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Don't Love Me Too Much-ch20

Legolas got into the campsite without any problem. After all, human didn't have as a keen sense as the elves. If he was able to lay low long enough, then it wouldn't be difficult to keep himself concealed. He was approaching the tent where Coire was, only to find that there were a few men standing at the entrance of the tent.

They were human, looking between the ages of twenty to forty. They were smoking as they laughed, clearly enjoying themselves…and clearly not aware that they will be knocked out soon. However, Legolas knew he had to be quick and quiet.

Legolas dashed toward them, and before the men were could even register what was going on, they were already on the ground, unconscious. He pushed the flap of the tent aside as he went in.

He couldn't believe what he was seeing…

There was a man on top of Coire, he was kissing her on the lips as his hands were untying the strings of her tunic.

That man was trying to rape her…

Coire wasn't even responding, she had her eyes close…she was still unconscious. Legolas gave a silent curse and was on his way to give that damn man a piece of his mind.

In other words, a beating of his lifetime.

Legolas could tell that man was still oblivious to the killing intention that was radiating behind him.


He went on kissing Coire on her neck.

Legolas was about to give the man a karate chop when…

Suddenly Coire's eyes snapped open, with quick precision, her right hand reached for the man's neck. She twisted her hand until she heard the satisfying crack. She pushed the man off of her and grabbed the sword, only to look face to face with Legolas…

Coire had been conscious for some time already when she was in the tent. She didn't open her eyes because she was waiting for the right moment, the right time where she has a chance to escape.

She heard men moving around her as she was dumped roughly onto the ground. They made jokes about her body and about who should 'have' her first.

She waited…she could not take them all out at the same time. She wasn't a warrior, but she wasn't feeble either. She was an opportunist.

Then, she heard one of them, whom she assumed was the leader, ordering his men to wait outside of the tent for their turns. He was going to 'have' her first.

That is, If he lived long enough to do it.

She waited as she heard the men moved and stationed outside of the tent. How could she attack him without others knowing?

The 'leader' unbuckled something metal and placed it on her right with a thud. If she was lucky, she would be able to grab the sword that was attached to the belt before others rushed in.

She felt that man straddled on her as he started to kiss her eyes, cheek and then her lips.

Coire heard someone moving quietly outside. The man above her wasn't even aware of what was going on as he continued his actions. Someone had just fought with the men outside; she could hear the sound of a fist colliding with somebody. She counted, there were six hits, which corresponded to the number of men that were in the tent before the 'leader' kicked them out.

Yet she remained where she was. She had to; she didn't know if the incomer was friend of foe.

She felt the man touching her all over and he moved onto kissing her neck and her collarbone.

She couldn't wait anymore. She strike and she snapped his neck. She was disgusted by him. Coire wasn't someone who would go around killing people; however…

He pissed her off.

Instinctively, Coire reached for the man's belt. She was about to pull the sword out when she stopped, shocked, as she saw the incomer was Legolas.

Coire finally let out the breath which she didn't know she was even holding. If anyone could get her out, then the person would be Legolas…

But deep down, she wondered why the person couldn't be Haldir…

"Can you walk?"

Coire nodded and flinched at the pain she felt on the spot where a man had hit her previously to knock her out. She pushed herself up and tied that man's belt around her waist.

She wasn't going to waltz into enemy territory without a weapon.

Only because she acted like an airhead and a slut doesn't mean she really was one.

Legolas and Coire dragged the six unconscious men into the tent. Coire looked at them for a moment before unsheathing her sword, she was about to cut one of the man's throat when she felt someone tapped her shoulder.

She turned her head and found Legolas shaking his head.

Coire gave a sigh before standing up. She sheathed her sword, "You know, they are going to be problematic when they wake up." Then she smiled, "and you will be the one responsible to take care of those problems when they arise."

Legolas knew that under any circumstances, he should allow Coire to kill them. After all, if one of them wakes up, then they would immediately alert others about what was going on. However, although it was clear that the humans had ill-intentions for being here, he just couldn't kill them without knowing exactly what was going on. Therefore, he stopped Coire.

They walked out of the tent quietly after seeing that there weren't anybody outside.

Coire raised her eyebrow as she watched Legolas entering a different tent, "What are you doing?"

Shouldn't they be getting out of here?

"Narie said that the black mushrooms, which are responsible for causing the elves to lose consciousness, are in one of the tents here." Legolas said as he came out.

"You are not going to go into each and every one of the tents are you?" Coire asked incredulously as she eyed the dozens of tents that were situated around them.

"If that's what it takes." Legolas walked off to another tent.

"What are you going to do after you find them?" Coire ducked into the same tent when she saw several men come by. The tent was similar to the tent she was in before. There was a carpet in the middle, a few sleeping bags were lying on the ground, and a few personal belongs here and there. Nothing interesting…and nothing that could benefit Legolas and her…

She took a peek outside and watched as the group of men as they went further and further from them. Crap, Legolas can't be serious right? There's no way they could wonder around here without being seen!

"Destroy them." Legolas replied. He looked around, seeing that the tent was not the one he needed, he was heading out.

"Oh, why didn't you say so before?" Coire looked relaxed. She planted her hands on her hips and smirked, "this makes the situation much easier."

Coire kicked the pot of oil on a wooden stand that was placed at the side of the room. The pot landed on the carpet with a 'thud' and oil was sprayed everywhere.

Her smile widened as she picked up a box of matches beside the stand, "Hey Legolas, watch this."

With that, she lighted the match and threw it onto the oil. Fire engulfed the tent almost immediately. Legolas, even with his speed, was barely able to make it out of the tent. However, what he saw next chilled him to the bones.

Coire was standing in front of him, smiling a smile that would probably scare Sauron to hell…

Each of her hand was holding onto a torch.

"Shall we continue our 'search'?"

And Haldir is in love with this woman…Legolas shook his head and began to question Haldir's sanity as he watched Coire moved onto her next target…