Smoke Gets in Your Eyes, Part 2.

Because of constant "suggestions" by the FFNet personnel, I cannot make this story a real lemon. I will have my entire account erased if I even attempt it. Someone reported to them that the story was going to be very NC-17ish and they are now very concerned about it…that is why it took me so long to update. Although, I must admit they were most cordial about the proceedings. So, even though many of you wanted me to write a lemony lemon…we're only gonna get a taste. Gomen, gomen…so, on with the story.

Kagome was tired, but at least now she was clean. With the more base of feminine needs taken care of her young body began to remind her that, yes, indeed Kagome, it was damn cold out at night in the Sengoku Jidai. Her lithe limbs shivering as the crisp autumn leaves fell around them, floating down like lost thoughts on the cold bitter winds, the girl shuddered. It didn't help that only moments ago the Hanyou had gnawed the very clothing from her wet skin. But as she turned to him, bare-chested, clothed only in a modest pair of cotton panties, that really didn't matter.

What mattered was that she knew he was crying. Even though he was silent in his tears, his body only shaking slightly with sobs, she had known when the very first tear had fallen. Even though she had been the one to almost perish in the flames, the brunt of the fear, the magnitude of apparent loss had been placed on Inuyasha's shoulders along with all the other matters already making a large pile on his conscience. She had at least already been unconscious. Her suffering was like the smoke, hazy, dark and warm. While the hanyou's horror had been the flames that licked and seared thoughts and hopes, devouring dreams painfully and completely.

She turned, her body clambering on its own closer to him. Sliding her bare arms up around his neck, she coaxed the tow headed boy's forehead away from her chest and up onto her shoulder. Her now clean fingers, chilled by the night air, set to the work or soothing him by working the snarls out of his long unkempt hair. She smiled sadly as his arms circled around her. "Poor thing…" She whispered, her voice still strained from breathing the smoke.

"Shut up." He sniffled. "There's smoke in my eyes, that's all." Barely managing to say that much before his voice cracked, the hanyou pulled her closer. It wasn't fair that the damnable tears wouldn't stop flowing. How could the wench be so calm? Didn't she know that she had almost died before he could get to her? It wasn't fair that she was being the one to give comfort when it was she who deserved it now more than ever. Yet, here she was, the same Kagome, whom he had feared he'd lost forever, holding him, telling him it was okay and running her cold fingers through his hair. He felt her smile.

It was too much. The sobs finally broke through all of his careful defenses. He buried his head in the soft angle of Kagome's throat, his whole body shivering with relief and sadness each too mixed up in the other to separate the two. To the girl's dismay, even the tips of his ears were shaking. His shoulders hunched in and he pulled her even closer to him as he realized even through his misery that she was freezing to the touch.

"Inuyasha, it's okay now." She continued to stroke his hair even though he was now at an odd angle. Somewhat puzzled, yet secretly pleased that he was finally showing her that he wasn't strong all the time, Kagome was still amazed to see her guardian in such a state. Warmer and a little more bold, she reached up. "See, look!" Her smart fingers found their way to his soft, velvety ears and tweaked them in a mimicry of when she first saw him all those years ago. Back forth, back forth. This elicited a sound somewhere between a laugh, a moan and a sob. Kagome sighed at the mixed response and pulled him closer. A blush flushed over her cheeks as she realized again, that yes, she was still quite unclothed, but caring overstepped the boundaries of decorum in this instance. Smiling softly into his hair, she whispered, "I'm still here."

Of all the things she could have possibly said, this had the worse possible effect. Crashing into his mind were all the thoughts and terror filled imaginings of what it would be like if she wasn't here. Guilt colored all of his thoughts black as pitch. His arms folded around her, pulling her fully into his lap, his hands doubling back around her chilled, bare frame. Her arms hung useless behind his head now, her full weight being supported by the hanyou. The warm lengths of fabric that made up his sleeves fell around her, warming her back and ruffling her hair. The sobs came stronger now, his whole body rocking and shaking with the magnitude of them. The only thing Kagome had to compare this kind of crying to was with her little brother, Souta…Her mind drifted back to the night her father had died. Without a word, Souta had clambered into her bed, curled up in her lap and sobbed until he fell asleep. Kagome didn't move that entire night for fear of waking her exhausted brother…her legs tingled with sleep pains and her back had ached from sitting for so long, but she kept still and only stroked the child's hair back from his sweaty forehead the other hand rubbing gentle circles on his back. Now, reality hit her. Inuyasha had come closer than she had ever realized to losing something he cared about.

It hadn't hit her until that moment just how close she had come to dying. Her own throat began to constrict and thankfully cut off the small whimper that had suddenly grown there. Her own arms wrapped more tightly around the boy's back. For a moment she allowed the luxury to being rocked as Inuyasha continued his sobbing only now with silent gulps of air, his tears slowly drying. Taking a deep breath, she looked back down at his face. Almost as red as his hakata, his face was streaked with tears, eyes screwed shut. And as a cruel twist of karma, this was the worst thing she could have done. Seeing the amount of distress she had caused the boy only pushed her over the edge and to lose control of her own emotions. Tired, stressed and aching, the girl felt the thin cold lines of tears begin racing down her cheeks. Somehow this was her fault, she hadn't been strong enough to keep herself out of trouble. And now Inuyasha wasn't acting like Inuyasha!

Dammit, he thought. Now she's crying too. All this did was only make him feel more miserable but less lost. At least she was here, crying or not. He pulled her closer, his tears momentarily dried at the though of distressing the girl more. The primitive mind of protector finally kicked into gear as Kagome fought valiantly against the sobs. His sleeves, wrapped tightly against his arms, forced his hands up as he circled them around the girl. And cold or not, distraught or not, sick at the though of losing her or not, he did something accidentally he should have never done.

His hands came to rest on her unbound and softly, shaking breasts.

They froze. Silence fell like a veil around the pair.

For a fleeting moment, Inuyasha wondered if perhaps if he kept sobbing she would forget about it and give him time to move his traitor's hands…but alas, there was no time. He tensed…

She tensed, her sobs and cries falling silent except for the occasional sniffle.

As she tensed, her chest expanded as she sucked in cold autumn air through her teeth. This caused the tips of her nipples, already hard from the cold, to press firmly against the rough calluses of his palms. His hands were so warm…

Stifling a little yelp as he readied himself for Kagome's breath to escape in one gloriously magnificently loud rendition of "SIT!" another part of Inuyasha stiffened quick enough to cause a moan to leak out of his throat and tickle down the side of her throat. It wasn't fair that a girl could have such soft skin. Baring his teeth he tried to fight the urge.

Kagome found that for an instant she didn't mind where his hands were. His breath on her throat made one entire side of her body flush with warmth. Her arms still buried in his hair, Kagome trembled. It wasn't that she wasn't enjoying this. Being able to get warm felt wonderful in itself, and she realized, she needed to be held like this. It was imperative that the one doing the holding was none other than the person she was with. But the embrace had become a little uncomfortable now that his lap was a quite a bit more lumpy.

(Authors note…I'm cringing at this point…Honestly, I don't really know what constitutes as NC-17 versus an R…they say it is the same as movie ratings, but it's a bit more tricky than that isn't it? Eh-heh…onward dear friends, ever onward. God, I hope I don't get banned…and for goodness sake, if you are too young to be reading about the more carnal pleasures of adulthood, DO NOT read R rated stories!!!)

Ears twitching nervously, Inuyasha slowly relaxed as the command remained silent on Kagome's chapped lips. She must have been sicker than he though. For her to tolerate something like this…

She chose that moment to start to pull away.

And Inuyasha panicked.

She had come so close to disappearing from him forever, even in the abstract of moving her body away from his was enough to set him tumbling back into unrealized fears. She hadn't perished today, but what about tomorrow or the next day or the day after that? In his mind, he would always know he had failed her and with that possibility now out in the open, how could he cope with his fears.

His arms tightened as Kagome leaned back, pulling her roughly to his chest, his fingers sliding along the crest of her breasts, nails scratching gently at the sensitive flesh there. To keep her close enough for his liking, he instinctively placed his mouth around the warm pulse in her neck, his tongue gently pressing against her skin. His stomach tightened and lower regions ached in the night.

An army of goose bumps marched down her entire body in a flood of sparks and heat. "I-Inuyasha?" Her throat squeaked and worked as his gold eyes rolled up to look at her. The intensity of his gaze caused her to fidget and elicited another deep moan that sounded more like a growl from the boy. Below her, something poked at her thigh. Her eyes grew impossibly wide. He wouldn't dare! This was something straight out of the "Miroku's Guide to Catching Women Off Guard."

His mouth slowly worked its way up her throat and nuzzled the juncture of her jaw and her ear. He couldn't let her go just yet…now that the acrid scent of burning things was cleared from her skin, there was nothing left but the clean smell of cool water and the warmth of her bare skin. The smoothness of her neck and the softness of her thick hair as she tilted her head back helped to remind him that she was indeed still there. Hands tracing her cheek, he closed his gold eyes as his mouth found hers in the dark fall night.

Kagome hesitated for a breath and then relaxed against him. This was something they both needed desperately. He was here. She was still here too. And his sharp teeth were gently tugged and nipping at her lips, urging her on, daring her. Even though he was stronger physically, he knew as well as she that they were evenly matched when it came to their wills. And this night their wills were calling to them to confirm each others existence. Her mind heavy with sensation, she parted her lips and allowed Inuyasha to, in his own uniquely rough and tender way, pillage her mouth with his own. His hands roved over the hills and plains of her bare flesh, coaxing forth moans and small cries from the cave of her soft, pink lips.

Not to be outdone by him, Kagome shifted her legs, gently placing her bare feet behind the small of the hanyou's back. Her calves, sculpted into graceful muscles from their long treks, molded into his sides, her hips rocking slowly against his stomach. She had a moment to laugh inwardly as Inuyasha's eyes literally crossed comically at the sensation. The strange stiffness that met her thrusts, became even harder beneath the rough cloth of his pants. Kagome's own cotton panties were slowly getting warmer with each gyration.

Well, she didn't seem to mind what they were doing at least. Some part of his sane mind commented from the sidelines. His hands slowly dropped from her back to reach between them and one cupped the back of her dark head, the other finding its way to the long neglected mounds of her chest. And as Kagome continued her silent rocking assault against him, he fought back by lowering his mouth to her breast. Bending her backwards, her back arching like the bow she carried, he had his way with the mysteriously soft, wonderfully pragmatic mounds of the female form.

It was Kagome's turn to cross her eyes. In this position, she was rendered helpless against the actions of the hanyou above her. There was no way to resist the flowing tide of liquid tongue, shining, nipping canines, or the warmth of wet lips that stormed across her with all the slowness of molasses. Her legs turned to jelly as she fought to stay alert as the lazy sensation of pleasure oozed over her body. Her mind found footing as the hanyou left her breasts and started to travel lower. Finally remembering she had hands and arms, Kagome caught hold of his hair and tugged, shaking her head. They had already been though so much in one day. There was no need to rush things. Looking sullen and almost pouty, Inuyasha pulled away with much hesitation and lifted the girl up again. Kagome met him halfway and gently kissed his eyes. They still had the lingering taste of salt on the lashes. "There, smoke gone yet?"

With an undignified sniff, the hanyou tossed back his mane of silvery hair. A slightly cocky grin, tinged with a bit of gentleness crossed his lips. "Feh, wouldn't you like to know." His arms smoothly circled her again, "We have until at least morning…you're clothes are sopping wet." He lifted an eyebrow. "Along with other things…"

Kagome flushed deep red.

"I'm sure we can get rid of the rest of the smoke before the others are up." With that he playfully rolled the girl under him as she laughed and stroked his soft ears.

"Yep, I'm still here after all." She whispered as he leaned down to kiss her.

The End.

Well…there you go. I know it's tame…and probably shorter than you want it but hey, it's done finally! Let me know what you think. And to the person who tattled…just remember karma's kinda harsh. Love you all. DarthMerMer