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Chapter one

Severus Snape sat up straight on his bed. Pulling his sleeves up, he revealed the ugly Dark Mark on his arm. It was burning as fiercely as ever and he knew Voldemort was summoning the Death Eaters. Cursing under his breath, he changed his robes quickly, grabbed his wand and flew out of the room. The night was as dark as ever, stars shining steadily in the night as cool wind blew gently through the Hogwarts grounds. Severus took no notice of the great nature scenery- he continued walking with small, fast paces. Once out of the Hogwarts gates, he stopped and vanished in the silent night.

* * *

"There you are, old Severus." A cold voice greeted Severus in the threshold of an old, two-storied house. This was the well-known Riddle house, situated in a small town far away from Hogwarts.

Severus walked right past the out comer with a cool reply, "Good evening to you."

Lucius Malfoy contained himself with a smile that didn't reach his eyes. He and Severus entered the Headquarters of the Dark and into the living room. It was a rectangle room with armchairs forming a semi-circle around the incensing fireplace. Nearly a dozen Death Eaters were sitting on the chairs and some were pacing and talking in the back of the room.

"The Dark Lord has not arrived yet- please do sit down." Malfoy pointed to a chair near the fireplace.

"Thank you." Severus replied curtly and sat down. He looked around the fellow Death Eaters and hatred burned into his mind. Since Voldemort has returned, he had been full-filling his faithful duty to Dumbledore as a Spy. It was a very difficult task for he had suffered a lot convincing the Dark Lord that he was eternally loyal to him. Severus hated the job but was determined to fight in the battle as a pay back towards the wisest wizard ever and a father-figure to him- Albus Dumbledore.

The orange blazing flames in the fire place have changed into emerald green. The Death Eaters must have noticed it for they grew quiet and there was a rush to sit down. A moment later, a man appeared from the flames and stepped out. Lord Voldemort looked around his faithful servants as Severus forced himself to stare back into the face which once haunted him and now filled him with hatred and loathe.

"Good evening to you all, my faithful ones," Voldemort twisted his face into a horrible expression that looked like a smile, "Tonight I shall have some good news to announce." He paused as his eyes swept around the room again. Severus suppressed a snort as the other Death Eaters murmured in a polite or frightened interest.

"The giants, I have much honor and pride to say, has joined us. I have just helped them to see the power that we can give them, that I can honor them, and so they turned and is now our honored guest in the battle."

Few of the Death Eaters clapped and some were forcing smiles. Most of them merely nodded. Voldemort looked pleased, though, for he smiled even more evilly and said, "I am tired due to my long journey, Severus. Do you see any reason that you should be seated whilst I am remaining standing?"

Severus understood immediately. Deliberating his fury, he stood up rather stiffly and replied, "No, my Lordship, please be seated." He pulled the chair towards Voldemort and stood aside.

Voldemort smiled as his red eyes gleamed. "You are learning, my faithful one." He sat down and the other Death Eaters jumped up, abandoning their seats and formed a semi-circle around their leader instead.

"Well, Bella, is there any news you might wish to report?" Voldemort asked the woman standing in front of her.

Bellatrix Lestrange stepped forward a little and replied excitedly, "Oh yes, my Lord, there is. Regarding your lordship and wisdom, your majesty, Meloneor White has been captured yesterday by me in a Muggle town called Greenish. He is now locked in the kitchen waiting for your Lordship's judgment."

Voldemort laughed cruelly, "Bella, Bella, Bella. You are foremost my most faithful servant of all here and you shall be rewarded by the Dark Lord himself." Lestrange beamed with delight and said faintly, "Thank you my Lord, thank you for you are wise, merciful-"

"That will do." Voldemort said quietly, so suddenly that Lestrange stopped gloating. Severus could see what was going to happen, and he, for the first time felt amusing towards the Dark Lord.

"Though I have no doubt in your faith, I must say that you have failed me in many ways, Bella dear. You have lost me my Prophecy last year, you let Potter escaped from me once again, and you failed to recognize that Severus too, is my loyal servant." Voldmort's eyes gleamed dangerously at Lestrange. Severus was enjoying every moment of this- he could remember too clearly that Lestrange had tried to kill him in Hogsmeade last year.

Lestrange seemed horrified for she knelt in front of the chair and who was sitting on it and cried, "Forgive me, my Lord, I knew not, I knew not, forgive me my Lord!" she pleaded with fright.

"If you recognize the Dark Lord as a merciful character, Bella dear, I shall inform you that you are miserably wrong." Voldemort whispered, his grin widening. He raised his wand as Lestrange's mouth dropped open in horror, "Crucio!"

* * *

Three thousand miles away in a suburban area called Little Whinging in England, Harry Potter woke up from his bed in a start just as Severus few hours ago. One hand crutched to his scar which was hurting badly again, he tried to remember the dream. Bellatrix Lestrange was being tortured...by Lord Voldemort.Snape was there smiling.someone had joined Voldemort's army but he couldn't remember who that was.

Harry's scar seemed to stop hurting and he flung himself back to bed, thinking. The dream was leaking out of his head already. Was Snape still a Spy for their side or just, as Voldemort has said, an "eternally loyal servant" to the Dark Lord? And who had joined the Dark side making Voldemort so happy? Lucius Malfoy was there.did that meant he had broke out of Azkaban already? Harry sighed at the thoughts- it was just too many for a fifteen year old boy. Suddenly remembering something, he turned to glance at the bedside clock on the little table beside him. It was three o'clock in the morning and Harry had been sixteen years old for three hours. What a good starting of the sixteenth year, he though bitterly, dreaming of old Voldemort and his disgusting Death Eater party.

Harry lay on his bed, open-eyed for a moment. He stared out to the dark blue sky through his window and was remembering the last year's events as well as his dead godfather when he noticed three objects flying towards his window in the sky.

Bolting out of bed, he flung his window open and greeted two owls- no, three owls, no, four.in fact, the owls kept coming he stared at them sweeping down into his room. After the sixth owl he was wondering whether he should shut the window close- what his Uncle Vernon would say if he found out six owls were in the house at the same time was a torture.

When the seventh owl had flown itself through the window, though, the night had fallen back to its steady and there was no more sign of movement. Harry let out a sigh of relief and strained his ears to listen to the signs of the Dursley waking up. Fortunately, they were still in deep sleep as Harry proved by Uncle Vernon's loud snores. He trod towards his desk, carefully not to step on the owls, and turned on a small desk lamp. Looking back at the floor, the owls were staring at him with their big, brown eyes. Harry bent down to one of them and started untying the note attached to its leg.

"You are lucky Hedwig's out hunting, you know, or she'll be furious with jealousy if she sees you lot." He grinned and pulled off the note. "There you go! Thanks!" he whispered to the owl. The owl gave a soft hoot and soared through the window into the opening sky.

Harry did this continuously, thanking the owls as he untied the messages attached on their feet. Soon the last owl had flown out of sight and Harry, holding the pile of letters, grinned widely as he sat down on bed. He was very keen on getting letters from the world he belonged to. Unfolding the first letter, he recognized Ron's handwriting at once.

'Dear Harry,

Happy birthday! How are you doing? I'm in the house with Hermione and the others right now. There's been a lot going on and there was a murder case of two highly secured patients in St Mungo's yesterday. It won't be in the news, though, Dad reckons it's Him but we are not sure yet.

My third elder brother is working as a replace of the Senior Secretary in the Ministry last year. Dad's furious these days and Mum's crying all over the place. It's been a bad time, mate, wish you were here- Hermione's done all her homework already and it's just the first month of the holiday!

Good luck, Ron

PS Give you the present later.'

Harry laughed and read the letter again. He frowned a little after that- why was Ron wishing him "good luck"? He knew Ron enough to bother to write those things and it must be a clue of what's going on. Maybe the Order had a task coming up for him? He can see that "the house" Ron wrote was referring to the Headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix easily, but he couldn't figure out why Voldemort would kill patients at St Mungo's nor Ron's clue. Deciding that he would think about his again later, he read the PS on the letter. Now it was clear to him that someone would pick him up to the Headquarters soon - Ron never failed to remember his birthday. Not that he cared much about the present but he was a little stunned by Ron's intelligence. The PS message was a very pointedly clue that he, Harry, would be rescued from the hell he was having in Privet Drive soon like the previous year.

Harry threw the letter on his bed and unfolded the next one. It was, naturally, from Hermione.

'Dear Harry,

Happy birthday! I hope you're doing well.

As Ron has told you, I'm with him and the others now. It's been a busy starting of the holiday, for I wanted to finish my homework so I'd have time to do a bit of extra study.'

Harry rolled his eyes at that point but he was grinning.

'We haven't received the results of the OWLs yet but Mr Weasley said they're usually slow. I'm quite nervous about it but each time I start to talk about it Ron rolls his eyes and becomes temporarily deaf.'

Harry snickered and pictured the scene.

'Mr Weasley just informed us that the Ministry is back to normal now from the attack of You-Know-Who. I'm looking forward to getting back to Hogwarts together, aren't you?'

Harry paused here. Was Hermione saying what he was thinking? "Together".hmm, he thought, this was surely interesting.maybe his guess about Ron's PS was right after all.excitement flooded him as he concentrated on the rest of the letters, looking for other clues.

'There's not much left to say, Ron has already told you about the incident at St Mungo's.well I guess I'll stop at here and continue with my homework. Good luck, Harry

Love, Hermione'

Harry sighed happily and put the letter with Ron's. Nothing was a better gift to his birthday than receiving his best friend's letters.

Unfolding the next one, he knew it was the usual Hogwart's list of new books and school things. Yawning, he threw it aside and decided he would come back to that later- he was eager to read the other letters.

The fourth one was from the Hogwart's gamekeeper, Hagrid. Harry squinted his eyes and tried to read his untidy handwriting.

'Dear Harry, Hope you're doing well- Happy birthday!

There is not much happening in the school but I'm trying to find a lady for my little brother recently. Reckons he'll stand a good chance now I've taught him some basic language.'

Harry suppressed a laugh when he remembered Hagrid's "little" brother who was a giant. He wondered for a moment how on earth was Hagrid going to sneak another giant into the Hogwarts grounds.

'Anyways, hope the Muggles are treating you rightly. If you got problems, remember what they've told you at King Cross's at the end of the previous term.'

Harry could remember too clearly the scene at King Cross's Station a month ago when a part of the Order's members came to threaten the Durselys to treat Harry nicely, or "else". Grinning at the thought of that, he turned back to the letter.

'Good luck Harry Hagrid'

Good luck..why was everyone telling him that? Were they really planning on something big that involved him? Harry shrugged and started on the fifth letter. He had almost dropped it in shock.

'Dear Mr H. Potter,

Regarding the tests and examinations you have completed in your fifth year at the Hogwart's School of Wizarding and Witchcraft, we are delighted to inform you your results of your Ordinary Wizarding Tests (O.W.L):

Defence of the Darks Arts




And there were, continued, by different subjects and marks. Harry's jaw dropped when he saw the "Outstanding" for Charms and nearly fainted when he was informed that he passed Potions with an "Acceptable". He had nearly failed Astronomy's practical exam, though, for he could remember he only wrote a few answers on the star chart. Relieved by knowing he had passed all his subjects, he was perfectly happy again and wondered whether all of the DA members got high results for Defence of the Dark Arts. The results of the OWLs took up two letters and so he put them away carefully and started on the last one.

He did not recognize the writing at first but when he looked at the signature, his heart gave a leap. It was from Cho Chang.

'Dear Harry,

Happy birthday! Hello, it's Cho Chang. Your friends told me that today is your birthday, so I just thought I would congratulate you.

I wanted to confess something, too. My friend who told Professor Umbridge about the club last year turned out to be a daughter of a You-Know-Who supporter. I recognized she couldn't be trust anymore and I want to apologize for my attitude last year.'

Harry recalled the fight he had with Cho about her "friend" solding them out last year. He was still furious about it but his anger seemed to soften up when he read the letter.

'Though we now are not together-'

Harry growled slightly-

'I would like to be friends. Please forgive me and may our friendship last forever. Best wishes, Cho'

Harry found his anger towards the girls that was once his dreams all vanished at this point. He wanted to befriend with her and smiled softly at the letter.

Gathering all the letters, he placed them under the loose floorboard on his room. He yawned again and rolled onto bed, dozing off with a smile hanging on his face, as he had never been so relaxed and happy.