This is something that has been crawling in my head for a while, and by while I mean years. I've seen a few done, but none all that well, so imma take a stab at it really fast and see how it goes.

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Long ago, in the dying days of Merlin, the Prince of Enchantments spoke a prophecy…

That there will one day come a war…

Not between men and nations…

But of wishes and stars…

Harry Potter, The Catacombs of Hogwarts, June 1991.

Harry Potter, the boy who lived slammed into the side of the mirror, feeling the sharp burning pain of his shoulder being wretched out of socket. It was an old familiar pain to him and so was slamming onto the ground with a groan. As to why this was happening, why he found himself alone and fighting for his life was because he was trying to keep a powerful magical item away from her. Trying was, sadly, the operative word here, for no matter what he tried, no matter what spell he cast, no matter what he tried to do, she was always ready for it, and honestly, it wasn't shocking to Harry, after all, she was the one who trained him.

Harry tries to push himself back to his feet, but he feels something hit his side and sends him flying across the chamber to land with a crash.

"That is enough, Dodger!" She says, her voice is stern and hard like it always was when she was teaching him, "Just stay down, do not make this any worse than it needs to be," she says, frustration leaking into her tone because she knows that Harry won't stay down, that he would always get back up.

Harry once again tries to push himself to stand with his wand arm, but a simple stinging hex makes him fall again, "Dodger, for once in miserable your life, do the smart thing and just give me the stone," she all but growls out as the shiny oxford shoes she wears click against the stone floor as she walks over to him.

"N-No," Harry growls out as she looks up at her, he wouldn't give her a damn thing, not after she had taken so much from him. She was dressed as she normally was, Black Oxford shoes, black slacks and blouse, and a navy and cranberry coat over a green and gold vest. She had sad dark brown eyes as she looked at Harry, her short dirty blonde hair stopped just under her ear and swayed side to side as she shook her head at him. The woman before him was Olivia Twist, she was the woman who had freed him from the Dursleys, she was the woman who had brought him shopping, she was the woman who had bought him Hedwig, she had taught him magic and taken him under her wing and showed him how to duel.

She was also the one who killed his parents.

Because Olivia Twist was also Lady Voldemort.

Seven stars will fall from the heavens…

Seven stars be our bane or our blessing…

Seven spirits of legends past…

Fight over Galahad's quest…

With wishes of their own…

And those of the hands that bind them…

"So be it, Dodger," She says with a sigh of disappointment as she raises her wand at the boy looking up at her from the ground, "Let it be known, that I tried, Dodger, I really did, any last words?" she asks the dark-haired boy that she was going to finally end after ten long years.

"Yeah," Harry says, glaring at the woman who had not ever a day ago, meant so much to him, "Bombada Maxiuma!" the boy yells, aiming his wand between the woman's feet, blasting her back with a cry of her own just before the floor to the chamber gives out around them and both fall into the darkness below. Harry lands with a crash, feeling his arm snapping as he tries to brace his landing, his magical core burning as he casts a spell far more powerful than he should have, his head throbbing after it strikes the earth below and his life begins to pour from the wound.

So dazed was he, Harry didn't hear the shuffling from the woman behind him getting to her feet, her wand still in hand.

Star of the Sword…

Star of the Lance…

Star of the Bow…

Knights all three…

"You little shit," Olivia cursed at the boy as she stands, wobbling as she does, the pain shooting up her decaying body almost stopping her as she takes a step forward, looking at the crumbling stone around her, the boy laying on his side clutching his arm that hung at an odd angle and blood weeping from a wound on his head. She didn't think the boy could cast that spell, she had shown him it not even a week ago, and if it was any other time she would have been proud of him for doing it, but right now she was just pissed off.

She could feel the muscle on her right leg begin to slough off of the bone as she hobbled towards the boy, light from the chamber above illuminating the room they had fallen in from above. It was an armory of some kind, racks of swords, spears, Axes, and shields of all kinds lined the wall of the small room, while some were scattered across the floor thanks to the collapsing floor above. Everything was covered in cobwebs and a thick layer of dust, it even had some type of forge installed where the boy now lay on a large intricate circle on the floor.

Star of the Rider…

Star of the Caster…

Star of the Assassin…

Star of the Berserker…

The Calvary Stars that set the course…

But beware the Black Star, Pretender in false skin…

Harry rolls onto his back, and watches as his former teacher approaches him with a limp, her wand hanging limply in her hand as she approached him, panic and fear rose in his chest, the blasting curse was his last-ditch effort to get away from her, to get an opening to run. But it had failed spectacularly, for now, he was trapped with her in a room he didn't know, "This is it," he thinks to himself, "She's going to kill me," he tells himself as he tries to push himself back with his feet alone. Olivia's face was twisted in anger, a snarl leaving her throat as she leveled her wand at the boy.

"No, I don't want to die! It isn't fair! I just got free!" Harry thinks to himself, as a pit in his stomach starts to form from the twisted joke that was his life, he had just got away from the Dursleys, he had just escaped the cupboard, he had just gotten free! Harry Potter's heart is filled with desperation, desperate to live! Desperate to fight back! Desperate to beat the one he had once called his teacher! And that desperation his heart called out to the stars, and something answered back!

Many over the centuries tried to pick apart Merlin's prophecy, but they had all failed.

Until one day a man appeared in front of seven families and passed on a ritual to fulfill Merlin's words, the man only gave a title to call him by, and he was known as "The Kaleidoscope".

Olivia raises her wand, hatred and want filling her heart to fuel the spell she was about to cast, her eyes flickering scarlet as she glared down at the who had ruined so many of her plans, even since that night in Godric's Hollow so many years ago.

"Avada-ah!" she screams out, at first to cast one of the foulest curses in existence, and then in surprise as the circle the boy was laying in suddenly fills the chamber with blinding light.

The Kaleidoscope had warned each family that they would need to wait to enact the rituals, and they would know the time was right when red marks appeared on the back of the hands of seven and one individuals.

He also told them of the relics one would need to summon the stars.

A fresh wave of pain shoots down Harry's broken arm as he watches Olivia raising her wand and growl out a word just before the room is enveloped in a blinding white light as he feels something reach in, searching him, and as the back of his hand burns, the force did not find the boy wanting.

This force found the wish in the boy's heart to be pure and granted him the crystalized miracle known as Command seals in the form of two barbed and hooked spearheads crossed over each other surrounded by a circle of thorns.

And like that, the first star descended.

The relics needed were ones tied to Legends' long past of heroes with their own wishes in their hearts.

Luckily for the boy known as Harry Potter, he was in the heart of a relic tied to one such hero.

For there are not many castles in Scotland that taught young children.

In the light of the circle, a figure appeared, clad in shadow and armed with a blood-red lance, she quickly lashes out, faster than mortal eyes could track, and severs the arm of Olivia Twist that held a wand from her body before kicking the possessed and rotting corpse of the woman away with casual grace. Olivia flies across the armory and slams into the back wall with a scream, Harry looks up with wide eyes at the figure who was standing protectively over him.

She was tall with long Auburn hair reaching down to the middle of her back, she was clad head to toe in a skin-tight black leather catsuit with a small back lace skirt and silver pauldrons on her shoulders. She begins to speak to him as she turns to look at him, "By the rules of the Holy Grail War, I have been summoned on your behest to engage in battle, so I ask of you, child, are you, my Master?" she asks, looking down at Harry on the floor.

She was as pale as the moon with blood-red eyes, and her hair was held in place by some kind of black and gold lace veil, she had the lower part of her face hidden by a mask that seemed to be connected to her outfit. Even after cutting the arm off of Harry's former teacher and kicking her away, the stranger held herself with grace and power, with an aura of serenity. Harry swallowed thickly, unsure of what to say to his mysterious savior, but her eyes travel over Harry and looks down at his hand.

"Ah, it seems you would are little one, and my oh my, what an adorable little Master I have," she says with a tilt of her head, the fabric of her mask moving as if she was smirking, "The contract is complete, Your will is my spear, My fate is your shield, and while I would love to continue this exchange, little Master, it seems that you are quick in making dangerous enemies, so just sit right there while I dispatch this one," she says as she turns back to look at the raising form of Olivia Twist.

"Just who in the fuck are you?!" the wraith says in a growl, black sludge-like blood pouring from the stump where her arm once was.

The redhead merely smiles softly through her mask as she looks at Olivia, "My name is meaningless to you, but you may call me Lancer if you wish," Lancer says, her tone of voice never changing.

"My, how fucking original," Olivia snaps as she steps forward glaring past the woman, and looking at the boy on the floor, "It seems you've one this round, Dod-Harry Potter," she stops the use of the nickname that she had given the boy all those months ago, "But I will return, one way or another, you've just delayed the inevitable, one day I will be back to my full power and I will finish what I star-ack!" Olivia says, hoping to finish before the body she was currently possessing finishing breaking down and rotting, but the redhead had other ideas altogether as in a flash of movement that neither Harry nor Olivia could properly follow, Lancer had crossed the room, her weapon drawn back before with a single thrust she pierces the heart of the walking corpse.

"You talk far too much for a dead woman," Lancer says before she slams both her spear and Olivia into the wall, "Now, be gone wraith, and bother my Master no more," she says in a hushed whisper before with a twist of her barbed spear, the form of Olivia Twist is rendered down to putrid sludge. Lancer pulls her spear from the wall with a flourish, slinging the black rotten sludge from her weapon.

"You have the oddest foes, Little Master," she says as she turns to look at Harry with a small smile, only to find the boy had passed out, whether to the pain, shock, or the sight of a human body being reduced to sludge she could not say, but she chuckles all the same. "For some reason, I feel I will have my work cut out for me in protecting you, Master," she says with a sigh as she dismisses her lance and begins to walk toward the boy, only to slow down to a stop before turning back to the fallen body just to see a smoky dark shadow with scarlet eyes glaring at her, before the shadow sank into the stonework and vanishes.

"Oh, yes, I will very much have my work cut out for me," Lancer says with narrowed eyes before walking back over to the sleeping boy.

Two days later, Hogwarts Hospital Wing.

Harry groans at the light attempting to bleach through his eyes and rolls his head to avoid it, but it was for naught, for wherever he looked the light was doing its damnest to wake him from his slumber of strange dreams of a castle wreathed in shadows. When he finally opens them everything is a painful blur and he starts to reach for his glasses on his bedside before someone speaks again.

"Are you looking for these, perhaps, my dear boy?" an elderly voice asks from beside him, confusing Harry as he takes his glasses from him before slipping them on his face.

"Headmaster, what are you-" Harry begins to ask, before his memories catch up with him, the Stone, Fluffy, the cheese match, the mirror, Professor Twist, the mysterious woman, his eyes widen as he looks at the face of the Headmaster he had an amused sort of twinkle in his eyes, "Headmaster! The Stone! She's going after the philosopher's stone! I-Its Professor Twist, Sir! She's, she's Voldemort!" Harry yells before Dumbledore raises his hand to stop him.

"I am already aware of some of what happened thanks to Mister Weasley and Miss Granger and was hoping you could tell me the rest of what happened between you and Lady Voldemort down in the catacombs," Dumbledore said calmly "but you should not fear Mister Potter, the stone did not fall into her clutches thanks to your actions, so if you would start your tale when you entered the final chamber," he asks gently before Harry nods.

He tells the Headmaster about his shock at finding Professor Twist there instead of Snape, how throughout the year she had given him private lessons in magic and dueling, how she revealed herself to be Lady Voldemort, how he had gotten the stone instead of her and how she had offered something in return for him turning over to her, though he refused to say what she offered him but thankfully the Headmaster didn't push him to speak about it.

"Give me the stone Dodger, and me and you can leave here tonight and you'll never have to go back to those muggles again, I promise," she had offered him, and he had refused her, "So be it, Dodger, but I won't let anyone stand in my way, not even you," Voldemort had said before drawing her wand.

Harry told Dumbledore about the one-sided duel, about in a last-ditch effort to win he had cast the Blasting curse at her feet and collapsed the whole room into the room below it, Then he had reached the part where the other woman showed up, defended him and him not remembering anything after that.

By the end of Harry's tale, the Headmaster was leaning back in his chair, tugging at the end of his beard in thought with his eyes far away, "You will be happy to learn, Harry, that the owner of the stone has agreed to have it destroyed so it can no longer fall into the hands of those who seek to use it for evil purposes," he says as Harry looks over at him, sadness etched on his face.

"Does that mean Mister Flamel is going to die?" Harry asks as the Headmaster's eyes widen a bit and a smile appears on his face.

"Oh, so you know about Nicholas?" Dumbledore asks, and when Harry nods the Headmaster merely smiles, "Nickolas has agreed to it, and he has plenty of Elixir of Life stored away to get his affairs in order, but afterward, yes, he will die," Dumbledore says solemnly, as Harry looks away, "But you should not pity the dead or the dying, Harry, pity the living for most do not appreciate the gift that they have, besides to a well-organized mind, like Nicholas', Death is but the next great adventure," He says with a smile to the confused look on Harry's face.

"There is also another thing I wish to speak to you about, Harry, and those would be the marks on the back of your right hand," The headmaster says, tilting his head back as Harry looks at him confused before looking at the back of his right hand to see the ruby red marks, "Do you have any idea what those are or how they got there?" he asks, and Harry shakes his head, just as baffled as the Headmaster at the marks, but it was at this time someone else made themselves known.

"They are called command seals," a light voice calls out, causing Harry's eyes to widen and he and the Headmaster both turn to look at where the voice was coming from. In a wave are dark particles, the woman who saved Harry appeared in the Hospital wing, "And they signify his role as a Master in this Holy Grail War," she says, her mask on her face moving as she talks.

Dumbledore slowly stands, his wand slipping into his hand as he narrows his eyes at the woman who appeared like a ghost, "Holy Grail War?" he asks as the woman approaches without fear.

"Yes, though I believe that you would know it by another name," she says with a smirk, her eyes flicking to the wand and then back to the Headmaster as if dismissing him as a threat, "And that name is The War of the Seven Stars," as she says this, Lancer watches the Headmasters' eyes widen and her Master looked even more confused.

And one shot done.

This was inspired by Ten-Faced Paladins own version that I read like 10 years ago called Fate Ingens Cor, go check it out, great story.

it was really good.

Anyway, to explain a bit, The Holy Grail War is going to get kicked off in the HP world thanks to a prophecy laid down by Merlin over a thousand years ago and the Shenanigans of the multiversal vampire wizard Marshall himself.

Harry is the first Master to summon his servant and I'm sure most of you can guess who she is.

And cue the comments saying that it's impossible to summon her during a normal grail war, and they would be right if this was a normal grail war, but how did Harry summon her without a catalyst? Well, the whole castle was used as a catalyst that's how.

Do I have the other Masters and Servants picked out? Yes, yes I do, but I'll tell you what, if y'all can give me a combo that makes me rethink them, I'll use them.

But for now, this is a one-shot.

Kingsaxcul, out!