Gunslinger's riddle:

What has an end and no beginning, but ends all beginnings?

Chapter 2: Aftermath

Opening File: Guardian Units of the Nations

The Guardian Units of Nations, also known as the Guardian Units of the Nations and abbreviated as G.U.N. or GUN, is an international military and security organization on Earth. It was founded at the end of World War 2. Originally it was a Treaty of Alliance and Mutual Assistance in the event of possible attacks from Germany or the Soviet Union. Originally the organization had 31 member states, 29 European countries and 2 North American countries. However, with the threat of Grimm and other organizations such as Dr. Robotnik and Satyra the members have expanded to almost all the world, with a few exceptions such as Russia, North Korea, and Rodigan. The organization itself responds directly to the United Nations and World Council. In recent times the World Council has not been using them much due to World Council members General Steel, Foxtail of P.O.I.N.T., and Feral have been trying to gain recognition for their own forces. Though G.U.N. has become more active due to the failures these three members have faced because of their attempts to pursue their own agendas.

G.U.N.'s military consists of soldiers from all three races, as G.U.N. is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate, any discrimination is to be reported and will be punished accordingly. hey mostly wear black and blue, but they also have green, tan, black and brown camouflage clothes for various terrains they fight on, and commonly are armed with pistols, sub-machine guns, assault rifles and over-shoulder explosives. Some also are equipped with riot shields to protect them from frontal attacks. A few Huntsmen also willingly work for the group.

G.U.N. also has robotic units which include the Beetle series, saucer-shaped one-eyed floating robots with the number "01" on them. Variations of them come equipped with guns, rockets, or even bombs.

The Hunter series are tall white humanoid robots that have the number "02" on them. A Hunter is 3.5 metres (11 ft. 11 in.) tall, 2.5 metres (8 ft. 8 in.) wide, and weighs 2.5 tonnes (2.75 short tons). They come equipped with an energy weapon in place of the right arm, a built-in jetpack to help them get to their objective fast, and sometimes they have a shield in their left hand.

The Rhino series are blocky, tank-like robots with the number "03" on them. The come equipped with a cannon to fire at their enemies with.

The Hawk series are large, floating robots with the number "04" on them. They have two cylinder-shaped engines that they use to hover and maneuver in the air. Variations of them come equipped with the same weapons as the Beetles.

The Hornet series are flying, eye-like robots with several appendages that hold bombs. When they spot an enemy, they fire the bombs toward it. They have the number "05" on them. A variation of them comes equipped with lasers instead of bombs.

The organization makes use of vehicles such as Blue Eagle assault planes, transport helicopters, assault helicopters, military trucks used to transport Hunter series robots, Humvees, armored transport vehicles, motorcycles, tanks, aircraft carriers, warships, and a type of airship known as G.U.N. battleships.

All vehicles and robots operate on Chaos Drives instead of Dust or fossil fuels.

Close File






Accessing File: Commander Abraham Tower

Abraham Tower is the current commander-in-chief of the Guardian Units of the Nations. He has an unshakable resolve, iron will, complete confidence, and a passionate side he rarely shows to others. Abraham is a human male in his early 60s married to a wolf-Faunus woman and he has a son and daughter. Abraham's son is married, and his wife is currently pregnant with their first child, while Abraham's daughter Amanda serves as a captain in G.U.N.

Abraham Tower was the son of two scientists who used to work on the Space Colony ARK. Abraham himself made friends with a young girl named Maria Robotnik who had Neuro-Immune Deficiency Syndrome, an incurable fatal disease that made her weak and fragile with the condition worsening overtime. Abraham's parents eventually sent him to boarding school after they learned that he snuck into one of the labs when he was told he wasn't allowed in them. The details are unclear, but he claimed that the head researcher of Project Shadow, Gerald Robotnik, had made a deal with a terrifying alien creature to create a monster. These claims are just rumors and seen as a child trying to stay out of trouble and are thus not valid claims.

Eventually the G.U.N. organization was ordered by the U.S. President of the time to shut down the ARK after an unknown third party (evidence has shown to be the Grey Agency) leaked evidence that Gerald's experiments for Project Shadow were too dangerous to be allowed to continue. G.U.N. soldiers were sent to round up anyone not part of the project and were ordered to execute the scientists that were, save for Gerald Robotnik, so Project Shadow could continue in a more controlled environment. Among the researchers in the project included Abraham Tower's parents who were killed as a result. Another unfortunate casualty included Maria Robotnik who had got caught in the crossfire.

Abraham blamed Gerald and his experiments for what happened.

When he was old enough Abraham joined G.U.N. so he could rise up in its ranks and make reforms in it so it would not be susceptible to corruption or take rather undesirable orders from superiors or mysterious third parties. He also joined to find Project Shadow and destroy it for ruining his life, but despite becoming the leader of G.U.N. the location of the project remains unknown to him.

Abraham is known to be friends with Phil Ken Sebben and has worked with him on occasion.

Close File


Gunslinger's riddle from previous chapter:

What has an end and no beginning, but ends all beginnings?




Action K News Report

"Brick Jackson from Action K News reporting to you the aftermath of the mysterious Titans incident."

*Footage changes to show the Ice, Fire, and Earth Titans. It then changes again to show the Earth Titan destroying the Ice Titan in Brazil and again to show the Fire Titan crumbling to pieces in the South China Sea.

"What were once mysterious entities that showed up out of nowhere now with two of them destroyed and the Earth Titan disappearing leaving the people of the world with many unanswered questions."

*The footage changes again to show the Earth Titan going into the ground.

"Satellite coverage shows that what appears to be a dragon and a flying castle were present in Brazil and seemed to have helped the Earth Titan destroy the Ice Titan. We have reports that G.U.N. forces are providing care to places that the Titans were in that had civilians present, such as Brazil, Greenland, and the South China Sea."

"Hold on a second….I've received confirmation from Headmaster Phil Ken Sebben of Nevernest Academy and G.U.N. Commander Abraham Tower that the Fire Titan's destruction was caused by an elite team of Class 4 Huntsmen. Though the identities of these Huntsmen are to remain anonymous. Nevertheless, we thank you for your help."

"We hope to have more to cover this subject later. Until then, this is Brick Jackson signing off."


Camelot Castle,

Meeting room, formerly Arthur's throne room ,

One day later…

In the meeting room two men waited, one of them was Phil Ken Sebben and the other was a middle-aged human man with a lined face, peach skin and short gray hair. He has complete heterochromia, with his left eye being green and his right eye being brown. His attire consists of a gray service dress uniform with four gold stars on red backings upon the shoulder boards and jacket collar. There is a G.U.N. emblem on the upper left sleeve, and red and blue stripes on the lower sleeves and pants. The stripes, with gold detailing partially over a center red stripe, are present on the front left side of his jacket as well. He also wore black combat boots and white gloves. This was Abraham Tower the commander-in-chief of GUN. At the moment Tower was pacing around the room.

"What did you say they were doing again?" Tower asked Sebben.

"Mr. Lake said that him and some of his teammates had to go liberate a Trollmarket underneath Hong Kong and acquire the Krohnisfere." Sebben answered. "Be a little more patient old friend they are skilled enough to even go up against some of the most elite Hunters."

As if on cue, a dark purple opened in the room, it was black and purple, and stepping out of it was Jim and his friends. There was Jim's girlfriend Claire Nuñez who wore a light purple turtleneck shirt with a dark pink skull and the word "HAMLET" under a short dark purple jacket, a short blue skirt, gray leggings with black low heel booties. Her hair was black though a large amount of her bangs were white due to when she once used too much Shadow magic at once and her eyes are brown.

Next was Jim's best friend Tobias Domzalski or Toby for short. He was shorter than the rest of his friends (he was approximately 5 feet 0 inches). He was also a chubby boy with orange-red brown hair and green eyes. He wears a red diamond-patterned sweater vest over a yellow and orange button-up shirt, brown pants, and white shoes. He also wore braces.

Then there was Merlin's former apprentice Hisirdoux "Douxie" Casperan and his familiar Archibald or Archie for short. Douxie is tall, and has sleek, straight black hair with indigo streaks. If looked closely, he has a small scar on his left hand, over his thumb area. He wears an enchanted bracelet on his left wrist which he uses to cast his spells (in the past, his bracelet was short, but over the 900 years since, it takes up the majority of his forearm) and to hold his staff. He wore a black sweatshirt, gray jeans, and black high-tops. He also wore a skull-shaped necklace around his neck and wristbands (two on his right side and a watchband, disguising his charm bracelet, on his left). Archie looked like a black cat, but he wasn't as one could guess from the glasses he wore. When he entered the room Archie turned into his true dragon form, he was noticeably bigger (yet still considerably small) and had claws, back lumps, and bat-like wings. Unlike most dragons Archi was a magical dragon who unlike the non-magical variety displayed a greater degree of sapience and are actually capable of talking.

In Jim's hands he held a large glowing green sphere-shaped object, with little screens separated by brass bands all over it. This was the Krohnisfere, it can show its holder how they can die but inside the magical object was the Time Stone, and when used correctly the stone can allow the user to rewind time to a specific point.

"Is that the Krohnisfere?" Sebben asked Jim.

"It is." Jim answered. Jim then placed the object on the meeting table. "I had used the Time Stone inside it to rewind time to prevent all the death the Arcane Order had caused with their Titans."

"Excuse me for second." Tower said. "But didn't you tell us that more of your friends had helped you defeat the Order? I figured they would be part of this meeting?"

"They needed some time to themselves." Claire answered. "After everything they've been through and with what Jim said about some of them dying in the old time."

"Not to mention Nari need's some time alone, while Skrael may have been a monster he was still Nari's brother and having to kill him is something she can't just get over easily." Douxie explained since he had spent time with the former member of the Arcane Order for a few months and has come to see her as a great friend.

"Not to mention Steve just gave birth septuplets." Toby says with wide eyes. "Apparently when Akiridion girls kiss a guy from any race seven times that guy becomes pregnant and said pregnancy lasts about a day. And I really wish I hadn't been there with Eli to help deliver Steve's kids. My virgin eyes could not take it."

The room became quiet as everyone stared at Toby before deciding to return to the actual topic of the conversation.

"Back to what we came to talk about." Tower says. "With the Titans defeated we've already put out a cover story to explain the Fire Titan's defeat."

"Indeed, the official story is that it was destroyed by an elite team of Class 4 Huntsmen." Sebben explained. "Not much we can say to cover up the Ice Titan's destruction and the disappearance of Nari's Earth Titan."

"Elite Class 4 Huntsmen." Toby says with a smile on his face. "Looks like we've gone up in the world huh Jimbo."

"Though we would like to know what became of the Earth Titan and if there are any aftereffects from what the Arcane Order tried to do." Tower says to the teenagers present. "We need to be prepared in case another disaster comes in its wake."

"We always do seem to be constantly facing the end of the world." Claire says after thinking of what Tower said.

"Well Nari returned the Earth Titan to the Earth and she's capable of summoning it again if she needs to." Douxie explained. "According to Nari not only did the opening of the Genesis Seals revitalize the Heartstone underneath Arcadia Oaks but it also revitalized a few that had died in the past."

"Blinky and the others had gone back to the Trollmarket in New Jersey to move back to the Trollmarkets underneath Arcadia and the ones in Europe." Jim explained. "He called it 'regaining lost territory'."

"Douxie has also expressed interest into turning Camelot Castle into a school to train future sorcerers." Archie added. "While Bellroc and Skrael wanted to purge the world of mortals they were right about magic being pushed out, though their methods weren't really the best."

"Which is why I want train the next generation of mages." Douxie explained. "So, they'll know how to control their gifts and how to defend themselves and others. I already have a list of people who can be instructors here."

"I also wish to ask about the Akiridions." Tower said. "Since the incident with Val Morando a few months ago Area 49-B has been repurposed to act as an embassy to the Akiridions. From what Queen Aja and her brother Krel sent us when announced that we would be arriving that they wish to bring other members of their people and a few other races to Arcadia Oaks. Do they have a plan to handle this sort of thing?"

"Arcadia doesn't get a lot of visitors and the people already know about the Trolls and aliens so it shouldn't be a problem to have more aliens here." Jim explained. "Though we will also come up with plans to try to hide them from visitors."

"I certainly hope you have a plan to explain this flying castle." Tower added. "You have this in the skies above the town and there's only so many times you can hide it behind clouds."

"And there's something I wish to ask." Sebben says. "You said that if any of the elemental Titans had reached the Primordial Heartstone it would have reset the world?"

"Yes." Claire answered.

"Then by that logic it would have also eliminated all traces of the Grimm liquid." Sebben explained. "So why didn't the Grimm try to attack them."

This caused the group to become silent. What Sebben said made sense. It is a known fact that the Grimm originated from the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs. The Arcane Order and their Titans would have reset the planet into one with a new biome and erase all traces of the previous world. So, this begs the question…

"Why didn't Sammael try to stop the Order himself." Jim said upon realization that the king of the Fallen would have done something about the Arcane Order himself.

"Every person in this room knows about Sammael and what he is capable of." Sebben says. "But most importantly he has fought against other adversaries who have tried to take the world for themselves."

"Nari has said that when Sammael was born 50,000 years ago, she and the rest of the order tried to banish him to the Void." Archie explained as he flew onto Douxie's shoulder. "However, they were stopped by Yen Sid and King Ozric. And ever since Sammael embraced his true nature, he has been an enemy of theirs."

"So why let the Arcane Order do this?" Tower asked. "If they're his enemies why let them get so close to their goal?"

"Mhmm, whenever he holds the Grimm back it's normally for his own benefit." Sebben says upon thinking of all the previous crisis events were the Grimm didn't act.


Outside Camelot Castle

Arcadia Oaks Woods

Night in Arcadia had become rather quiet since the start of last summer. One would attribute it to the Trolls leaving for New Jersey. Though with the Heartstone revitalized this was guaranteed to change once they returned, but this quiet allowed one guest in town to slip into the woods unnoticed. A tall man dressed completely in black with a long flowing coat with red flames at the bottom. He has luminous red hair trailing down his shoulders, pale white skin with black, red and purple veins traveling down his face from his eyes with a strange eye-like tattoo on his right hand, a diamond marking on his forehead in between his piercing red eyes. This was Sammael lord of the Fallen.

Sammael was not known for making trips to small towns, especially ones protected by natural barriers that keep the Grimm out and are close to major cities. He looked up into the night sky to see the floating castle of Camelot. He could sense some rather strong individuals inside it, Sebben, Jim Lake Jr., Claire Nuñez, and Douxie Casperan. It impressed Sammael whenever young warriors such as Jim, Claire, and Douxie could defeat powerful foes that most individuals would fall to, especially ones he had a truce with.



September 4th, 1666

"You want a what?!" Said Bellroc as their voice had shifted to their masculine sound.

"A truce." Sammael answered as he looked at the city before them.

Two days ago, a fire started in this city because of Bellroc. A cabal of magi had set up a refuge for themselves, for six months they had been safe until they were recently wiped out by mortals. When Bellroc discovered this, they took action in the only way they believed in, by destroying the mortals themselves.

"Forgive me if I don't believe a single word you say." Bellroc said with their feminine voice taking over. "You and I have been enemies for fifty-thousand years you foolish child."

"I know." Sammael responded. "Though as the years have gone on more communities of magic defenders who wish to maintain the balance have appeared and have slowly caused the Arcane Order to become less important. Even though you were the first and are the only ones who actually make a direct effort to maintain the balance."

Suddenly, Bellroc points their staff against Sammael's neck and speaks.

"Quit stalling and tell me the real reason you want this truce."

"Even blind you still have a sharp eye." Sammael says, Bellroc gave no response to his joke. "You and Skrael want to reset the world with the Genesis Seals, but I want the Spiral Gems. If you reset the world only you, Skrael, Nari, and a few individuals such as me will survive. And the Spiral Gems themselves will remain intact from the reset. My proposition is that I will not interfere with you and once the world has been reset you will let me search for the Gems in peace and allow me to take them and in exchange you can keep the Earth. After all it's the only world you want."

"Mhmm, I have cared little for the gifts of the Spiral, but if you do this then there will be no more Grimm and you will be the last Fallen." Bellroc explained.

"A price to pay for me to have the power of a god." Sammael said. "Besides, the Spiral and the first Elementals prevented you and the Arcane Order from using the Seals in the past to eliminate the Grimm before they became a greater threat. And now look, the current age is still going, me, the Fallen, and the Grimm are still here and how long do you think the Dust will last before the world is destroyed by the Grimm liquid."

Bellroc began to ponder Sammael's words, despite the Fallen being an enemy his words rang true. If the first Elementals and the Spiral had just let the Arcane Order unleash the Elemental Titans in the past and reset the world, then the Grimm would be gone and the Fallen wouldn't exist. Everything that is wrong going on could be traced back to them and their foolish inactions.

"Very well." Bellroc said in their feminine voice with their hand out. "A truce then."

Sammael smiles and shakes Bellroc's hand. "I knew you would see the bigger picture."


Present Day

Arcadia Oaks Woods

As Sammael continued to look at the castle something struck him from behind.


Coughing up black blood he looked down to see a spear of light jutting out from his chest. He was confused by this; he should've been able to sense this attack before it even hit him. Then, the one holding the spear of light swung it around and caused the lord of the Fallen to dislodge from it and hit a tree. Sammael shakes his head as he rises back to his feet with his wound healing, though he could still feel the pain from the spear as it was a power of righteousness, something meant to harm him, and others like him. He looks at his attacker and grins, it was Roland Deschain who stood before him.

"Ah, Roland it has been many months since we last saw each ot-" Sammael said before he was cut off when Roland used his left hand to draw one of his revolvers and fired at Sammael.


The fired bullet hit Sammael in the neck causing him to choke on his own blood. After his wound healed, he looked at the Gunslinger with a look of disappointment.

"You Gunslingers are so quick to violence." Sammael says as he feels his neck to make sure the healing was done. "And here I was about to congratulate you on unlocking the Seven Chakras of Aura and becoming something that human has ever dreamed of who knew mixing it with the Light of All would have this kind of effect on you."

"Why are you here?" Roland says grimly and coldly. "If you intend of killing Sebben, Tower, and the Guardians of Arcadia then I will stop you."

"I'm only here to check on how strong the Guardians of this town are, and they do not disappoint." Sammael says with a grin as he looks back to the floating castle of Camelot. "Especially Jim, Claire, and Douxie, they have grown quite strong and clever though they may not be as strong as their predecessors, yet they have already surpassed Arthur, Morgana, and Merlin and will become stronger than them in a few years at least. Perhaps I should congratulate them in person."


Sammael turns around to see that Roland has drawn his other revolver and has both guns trained on the Fallen lord.

"You will do no such thing monster." Roland darkly stated.

"Mhmm, the new power you wield already comes to you naturally and your skills with the Light of All have increased since we last saw each other. And because of your new power we may be evenly matched." Sammael stated. He looked at Roland for a second before waving his hand and opening a portal. "Very well, I will now take my leave but know this the Arcane Order and I originally had a truce, I let them reset the world and they would've let me collect the Spiral Gems in their new world. But Bellroc and Skrael's deaths mean nothing to me in the long run I will still get what I want." Sammael stops before entering the portal and says, "I do wonder though, will you give up on clinging to your humanity? Since getting this new power that form no longer suites you."

The lord of the Fallen steps through the portal and it disappears behind him. Roland puts his guns away and then looks at his hands. A while ago he decided that while the Light of All is powerful, he needed even more power and saw the Seven Chakras of Aura as the answer. But, after gaining it, it merged with the Light of All and now he feels different and even more powerful. But he no longer feels the same.

Roland shakes his head and clenches his right hand.

"Your words will not deter me monster. I know what I am and will never give up on my humanity."

Roland then opens a Todash portal and steps through it.




Plains of Ida

Asgard, home of the Aesir, if one were to describe it, it would be heavenly. It was home to vast green highlands and large expanses of water with snow-capped mountain ranges in the distance. While most of the Aesir lived in the main city and a few villages surrounding it, many more people would travel the lushful plains to see what was out there.




"We almost got them all!"

Two male Aesir explorers on the plains found themselves attacked by Hel-Walkers. These, undead frost covered beings were native to the realm of Helheim, home of the dishonored dead. Transformed from dark souls and given new rotting bodies attacked anything that was alive but how they escaped from the realm of the dead should not have been possible.

"Take this!" One of the Aesir said as he swung his sword and decapitated the last Hel-Walker.

"This isn't good old friend." The second Aesir said as he pointed at something in the sky.

His friend turned to see what his friend was pointing at. It looked like a glowing bite mark that was just floating in the distance and yet there was nothing it could have been part of that was bitten.

"Agreed, we have to alert the All-Father that Garmr was released." The first Aesir said.

"I think he just learned already." The second Aesir said as he pointed at something else in the sky. It looked like a raven, but it glowed a light green. "I reckon he'll deploy the Einherjar to find that beast and chain it back up."

"Yeah, let them handle it." The first Aesir said as he sheathed his sword. "Ever since Baldur's curse was broken Odin has grown more and more paranoid and aside from Heimdall and Hodur no Aesir will want to fight for him."

"Agreed, I'm not going to die just because that arse tells me to." The second Aesir said before he noticed something strange with the color in the nearby river. "Is that…blood?"

The two Aesir saw that part of the river was red and massive bubbles came up to the surface. Cautiously they approached it before something jumped out of it. It was Garmr, that massive wolf of Helheim, it's fur stained with blood and its eyes a deathly ice blue. It looked at the two Aesir and growled at them as it slowly made its way toward them.

"Buri help us." The first Aesir said.

Garmr barks and then the massive wolf lunges at the two.

If one was in the villages or main city, you could hear the dying screams of the two Aesir echo across the plains.

Sorry, this took so long I have no excuse and got lazy, like a lot. Anyway, I hope you are doing well and in the next chapter we will be getting into the main plot. I had hoped to do this in this chapter, but things sure do change.