These are the reactions of the keeper crew if they randomly met the Mandalorian and his friends. Just a little chapter.

Sophie: Are you sure this is safe? *points to every single thing*

Mando: Well, most of it is used for killing. Or at least kicking people's butts.


Dex: How does this even work? *also points to everything*

Biana: It's not bad, but it could use a bit of a glow up.

Bo Katan: What do you mean? IT'S ARMOU—

Sandor: WOAH! Everyone behind me, a little green thing just emerged from that pouch!! BIANA DON'T POKE IT YOU COULD MAKE IT ANGRY!!

Biana: Awwwwwww!! He is the cutest thing!!

Iggy: *growls*

Grady: Exactly how old is that kid?

Keefe: Do you have helmets that DON'T hide the hair?

Sophie: SHUT UP KEEFE! Mando, pleeeeeease tell me you can help us fight the Neverseen!

Mando's crew: What the heck did we get ourselves into?

Fitz: Bro, how do you use the bathroom?

Jensi: *super fast talking that no one can understand*

Keefe: YO! Bad dudes! We have a cool new addition to our team!

Mando: 'yo...bad dudes?' Wait, did you say new additio-

Bo Katan: We never said—

Dex: TOO LATE! We've already made plans to go to the Never dean's secret hideout tonight. We have most of the Council's permission, our fireproof clothes right here, aaaaand, who needs to go over the plan one more time? Basically: We go in, we find nothing. we are disappointed, then the bad guys show up like "hahha, you thought you were clever?" and we say ''uh, yeah I mean, look at us here" then the bad guys say, "no! Here is how flawed your plan is. We are better!" then a bunch of fighting, then we barely escape with our lives. Sophie saves us all, and in the end we go home empty handed and really really lost, and we never really gain anything. Any questions? Oh and yes, I am staying behind once again to work on gadgets.

Fitz: That thing has TELEPATHIC POWERS?? And TELEKINESIS????

Mando: yep.

Fitz: woah, woah woah.

Fitz: ...

Fitz: *whispering* I'm better at it than him, right? RIGHT??

Keefe: It's okay Fitzy, we still love you.


Dex: Guys! Can we get back on the plan? Or do we wing it again?

And Cut. That was a very amusing thing to write and I'm giving some of the credit to RainyDayReading342.