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"It is easier to forgive an enemy than to forgive a friend." - William Blake

Emeralds of Ice

Voldemort stood over them, an evil smirk on his face, but none of them were looking at You-Know-Who. They were looking at /him/. The traitor. He stood next to Voldemort, his /master/, smirking at them. At their plight.

Yes, Ron, Hermione, Remus, Snape, the rest of the Weasleys-minus Percy-, McGonagall, and even Dumbledore, were now the prisoners of the Dark Lord, and the traitor.

None of them wanted to believe it, yet they knew it was true. Had all along. In fact, they were surprised they hadn't noticed it sooner. Maybe one of them had, but just didn't want to believe it. The same thought went through all of their minds. 'How could he?!'

Finally Ron broke the silence. "Why?"

Ron's gaze locked onto the traitor's. Once those eyes were a bright and lively emerald, but were now cold and sharp, like ice.

"Why?" Harry answered with feigned hurt. "Don't you know? I thought you all knew everything about your precious boy-who-lived." He finished sarcastically. "But of course you wouldn't know. After all, you never bothered to ask /me/ about anything that concerned me. You never asked me if I even wanted to fight against Voldemort. No. You all just assumed that since I was the /boy-who-lived/ that I would fight Voldemort."

Harry's words were said in a sharp and bitter tone that cut through each and everyone of them. And one person in particular took those words to heart, blaming himself for Harry's betrayal. 'How could I have been so blind? This is all my fault.'

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