This short story is based on the 2009 Wonder Woman animated film, and can be considered pre-canon as it takes place long before Steve Trevor even crash landed on Earth.

Inspired by the artwork by female artist Pistaccio on deviantArt.

(sorry if I tend to rewrite certain parts in this story a lot. I do tend to be too much of a perfectionist.)


I don't own any of the characters used in this story.

A creased brow fell upon Artemis' features as she stared at her reflection from the blade. The endless number of both ugly beasts and barbaric men who bled from her sword in the field of battle over the years came to her mind in a brief moment. It caused the edges of her lips to pull into a premature smirk.

The powder blue sky hovered over Themyscira like a canopy as she sat in front of the steps of the Queen's Royal Palace. It only served to illustrate the calm stillness of the island. At least the Gods above were in agreement over the weather. Off her present demeanor, it might as well have rained today.

Time for yet another sparring match with Princess Diana. Instead of using hand-to-hand combat or a pair of wooden staffs, they would be using swords.

Artemis rolled her eyes. Was it fair that she was no longer the Captain of the Themysciran Army? She was one of Themyscira's greatest warriors. She was the best.

Until the Princess of the Amazons came along.

When Hippolyta informed her of her removal from the battlefield, to train the Queen's daughter, she accepted her position under protest. Yes, it was important for each Amazon on the island to remain vigilant and keep their skills ever sharp, but... for Hera's sake, she had helped the Queen in battle to defeat the war god Ares and his army. And this was her reward after the island of Themyscira was completed? To just train Princess Diana about the ways of the Amazon?

Despite her reservations, Artemis trained and sparred with the Princess until she grew into adulthood. For a long time, she taught her everything she knew about battle. And she taught Diana well in her sessions. Too well. To the point that Diana always bettered her in sparring now.

Only Athena knew why Artemis tolerated this woman. Especially when she got all cocky after each sparring session.

Her eyes narrowed at the other Amazons on the island, always murmuring to each other, always whispering behind her back. Claiming there was another reason why she tolerated sparring with Diana, that she had feelings for her. Even Alexa suggested as such one day, and Artemis told her in no uncertain terms to mind her business.

The unmitigated gall of all of them, to confuse any competitiveness the two proud women had for any kind of…

Why would there be any other reason other than a begrudging respect towards her?

Although whenever the Princess had her ego and headstrong attitude checked - which wasn't often - the redhead could sympathize with her, to a degree. Diana had once told Artemis that it was her desire to go out and see what Man's World had to offer, in spite of her Mother's views and teachings. To reconnect Paradise Island with the rest of the world in the hopes of saving it from destruction. To help men see the errors of their ways, to change their views on women and see them as their equals.

Was she being a bit naive? Perhaps. Wishful thinking? Certainly. But it did hold up a mirror to Artemis, and her desire to be back out in the battlefield, if only the Queen would let her -

"Ready to lose, Artemis?"

The redhead raised an eyebrow at the comment pulling her from her musings.

Her green eyes looked at the Amazon princess, who stood on the other end of the designated fighting area twirling the handle of her own sword. Her tight-lipped smile belied her impatient posture, and seemed fit to burst out from underneath her helmet. The same kind of grin the Princess would flash as she peered down on her after each session. Just the image of that alone, never mind that dark hair of hers that seemed to flow endlessly down her back, those haunting eyes that matched the hue of the ocean surrounding the island…

It was enough to just make her want to grab a long coil of rope and hogtie her.

Artemis pushed off the outside steps of the palace, and approached the fighting area inside the makeshift boundary line drawn in the sand. "Confident of victory already, are we, Princess?"

Diana responded with a swift shake of her head. "No. Just getting bored of watching you admire your blade."

Lowering her own helmet over her head, the redhead Amazon got into her stance, the edges of her lips curling into a tight-lipped grin. "I'll try not to bore you during this training, Princess," she said, her sword at the ready. "Bring it on."

It seemed Diana was more than willing to oblige, as she darted towards her. Artemis held up her front guard, bracing herself for the inevitable.


Their blades met, and the test of strength commenced.

It began the same way most of their sparring sessions did, with both Amazon warriors in an intense, fierce stalemate. Neither were able to gain much of an advantage over the other for the first few moments, which was a credit to Artemis and her teachings. The two jumped back a few steps, as the first clash ended in a standoff.

A second intense clash of metal, a second test of strength, a second standoff. Again, they faded back to collect themselves for the next point of attack.

For the next few minutes, Diana and Artemis darted and maneuvered back and forth along the flat fighting area in front of the Royal Palace. They were like two dancers, but with different styles: Artemis' more aggressive and fiery attack contrasted with Diana's more measured and controlled approach. Their practiced foot movement would've been enough to make Hermes blush.

There was no discernible pattern or strategy to either move – both fighters moved about, executing complex maneuvers and feints that had the other fighter stumped for several seconds before they came back swinging with renewed force. The only exception to this was when Diana was attempting to take advantage of the fast wind to land a blow. Artemis, though, was able to roll out of the way.

But then the pair exchanged glances, and before either could take the initiative to go for another round of combat, Diana charged forward, striking quickly and hard.

Artemis, without even breaking stride, swiped her arm at Diana's side, and sent the other warrior careening backwards, a look of shock painted across her face. With a grunt, the redhead unleashed a massive flurry of feints, thrusts and parries, sweeping her blade back and forth.

To her dismay, Diana was able to block each advance, although she was being pushed backwards towards the boundary line. The Princess then blocked her downward strike before reversing the attack.

The sounds of metal meeting against steel resounded through the air. With every exchange of blows, the tension between them increased until it was almost unbearable. Their feet shifted slightly, constantly changing angles. Each thrust and block put even more strain on their muscles.

Both women were breathing hard, sweat pouring down their faces, as they pulled back for a moment to give each other a brief break, looking forward for any sort of opening.

"You know, Artemis," Diana said as the two circled each other within the designated area. "I have to admit something. I used to get a bit jealous of you."

Artemis tilted her head and almost relaxed her pose. That comment came out of left field. "Jealous, Diana?"

"Jealous of what my Mother told me about you - of the stories about your numerous battles out on the battlefield, how you have defeated everyone from the brutish male soldier influenced by the God of War Ares, to the one-eyed cyclops. I was envious of you to the point of aspiring to be just like you in battle."

The redhead was unable to keep a tight grin of both mirth and self-satisfaction from appearing on her face. She held her stance, waiting for Diana to commit to her next move. "Really, I'm flattered."

"Yes. You are such a skilled warrior in both hand-to-hand and armed combat. One can only imagine how good you still would be if you didn't lose so much against me."

Artemis paused for a moment, raising an eyebrow at the raven haired warrior. Well, the Princess is more sarcastic than normal, she thought. This was just part of Diana's charm, part of their friendly banter, even when they weren't sparring.

The redhead Amazon pushed forward. The air whipped past her mouth, filling her lungs. Fiery explosions coursed through her veins, begging to take over her body completely. She took one last inhale before springing forward.

Their swords linked up again with a loud clash and clang. Each Amazon's reflection flashed across each other's blade and across their peripheral vision. Every time they collided, their bodies crashed into each other as if it were nothing, Diana only barely deflecting the attack as her hand closed around Artemis' sword arm.

At this point in the fight, Artemis could feel Diana's warm body pressing into hers, blue eyes peering into her own emerald green pupils. She could feel her own heart beating faster at the closeness. Her muscles tensed up to an inhuman level. Her body temperature rose by degrees, making her sweat profusely. She wasn't exactly sure why she felt this way, and she didn't want to know.

Her adrenaline kicked in, screaming loudly at her ears, pulsating throughout her entire body as she thrust her sword forward, attacking with wild abandon. To her dismay, Diana dodged and rolled out of the way, keeping herself out of arm's reach of Artemis' furious attack.

However, the redhead noticed Diana backing up towards the very edge of the fighting area. A smirk appeared on her face. If she could cause her to set one foot outside the line drawn in the sand, the victory would be hers after a long string of losses against her former pupil.

A feint, then a flurry of blows. This was her chance. She moved in closer and closer.

Diana saw the intent in her eyes and charged, meeting her at full speed. They came together in a flurry of twirling bodies.

Artemis growled, frustrated at the failure to draw Diana out. Worst still, she knew that for all her heightened endurance, she was getting fatigued. Then again, so would the Princess overtime.

Seeing an apparent opening, Artemis took a full swipe, knocking the sword from Diana's hand. A second swipe knocked her down on her side.

Not wanting the Princess to recover her senses, she kicked the fallen blade aside. Aiming the razor-sharp tip of her own sword at Diana's neck, she couldn't resist a small triumphant laugh as she saw her former pupil get into a crouched position off the ground. "Looks like victory is mine, after all."

Diana was unswayed. She stuck a leg out and executed a sweeping motion, connecting with the back of her heels. The next thing Artemis knew, she landed on her back with a thud. She looked up at the Princess, who gave a smug smile as she got up to a standing position.

"Or not," was all Diana said, shrugging with her free hand.

Artemis shook her head, her green eyes hardening like a pair of green daggers. "Must you cheat to get your way now, Diana?"

Diana frowned, placing her sword beside her and leaning forward. She took her helmet off and stuck her slender hand out, offering to help Artemis up off the sand. "That was merely self defense, Artemis."

Casting her own helmet aside, Artemis propped herself up to rest on her elbows. She wanted to stay mad at the Princess. She should've been mad at her. But she couldn't. For some reason, she almost wanted to laugh. There was just something about Diana that caused her emotions to shift uncontrollably, and she found herself struggling to find some kind of resolve for whatever reason. Perhaps her feelings were just too strong.

And when she saw the Princess' features turn into something akin to an expression of confusion and concern, again, she didn't know whether to embrace her or tackle her to the ground.

After a moment of silence, whatever self-control Artemis had went out the window. Jerking forward, her lips slammed against the dark haired woman's above her in a fierce and aggressive manner. Lifting a hand to the side of her face before finding the base of her neck, she wanted to make sure that Diana didn't pull away. Wouldn't allow her to even question what she was doing.

When she finally pulled her lips apart from the dark haired woman's own lips, a moment of realization surfaced on her face as to what she just did. Judging from the look on Diana's face, she was sure that she would disapprove of this action. "Forgive me, Princess," she said, looking away. "I... I didn't mean to -"

To the redhead's surprise, the Princess sat down on top of her waist, pinning her down and trapping her hands above her head. The redhead struggled underneath her weight, trying to throw the much lighter girl off of her, but Diana wouldn't budge. Instead, she grabbed the bottom of Artemis' shirt, pulling them down to reveal the matching material underneath. Sliding closer toward her fellow Amazon's conquered body, she placed her left arm around Artemis' neck, and kissed her passionately.

At first, Artemis was shocked at this, but then the sensation she felt from the princess' lips, she slowly began to relax into the kiss. She didn't think that Diana had any feelings for her beyond friendship and sisterhood among the Amazons on the hidden island, but apparently, she was wrong. Artemis initially let herself be kissed as if she were nothing more than a damsel in distress who was being taken captive. Slowly, it seemed as if her own affection for Diana grew as she opened her mouth slightly and pressed their tongues together. It wasn't long before they both started moaning in pleasure, one panting through the kisses and the other through her moans. The two women kissed the same way they fought - one more aggressive and fiery, the other more controlled, but equally as passionate.

The two Amazon warriors broke apart from each other, and sat up, panting heavily.

"If this is how you're gonna boast victories over me in sparring..." Artemis said with a sly smile as she gazed into the Amazon princess' eyes. "...maybe I should start intentionally losing more often."

That remark drew a laugh from Diana, as she playfully elbowed Artemis in the arm. "You are the embodiment of wry humor, Artemis. Maybe later at sundown, when we're alone, in my chambers, you can help me curb my apparent arrogance every time I beat you in sparring." She added with a playful wink as she helped her former trainer up to her feet.

That earned a light punch to the arm from Artemis when she got up. "Of course, Your Highness. Our training sessions will have a new purpose from now on – an equally beneficial one at that. I'll make sure of that."

Unbeknownst to her, a pair of dark brown irises glanced down at the two Amazons walking off from her window in her chambers. A smile fell upon her mature and elegant features, content that Artemis had begun to resolve her feelings for Diana, one step at a time.

Final Note

Sorry if I haven't uploaded anything new. If you want to know why, this story and a few others were driving me crazy. Hell, they still are. That's half the reason why. For the other reason why, check the update on my profile.

This Wonder Woman story has been driving me crazy, in so far as this is my first sparring scene I wrote, and I didn't have a clue as to how I wanted it to go, other than the way it ended.

And then I had no idea what ending I wanted for this story. Even now, I kinda hate the ending I came up with in this revision, it just felt rushed to me. And tacking Hippolyta's reaction to the kiss, I figured why not, since I mentioned her earlier in the story..

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