Pure and Mud

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Prologue - 1984

Third person

A young four year-old boy sat in his mother's lap, tears cascading down his cheeks. The mother rocked her son gently as unshed tears clung to her own lashes. A knock to the locked door jolted the pair as the boy looked desperately at his mum who looked nearly helpless. Fisting the material, the four-year-old buried his face into his mother's chest and sobs wracked his entire frame. The woman tried her hardest to hush her crying child as another knock entered the tense silence. Slowly and gently, the mother disentangled her boy from herself as she wiped his tears with the pad of her thumb. Lifting herself from the bed, she walked across the large double suite before hesitantly touching the door knob.

Flashback – Draco's Pov

The gardens were always my favorite part of Malfoy Manor. While the manor seemed dark and gloomy due to the countless shades of greys and black- the gardens were a huge contrast. Beautiful flowers were lined along the path in practically every color possible and tall trees towered over them. Of course, the peacocks were included in all the beauty- except the fact that they were quite vicious. Gripping my mother's hand tighter, she looked at me quizzically while I merely grinned back at her. As we walked deeper into the gardens, a frown marred my face. One singular flower sat, its petals, a rusted shade and it drooped over as if it were sad.

"Mother? Why does that flower look different from the rest?"

A soft smile curved her lips as she gently placed me down on a bench and kneeled in front of me. Brushing a couple strands of soft blond hair from my forehead, she stared deeply into my grey orbs. Ignoring my question, she stood up- dusting her dress delicately. The soft lilac color seemed to match our surroundings as my mom began to pull her wavy blond locks into an elegant updo. Once satisfied with the state of her hair, I watched as she approached the fallen beauty and removed her wand. A small swirl of it, and there it was- returned to its previous state. Its petals a vibrant yellow- the posture no longer was bent. Rather, it was upright.

Unable to hold myself, I leaped from the wooden bench and joined my mother on the pavement as I grazed the flower with my tiny fingers. Watching in awe, I turned to grin at her once again- only then was her face consorted into fear. Footsteps approached as I frowned at my mother's sudden change of mood.

Now, naturally as a kid, I immediately clung onto my mother's tailored dress robes, crumpling the smooth fabric between my fists. If my mother was worried, was there a reason for me to act brave? I watched as the clouds began to darken, taking a familiar shade of grey I'd become accustomed to seeing at the manor. The steps grew closer as I peeked to observe the man in front of me, a sneer plastered onto his pale features.

His black robes- as always- had no creases and were clearly made from the finest material possible.

A Malfoy should always deserve the best.

His long blonde hair was swept neatly behind his back and in his hand, he held a long cane. At the top, a silver snake sat- its features captured perfectly. The long fangs were as sharp and deadly as they seemed; along with that, two emeralds were thrust into the serpent for eyes.

There was no doubt about it- my father stood in front of me and my mother. His eyes paused my movements once I realized they held disappointment and… disgust in them? Frowning, I noticed my hands were dirty- in fact, mud had gathered under my fingernails and… it was rather repulsive. My mother had taken notice of my current state as she murmured a quick Scourgify to my immense delight.

Getting to my feet, I opened my mouth though my father beat me to it, interjecting sharply, "What were you doing on sitting on the mud, son?"

The question threw me off completely as I blinked twice before swallowing nervously. "M-mother was helping the… the flower…" I looked uneasily at my mother who avoided my gaze and continued staring at my father. Suddenly, I felt a wave of guilt crash into me once I realized I may have not given the correct answer. "I wanted… to help the flower," The additional statement did nothing to satisfy my father.

Nodding as if this made sense, he gave me a cold smirk- he'd switched so fast I'd barely noticed- before a smile came onto his lips. The smile might have been... a smile, though it wasn't of the friendly sort. More of a predatory smile, waiting for the opportunity to pounce, given the wrong answer.

Gesturing to the rows of flowers, he inquired quietly, "Which one, my boy?"

I felt completely and utterly trapped in that moment. There was no denying the fear which blossomed into my heart. Dread rolled onto me as I clamped my mouth shut. I could feel the sweat and the tense silence practically choked me. What…what was I supposed to do?

Looking at my mother for help and guidance, I was startled to find her gaze piercing a hole through my head. Her eyes were wide, her lips pressed into a thin line and her hands fidgeted delicately in her lap. Pleading with her through silent words, she broke my stare and turned to Lucius Malfoy who continued to gaze at me. His eyebrows were raised as I trembled under the intensity of the situation. Opening my mouth, I felt the words disappear from the tip of my tongue as I struggled to find them. Instead, I pointed weakly to the bright beauty as his gaze followed my finger.

He didn't speak, didn't utter a single word as he removed his wand- composed of elm with dragon heartstring as its core- and directed it to the singular flower.

Two single words. Two words didn't have the right to hold that much power. But they did.

"Avada Kedavra"

I inhaled sharply as the flower didn't last long, regaining its rusty color and its petals- once soft- became dry and stiff. Unable to fight the urge, I, once again, leaped to the ground and cradled the broken flower between my palms. Not even once did I notice my mother's alarmed look and her constant shaking of her head. Save for the large boot coming down swiftly on my hand.

A cry of pain erupted from me as I instantly tugged my hands away, tears on the verge of breaking out. The flower lay there in ruins. I didn't know- didn't know why it mattered so much to me. We surely didn't have a shortage of greenery at the manor. Looking up at my father, he stared at me with… hatred was it?

Tears pooled around my eyes as he ordered me to stand. I did. I listened to his command.

My mother had also rose to her feet and quickly grasped my father's shoulders, forcing him to look at her.

"My love, this isn't right," She whispered, her fingers running through his silky strands. "Please, he's just a kid."

Shoving her forcefully away from her, he grabbed my hand roughly and dragged me back to... to the manor.

My whimpers were apparent though he didn't care, didn't stop until we entered the drawing room and he let go of my hand. Backing away from him, my eyes sought out my mother's poor form as she rushed into the room before my father had a chance to lock it. A sneer returned to his lips as he twirled his wand between his fingers. He watched as she crossed the room and grabbed my face with long pale fingers. Her eyes were scared- clouded with fear and worry- as she held up my hands for her to see.

The impact certainly caused pain, though not enough to cause a mark. In all, they were bound to have swelling for a couple of days. That wasn't so bad, right?

Suddenly, my mother turned to face my father as she pushed me behind her protectively. Although her actions were bold, she hadn't withdrawn her wand. I clung desperately to the fabric of her dress robes as she set her mouth in a firm line.

"Don't…don't hurt him, love," she whispered once more, the desperation seeping into her tone.

"Of course not," he purred back, taking a menacing step forward.

Slowly, she moved out of my way and brushed my white-blond strands away from my forehead. Leaning in, she pressed a soft kiss to my cheek and stared sadly at me.

What? Why did she have guilt swimming in her eyes? As she took a step back, I immediately covered the space, latching onto her robes and fixing her with a pleading stare. She merely shook her head and gently removed my fingers from the soft material. Releasing the updo she had created before, the blond hair tumbled down her shoulders as she swiftly exited the room. Without a goodbye.

The next hour was something I'd wish upon no one. Beating after beating, my back was scarred terribly. My wails ricocheted off the walls and my own voice became foreign to my ears. After the first part was completed with a cane, I was desperate to get far from my father, though that wasn't the case.

It was…round 1, as he liked to call it.

Round 2 consisted of the wand.

A gash on my cheek- the same cheek which my mother kissed- opened as a small trail of blood trickled down my face and dropped onto the marble floor beneath me. It… it looked ugly- the beautiful white marble now stained by blood. I gasped weakly once I felt the blood return to my cheek.

Just as I thought my punishment was over, the gash opened yet again, courtesy of his wand, as the blood trickled down the same path. Again, and again, and again.

He repeated the action until he finally stopped. And stared at me through disgusted eyes.

I promise father, I didn't know helping a flower could be such a crime.

Leaning down, he aimed a good kick at my ribs as he silenced my howl.

Shaking violently, I stared at my father, just stared at him.

I didn't know what I was supposed to do.

Until I heard his voice.

"Malfoys don't lower themselves to care about filth," he hissed, regarding me through angered eyes.

I didn't know that father, please, forgive me.

Finally, he got up and cleaned the marble, the dark red stain disappearing as I lay down on the cold floor, still. I could hear his footsteps moving farther and farther from me. What was more surprising was my mother's alarmed voice.

I could hear her questioning my… my father about me. He didn't care enough to give a straight answer which caused her to take large strides in order to reach the drawing room.

Pureblood ladies don't run.

A gasp followed closely by a sob, and I could feel my face lifted into her lap as her wand came into view.

Healing charms.

I could feel myself being lifted into her arms as she carried me across the manor, in search for her room. Once reaching it, she gently pushed the door open and placed me onto the bed.

Everything…everything hurt.

So, naturally, I blacked out from the pain.

Only 2 hours had passed since I had woken up after fainting and once my mother noticed I was awake, she conjured up a glass of cool water for me to drink.

My parched throat had never felt more pleased.

"Draco…" Narcissa Malfoy murmured. "You're awake."

Managing a nod, she brought me into her lap and rocked me slowly. As it were okay. As if the last few hours didn't happen.

I couldn't help it. So, I cried. Burying my face into her chest, I stayed there for a while, feeling my body shake.

End of Flashback – Draco's Pov

Watching tentatively, I felt my stomach drop once she opened the door to reveal my father. Swallowing nervously, I watched as he arched a perfect eyebrow at me, surprised by my quick recovery. Make no mistake, my back still ached, though I tried my hardest to school my features to act indifferent.

"Narcissa," he began smoothly. "Tell all of Draco's friends that he suffered a terrible broom fall."

A broom fall? He wasn't going to tell them what happened? Judging by the cold stare directed at me, it was clear I wasn't going to tell them any time soon.

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