Author's Note: Hey! First chapter of the (hopefully) many to come! Okay, they're basically stuck in a dark room in their sixth year. Oh, WARNING: 'Some' (Some...) scenes mention SB/RL... So, if you're not fond of reading male/male stories... Well, you can still read it, it's not that bad... But... Ah, what the hell! Go ahead!

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Stuck in Idiotville

by Lady Stone

The Marauder's were sixteen at the time the tragic incident took place. The four of them were making their way cautiously towards the Great Hall to write in fish guts above the Entrance:

He's slimy and stupid

His smell is so putrid

He deserves a horrid fate

For he is the greasy git Snape!

But on the way there they could hear Filch and Mrs. Norris approaching quickly. The Invisibly Cloak wouldn't be able to cover all four of them, so they sped off down the hall. They quickly ran into the door nearest to them.

'Click'. The horrid sound was made as the door locked it's self. The Marauders were even more upset to find that the whole room was pitch-black.

"Aren't there any damn windows in here!?" Padfoot hissed.

"Erm... Anyone have their wands? I left mine back in the Common Room..." Prongs murmured sadly.

Padfoot could be heard groaning, "You told me not to bring mine!"

"That's because you tend to go overboard and end up blowing something up on the way back!" Moony said matter-of-factly.

"Hey! I do not! I only do that when you start whining we're gonna get caught!" Padfoot growled.

"Shut your mouth Padfoot! Or I'll..."

"You guys... h-hear s-s-something...?" Wormtail stuttered.

A loud rustling noise was heard and someone let out a little cough. "Hello... Potter."

"AHH!!!" Wormtail yelled loudly and a loud thud was heard.

"Get off of me!" Padfoot yelled. "It's only Snape!"

Prongs could be heard groaning, "Snape... Great, we're locked in a VERY dark room with this greasy git..."

Snape growled, "Shut your bloody mouth Potter! Or I'll curse you!"

"Ha! You'd miss!"

"He could use the Lumos spell..." Wormtail whined.

Padfoot was heard whacking him on the head.

"Idiot. I don't even have my wand..." Snape grumbled.

"So, empty threats, eh?" Prongs said smoothly.

"Let's sing a song!" Padfoot yelled.

"We are so NOT singing anything!" Moony said huffily.

"Why not!?" Padfoot pouted.

"Because you have a horrid singing voice! I rather kiss a Dementor!" Moony said smartly.

"Why not just kiss me!" A loud smooching sound was heard.

"Padfoot! Get off of me!" Moony yelled.

"Seems as though Wolfie's got himself a boyfriend..." Snape snickered.

"Oh yes! I just love you Moony!" Another loud smooching sound.

"STOP IT!" Moony screamed. "Prongs! Take away this horny dog!"

Prongs chuckled. "I can't see a thing Moony, sorry..." Though he sounded far from it.

"Anyone have a wand!?" Wormtail grumbled.

"Nope, but we got a bucket full of fish guts!" Padfoot remarked happily.

"How romantic..." Moony grumbled annoyingly.

"Of course!" A loud slapping sound.

"PRONGS!!! Get him away! He just slapped my arse!"

Prongs chuckled. "Sorry, Moony..."

Moony could be heard growling angrily.

"So, why didn't you smart arses bring wands?" Snape remarked coolly.

"You didn't bring one either!" Wormtail said smartly.

Snape growled, "That's because I dropped it somewhere in here... If I could find it I'd unlock the door!"

"How about we look for it then." Prongs implied.

"Can we sing a song first!"

"No, Padfoot..."

"Come on, love! It'll be fun!"

Moony hissed a complaint at the nickname. "No..."

"Jingle Bells! Jingle Bell-"

"Wormtail! Shut up!" Moony yelled.

"But it's fun..." Wormtail pouted.

"Jingle all the way! Oh what fun-"


"See, Moony! They WANT to sing!" Padfoot remarked proudly.

"I don't..." Snape grumbled.

"I agree with Snape." Moony said firmly.

Gasping could be heard. "I think Hell just froze over!" Prongs said loudly.

"Well, at the time he's the only sane one! HE doesn't want to sing Jingle Bells..."

"It is to ride in a one-horse open sleigh!"



"Sorry... Song's getting to me..."

Moony huffed. "Fine! Sing the bloody song then we'll look for the wand..."

"YEAH!" The four yelled.

Moony groaned, "Oh Great Wizards..."

"Thanks Moony! Kissy-kissy!" Padfoot yelled.

"NO!" Moony screamed.

"AHHH!!!" Wormtail screamed, "That was me! Not Moony!"