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Ray and Kai lay in bed, curled up together and content. Kai had just woken up and was thinking about the day he had had. He should definitely let them have the day off more often. He looked over at Ray who was next to him and smiled. He was so naive he hadn't even noticed the way Ray was acting, well he did but he took no notice of it. If he had known where it would lead he would have it no other way.

~~ Flash Back-That Day ~~ Ray came over and sat down next to Kai on the window seat.

"Hey, what's wrong?"


"Yeah sure it is, look you promised we could have the whole day off to relax, so." Ray gave Kai a sneaky look.

"So what? You're all going to spend the day lounging around getting unfit and out of shape." Kai said with a scowl.

"So. I think that you should too."

"What get out of shape?"

"That's not what it's called, it's called relaxing or unwinding, which ever you please. But I think that you should too." Kai suddenly looked very worried and innocent. "What?"

"I don't know how." Kai said in a whisper barely audible.

"Know how to what?"

"Relax, I've never done it before." Kai looked down red faced.

"Oh okay," Ray said sneakily rubbing his hand up and down Kai's chest, "Well, I'll just need to help you then."


"Oh I have experience. First, Lets have something to eat."

Ray pulled Kai out of the room in to the adjoining kitchen.

"Sit," he said to Kai. Kai sat down in the chair facing the stove. Ray walked around the kitchen getting various things out of the cupboards. He made a batter and soon enough a large stack of pancakes stood next to the stove.

At that moment Tyson, Max and Kenny chose to come out of their bedroom they shared, because they sleep too loud and keep Kai and Ray up.

"Hey," Tyson screamed, "Are these for me?"

"Yeah, help your selves." They did except Kai and Ray who just watched.

"We're going shopping today and might go see a movie," Max said as he finished, "You two want to come?"

"Nah, we'll stay here"

"Okay, suit yourselves, coming Tyson." Max and Tyson walked out the door.

"I'm going to the library today and meeting those two later, OK?"

"Yeah." Kenny walked out the door.

"Well okay that leaves just the two of us," Kai nodded "First."



"You said that the First was breakfast," Kai said looking down at his feet.

"Oh, right, okay, Second then to get dressed."

"I am dressed."

"Yeah but we're going to have a hot shower and then dress in more comfortable clothes." He said looking

Kai's out fit up and down.

"Okay." Kai agreed.

Ray pulled Kai into the bathroom adjoining their bedroom. He shut the door and turned on some music.

"Bath or shower?"

"You choose."

"Bath okay?"


Ray ran the water nice and hot. He put some bubble bath in that smelt like lavender. And pretty soon the bath was filled with bubbles.

"A-are we going to share?" Kai said stuttering nervously, he'd never been like this around any one before, so open and defenseless. Though this wasn't completely true he could just say 'no' but chose to play along to see if he could learn how to relax. Incase it might help him after one of his Grandfathers beatings.

"If that's okay with you, I need to relax too and this way we don't waste too much water," Ray paused

"Your not embarrassed are you?" Ray teased.

"N-no, I've just never s-shared a bath with anyone before." Ray could see this was making Kai uncomfortable and he felt bad, but he needed to be with Kai so he could help him relax seeing how Kai didn't know how. Ray turned off the tap and began by taking off his shirts (both of them, the Chinese one and the blue one). Kai turned red nearly immediately.

He really hasn't done anything like this before. He's so. so innocent. It's like he's never seen anyone naked before, not even pictures, or done anything like this before.

"Kai," he said softly Kai looked up through his beautiful crimson eyes, "it's okay. I won't hurt you."

"I know." He slowly took off his shirt and pants. Ray's pants followed.

"If you want, Kai, I can turn around while you get in." Kai nodded and Ray turned around. Kai got in the tub. It was huge like a mini pool. It must have been four to five feet deep and the width and length of a large mat. Ray took off his boxers and hopped in with Kai. He turned around to see that Kai had his eyes shut.

Man, he really is shy. And to think this soft shy creature hid under that cold cruel mask all this time. Maybe I can find a way to show this side of Kai to the others.

"Kai, it's okay."

"I know," He said quietly.

"Do you want me to start?" Kai nodded. Ray grabbed the loofa sponge that was near the bath and put some lavender gel on it. He turned back to Kai who was sitting on the in built seating in and around the sides.

Ray 'swam' over to him and sat down. "You okay?" Kai nodded, "if you want to talk I'm ready to listen for as long as you need." Kai nodded.

"I think I'm just tense."

"Okay, I can fix that." He started to rub the sponge over Kai's back and shoulders. Kai sighed and lent back into Ray's touch. Ray smiled. He took Kai's arm and started to rub them too, he then moved around to Kai's chest rubbing it gently while leaning his head on Kai's shoulder. He didn't mind that he wouldn't be able to relax as much as he had planned but he knew that he had to help Kai. Ray soon finished Kai's body, that includes everything wink, wink. He started on Kai's hair being as careful as possible. Then he noticed something. Kai was asleep.

"Kai, Kai." Ray gently called to him, slightly shaking him. Kai stirred.


"You fell asleep. Guess you are either extremely tired or you relax easily." Kai gave a faint smile, 'Come on let's get out, if you want I can turn around again." Kai nodded.

The two youths dried off and walked in to the bedroom. Ray walked over to his bag and quickly got dressed. As he turned to go to Kai's bag he saw that he had turned away again. Ray bent over and got out a pair of soft denim jeans and a comfy top. Kai looked at it oddly.

"I know it's a big change from your usual outfit but it's more comfortable."

"How would you know?" Kai snapped. Ray was taken back by this comment, Kai saw this, "I'm sorry Ray I shouldn't have snapped."

"That's okay. Here put this on and we can do whatever you want next."

"A game maybe?"

"Sure. What type?"

"Well I've always wanted to learn to play a board game."


"Yeah, we didn't have them at the abbey. Either that or they weren't allowed." Kai said staring at the ground.

"Sure. That'd be fun." Kai just stood there looking at the ground. "Oh sorry." Ray said turning around so that Kai could get dressed. After he was dressed they walked into the kitchen.

Kai sat down in the lounge room, while Ray looked for a fairly simple game. Imagine being 15 nearly 16 and never had played a board game. Though I guess it's not his fault, his grandfather would have probably destroyed all the games he ever had. Ray walked into the lounge room and sat opposite to Kai at the coffee table.

"Okay, I've chosen monopoly and scrabble."


"Which one first?"

"It doesn't matter I don't know how to play either."

"Okay, we'll play monopoly first, it's fairly simple." Ray explained the rules to Kai and they played a couple of games. Kai won them all except the first few while he was still getting to know the game. Wow, for someone who has never played before he plays really well. I guess all that strategizing for beybalde matches helps him strategies for this game.

"Hey Kai, want to have lunch and then play Scrabble?"

"Yeah." Kai said with a true smile. Ray smiled back.

This time they made lunch together. Their hands kept brushing against each other's and every time this happened they would blush. After lunch Ray taught Kai how to play scrabble. They played for a long time. Kai used words that Ray had to look up in the encyclopaedias to see if they were real. Obviously Kai won. After their scrabble matches they watched a movie on TV Ray was laying on the couch and Kai was lying on his back between his legs. They were about halfway through the movie when Ray noticed that Kai was fidgety.

"What's wrong Kai? Something has been wrong all day. I don't care what it is I should, need to know so I can help you."

"I-I." Ray stroked Kai's head and pulled Kai into a sitting position, leaning him on his chest rubbing his back.

"Tell me."

"I don't know how?" Kai said in a barely audible voice for the second time that day.

"Show me then." Ray said thinking he knew what the problem was. Kai was in love with him.

At that moment Kai had connected his lips with Ray's. Ray was shocked but kissed back eagerly. He pulled Kai back on to him so he was lying down. There they turned their innocent kiss into a passionate one. Soon they had pulled away breathing heavily.

"See, that wasn't so hard, was it?" Ray asked. Kai shook his head, then laid it down on Ray's chest. Pretty soon he was asleep. Ray picked him up gently and carried him into their room and laid him down on the bed. Ray laid down beside him and caught him in another searing kiss waking Kai up.

"Hey," Kai said sleepily, "do you really love me?"

"Yes, I do. And I know you love me." They both smiled at each other.

"My grandfather will kill me if he finds out."

"Then lets keep this our little secret. Okay?"

"Okay." They fell asleep in each other's arms.

~~ End flash back ~~ Kai heard the others come in the door. He tried to think of an excuse to why he and Ray were sleeping together. But he didn't have to worry Ray was awake with a plan.

"Kai, just move over a bit and I will do the same, then we look like we just fell asleep, not together. Pretend to be asleep too. Okay?"

"Okay." He did as Ray had said.

The others meanwhile had been looking for them and had just walked into Kai and Ray's room.

"Awwww, isn't that cute, they fell asleep." Tyson said.

"Yeah leave them alone." Max said.

They walked out. Kai and Ray smiled and fell asleep in their positions. Hours later they woke up to the smell of tea being cooked. They stumbled out.

"Hey sleepy heads," Tyson welcomed them.

"Hey, did you have a good time at the movies?" Ray asked.

"Yeah. It was okay. How about you, did you have a good day?" Max asked.

"Yeah, it was cool."

"And exhausting judging by the way you two were fast asleep when we got home and have only just got up now." Kenny said.

"And your expressions now." Tyson said looking at Kai who had put his head on the table.

"Yeah, what did you do?" Max asked.

"Nothing really, we just ate breakfast and played monopoly and scrabble all day."

"And chess, I know how to play chess." Kai said sleepily from the table.

"Yeah, and chess. I had to teach Kai the other two but he was really good at chess."

"That's because that's all we play in Russia."

"You didn't know how to play monopoly or scrabble?" Tyson asked.

"I knew the concept but no I didn't know how to play because I just said that all we played in Russia." Kai snapped.

"Oh, okay." Tyson said bouncing back from this assault, "I still don't know how that can make you tired, you didn't used any energy."

"But Tyson those game take a lot of mental power, which can be very exhausting." Kenny said.

"Darn right." Kai backed up.

"Okay. Well let's eat. I'm hungry." Tyson said.

"Surprise, surprise." Kai said.

After tea they all watched the news and went to bed. Kai and Ray lay in each other's arms smiling at each other and stroking each other's face or hair.

"Good night Sweet heart."

"Good night Babe."

And with that they fell asleep content and happy.

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Killing Kai
Just threatening Or the others find out and are okay with it because Max and Tyson are together with Kenny ocasionally joining them (maybe).

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