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"" Are dialogues

Don't Love Me Too Much-ch1

Legolas opened the door, which led him into a pub- The Raven. It only took him a day and a half to get here by horseback, without any interception, that is. He had been in here several times and enjoyed the atmosphere, with the fireplace in the middle and all. No scratch that, he enjoyed seeing the waitress here. As usual, the bar was stuffy and had a strong stench of alcohol. A drunken man who was carried by another pushed past him and walked out of the door, only to throw up once he got outside. Legolas shook his head; he simply didn't understand the reason why men had to drink more than they can handle.

Even when it was during the late afternoon, there were many people gathered. He walked up at the counter. The bartender, a woman with long wavy, orange hair came up to him. She had a beautiful sun-tanned skin and was dressed in a simple dress with a white apron tied to her waist. She gave a warm smile when she saw Legolas approaching.

"I was wondering when you would show up, Will. I was starting to miss you."

"I've been busy, Sal." Legolas smiled as she gave him a cup of ale. He sat on a wooden stool. Will is his nickname that he uses when he was traveling outside of Mirkwood. After all, his name will only arise unwanted attention.

"You won't be free for long here either."

"Will!" a woman exclaim behind him.

"Lily, how are you doing?" Legolas asked as he wrapped his arms around her waist. Lily was the most famous waitress in The Raven. Part of the reason why The Raven was so popular was because of her. She was pretty, even to the Elvin standards with the creamy skin and a perfect figure. Barely anyone was able to turn away from her.

Lily turned and sat on his leg, wrapping her arms around his waist. Even with a glance, she knew Legolas was someone special. He had a strong build body and was skilled with weaponry of all kinds. He left no room for anyone to question his authority. The smile which he kept constantly on his face didn't help either, that only made him to be more dangerous as no one was able to determine whether he was amicable or hostile. But that was what attracted her to him, his handsome face and his beautiful ocean blue eyes. She felt she would drown any second now and she got a feeling that she would accept her fate gratefully.

The woman, known as Sal, returned after she finished mixing her drink. She picked up a white cloth and started to dry the washed cups at the metal sink.

"Will, since you are an elf, you must've got the inside scoop on things. What do you think about the upcoming event in Mirkwood?'

"What about it? The Midsummer Festival happens every year in Mirkwood.""

"This I know but the event I am referring to is that The Prince of Mirkwood is getting married! Can't you believe it? I heard that he have admirers and lovers across Middle Earth. I really feel sorry for the girl. So Will, what do you think about it?"

The cup almost slipped from Legolas' right hand. Married? Where in the Middle Earth did that come from? It wasn't as if he hated the female population, but to be stuck with one female for the rest of his life was definitely harsh. After all, he was only about two thousand sixty-five; he still had a long way to go…

Legolas swallowed, "So who will be the lucky woman?" Lucky? No way. Over his dead grave was more like it. Come to think of it, he should marry, and then his father will not lecture him any further about getting a wife. It wasn't as if he hated his father, but his lectures can be… boring and long. After all, elves do have all the time in the world.

Sal gave a small smile, "so you don't know what is going on. The Prince will be marrying Narie or something I forgot who her parents were."

Legolas jumped up from his stool dropping poor Lily onto the floor. Ignoring the loud thud, he exclaimed "Narie?!"

With that, he ran out the door, got his horse from the stable and rode back to Mirkwood as quickly as he could. Narie! The all-so-famous nerd who had spent most of her time with books ever since she was born! What was my father thinking! When he gets his hand on her.

Sal closed the opened door; she should have guessed that Will was Legolas himself. After all, he had a strong aura around him, but if he really is Legolas, why would he be in a bar hanging around girls? Aren't elves supposed to be all-goody-goody? And what was with that look on his face? It looked as if he was about to kill his fiancée or something.

She felt sorry for that other girl already…

Well what will Legolas do to stop Narie to become his fiancée? And who is Narie? Is she really what the rumor says? A nerd who spend most of her life with books? What is her side of the story? It is more like, does she even know that she is engaged with Legolas!!

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Narie basically means June