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Vulnerable Women

They entered the museum, which was busy with many people, discussing art and


Oliver eyed a girl in a corner, looking at a sculpture of David from Michelangelo. He crept over

to her and pretended to be examining the piece of work also.

"His body is perfect," Oliver said without interest. The woman looked at him peculiarly.

"Are you gay?" she asked boldly.

"No, why would you think that?" Oliver replied, offended.

"Well, firstly, you can't take your eyes off his crotch. And number two, you think his body is

perfect. Number three, you are wearing a shirt with a song name from No Doubt."

The lady strutted off, her short skirt flowing back and forth.

"No Doubt is a good band!" Oliver called out.

Katie came prancing through the doors looking extremely angry.

"That bastard is gay! All the hot men must be gay!" Katie said irritably at Harry.

"I'm not gay and I'm hot," Harry joked and Katie gave him a look of disgust.

"Don't kid yourself, darling," she said and took out a cigarette. Harry, once again took it out of

her mouth.

"No smoking in a museum, Katie," he reminded her.

"That's my fucking third cigarette wasted in a day! I'm going through stress right now!"

"I'm so sorry. On a lighter note, aren't you supposed to be making Ron jealous?" Harry asked

and pointed to Hermione, who was hugging Ron, and looking very forced.

"Kiss me," Katie demanded and grabbed Harry.

"What–? Why!?" Harry said.

"Kiss me, damn you!" She pulled Harry right to her lips and they began to kiss intimately.

Hermione noticed this and did the same thing to Ron.

Katie pulled away from Harry and looked at him in a weird sort of way... half-way between

'I'm so happy, I made Ron jealous' and 'God, your hot, let's have sex, right here, right now.'

Harry settled on the second one though, as Katie dragged him off to the ladies restrooms.

"Can you believe them!?" Hermione said angrily. "Kissing to make us jealous?"

"Well, were doing the same thing," Ron pointed out.

"No were not! Our kissing is meaningless."

"It is?" Ron asked.

"You weren't expecting sex were you? What do you want from me?"

"You dragged me into this! So the question is, what do YOU want from me?" Ron spoke


"What do I want? Well I am trying to make Katie jealous by pretending I'm going out with

you!" Hermione explained.

A person walked up to them at that moment.

"Hello! My name is Charlie. I'm just looking to start up a conversation of interest about this

painting here... the ones with the pastel boats."

Hermione looked at him. "Were busy."

"Nonsense! You can't be busy at an art exhibit!" Charlie said gleefully. Hermione ignored him

and went back to talking to Ron.

"Anyways, they are probably in that bathroom right now having sex–" She was interrupted


"These pastels are amazing!" Charlie said as he touched the painting. "What do you think of


"I think I could shove a pastel up your ass, buddy. That's what I think," Hermione snarled at

him. Charlie rounded on her with surprise on his face.

"Oh, I already get pastels shoved up my butt, if you know what I mean," Charlie laughed and

winked. Ron almost threw up as he grabbed Hermione and took off.

"Wait! Aren't we going to talk?" Charlie called.

Ginny sat on a bench, thoroughly having a boring time. She was analyzing the butt of a man

standing in front of her.

"He has better ass than any man I've seen," she thought in her head. "Perfectly round... firm.

No muscle twitching, that's a first. Doesn't look like any cellulite." The man turned around and walked

off. "Oh wait, that's a woman," Ginny thought embarrassingly.

Oliver sat down next to her.

"Any luck?" Ginny asked him.

"This shirt is annoying. It's departed over five women so far."

"Ah, well– I would be scared too if a man walked up to me wearing a shirt that said 'Love me,

Love me' on it."

"Well that just shows that women are not open-minded!" Oliver retorted.

"Are you kidding me?" Ginny asked and started to snicker. "Women are much smarter than

men, thank you very much."

"How do you know?" Oliver asked.

Ginny looked around and found a sensible looking man. "I am going to go up to that man and

ask him if he has a girlfriend. When I am done–" Ginny looked for a reasonable looking woman, "then

you will go up to her and ask her if she has a boyfriend. We will see who asks it better."

Oliver cordially agreed and Ginny got up to walk over to the man. He noticed her and smiled.

"Do you like this work from VanGogh?" Ginny asked.

"Ah, yes... even if he was a trouble young man."

Ginny laughed a bit. "Do you by any chance have a girlfriend?"

The man looked at her. "Well, no... no I don't."

"Thank you," Ginny said and shook his hand politely and walked back over to the bench.

"Your turn," she said to Oliver and watched him walk over to a woman.

"Hi there," he tried to say in a sexy-tone.

"What do you want?" the lady asked him, not taking her eyes off the portrait she was looking


"I want you," Oliver replied.

"That's nice."

"Do you have a boyfriend?" Oliver continued.

"No, but I do have pepper spray."

Oliver backed off quickly and proceeded back to the bench.

"Well, women might be better in terms of asking people relationship crap..." Oliver admitted.

"Oh face it, were better at everything," Ginny laughed.

Ginny pushed Harry into a bathroom stall and locked the door. She took off her top quickly

and began to unbutton Harry's shirt.

"God... yes, yes!" Katie said in excitement just by undoing the bottons of Harry's shirt. When

it came off, Ginny began to rub his chest.

Harry, stimulated as could be, took charge, and began kissing Katie's neck as she tried to

unbutton his pants.

"How do you unbutton these things?" Katie asked, frustratingly.

The old woman that had heard Katie talking about lesbians, entered the bathroom and walked

into a stall. She positioned herself inside and locked the door.

As soon as she sat down, a bang came from the other stall–

"Screw me! Screw me!" Katie muttered fiercely as Harry undid her bra.

The old lady, promptly going to the bathroom, was surprised when another bang came... and

then a series of screams.


The old lady jumped off the toilet, pulling up her pants, and flushed the toilet. "Stupid

wankers!" she said loudly.

Hermione and Ron walked over to Ginny and Oliver who were talking.

"This is so damn boring," Ron said. "Hermione made me be her boyfriend, which, might I add,

did not make Katie jealous... so I couldn't check out any of the vulnerable women."

Oliver sighed. "They aren't vulnerable. They are vultures, ready to tear you apart!"

"Really now?" Ron asked. "Was it because of the shirt?"

"Fuck off," Oliver said. "I am ready to go home, where is Harry?"

His question was answered by a slight giggle at the entrance to the room they were in. Katie's

hair was all frizzy, her bra strap showing, and Harry's glasses weren't on straight, not to mention, his

pants were undone.

"What the hell have you been doing?" Ginny asked.

Katie started cracking up. "Sex!"

They all left the crappy exhibit to go home, and wake up to go to their jobs the next day,

which they really did not want to do– but hey, they made money, so THAT was an upside.

When they reached Harry's apartment, everyone said goodbye and walked to their cars...

some, like Ginny and Hermione had car-pooled.

Katie sat in Harry's car. She looked abashed. "What happens now?" she asked.

Harry looked at her. "It was a one night thing... you didn't expect for me to be committed did


Katie's jaw dropped. "You self-centered egotistic asshole! I gave up my juices for you, and

that's what you say!?"

Harry smiled... even though it wasn't a smiling situation.

"You told me you were going to screw me anyways!"

"It was to make Ron jealous! I mean– I thought we had a connection!" She opened the car

door and exited the vehicle. "No wonder you can't keep a girlfriend!" she screamed and slammed the


Harry sat in the driver's seat, looking very taken aback. He sat there for a few minutes... not

thinking. But finally, he spoke.

"At least I still have bubbly," he said and took the keys out of the ignition.

* * * * * * * * * * *

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