Matrix Ranma Style

A/N: Another Matrix crossover from me, woohoo. Anyway, this is an A/U fic and it approaches the concept of the Matrix a lot differently than from RITM. Read on.

Chapter 1: Kidnap

Ranma sat under his favorite bridge concentrating on the day's events. His loose tongue had yet garnered him trouble with Akane again. The day's events crossed through his mind. They had gotten along a lot better after the failed wedding. His insult was the first in months; then again, it was also the first time Akane had attempted to cook too. Totally justified I think. (Well, I better get home. Nothing else here anyways.) He got up and started walking down the street when suddenly a black car intercepted him.

"Hey, what's the idea?" The backdoor window slid down to reveal a young girl about Ranma's age. Her hair was white and tied back in a braid. He couldn't make out the color in her eyes mostly because she was wearing shades.

"Get in the car," the girl asked in a monotone voice. Ranma looked at her several minutes longer.

"No." He started walking away. The girl looked over at the driver.

"So much for that idea."

"Don't worry, let's just go to plan B." The girl let out a sigh. The car drove away from its location. Ranma was looking back on the car. (Good thing they're gone.) Ranma proceeded on his way back home.


Ranma took a look around until he was satisfied that nobody followed him, or so he thought. He knocked on the door. Kasumi naturally answered it.

"Hi, Ranma! We're just about to have dinner."

"Good!" He went over to the table. He didn't see Akane around. (She's still mad at me?) He looked up and saw Soun and Genma staring down on him. "Hey, what's this?"

"What happened between you and Akane?" Soun asked.

"Nothing." Genma started to shake Ranma vigorously.

"Nothing?! Boy, what have you done?" Genma spouted.

"After such high hopes, I really did think that you were getting along better!" Soun yelled out.

"Apologize to her now!!" Genma and Soun both cried at once. Genma was eating a bag of chips during the conversation.

"Why should I?" Ranma replied defiantly.

"Boy! Don't ask, just do it!!!" Genma kicked Ranma out of the house and into the pond. She got up and shouted.

"What was that for?!"

"Apologize!!!" Soun and Genma yet again cried in unison. Ranma spit out the water in her mouth. She wringed her clothes to get the water out. The redhead muttered as she walked back in the house. (Might as well get this over with, I was probably going to do this sooner or later.) The pig-tailed girl walked up the stairs and knocked on the door. The door opened to reveal Akane. Ranma pointed her fingers together.

"I just wanted to say I'm sorry," she apologized weakly. Akane's eyes softened a bit.

"Why Ranma?"

"Because I insulted you?"

"No, why DID you insult me?"

"Come on, it's so obvious. You can't cook even if your life depended on it. I'd rather eat pig slop than the toxic waste you make." (Aw crap, not again.) Akane's eyes narrowed.

"Jerk!" The door slammed in the redhead's face. (There we go again.) The girl let out a sigh and was about to walk back down the stairs she suddenly bumped into Soun and Genma. They were obviously listening in.

"You idiot boy!" Genma shouted.

"Look WHO'S talking." Genma smacked him on the head.

"Hey!!!" Ranma smacked him back. They continued to hit each other.

"Stop this!" Soun yelled. They both looked at him. "Let's eat dinner, after that, apologize again." Ranma rolled his eyes.


Hours had passed since dinner. The whole household was asleep. Outside was a black car parked. Three people came out. One was the girl that Ranma had met up with earlier. She was wearing a leather jacket with jeans. The driver was a woman in her 20's. Her hair was brown and touched her shoulders. She was wearing a white trench coat over a black shirt and pants. The other person was a guy around his 30's. His hair was short and combed back. It was the color black. He wore a vinyl-like overcoat. Underneath was a white polo shirt and black pants. His eyes were brown. They all wore sunglasses except for the man.

"Okay, let's go in now," the man said. The three went up to the door and twisted the knob. It was locked. The driver pulled out a lock pick and began unlocking the door. After a silent click, they proceeded in.

"He must be upstairs," the driver commented. She turned to the man. "Koji, don't do anything stupid." The man named Koji opened his mouth to respond.

"I wouldn't dare to do anything while I'm here."

"Whatever," the girl snapped. The two girls started to go up the stairs silently. Koji followed them.

"We don't need you in here, we can handle it," the driver ordered.

"Whatever." Koji lounged in the hall. "What's this?" He saw a duck plate with the name "Akane" plastered over it. He slowly twisted the knob, it clicked. (Not locked huh?) He peeked inside and saw a sleeping beauty. (Who's she?) He approached a little close and observed her features. (Wow, what a total babe. Suzaki wouldn't mind if I had a little harmless fun, right? Damn is she cute, the girls are busy right now. Perfect.) He walked a little closer. (She looks so innocent, it just hurts just to look at her.) He smiled mischievously. His face was inches in front of Akane's. He started to stretch his arm out forward.

"Ranma." Akane whispered in her sleep as she rolled over. She searched for something to hold but found Koji's arm instead. She held to it and pinned him down. (Crap, this chick is strong! I can't even move. I can't just wake her up and ask her to get off.) He started to squirm uncomfortably as the blood circulation in his arm was being cut off. Back in the hallway, the two girls were in the Saotome's room.

"What's this?" the girl whispered to the driver. "He's sleeping with a panda?"

"Beat's me. Let's just get him, okay?" the driver whispered back. "You have the chloroform?"

"Yeah." The girl pulled out a handkerchief dabbed with chloroform. She put it over Ranma's mouth. "How are we supposed to know it's working?"

"When he stops snoring I guess, just leave it for several minutes." After several minutes, they were satisfied. The girl reached for the martial artist and slung him over her should after some slight difficulty.

"He's heavy."

"What did you expect, let's just get him back to Suzaki." They slowly made their way out into the hallway. They noticed that the door to Akane's room was slightly ajar. "Damn it Koji, don't tell me you did something stupid," she muttered to herself. She went to take a peek inside and saw Koji pinned down by Akane. "Get yourself out from under her!" she scolded quietly.

"I don't know if you can see but the chick won't let go."

"What are you, weak? Just pull yourself." Koji struggled once again. The driver sighed. She went over to and grabbed Koji's free arm. She started to pull on him.

"Hey, don't be so rough." After a brief moment of struggling, Akane let go at the expense of her sleep. She woke up slowly. The driver and Koji fell backwards. Akane started to rub her eyes. "That was too rough."

"Oh shut up you crybaby. Oh no, let's get out before she sees us." It was too late, as soon as Akane spotted them, she yelled out, "Ranma!!!" The girl back in the hallway was startled and dropped Ranma to the ground. The voice registered in his mind as he slowly regained consciousness. The girl was surprised that he started to wake up, he was supposed to be sedated. Since this is Ranma we're talking about, something like chloroform won't be able to keep him down. After drinking and going through all sorts of spells and magic potions, you're bound to build a resistance to chemicals. Don't forget about Akane's cooking either.

"What the?" Ranma groggily asked. His eyes began to focus and he saw the two strangers in Akane's room. "What's this?!"

"Crap!" The driver ran over to Akane and stuck a gun to her head. "Don't move!" Ranma turned his head over to Akane. (She has a gun! I can't risk it!)

"Ranma, what are you waiting for?! Can't you see what's going on?!" Akane yelled at Ranma.

"You idiot! If I make a move, she might shoot you!" In this situation, Ranma could or could not be fast enough to turn the odds in his favor. But after Saffron, Ranma didn't want to take any chances.

"That's right! You make a move, I'll blow her away. That is, if you come with us quietly," the driver demanded.

"If I go along, then would you-," Ranma felt something pierce his back. (What the?!) He reached out his arm behind him. Another object entered into him. His vision started to blur.

"Ranma!!!" Akane yelled. Ranma looked up at her groggily. He finally collapsed. Akane's eyes went wide open. "H-h-h-he's not d-d-dead is he?"

"No, he's just going to take a little nap." Akane looked up at the source of the voice. It belonged to a girl in the hallway, she was holding a tranquilizer gun. "You're gonna take one too." The girl aimed the gun at Akane. Her body went limp. The driver carefully put her back in her bed.

"She's not going to remember this tomorrow," the driver commented.

"I'm just surprised that nobody else woke up when she screamed," Koji added. You would imagine the Tendo household would be used to all the noise.

"Come on, let's just get him in the car," the girl said. Koji looked at Ranma's back.

"You put enough tranquilizer in him to knock out a wild horse!"

"I know, let's just go."

What do you think? Yeah I made up some characters for the purpose of the story. When I threw around the concept of a Matrix/Ranma crossover, this is what I came up with first. Then I decided to go into another direction with RITM. Anyways, please R&R!!!