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[Digimon Adventure theme "Butterfly plays as the opening sequence plays]

Taichi Still Alive?! Hikari's Tears of Happiness!

It has been several months since the first adventure into the Digital World and since the Digi-Destined had their encounter with Burizalor. It especially has been several months since Tai and Agumon haven't been able to return. There hasn't been any type of significant activity in the Digital World. All seems peaceful, and the guardians are doing their best to keeping the Digital World cleaned up.

Kari sat down near the window in her room. She let out a sigh and held the digicore next to her.

"Tai. I really wish you were back. Things around here haven't been the same without you."

Gatomon comes walking into the room.

"You doing alright, Kari?"

Kari nodded and placed the digi core back onto the floor.

"I just wanted to tell you that dinner is almost ready."

"Ok. I really haven't had anything good to eat in the past couple of days."

"Are you going on a diet?"

"No silly. I'm just..."

Suddenly the digi core started to glow. Kari walked over to it and picked it up.

"You're just what? Hey, it's glowing!"

"Yeah. The guardians must be trying to tell us something."

Azulongmon appears on the core and sends a direct message to Kari.

"You need to get back to the Digital World immediately. I got some news concerning the Digi-Destined of Courage!"

"Ah! Tai! He's back! Gatomon! He's got to be back!"

"Well, lets go find out then."

"We better let the others know."


"Shh! Quiet Mimi!" said Izzy.

Azulongmon appears along with the other four guardians.

"I heard that little comment. Believe me, this is much more important than your hair. I got good news concerning the Digi-Destined of Courage."

The Digi-Destined awaited his answer and were getting anxious. Now the long wait will be over. All of that waiting and wondering will now come to an end.

"The one you call Tai Kamiya has been found! Him and Agumon were found laying in a forest just near the Primary Village."

The Digi-Destined all cheered along and were happy to hear the good news.

"Yeah," Sora said, "What a way to stay alive, Tai!"

"Now he's ready to come home with us," Kari said.

"Now hold just a moment. That's not all. But Tai has requested that he stay here in the Digital World," said Azulongmon.

"Huh? But why?" TK asked, "I thought he be wanting to go home."

"It is beyond my power. It was his decision. He felt that he would help us clean up the Digital World. Plus we wants Agumon to excel in power under special training."

"So he's trying to become the strongest Digi-Destined?" Matt said, "Man. I should be getting special lessons, too. Oh well, I can always cut school and spar with Tai for some free time."

"Matt this is serious," said Sora.

"So I know how much you want him to return home, but he chooses to stay here. Kari, just because he chose to stay here, you and the others are still able to see him when you come and visit the Digital World. He would be glad to see you all again but now he and Agumon are going through a special training session. They want to exceed the fusion power level and push their limits to a whole new level."

"I understand, Azulongmon. As long as I know that my brother is doing well, that's all that matters to me," Kari said, "I'll come and visit him as many times as I like."

The other Digi-Destined agreed. However, Matt was visibly upset.

"So he's trying to surpass me and Gabumon in power, huh? We'll see about that! Tai, if you can fuse with your digimon and exceed your power level to a new level, then so can Gabumon and I!"

"I bid you farewell, Chosen Children. And remember, you each have a job to do. The Digital World is still vulnerable to evil forces attempting to destroy it. You must act and fight the evil."

The Digi-Destined all looked to each other.

"We all got jobs to do and its our responsibilities as the Chosen Children to complete them," Kari said.

They all nodded their heads, except Matt. He was clencing his fists and growled to himself. He would soon prove to Tai that he's as good as he ever will be.

"We will succeed," Sora said.

They all nodded in agreement and held their fists up in unison. This was to show that they were ready for just about anything and will fight whatever it is that will soon oppose them. They each got responsibilities and must meet them in order to succeed and preserve the Digital World and their own world.


Meanwhile, deep down in the dark and farthest regions of the dark dimension there was a rather large hole and within it was another world. It looked like the universe, however, there were actual life forms in this dimension.

Several alien-like creatures were swarming in masses around something similar to a dying corpse. They were feeding on pieces of chunks. Suddenly, a huge hovercraft was passing by. The carrion-feeding little creatures swarmed away like vultures and lying down was a rather familiar corpse. It was Burizalor, or was it? His body was almost completely torn up. Half of his face was gone and his skin was beginning to rot away. Besides his head and face, all was left was half of his upper body and an arm. His other arm was completely torn off.

His eye and mouth were barely moving any. There was a skeletal distinction in his mouth since half of his face was torn off. He tried speaking but it was very faint.

"Data... Nothing but a piece of data scum..."

The rather large spaceship-sized hovercraft stopped and a hatchet door opened up. A rather large hook came out of it. The hook comes right down near the corpse and stabbed through its back. Small amounts of blood came dripping out. The hook picks up the torn up body and carries it aboard.

The hatchet door closes up and Burizalor's torn up body was placed in a center of a dark room. He could barely see anything, but what he saw were two glowing red eyes. It began to speak, but it had a feminine tone of voice.

"Well. Well, if it isn't Burizalor! You're the destroyer of many worlds, aren't you? What happened to you? You been beaten by a digimon? Don't worry. You're in good hands now. With my help, you'll be back to being the most powerful force in all dimensions. I can guarantee you that. Now lets get started, shall we? Ha. Ha. Ha."

The End?!

[Digimon Adventure first ending theme "I Wish" plays]

[Preview for Digimon Zero Two with "Target Akai Shougeki" playing]

Kari: It's been four years since our digimon adventure! We start off fresh! TK and Kari are going to the same school together! By the way, let me introduce to you some of the new kids.

Davis: Hey, what do you think you're doing with Kari, buddy?!

Kari: No, his name is not buddy. It's TK.

Yolei: Hiya! My name is Miyako Inoue. Or just refer to me as Yolei. Please to meet you.

Cody: I'm Hida Iori, or I'm fine with just Cody.

Davis: You can call me Daisuke Motomiya, or you can just call me Davis.

Izzy: You guys! We've got problems in the digital world! We've got some jerk enslaving digimon. He goes by the name...

Kaiser: Just call me the Digimon Kaiser. I'm the new bad boy in town.

TK: Let's go! It's time to stop this Kaiser

Veemon: Hi, Davis! I'm Veemon!

Davis: I guess I'll take it from here. The first episode of Digimon Fusion Zero Two is entitled...

Four Years Later: The Digimon Kaiser Appears! Ascend to Battle, Flamedramon!

Kaiser: Don't miss my grand debut, or I'll make you a slave!


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