DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the Dragon Ball series nor it's containing characters. They all belong to Akira Toriyama. I also do not own the TV Show, Totally Spies. The plot is mine and any other characters you do not recognize.

Title: Totally Spies
Aoi Megami
Chapter Title:
First Mission

"Aughhh,..." a 17 year old raven haired girl screamed and ran away from men on suits who were after her. She was wearing a yellow spandex with long tight sleeves that end up to her wrists and tight spandex pants that go staight down to her green boots. She ran around the abandoned warehouse hoping to distract the men.

"Aughhh,... leave me alone you over grown buffoons" she screamed as she stop and stared in horror as she realized that she reached a dead end . "Oh, Oh." she whispered to herself as she turned around to face the men who was chasing her.

"Hurry up Bulma!" a blonde girl said to her blue haired friend.

"I'm doing the best I can here, 18." Bulma told her blonde friend. 18 was wearing the same spandex as Chichi's except hers is green. Bulma was wearing the same thing but hers was blue.

"I don't think Chichi can last long with those guys."

"Then go to her 18, I need concentration on this."

"Aughhh! Bulma how hard is it to open a safe?" she growled

"Do you wanna try it?" she said as she stopped doing her work

"No..." 18 said as she pouted

"Look 18 I'll be fine. Why don't you go help Chichi."

"But Bul- " she stopped in mid sentence as both girls heard their comrade Chichi screamed. "Alright B, I'm out." she said as she ran out the room to help her friend.

Chichi screamed as a guy ran towards her. She move to a fighting stance and just before the guy was about to reach her, she kicked him in his guts then sh grabbed his arm and flipped him over to the other side of the hall. Another man attacked her an this time she dropped to the ground to avoid his punch and then she quickly got up and punched him straight in the face. She stopped to catch her breath and was caught of guard when she was grabbed from behind her. One arm was around her waist and the his other arm was trying to choke her. She was suddenly running out of breath and completely losing her energy when he felt the man who had grabbed her slowly loosened his grip on her. She moved away when from him and leaned against the wall to catch her breath. She slowly focused her eyes to her savior.

"Oh thank God, 18 you found me on time!" she said between gasps

"Are you alright?"

"Yeah! Thanks." they both look at each other and laughed

"What's so funny?" Both girls stopped laughing and looked at their blue haired partner.

"Oh nothing!" they both said in unison

"So did you get it?" 18 asked

"Yup." Bulma said as she started tossing up a small black bag in the air.

"Alright! Way to go B!" Chichi cheered.

"Yeah! Now let's get out of here." 18 said as she started running to the front doors of the abandoned ware house, both her friends following right behind her. When they finally got out they saw a white helicopter floating above ground.

"Girls come on! What took you so long?" A man who was around his 50's asked them as they just stood there with scowls on their face while they stared at the floating helicopter.

"Jerry!" All of them screamed as their scowling faces were turned into happy faces

"What do you mean what took us so long? Were the ones who's doing the job not you so don't complain." Bulma said as she put both her hands on her hips and scowled at him.

"Yeah Bulma's right Jerry, we need a break. We've been going to this stupid missions for like 2 years already." 18 said as she copied Bulma's actions.

"Yeah! We need a break." Chichi said as she joined in fight.

"Alright girls we'll talk once we got back to head quarters." He said as he lead them inside the helicopter.

The helicopter lifted off and went straight to head quarters.