Do I even need to say it here?

Colonel Rick Flagg had his suspicions as he eyed the dubious surroundings. Why would Floyd Lawton, alias the notorious Deadshot, bring him to this bar in New Orleans? If Amanda Waller or his superior officers discovered he'd allow the smooth talking assassin to talk him out of filing a mission report for this, he would not hear the end of it.

Low rate? Sordid? Sleazy? Disreputable? Those words were almost too nice to describe this half-empty heap. The beer tasted like wooden cardboard. Some of the barstools next to them in the counter had crooked legs. The main area smelled like a strong combination of marijuana and putrid urine. The soundspeakers blared nothing but all that annoying rap music that younger people listened to nowadays, and the strippers on the small stage were ugly.

In short, the type of dive that suited a man like Floyd and his criminal ilk.

There had to be a reason for all this, the Colonel thought. He knew it. And it wasn't just to celebrate their earlier mission in Hong Kong.

Before he could open his mouth to utter a single word, Floyd beat him to it. "Hey, Colonel." His voice was as deep-toned and untroubled as always.

"Yeah, Lawton?" Flagg asked as his eyes gave him a measured look.

"I know what you're thinking; you and me, two alpha males inside a seedy little bar in the French Quarter, getting shit-faced after we saved that little kid from those Korean terrorists earlier today..." A shrug followed his summary of the day's events before he gave a small arrogant smirk to the Colonel. "Shaves five more years off my time... not that I needed it or anything..."

"What are you getting at?" Flagg asked. His voice was taking on a hint of impatience with his unlikely teammate. He never did care too much for the convicts prior to the start of Task Force X, and guys like Floyd Lawton weren't exactly among the type he liked to spend time with, even off-missions. The man was a hitman-for-hire, an assassin. Hired and paid to kill without remorse. One of, if not the worst kind of criminal on the planet, as far as the US Officer was concerned.

"Call me curious, but..." Floyd's face appeared serious for a moment. "I just wanna know one thing..." He looked around to see if anyone was listening. After reassuring himself, he leaned forward to whisper in the Colonel's left ear. "Would you call this... a date?"


(1) This is largely inspired by both the trade paperbacks of Suicide Squad (1987) comics I've been reading recently, as well as their characterizations from Justice League Unlimited in the season 2 episode "Task Force X."

(2) This came from the idea that I had where the two sharing a drink in a nightclub and Deadshot suggesting to Col. Flagg that they're on a date following their mission – jokingly, of course.

3.) Might consider doing a rewrite that is better fleshed out better with these two. On the other hand, I'm kind of tempted to leave it as it is with the open ending so that you can work out what happens next between them.

As always, comments and constructive criticism is much appreciated. Thanks!