-The Best of Both Worlds-

SMUT WARNING! Selected characters from FFIX will be getting it on, and in detail! Please ask the weak of heart and mind to please avert their eyes from the screen while fanfic viewing is in progress. Thank you.

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Dagger rolled over and smacked her lips.

"Mmmph," she heard behind her, followed by something squirming beneath her. She shot open her eyes and looked over her shoulder to discover a blonde-haired man staring up at her, and rather indignantly at that.

"Trying to make a monkey pancake for breakfast, are we?" he remarked. The dim morning light had indeed permeated the queen's chambers. The light dazzled off of his damask cheek and flickered in his opal eyes, giving his entire complexion a divine glow. Zidane was gorgeous, but not in a conventional sense. His face was young and pretty, and his body type only appeared oddly-shaped and disproportionate under his usual attire, but Dagger had learned through her own eyes that Zidane possessed a lean, manly exterior and one that filled every space in his petite shirt and vest and baggy pants. Yes, he filled those pants quite nicely, she thought with a mental grin.

They had been lovers for some time now since Zidane had returned from his ultimate heroic decision to save his arch-rival. During that time, Dagger had considered more carefully why he made that choice. It tore at her soul that Zidane would do something so stupid for someone who tried to irreversibly erase existence. She then came to the conclusion that although Kuja was decidedly evil, he was only reacting to a terrible wrong. His existence was for the sake destruction, his soul only meant to harbor a hunger for death. Surely, his rebellion against his parasitic race was no surprise. In fact, his rebellion proved that each person holds their own lives in their hands, regardless of what they had been predestined to do. No brother of Zidane should have to suffer a lonely death on the account of such courage.

Also, the time gave her a chance to realize a gradual epiphany that had been planted in her ever since little Eiko asked her that serious question at the Water Shrine:

"Do...you love...Zidane?"

Eiko had asked it as if the answer was so simple. Dagger had later attributed the question to Eiko's immaturity. What could a six-year-old know about love and its intricacies? She felt the answer was more complex than what Eiko demanded. But over time, she realized it was that Eiko had the right idea all along. A child-like comprehension of love and its simplicity was the answer that Dagger had been seeking all along.

Did she love Zidane?


Suddenly Zidane rolled over onto her, then pulled her over so that she strattled his lap. Dagger giggled. He grinned.

"I'm not in the mood for pancakes," he informed her playfully. He then entered her, and Dagger gasped at the sensation that pierced her. 'Everytime feels like the first,' she marveled to herself.

Zidane then took her hands in his and led them behind her back. Wriggling his tail free from under him, he secured Dagger's wrists with it together at the small of her back, so that her arms draped loose behind her. She loved that tail, too.

Zidane's hands then were then able to do as they pleased while she sighed with delight. At first he held her hips and took another thrust into her. Then another. As he began to thrust into her more rapidly, he moved his hands down and around to her lucious ass, the ass that had teased him through those tight yellow overalls during their adventures. He valued her much more than just for her ass, but he considered it a welcome benefit. He let it know with a firm squeeze.

Dagger's expression had become injected with passion and need. She sighed more loudly when he began to move his hands upward along her sides and to her bouncing breasts that yearned for his gentle caress. She threw her head back and began moaning more audibly as he flicked his thumbs over her taut nipples. The sound possessed Zidane with need as he thrust into her faster and deeper. He then sat upright while pulling back on her hands with his tail, exposing her entire torso to his whims. He kissed across her collarbone and then down along her sternum. He hung a right and enclosed his mouth on her left nipple and sucked on it lightly before releasing it to flick it with his tongue. Dagger was moaning so loudly and regularly now. Zidane drew his mouth across to give the right nipple the same treatment. He was thrusting into her hard and fast now, his hands returning to her hips.

"Oh, Zidane..." she moaned into his ear.

This caused him to suddenly release her hands and flip her over, so that he was pounding into her as fast and as deeply as he could. Dagger's eyes shut themselves tightly as she awaited for bliss to erupt from her loins. Zidane then placed his forehead firmly against hers and demanded,

"Open your eyes. Look at me."

Dagger heard those sweet words and obliged. For a moment she thought she had awoke from a dream. All she saw before her was what seemed like the dazzling night sky wearing the moon as its pendant. She stared into his eyes, tears streaming down her own until her entire body was gripped with convulsions and waves of pleasure. Zidane had joined her.

The Angel of Death. The Queen of Alexandria. The epitome of Terra's and Gaia's creation. Thus the best of both worlds merge to form one soul.

The fusion of Terra and Gaia was thus made manifest.

Zidane got up and scratched his ass.

"So who wants pancakes?"

~ ~ ~ fin ~ ~ ~

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