be providing you with this ship."

"So, will that ship really get us there in a matter of days," Mimi asked.


"Hmmm. For some odd reason, this girl looks kind of like me," Mimi thought. "She certainly has good taste in fashion. Hmmm."

"Tai. You're an exception. I want you to stay. Because I have a little something that will suite Agumon's needs," X replied. "So, are you willing to stay."

"But, what about the others?"

"Do not worry about them. They'll be fine as long as the digimon are with them," the masked fighter said. "I'm certain that you will arrive at the planet to meet them, but this will be determined by the amount of recovery time Agumon has."

"So, it's all up to Agumon's recovery?"

"Yes, and let me tell you. He's in pretty bad condition. It will take quite a while for his wounds to get healed."

"It's all up to you buddy. Let's just pray that your wounds heal and we'll be able to catch up with the others."

"Wow! No kidding! You really got a spaceship we can use?" TK asked Keke.

"Yeah. We thought it was pretty crappy-looking when it was given to us, but it's pretty useful."

"You know something, she kind of reminds me of somebody. Ever notice her obsession with pink," Joe said.

"Hey, you're right. Hmmm, hey Mimi. What do you think?" Sora asked.

"Huh? I guess she really does have good taste. I mean what kind of girl wouldn't like pink? It's such a cool color!"

Everyone else simply sweat=dropped, which brought a giggle from Keke. The girl son spoke up as she halted.

"Now if one of yall would just come with me, then I will show you the ship."

"But why just one of us?" Kari asked.

"Because I only have enough power to transport two people. Since I'm one person, I can only vessel another."

"Ok. We've got a volunteer. Mimi, would you care to join her?" Joe said.

"What? You want me to go? Hmmm, I guess so. I'll do it for the team," she replied. "Besides, I like this girl. She has good fashion taste."

"So, I'm ready whenever you are."

"Let's go, Keke."

"I've kind of figured that they would choose you."

Mimi walks over to Keke. Palmon attempts to go over to accompany her partner, but the digimon were able to restrain her.

"Just place your hand on my shoulder and we'll be off."

With that said, Mimi places a hand on Keke's shoulder and they were quickly transported from out of the location. The Digi-Destined were taken back by the teleportation's speed.

"Well, I guess there's not anyone who can figure out how she did that," Tentomon asked.

"What I want to know who's spaceship is it?" Izzy pondered. "We'll just have to find out, once they return."


Meanwhile, Keke and Mimi found themselves in a desolent landscape, where it was pretty much inhabitable by digimon life. Or any type of living thing for that matter. The winds were very strong and the thunder storms were rapidly violent. This looked like a visual of what the birth of a planet may have once looked like. Mimi looked around in astonishment.

"We're here. I guess this isn't what you call paradise," Keke said.

"No, you're right. This isn't paradise. These winds are way too strong! Ack my skirt!"

"Don't worry, there's no peeping toms around ehre."

"So, where are we? It's way too cold for anything to live here!"

"We're on a digital planet called Koltez. We've just arrived during it's summer season. You really don't want to know how cold it gets during the winter. trust me."

"I'd rather not find out."

"Exactly. We're in the farthest regions of the lower realm. Alright, now where did I find that ship. Ah, this way. Follow me."

With that said, Keke led the way through a barren, sandy landscape. The mountains stood still, but were being forced away by the strong winds.

"You really expect me to believe that there's s spaceship here? I don't think I know anyone who could live here. They'd be freaking psychos or even hermits."

"Don't ask me why. X was the one who sent me here. He was the one who told me about this planet. Ah! I see it. We're here."


The girls stood as they looked over to what looked like a spaceship. However, it wasn't something Mimi had expected. It was long and had spikes sticking out from different sides. It stood straight up with skinny legs keeping it in good balance. It looked like noone has been using for many years. Mimi rushes over towards the ship and examines it. Keke follows along.

"So, this is the spaceship? Umm, I don't think it's of any use. It looks way too old and rusty."

"Not your style either, huh? I believe that we can still work with it."

"How do you figure that?"

"C'mon. I'll show you."

Keke walks up through a hatchet door and climbs inside the ship. Mimi tags along and goes wide-eyed by the tremendous technology within the ship.

"Wow! This is insane! I've never seen such gizmos!" Mimi exclaimed. "Man, you expect me to work with these? I can't even use my micromove correctly!"

"Don't worry. I'll give you a step-by-step procedure. It isn't hard once you get used to it."

"So, what did X tell you about this ship?"

"Well, he did tell me that many years ago, he used this ship to navigate throughout the digital world. He was able to travel to different parts of the digital universe. This was his family's favorite vessel, expecially on vacationing trips."

"I've been meaning to ask you. Who are X's parents?"

"You're pretty curious about knowing a person you haven't seen before. are ya? Well, I'm not allowed to say, but his father was the said to be the greatest warrior to grace the digital universe."

"Wow, so this X has a background? So, what's your relationship to him?"

"i'm just his assistant. That's all."

"Aww,c'mon. You must like him for some reason. It's okay to admit it."

"No. We're just close companions. Look, we really need to activate this ship."

"Then, let's get started."

"Wow. I never thought she would be this pushy. We'll, there's no use talking sense to her. We've got more important matters."

"So, what's the conditions?"

"For the ship. Hang on. Let me check. Ok, the door's working. So there has to be plenty of power in this old thing. Alright, I don't see the main switch anywhere."

"Hey, doesn't this look like the main switch?" Mimi asked as she pointed to a large white button. "Hmmm, gee. I guess not."

"That's weird. I wonder if there's some kind of passcode around here. ugh, why did X leave me with such a difficult task. He should have let the ladies' man handle this"

"Ladies' man?"

"A friend of mine. He is good with this sort of stuff. Oh well, it's all up to me now."

"I really don't think these tiny buttons are the ones either. Ugh, you're right. This is too confusing. I'm not into computers either! Too many buttons and numbers!"

"Wait, I think those small buttons are some kind of sensors! Yeah! X told me about voice sensors! Those are the voice sensors!"

"Voice sensors?"

"Yeah! Words! Like the entrance!"

"Since the door automatically opens and closes to it's new owner, the owner has to use words to activate it entirely. Let me try something. Ok! Ship! Fly! Zoom! Lift-off! Ugh! Travel!"

Keke punched the seat and was starting to grow frustrated. Mimi took a step backwards as the girl was ever so close to venting a violent rage.

"It's no use! it wouldn't be in earth language! Ugh, too bad nobody knows any digital code language. Wait, I remember X using digital code language. He really learned quite well and he taught me a little of it. Hah! I do remember how to speak simple commands with digital code language! Keke, looks like I'm getting through to you now."

"Um, so are we going to lift off anytime soon?" Mimi asked.

"Don't you worry. I've got this under control."

"Then, let's get a move on. I don't want to be stuck here forever."

"Right. I'll command it to transport to fly us back to where we left off."

"Couldn't we just transport it there?"

"That is beyond the ship's ability. This model isn't advanced enough to teleport from different parts of the digital universe. It sucks I know."

"It totally sucks."

"Alright here goes nothing."

Keke quickly spoke in a rather unknown language, which was considered the digital code language. It was beyond any earth language and far advanced than either english or japanese. Mimi feels the ship beginning to lift and she looks over at the main screen.

"It says 'roger'. Looks like it worked! You're so great, Keke! You have to teach me that!"

"Sure, we've got plenty of time before we get back."

The girls ran over towards a nearby window and watches as the ship was quickly carried off into space itself. At this rate, they should be returning back to the lower realm to meet up with the others in no time.

"We did it!" Mimi cried out. "Oh yeah! Now we can get back and tell the others! This is so...oooo...I think I need to lie there. Too much excitement. I need something sugary to calm myself.."

"Yeah. I know how you feel."

"Two minds really think alike, Keke. You know I'm really starting to like you. Wanna be friends?"

"We're already friends, Mimi. Soon, we'll be more than just friends."

"I'm glad. You like pink and we both don't like using high-tech gizmos. Though, you seem much more familiar with this stuff."

"X has been teaching me here and there. I just get used to it."

"I ought to take you to my home and show you around the neat shopping malls! You'll love the great collection they have!"

"Don't worry about that. The malls we have are ten times better. You ought to try them out sometime when I get the free time."

"Please do."

As the girls chatted away, the ship was setting a course back to the lower realm. From there, they would gather the remaining Digi-Destined and round them up into the ship. From there, they would lift-off towards the Spiral Mountain planet.


As soon as Mimi and Keke arrived back, the Digi-Destined of Sincerity was letting her friends know everything about the ship. They were astonished to what they heard.

"This spaceship is so perfect!" Mimi exclaimed. "With that we can get to Sprail Mountain in just a month!"

"So, when do we plan on taking off?" Sora asked.

"In about five days."

"yeah, so we can make sure and repair for the time being," Keke replied.

"Wow! We get to go to Spiral Mountain planet with this spaceship?! How awesome!" TK exclaimed.

"Keke, I guess we'll leave everything to you."

"I'm sorry, Mimi. I'm not going."

"But you're the one who understands the digital code language! Plus, we could use your help through you know navigation!"

"I'm prohibited from going. You guys are on your own. If I were to interfer, then there would be no way that you're digimon can get stronger. Plus, during these five days, I'll be teaching you the code language. I'll teach all of you."

"Wow, that would be swell," Izzy said. " I can really input that code language into my computer. It's a pinch."

"Plus, you were learning the code language, Mimi," Palmon said. "That mean would that we would need you."

"Ugh. Why am I always dragged into these situations. I just want a hot bath."

"Plus, we'll all be going with you," TK said.

"Except my brother and Agumon. X has insisted that they stay here for the time being," replied Kari.

"Man, you're lucky Tai," Sora said.

"I guess so. I really wanted to go and help you guys," Tai said. "But Agumon comes firat and I need to look after him."

"He's in really bad condition," Keke said. "If he rests now, then I'd say he would be ready to go in just five days and no less."

"I wonder how big this Spiral Mountain will be," said TK. "I bet it's huge!"

"We'll know once we get there," Joe said. "We've got plenty of time for preparations."

"And food? What about food? You don't expect us to starve to death, do ya?" Gomamon said.

"Don't worry," Keke said. "We've got it covered. You guys do your parts and retrieve those four digicores."

Everyone nodded as they started to plan out everything that be set for the month's trip to Spiral Mountain. Unfortunately, Tai and Agumon were told to remain on the lower realm. So this will allow Agumon time to recover, but the real reason was because X has provided a very special surprise for the two.


Five days have passed and the day of departure has been set. The Digi-Destined gathered around the ship with their eyes glazed open. Tai was sitting down while Agumon was resting inside a glass chamber. Keke walked over and checked the ship to make sure that everything was in perfect order. She gives a thumbs up to the Digi-Destined crew.

"Wow. Can we really go into space with this?" Patamon asked.

"Yeah. It's going to be so cool!" TK replied.

"I've got plenty of the things I need. Shampoo, face mask, extra snacks, and other accessories. Keke, you know the best places to shop," Mimi said.

"I've never been to outer space before," Gatomon said. "Kari, you know what it looks like?"

"No, but I can say that it's huge and it's pretty. You get to see the stars and many planets. Since it's going to be a month's trip, we'll be able to see plenty of planets."

"Wow, how cool. I can't wait."

"Kek, are they ready to depart?"

"Yeah. They're ready. They're more than ready. The ship is prepared. The food has been stocked and they should be well fed for a month."

"Good. Paying for all of that food was a pain. My credit card bill is going to look like hell."

"Ok guys. Let's get ready then," Keke said.

The Digi-Destined entered the ship and were quite astonished at what they were seeing. Keke toured them around the ship and gave them the necessary instructions.

"I've taught you guys everything that I know of the digital code language. It's all up to you now."

"We've got everything in order," Izzy said. "Thanks for everything."

"Yeah, we could ahve been lost without you," replied Sora.

"Keke. Thanks," Mimi said. "Thanks for the shopping. Now I know where to go shopping from now on."

"Anything. Just be sure you come back safely. That way we can go shopping as a way to celebrate."

"C'mon, Mimi! We're leaving!" TK exclaimed.

"Yeah! We're not going to come back and get you either!" Palmon cried out.

Mimi runs over and gives Keke a tight hug before rushing back towards the ship. The groups waves off as the door hatchet closes.

"Good luck guys. We're counting on you," Keke said.

"Agumon. Just recover as much as you can. We'll definitely need you at one hundred percent," Tai thought.

"Tai. Trust me on this one. Once Agumon recovers, I have much bigger plans for the two of you. Just trust me on this one."

"I trust you. The others can manage to handle this on their own."


Hours after it's departure from the lower realm, the spaceship was out traveling through the empty regions of digital space. Izzy and Tentomon took command of the operation since they were very good with control operations. Everyone else were taking it easy and talking amongst themselves.

"Ok. Looks like we'll be ok for now. We're free to move around now. We've just departed from out of the atmosphere."

"Whoa! Already! Now this is what I call a spaceship," TK said. "Those astronauts back at home will be so jealous of us."

"I'm surprised that you even know hot to operate a ship, Izzy," Tentomon said.

"It's a piece of cake, since Keke helped teach me how to use and activate each control."

"I've always wanted to see what the digital world would look like from outside in space," Mimi said. "It's so beautiful."

"It is. Wow, I can see my home from here!" Palmon replied.

"Mine too!" Patamon exclaimed.

"Man, the digital world's outside universe doesn't look any different from ours," said TK.

"Look at the stars, TK!"

"I can see them, Kari. So, we'll actually be at Spiral Mountain in under a month?'

"Yeah. That's what Keke told us," Izzy replied. "We should have plenty to eat upon our arrival."

"I wonder if there are any drive thru places on the way in space?" Tentomon said. "What? I was just wondering."

"Tai. I just hope Agumon has pretty much recovered by now. We'll really need you," Sora thought. "Who knows what kind of an operation this new evil has planned. If he was able to single-handedly seal all four holy beasts, what chance do we have in stopping him?"

"I just hope that we'll rejoin with my brother and I pray that he fights along our side," TK said in thought.

Our heroes make their journey over to Spiral Mountain. In a month's time, they will land and confront the dark force that has decided to take matters into their own hands and steal away all four digicores. Hurry up, Agumon! You need to recover, so that you and Tai can catch up with the others. What dark force has landed on Spiral Mountain?

[Digimon Adventure first ending theme "I Wish" plays]

TK: Yay! We've landed on Spiral Mountain!

Izzy: What a month's trip that was! Alright, we move out!

Matt: I've finally recovered! So he has left for Spiral Mountain!

Metalseadramon: Yes he has and there's nothing you can do to stop him!

Matt: Damn him! Those digicores are mine!

Burizalor: Ha! That was far too easy! One digicore found. Soon I will be the most powerful force the digital universe has ever seen!

Sora: Next time on Digimon Fusion, episode twenty-one!

Yamato and Gabumon Recover! Touchdown on Spiral Mountain!

Tai: Damn! We're not even involved in the next story! This sucks.


Max: So, it's him afterall. Well I really kind of expected that.

Tai: Man, I'm so bummed out.

SSJ4T: Don't worry, you'll get your time later on in the saga.

Takato: At least you'll be featured into it. I'm going to have to wait until the Virus Saga for a cameo or two.

TK: So, with that prologue out of the way. Who's our new guest for net time?

SSJ4T: We've got two. Pikkan and Jeri!

Max: Aw, shit! Nobody looks at Jeri! That goes for you too, dude!

SSJ4T: What? I have interest in her. I know how hot-headed these alterians can get.

Tai: Pikkan. That's the last dude you want to piss off.

SSj4T: I've got this under control. We're just about out of time. Until then, I think it's time we get the hell out of here. Peace!